Has Apple designed an iPod nano based game controller?
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Has Apple designed an iPod nano based game controller?

There's been a number of rumors floating around for some time now that Apple is working on a video game strategy, and Macsimum News reported on the latest buzz in the industry [url=http://www.macsimumnews.com/index.php/archive/games_are_increasingly_serious_business]just last week.[/url]. Other industry speculative reports have surfaced even hoping for an [url=http://crave.cnet.co.uk/digitalmusic/0,39029432,49276362,00.htm]Apple grab for Nintendo.[/url]

It's hard to say if we'll ever see a real Apple video-game strategy emerge, but as long as there's potential pieces of the puzzle to report on, then there's hope everlasting. Yet I still think that the lack of an exciting gaming strategy is really the only real hole in Apple's platform left to address in respect to the consumer market. While Apple's [url=http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/]Boot Camp[/url] software is one way to appeal to PC- switchers for gaming, I think we'd all like to see something original on the front from Apple for the Mac. But one step at a time, I suppose, because we know that Apple has a lot in the pipeline yet to unfold.

At the end of the day, Apple's iPod illustration 0007 being surmised as applying to a game-pad is only one take on this of course, and Apple could be reserving this for yet another application yet unknown.

If you have any ideas other than a gaming pad, then email me at neo@macsimumnews.com

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