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Tuesday February 2

Compound Searches With SQL Using AND && OR

Previously, we looked at the SQL SELECT and WHERE options to obtain output and then constrain what would be displayed in a query. The AND & OR operators are used to add additional logic so you can filter records based on more than one condition. Which is to say to search based on the contents of multiple columns within a single table. AND is used to show information if two different conditions are true and OR is used to show information if either condition is true.
Below is a selection from the “Customers” table that showed in our first article an we will use it to run some SQL sorting statements using the ORDER BY keyword:
ID Site Contact Address City Zip Country
1 Krypted Charles Edge my house Minneapolis 55418 US
2 Apple Tim Cook spaceship Cupertino 95014 US
3 Microsoft Satya Nadella campus Redmond 98053 US
4 Facebook Mark Zuckerberg foodhall Menlo Park 94025 US
5 JAMF Dean Hager Grain Exchange Minneapolis 55418 US
The... | Read more »

Monday February 1

Collaborate in Office—Office tools to collaborate...

Welcome to 2016! You may remember the release of Office 2016 and the new features it brought focused on collaboration. In the new year we will continue to plan, develop and release new features to help you collaborate—especially inside the classroom. Before these new features are released, let’s take some time to look at what’s already available to help you to collaborate in and out of the classroom!
OneNote Class Notebook—the ultimate collaboration tool
If you have not yet started using OneNote, you are missing out! OneNote can be used anywhere, on any device, with anyone and it’s free! OneNote Class Notebooks are described as an Office 365 wizard that allows teachers to quickly set up the ideal OneNote collaborative environment for the classroom, including public and private spaces.
Check out what some teachers... | Read more »

Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery now enables export...

Companies must address the challenges of storing and organizing vast and exponentially increasing quantities of data so they can quickly be responsive to a litigation, investigation or regulatory eDiscovery requests. Complying with regulatory and legal requirements along the entire eDiscovery lifecycle is absolutely critical.
In early December, we released Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery, which integrates Equivio machine learning, predictive coding and text analytics capabilities to reduce the costs and challenges that come along with sorting through large quantities of data for eDiscovery purposes. These new capabilities further strengthen the rich set of eDiscovery in-place retention, preservation and search capabilities already present in Office 365—helping our customers quickly identify relevant data while decreasing cost and risk.... | Read more »

New offers make it easier for small and midsized b...

We want to make it easier for small to midsized businesses (SMBs) to move to Office 365 and experience the ability for your employees to access team files from anywhere, collaborate in real-time from any device and get enterprise-grade security that works as hard for you as for the largest organizations.
Starting today, customers with 50 to 149 seats of Office 365 enterprise and small business plans can take advantage of our customer success service Microsoft FastTrack. Previously available only to customers with 150 seats or more, FastTrack provides resources and dedicated engineers who can assist you, or the Microsoft Partner you work with, to implement Office 365, onboard users and get the most business value from your investment.... | Read more »

How Lotus F1 Team built custom Office 365 integrat...

During the race season, roughly 100 crew members support Lotus F1 Team on site around the world. On today’s show, we learn from the team’s head of software development, Mark Everest, how Lotus F1 Team leveraged Office 365 APIs and extensibility to update their legacy travel application—complete with calendar and directory services integration.

The team built new underpinnings with a flexible data model in Azure, a web front end for logistics planning and user management, a mobile app that worked across mobile platforms and an Outlook add-in to integrate race events directly into users’ calendars. In the show, Mark describes how Visual Studio, Apache Cordova and integrated Office 365 APIs were used in the project. Keep watching to get a glimpse of how the team uses the apps to manage their itineraries.
This marks the fourth and final chapter in the series documenting Lotus F1 Team’s IT journey to Office 365. We’ll continue to track their progress as the team... | Read more »

Students liberate teachers’ genius at TCEA with An...

The four-day TCEA Education Conference in Austin, Texas, kicks off February 1, 2016, and we’re happy to share some exciting news about the OneNote team’s partnership with Angela Maiers and students from Connally Schools at this exciting EdTech event.
Students from Connally Schools and their fearless Serious Video Games leader, David Conover, will lead a Liberating Genius educator training with Angela Maiers on February 3 at TCEA. Together we’ll empower educators to incorporate Genius Hour into their class with “Liberating Genius: the First 20 Days,” by Angela Maiers. This eBook, published on, is free to all educators and offered exclusively... | Read more »

Constrain SQL Queries Using WHERE and LIKE

Previously, we covered the SQL SELECT Statement, to pull data from a SQL database. Here, we’ll constrain our search for items that match a given string, or pattern using the WHERE clause to filter search results, rather than getting all of the records and parsing the output.
The WHERE clause extracts records that fulfill a specified string and follows the general syntax as follows, replacing the word column with the name of the column in one of your tables and the word table with the name of a table that you’d like to search within:
SELECT column,column
FROM table
WHERE column operator value;
Below is a selection from the “Customers” table that showed in our first article an we will use it to run some SQL sorting statements using the ORDER BY keyword:
ID Site Contact Address City Zip Country
1 Krypted Charles Edge my house Minneapolis 55418 US
2 Apple Tim Cook spaceship Cupertino 95014 US
3 Microsoft Satya... | Read more »

Sunday January 31

Us the ORDER BY Keyword With Your SQL SELECT State...

The ORDER BY keyword in a SQL SELECT statement is used to sort a given result-set based on the contents of one or more columns of data. By default, results are in ascending order, but you can use either ASC or DESC to indicate that you’d like results sorted in ascending or descending order, respectively.
Below is a selection from the “Customers” table that we will use to run some SQL sorting statements using the ORDER BY keyword:
ID Site Contact Address City Zip Country
1 Krypted Charles Edge my house Minneapolis 55418 US
2 Apple Tim Cook spaceship Cupertino 95014 US
3 Microsoft Satya Nadella campus Redmond 98053 US
4 Facebook Mark Zuckerberg foodhall Menlo Park 94025 US
5 JAMF Dean Hager Grain Exchange Minneapolis 55418 US
The syntax we’ll use for these commands is:
SELECT column_name, column_name
FROM table
ORDER BY column ASC|DESC, column ASC|DESC;
Here is a basic SQL statement that selects all of the... | Read more »

Saturday January 30

The SQL SELECT Statement

Most tasks you will execute against a database are done with SQL statements. Think of statements as a query, an insert, a change, or a delete operating. For example, to see all of your data, you would select all of the records from a database using the SELECT statement. Then we’ll ask for all, or *, and tell the command to show us where the data is coming from, which is the Customers table. Finally, we’ll be nice and tidy and put a semi-colon at the end; although if you forget, you can always do so after you hit return:
SELECT * FROM Customers;
As can be seen above, the SELECT statement is used to select data from a database. Results are stored in a result table that is simply called the result-set. The syntax to run a select is to run SELECT followed by a list of columns separated by commas and then a FROM statement to indicate which table of a database you’ll query followed by the name of the table and then a semi-colon (;).
SELECT column name,column name
... | Read more »

Friday January 29

Put your Apple TV in sleep mode

Since there isn't a power button, you can't turn off your Apple TV. Instead, use Sleep mode.

| Read more »
Outlook for iOS and Android turns 1!

It has been an exciting journey for all of us on the Microsoft Outlook team since launching Outlook apps for iOS and Android exactly one year ago today. We’ve been humbled by the response from the more than 30 million people actively using our app and thrilled that Outlook remains one of the Top 10 Best Productivity Apps in the App Store with a 4+ star rating.
However, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. This past year laid the foundation for great new features and partnerships coming in 2016 to help you get more done on the go—even on the smallest screen.
As we celebrate our app’s first birthday, we want to take a look back at our favorite moments and feature releases from the past year.
Outlook for iOS and Android is born!
On January 29, 2015, Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android are released to the App Store and Google Play. The Android app would leave preview soon thereafter. Since then, we’ve been busy shipping updates... | Read more »

OneNote—what’s new in January 2016

When writing our New Year’s resolutions, we challenged ourselves to answer just one question: How do we make 2016 the best year yet for OneNote users? To that end, we’re thrilled to announce the number of features we’ve released in the past few weeks.
Insert shapes on Mac
Sick of circling things? Keeping chart axes straight have your mood slopin’ down? We’ve got your back. You can now add perfectly crisp lines, polygons and other geometric shapes from the Insert menu.

Search all OneDrive notebooks on Mac and iOS
We spiffed up Search over the holidays and added some new tricks! Now you can search all of your OneDrive notebooks—even if they’re not on your device. You can even search for things you’re currently reading.
... | Read more »

Cushman & Wakefield chooses the Office 365 E5...

Today’s post was written by John Case, corporate vice president for Microsoft.
Last month, we announced several significant new capabilities in Office 365, including Skype for Business meetings and voice services, and new security and analytics capabilities, all of which are now available in the Office 365 E5 suite. We’ve since seen tremendous interest in these new services from customers of all sizes. And today, I’m thrilled to announce that global real estate services leader Cushman & Wakefield has signed up on Office 365 E5.
With 43,000 employees in 60 countries, Cushman & Wakefield will implement Office 365 as its comprehensive communications and collaboration solution.
CTO Robert Franch explains, “As our company grows, so does our investment in modern collaboration and security capabilities. With Office 365, we are delivering the office of the future to our employees, with cloud-based voice and conferencing that’s part of a complete... | Read more »

Thursday January 28

Edit your photos using third-party extensions in P...

With OS X El Capitan, you can install third-party photo editing extensions on your Mac and use them alongside the built-in tools in Photos.

| Read more »
Learn new insights from leaders in the business an...

The Excel and Power BI teams are hosting a new conference designed specifically for you, the business analyst. The first of its kind, the Microsoft Data Insights Summit will be held on March 22–23, 2016 in Bellevue, Washington, and will feature talks from leaders in the Excel community and successful analysts. They will share their thoughts on trends in the industry, Excel and Power BI best practices and what it takes to succeed as an analyst in the modern workplace.
Hear from our featured speakers
Nate Silver, founder, FiveThirtyEight—Silver launched the field of data prediction into the public eye with his accurate analyses during the 2008 and 2012 elections. Today, he’s pioneering the new field of data journalism with his award-winning website,... | Read more »

Skipping Network Setup in SetupAssistant has many fun hidden dot files in /var/db/ and Pepijn Bruienne (@bruienne) has found another good one: /var/db/.MBSkipWiFiSetupIfPossible This dot file will make SetupAssistant skip the WiFi setup portion of the setup in some cases. Only 10.11 and higher will respect this dot file.
For SetupAssistant to skip the WiFi setup /var/db/.MBSkipWiFiSetupIfPossible, some criteria have to be met. The first is that the /var/db/.MBSkipWiFiSetupIfPossible file must exist, this can be done by touching the file. The second is a WiFi network has to be added either as a profile, manually and then deleting the .AppleSetupDone file, or by networksetup in a post image/first boot script. The end result is to have a network in the preferred networks list before SetupAssistant runs. Third is that when the Mac is booted, the WiFi network must be within range and provide the Mac with a valid IP address.
Note: This will not work with 802.1X WiFi networks that have user level... | Read more »

5 commonly overlooked security threats

The Internet is a vast place that brings amazing information to our fingertips in a matter of seconds. While this is a wonderful attribute, it also can be dangerous to your personal information or business’s data. That’s because there are hackers out there just itching to access your information and email is still a common way they accomplish this feat. And as we’ve seen through several recent examples—including the 2015 Pentagon and 2014 Sony email hacks—simply having a “strong” email password isn’t enough to keep your data from being compromised.
While some may jokingly (or not-so-jokingly) call for less... | Read more »

Wednesday January 27

Lower Price Tiers Available for Canada and New Zea...

Lower price tiers, Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B, now let you offer paid apps and In-App Purchases at $0.99 (CAD) and $0.99 (NZD). Existing apps that already use these price tiers have been automatically updated. Get details on App Store pricing in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps on iTunes Connect.

| Read more »
Lower Price Tiers Available for Canada and New Zea...

Lower price tiers, Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B, now let you offer paid apps and In-App Purchases at $0.99 (CAD) and $0.99 (NZD). Existing apps that already use these price tiers have been automatically updated. Get details on App Store pricing in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps on iTunes Connect.

| Read more »
Teachers, invite your students to OneNote Class No...

Teachers in over 105 countries have been using OneNote Class Notebooks to organize class content, save time and collaborate with students in the classroom.
Today, we are pleased to announce that teachers who do not have an Office 365 account can sign up for free and create OneNote Class Notebooks for their classes. In a few simple steps, teachers can now add students into their Class Notebook and quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities—all within one powerful notebook. All you need is a school-assigned email for each student to get them into the Class Notebook and give them free access to Office 365. No IT support needed!

  1. Sign up for a free Office 365 account or sign in*—Head over to | Read more »
New cloud storage options for Office mobile and Of...

Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team.
In February 2015, we announced the Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) and enabled cloud storage providers to connect their services to Office Online and Office for iOS. Today, we’re making Office even easier for customers to use with cloud storage providers by adding real-time co-authoring with Office Online for documents stored in partner cloud services, extending our Office for iOS integration to all partners in the CSPP, and enabling integration between and cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box.
Real-time co-authoring with Office Online for docs stored in partner cloud services

Since 2013,... | Read more »

Tuesday January 26

Free college prep planning resources and virtual e...

In partnership with TeenLife, the largest content and listing site for experiential learning opportunities, the OneNote team is offering students the opportunity to expand their world and discover amazing experiences outside of the high-school classroom at a live online fair on January 31, 2016. This event includes 12 speakers and 30+ exhibitors focused on college prep, STEM, summer and gap-year experiences, community service and more! To learn about the speakers and exhibitors and to access incredible online resources built in OneNote and Sway on for college prep planning, check out
TeenLife is also giving away one Microsoft Surface tablet to a TeenLife LIVE attendee who downloads... | Read more »

Working. Evolved.

Today’s post was written by Thom Gruhler, corporate vice president at Microsoft.
The way we work has evolved. Dynamic teams that span time zones are no longer the exception; collaboration is how work gets done and people expect to be able to access their work from any device. In addition, co-working spaces like WeWork are positioned at the center of this change and offer a new generation of workers an exciting alternative for the traditional physical workspace.
It’s with this in mind that I’m pleased to announce we’ve joined forces with our friends at WeWork to launch a special offer for Office 365. Launching in February and running through June of this year, WeWork members around the world can get 25 percent off an Office 365 Business or Business Premium subscription, giving them access to the tools and technology that empower them to achieve their goals. In fact, check out this video to learn how Dash, the... | Read more »

20 Lessons About Business I Learned From Dungeons...

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in about the 5th or 6th grade. I didn’t get good at it for awhile. And once I got good at it, I didn’t play much longer (insert reference to “The Best Days of My Life” here). Along the way, I learned a few lessons that until I got older, I didn’t realize were great life lessons. I also learned a lot that helped me later in life in the business world. Here’s a few you may or may not agree with (and yes, the image is of a box sitting on my table at home:).

  1. Build a great campaign and then if the game is good, expect your players to totally break it. In business, you create a situation where customers give you money. You build processes, procedures, marketable packages, and teams. These prepare you for the massive onslaught of all the moneys that are going to come in. You need to be able to build a product,... | Read more »
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