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Monday August 18

YES Prep Public Schools uses Microsoft Lync to str...

Today’s post was written by Troy Neal, the director of technology at YES Prep Public Schools. YES Prep Public Schools is an open-enrollment charter school system that serves 8,000 sixth through twelfth-grade students in greater Houston, Texas. This is the story of how YES Prep uses Microsoft Lync 2013 to enable educators and close the achievement gap.
At YES Prep Public Schools, most of our students come from communities where only 50 percent of students graduate high school and less than 10 percent are expected to earn a college degree. But we know from experience that all students can achieve at the highest academic levels when they have access to a quality education.
For the past 14 years, 100 percent of YES Prep seniors have been accepted to a college or university. And within five years of leaving high school, 82 percent of our alumni have either graduated or are still enrolled in college.
Despite this academic success, we struggled with disparate... | Read more »

Boost law firm productivity with Matter Center for...

Tejas Mehta is group product manager for Matter Center for Office 365
We are pleased to unveil a preview version of Matter Center for Microsoft Office 365 at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Matter Center for Office 365 is a powerful documentation management and collaboration solution specifically catered toward law firms and law departments.
Working seamlessly with Office 365, Matter Center offers those in the legal profession a way to intuitively find and organize files without leaving the familiar productivity tools they use the most—namely Microsoft Outlook and Word. Matter Center for Office 365 enables professionals to quickly locate and collaborate on legal matters from virtually anywhere, anytime—from any device. In essence, a one stop shop for all your document collaboration and... | Read more »

Register for Tuesday’s webinar celebrating 25 year...

We have been celebrating a quarter-century of Office by sharing stories from our Brand Ambassadors of what they did with Office. We’ll dig into a few of these stories and show you how they created these docs and how you can too with Office Online.
Doors open at 9:00 am Pacific Time and we start promptly at 9:15 am. Immediately following will be a 20-minute Q&A. A video will be available a few days after the webinar.
You can follow the anniversary on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  If you have a story about what you’ve accomplished with Office over the years, share it with us using the hashtag #behindthedocs.
At Tuesday’s webinar, you’ll learn

Sunday August 17

Sydney Mac Admins August Meet Up

To All Sydney Mac Admins,Our next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27th of August.We have a booking at 6pm at Hart’s Pub, Corner of Essex & Gloucester St, The Rocks.Any one who has an interest in managing OS X or iOS is very welcome to come. You don’t need to be an expert. It is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Mac/iOS admins.You can now RSVP and register to be notified of future events at hope to see you there,Marcus.About Marcus RowellMarcus Rowell is a Mac Systems Administrator and IT generalist who is trying to make IT simple and reliable. He can be found on Twitter as @mrowell.Mail |... | Read more »

Friday August 15

Office 365 news round-up

Microsoft launched Office on August 1, 1989, and for 25 years Microsoft Office has been helping people get things done in their personal and professional lives. We’re proud of that.
The world has changed a lot during the past quarter century, and so has Office. Today, you can experience the power and convenience of Office on your desktop computer, portable laptop computers, or mobile devices such as the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad. And with our cloud-based Office 365 or Office Online, you can move seamlessly between those devices and use Office wherever you are, with no need for attachments or flash drives to transfer files from one machine to another.
One of the things I like best about Office 365 is that it’s very democratic. Anyone can use Office 365 and enjoy the benefits of better communication, collaboration and productivity. No one is excluded.
At work, everyone... | Read more »

Business is better with Office 365: See businesses...

See why businesses of all sizes rely on Microsoft Office 365. Whether it’s manufacturing jet packs in New Zealand or making bubble tea in Los Angeles, businesses everywhere are choosing Office 365 to deliver results and connect with customers in new ways. See how these amazing organizations have changed and explore the  possibilities for your company.

The post Business is better with Office 365: See businesses succeeding around the world appeared first on Office Blogs.

| Read more »

Thursday August 14

Crazy Russian Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training
Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 011 with Ima...

In episode 11, Jeremy Thake chats to the two Imagine Cup finalist teams for the Office 365 App Model challenge, which were Team Code Blue, from India and Team iGeek, from China. Team Code Blue built the Molecule maker app and Team iGeek built the Education Toolkit.
Download the podcast.
Weekly updates

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2014): Might show incorre...

If you're using a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2014), you might see "134681" or a similar number instead of your computer model when you choose Apple () menu > About This Mac > More Info. Additionally, you might see the model name listed in English even when you're using OS X in another language.

| Read more »

Wednesday August 13

Apple security updates

This document outlines security updates for Apple products.

| Read more »
About the security content of Safari 6.1.6 and Saf...

This document describes the security content of Safari 6.1.6 and Safari 7.0.6

| Read more »
OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (13F14) Now Available

OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (13F14) Now Available

| Read more »
OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (13F14) Now Available

OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (13F14) Now Available

| Read more »
Dogeared discovers a gold mine of capabilities wit...

Dogeared makes modern, versatile jewelry with an uplifting message. The company recently switched from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based services. The transition has given Dogeared a holistic set of tools that will support the company as it grows and that employees are using to increase their responsiveness to colleagues and customers. Today we spoke with Chad Berryhill, IT Director at Dogeared, about the switch.
Q: Please tell us about Dogeared.
Dogeared focuses on creating original jewelry that is simple, modern, and versatile. Each handcrafted piece comes with a card and message designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness. The company is a certified B-Corporation, which means that we’re part of a community of companies that are developing better business practices, creating new ways to measure success, working with dignity and purpose, and using business as a force for good.
Q: Why did you want to... | Read more »

JSON Light support in REST SharePoint API released

The REST SharePoint API has been an extremely popular way for Office 365 developers to work with SharePoint sites, lists/libraries, and list items/documents. One of the big bits of feedback we got from developers using the REST SharePoint API was about the payload of the data that was returned. Our response was to add support for JSON Light. JSON Light is an open standard that allows developers to provide in the header of the request how much metadata is returned. To check out more about JSON Light, head over to the Microsoft OData JSON spec document. You can also check out all the endpoints for the SharePoint REST API over on MSDN.
Before this, when calling the SharePoint REST API, Office 365 developers had to include in the header request : “accept: application/json;... | Read more »

UserVoice driving improvements to SharePoint API

The SharePoint API allows Office 365 developers to call SharePoint to work with the Office 365 building blocks, including Sites, Lists/Libraries, and List Items/Documents. These APIs come in two main types: native SDKs in .NET, JavaScript, and Silverlight; and a REST API.
Our team is constantly listening to you on UserVoice for your feedback on Office 365 development, which is influencing engineering to release new features to the API layer of the Office 365 platform.
Here’s just one example of this. Based on a request in UserVoice, plus direct requests from customers through Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), the Office App Model Samples team built out a... | Read more »

OneNote Online co-authoring experience improvement...

OneNote has always been a powerful tool to work with others through shared notebooks stored on OneDrive or Office 365.  From teams at corporations tracking work items together, to families sharing household information and to-dos, OneNote is a great place to collaborate in real-time. Today we are happy to announce improvements to the OneNote Online co-authoring experience:

  • The new “People Presence” feature helps you see who else is working on the same OneNote page or is in the same notebook simultaneously, regardless of which OneNote client they are using, so that you can connect and collaborate with them if needed.
  • Improved syncing means your edits are nearly in real-time. This will help you and everyone else to stay on the same page as ideas develop and evolve.

Want more? We’re continually adding new features to OneNote Online as well as other... | Read more »

Tuesday August 12

Office 365 APIs using AngularJS standalone website...

Today we shipped two new samples that focus on standalone web applications that use the AngularJS framework communicating back to Office 365 using the Office 365 API. One is a Research Project Tracker scenario that was written by Andrew Connell (@AndrewConnell) and Scot Hillier (@ScotHillier), and the other is an Expense Tracker scenario written by Dan Wahlin (@DanWahlin). These scenarios highlight the power of Office 365 in real-world examples and show the end-to-end build of the entire solution in Visual Studio. The samples include setup guides (as GitHub markdown files) in each repo that you can follow to get the scenarios running against your own developer tenants, and Channel 9 videos you can watch.
Research Project Tracker
... | Read more »

Visionaries need great productivity and collaborat...

Connect and collaborate with the powerful tools in Office 365 for Enterprise
The business dreams of the future are imagined every day. For kids, it happens in play. For adults, it happens in work. Neither can go it alone. What sets dreams apart from reality is the tool belts we wear—using tools lets us collaborate, stay productive, and be efficient. Even the toddlers in this video know that working together with the right tools is the best way to get down to business.

Office 365 Enterprise delivers tools optimized for business, tools that are crafted for the many players involved in the journey from dream to reality. From the CEO to field workers, everyone needs ways to connect and collaborate.
The dreamers: visionaries
The CEO has a big dream. He is passionate about towers and wants to build the tallest one possible. He needs help to collect and share his ideas, and he needs a way to unite people under his cause. The CEO could benefit from... | Read more »

Top 5 tips for back-to-school on a budget

For students and parents alike, heading back to school is a highly anticipated and exciting time. It’s a chance for new beginnings – an opportunity for students to get a clean start, and for parents to hit the reset button (not to mention, getting the kids out of the house).
Whether a freshman in high school or a freshmen in college, there’s no better way to start the school year than having the confidence in knowing that you’re armed with all the stuff it takes to succeed. From fashion, to supplies, to technology – this confidence often comes at a high price. In fact, the National Retail Federation reports that due to an increased demand for electronics, families will spend an average of $699.28 this back to school season (that’s up five percent from last year), with millennials spending $913 million of their own money.
The days when all students need... | Read more »

Monday August 11

Communications market update: customer response an...

Giovanni Mezgec is General Manager, Product Marketing for Lync
Every day I come across stories of how organizations use Lync to connect people. I recently discovered how one hospital, Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, is using Lync to enhance the patient experience by connecting them to their families when they’re apart. This is a great example of the experiences and moments that Microsoft technology enables, and it also illustrates how we are delivering on our vision of Universal Communications in a way that everyone can understand.

This story is just one of many real-world examples of how Lync is making a difference. Our customers are using Lync daily to transform and enhance their work, and the industry is recognizing this. To give you an idea of how Lync is being recognized, I want to share with you some recent findings from industry experts who follow the enterprise communications industry and Lync specifically.
... | Read more »

Installing A Java JDK On Beta Versions Of OS X

Open the installation DMG and expand the package so we can edit objects inside the package, done with pkgutil:
pkgutil —expand “/Volumes/JDK 7 Update 67/JDK 7 Update 67.pkg” “/tmp/JDKTEMP.flat”
Next, we’re going to edit that Distribution file, which is what’s checking the OS version, using vi:
vi /tmp/JDKTEMP.flat/Dstribution
Then we’re going to look for the OS version (currently 10.7) in the pm_install section:
Edit OS version to 10.10
Then let’s save the file and then flatten the package, again using pkgutil:
pkgutil —flatten “/tmp/JDKNEW.flat” “/tmp/JDK7.pkg”
Finally fire up the package:
open /tmp/JDK7.pkg
And of course, finish running the installer. Good luck!

| Read more »

Friday August 8

Flipping the classroom with Office Mix: small step...

Today’s post was written by Stephen Crapnell, high school Mathematics teacher and Head of eLearning at All Hallows’ School in Brisbane, Australia
When discussing with a class of senior mathematics students how we could more effectively use the precious class time we have, one student jokingly responded by saying she needs me there at night when she is grappling with applying the concepts from the  lesson that day.  The comment was made in a humor but it ignited the class into a discussion on how we actually spend our class time.  Was it the most efficient and effective use of time, given the digital technologies at our disposal?
The conclusion this class came to was that our limited face to face time would be better spent collectively developing deeper understandings, problem solving and making connections to  the coursework rather than a lecture style transmission of content, with follow up questions to be done at home.
This discussion moved me to... | Read more »

Update on the Autohosted Apps Preview Program—part...

On May 16, 2014 we notified you that the Office 365 Autohosted Apps Preview program—a program to determine how best to provide a friction-free deployment experience for creating apps for SharePoint—would end on June 16, 2014 and developers would not be able to create new autohosted apps in SharePoint. This decision was based on our commitment to working with the Azure and Visual Studio teams to incorporate developers’ feedback and evolve the hosting concept for apps, so that we could deliver a more seamless experience for developers. We want to update you on these changes and how they affect you.
Because you can no longer install autohosted apps in SharePoint Online, the capability to create autohosted apps and deploy them into your production SharePoint Online site has been removed from the Office Developer Tools in the ... | Read more »

Join us for Tuesday’s webinar on Using Outlook Web...

Outlook Web App (OWA) provides secure access to your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and Global Address List via the internet. For Office 365 business customers, it’s a great way to work with other devices like iPads & iPhones. Join us for our Office 15-Minute Webinar at 9:15 am Pacific Time. There’s also a 20-minute Q&A afterwards. You will need to register for this webinar (it takes only a few seconds).
Register and attend
Doors open at 9:00 am Pacific Time and we start promptly at 9:15 am. Immediately following will be a 20-minute Q&A. A video will be available a few days after the webinar.... | Read more »

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