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Dec 14
BitDefender releases Antivirus 2011 for Mac OS X

BitDefender (, a provider of Internet solutions, has announced the latest version of its antivirus solution, BitDefender Antivirus 2011 for Mac. It's designed for Mac OS X users, networks running both Mac and PCs and users operating a dual-boot Windows and Mac system.

In addition to proactively securing Mac computer systems from viruses and removing malware threats, the latest version incorporates BitDefender’s antiphishing technology to protect households using multiple operating systems. 
“We’re seeing more and more Mac-specific threats as the market grows. Moreover phishing attacks can expose sensitive information or an identity regardless of the operating system, making security software a must for any computer,” says Catalin Cosoi, BitDefender’s head of online threats lab. “The latest release of BitDefender Antivirus for Mac offers protection that’s...

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Dec 14
OWC announces do-it-yourself SSD kits for laptops

Other World Computing ( has announced the OWC Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SSD Storage Upgrade Kit starting at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$109.99.

Available in 14 configurations with capacities up to 480GB, the OWC DIY SSD Kits let you upgrade your Mac or Windows laptop to the solid state drives (SSDs). They also work with Mac minis.

With the OWC DIY SSD Storage Upgrade Kit, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and PC laptop users can upgrade their computer’s internal hard drive with SSDs from OWC. They can then continue to use their old drive by installing it into the provided OWC enclosure for a pocket-sized portable external drive.

Select kits include a $200 retail value disk utility software bundle. For bundle details, visit ...

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Dec 14
US soldiers may get choice of free iPhone or Android phone

The Army wants to issue every soldier an iPhone or Android cell phone and pay every soldier's monthly phone bill, reports the "Army TImes" (

Lt. Gen. Michael Vane, director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, said the Army would issue these smart phones just like any other piece of equipment a soldier receives, the article adds. In February, the Army plans to begin fielding phones, network equipment and applications to the first Army brigade to be modernized under the brigade combat team modernization program, says the "Army Times." The test won't be limited to smart phones but will include any electronic devices that may be useful to troops.

“We’re looking at everything from iPads to Kindles to Nook readers...

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Dec 14
TruePower releases ThinSkin for iPhone 4

TruePower ( has released the ThinSkin for the iPhone 4. It's an US$19.99 film that adds a splash of color like matte black, white, neon green or raspberry glitter, while it protects your phone from bumps and scratches and boosts antenna performance.

The precision cut films fit so perfectly, the ThinSkins look painted on, says creator Troy Rutt. You can apply them in minutes, and they leave no sticky residue, he adds.

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Dec 14
Theme Studio released FileMaker Pro

ISO Productions has released Theme Studio for FileMaker Pro (, a design solution for FileMaker Pro users and developers that contains a suite of tools and resources for helping the FileMaker user or developer in the visual design process of a FileMaker database.

Theme Studio includes access to collections of icons, whole layout templates, layout elements, colors and gradients. it an be used with any version of FileMaker Pro from version 9 thru 11 on both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The software runs within the FileMaker development environment itself and does not require the user to exit to another application.

The software allows users to create custom icons quickly (by merging two or more icons), re-color whole FileMaker layouts, start or update projects from pre-designed Layout Themes and add many commonly used layout elements which have been...

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Dec 14
Intego releases Remote Management Console 2 for Macs

Intego ( has released Remote Management Console 2, an update of the tool for remotely managing Intego software on multiple Macs.

Remote Management Console 2 lets administrators manage Intego software on any number of Macs, in different locations, all from a central administration console. The new version is a full rewrite of the program, introducing a new client-server architecture, greater flexibility in usage, a new interface and improved reporting tools.
Remote Management Console 2 allows administrators to manage and configure Intego security software on any number of Macs over a local network or via the Internet. The administrator can contact client computers via a Remote Management Console server and set policies for certain programs.

Remote Management Console 2's Console, Server and NetUpdate Proxy components require Mac OS X 10.5 or later, or Mac OS X Server...

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Dec 14
Seagate releases Barracuda Green hard drive

Seagate ( has released the Barracuda Green hard drive, which it describes as "the industry’s highest performance eco-friendly 3.5-inch desktop drive for low-power personal computers, multi-drive home networking systems and external storage."

The Barracuda Green hard drive spins at 5900 RPM and sports Seagate’s SmartAlign technology, which purportedlyl enables all the benefits of the new 4K sector standard while simplifying drive installation by eliminating the need for utilities often required to ensure optimum drive performance. The Barracuda Green hard drive delivers whisper-quiet acoustics and helps reduce system costs associated with the fans and power supply devices often required for power-hungry systems, says Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president of Sales, Marketing and Product Line Management.

Barracuda Green hard drives also support Seagate Think Green programs...

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Dec 14
REAL Software releases REAL Studio Web Edition

REAL Software ( -- creator of object-oriented, cross-platform software development tools for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux -- has announced the general availability of REAL Studio Web Edition, a web application development tool designed for both ordinary people and traditional software programmers.

REAL Studio Web Edition allows users to create web 3.0 applications up to 50 times faster than traditional web development tools by using a single programming language rather than several web technologies, says Geoff Perlman, REAL Software founder and CEO. Because of its unique interface, almost any app built for the desktop can now be created for the web with ease without the need to learn five different web technologies, he adds.

REAL Studio Web Edition uses a single, high-level, object-oriented language that is tightly integrated with the REAL Studio web framework. This allows...

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Dec 14
Mac-based digital signage software gets update

Media Sign Pro ( has released version 3.2 of their Mac-based digital signage software. Media Sign Pro is designed to simplify the creation of digital signage.

Version 3.2 includes a variety of updates, including a fully-integrated system scheduler, higher zone limits, RSS feed optimizations, and more. Chris Lee, president and co-founder of Media Sign Pro, says the highlight of the update is the automated system scheduler that allows users to schedule shut downs and startups of their Mac at scheduled times along with the auto-launch of their digital signage project. Users can have their Macs start up at the beginning of the day, launch their digital signage project, and then shutdown at the end of the day without the need of any user interaction.

The new release will be available to all clients free of charge, even those who are still using versions 1.x or 2.x. For new users...

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Dec 14
Workamajig now syncs with Google's online calendar

Workamajig (, integrated software for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, has been updated. It now allows syncing with Google's online calendars and enhancements for Apple's Safari 5.0.3.

Workamajig's new feature to sync with the Google Calendar was designed after months of client feedback and discussion, says Ron Ause, Workamajig's director of marketing. This addition to the Workamajig Project Management Software gives users yet one more option to sync their calendars, since Workamajig already syncs with Microsoft's Outlook calendar, and Apple's iCal calendar.

With the latest version of Workamajig, no installation or conversion are necessary, and all updates are at no cost to the over 20,000 users of Workamajig. All client logins and vendor logins are always free.

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Dec 14
Jumsoft offers 20 email greetings for free

Jumsoft ( has once again expanded its Goodies bundle, a collection of templates and images that are available from the company's webs ite at no charge.

Jumsoft is offering 20 Mail Stationery holiday templates for Apple's Mail app. Most stationery templates contain multiple color schemes or design variations. The stationery templates require a Mac that runs Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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Dec 14
Support Group holds free FileMaker web seminars

The Support Group (, an authorized FileMaker Pro training provider, has announced a free one-hour web seminar, "Advanced Scripting and Calculations," which will present advanced techniques for the experienced FileMaker user.

The free seminar requires pre-registration, and will be offered twice on Wednesday, Dec. 15, from 11 am to noon (Eastern), and also from 2 -3 pm. It's appropriate for intermediate and advanced FileMaker Pro users

Scheduled speakers are Chad Novotny, vice president of otechnology for The Support Group, and Rick Colcock, system engineer for FileMaker, Inc. You can register for the 11 am and 2 pm sessions at

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Dec 14
iKey 2.5 works with KeyCue to displays all shortcuts

Plum Amazing ( has updated iKey, software for automating repetitive actions on the Mac, to version 2.5. It now works in conjunction with KeyCue to display shortcuts and hotkeys. iKey the best way to automate repetitive actions on the Mac.

In essence, an iKey shortcut is a little program in its own right, but you don't need to know programming to create an iKey shortcut. All you have to do is put together three necessary parts of a shortcut. One or more commands that give the shortcut its functionality, a context in which it runs, and a launcher that defines how the shortcut is activated.

Together iKey and KeyCue offer greater power, control and automation for any Mac OS X program including Apple's Final Cut Pro, iTunes, Garage Band and Aperture, and Adobe's PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, ColdFusion and LightRoom, says Plum Amazing CEO Julian Miller. With KeyCue, it...

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Dec 14
DxO Optics updated to version 6.5.2

DxO Labs ( has released the latest version of its image enhancement software for photographers: DxO Optics Pro 6.5.2. The upgrade adds RAW support in both its Standard and Elite editions for the Pentax K-5 and Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3. Also, 50 new DxO Optics modules are now available.

DxO Optics Pro and upgrades for both Mac OS X (10.5 and higher) and Windows will be offered at a 30% holiday season discount through Dec. 25. They're available from both DxO Labs’ e-store and selected resellers at the holiday season discount of:

° DxO Optics Pro Standard edition: US$99, reduced from $169;

° DxO Optics Pro Elite edition: $199, reduced from $299.
All customers who purchased DxO Optics Pro since June 1, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 6.5. All other users benefit from the 30% discounts:

° DxO Optics Pro Standard (any version) to DxO Optics Pro 6 Standard...

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Dec 14
Two days left for early bird pricing for MacTech Boot Camp

There's just two days left on the early bird pricing for the 2011 MacTech Boot Camp. It's a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to serve their base better. It will be held in San Francisco on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

MacTech Boot Camp attendees are encouraged to visit Macworld Expo San Francisco in the days following MacTech Boot Camp.

Working with MacTech's partner v.2 Consulting, MacTech Boot Camp attendees can take part in a moderated study session and discussion group on Mac OS X support essentials, and then take a proctored Apple Certification Exam. The instructor led study group and exam are normally priced at US$299. MacTech Boot Camp attendees can get a $100 discount, and sign up for study group/exam for $199.

MacTech Boot Camp is priced at $495. If you act by Dec. 15th, you can take advantage of the early registration and save $200 on MacTech Boot Camp (making the registration...

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Dec 14
Japanese digital publishers blast pirated works at the Apple App...

A consortium of digital publishers in Japan has issued a stern rebuke to Apple over the appearance of illegal copies of its authors’ works that have appeared for sale in the Apple App Store, reports "TNW Asia" (

In a joint press release, the consortium, including, the Japan Book Publishers Association, the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan, and Digital Comic Association claimed that works by famous authors Haruki Murakami and Keigo Higashino have been illegally sold in the App Store. They're also dubious of Apples’s claim that it is unable to check for copyrighted material during the application screening process.


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Dec 14
Computer prices on the rise -- which is good news for Apple

For the first time in years, computer prices are on the rise, according to new info from the NPD research group, as reported by the "Wall Street Times" (

In November, the average retail price of a personal computer sold in the U.S. was US$615, up 6% from last year's $580, which marked a record low, according the NPD Group. Average computer prices have now increased in six of the past eight...

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Dec 14
ConceptDraw 2.0 released in tandem with Solution Park

CS Odessa has released ConceptDraw Office 2.0, which now gives business professionals single-click access to integrated solutions for Project management, brainstorming, report writing, and much more.

The latest ConceptDraw Office suite release is being launched in tandem with the new ConceptDraw Solution Park online resource center. ConceptDraw Solution Park features integrated business productivity solutions that bundle ConceptDraw software, templates, and “how-to” guides.

Through the browser, users can view available solutions on ConceptDraw Solution Park and click on the solution they want. ConceptDraw Solution Browser then automatically loads any software, templates and guides supporting the chosen solution.

Version 2.0 also enhances integration of the suite’s ConceptDraw MindMap for mind mapping and brainstorming, ConceptDraw Project project management software, and ConceptDraw PrpO for business diagramming and scoreboard development and display. For...

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Dec 14
'Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures' launches on the Mac

Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts, in collaboration with TransGaming, has released Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures for the Mac at .

Here's how the game is described: "Clone Wars Adventures is an action-packed browser-based virtual world where fans can live out the thrills and excitement of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series on Cartoon Network. 

"Clone Wars Adventures is the ultimate virtual destination for fans of the TV series where players go online to experience fun mini-games, daily activities, events, rewards, lively social environments and competitions. Players can battle alongside their favorite Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is updated every week with new content pulled from that week's new episode.
"In addition to weekly updates in Clone Wars Adventures, Mac players...

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Dec 14
TimeCache for Mac OS X gets interface improvements

The PandaWare Company ( has updated TimeCache -- its time and expense billing app for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher -- to version 8.0.11. The update offers interface improvements and bug fixes.

TimeCache offers support for timed or manual entries, retainer billing, customizable invoices and reports, printing options, and flexible data entry options. It also offers tracking of all a user's computer activity, the ability to save fine-grained details with time and expense entries, can use Apple Address Book entries for client contact information, can produce charts of billable time and expenses, and can import from and export to iCal calendars.

Licenses for TimeCache are US$70 per user. Version 8.0.11 is a free update for registered users.

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Dec 13
Analyst expects growth of all Apple products over next two...

BMO Capital’s Keith Bachman told clients in a note -- as reported by "Barron's ( -- that he's reiterating a Buy rating on Apple shares and hasraised his price target to $355 from a prior $330.

Bachman also raised his rating for this quarter’s iPhone sales to 16.5 million units, from a prior 15 million. The analyst thinks Apple will sell 60 million iPhones this fiscal year and 76 millioin i fiscall 20`2.

And what of Apple's other products for this fiscal year? Bachman is forecasting 16.8 million Macs, 42.9 million iPods, and 21.3 million iPads. For 2012, he expects 20 million Macs, 36.5 million iPods, and 32 million iPads.

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Dec 13
Apple launches 12 Days of Christmas on iTunes

Apple UK has announced the "12 Days of Christmas" (, which will run Dec. 26 through Jan. 6. Each day will offer a song, music video, TV episode, film, app or book for free download.

Each free download will only be available for 24 hours. You can sign up for daily email alerts for download the special 12 Days of Christmas app to make sure you don't miss out.

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Dec 13
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Dec. 13

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Edward Dowling has announced Safety Switch 1.0, his new personal panic alarm for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The US$0.99 app allows users to send a distress message with their location to friends and family, ward off predators and call emergency services. Safety Switch features a one-touch shortcut to emergency services, a torch and loud, audible alarm serve to ensure users are out of danger as quickly as possible.

Mobwe has released Taptronics 1.0, a $0.99 iPhone and iPod touch game to practice and test reflex and reaction times. It features multiplayer mode to challenge a friend and an in app voice chat for communication during a challenge. Players can select from two themes to practice the play. Taptronics features two play modes,...

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Dec 13
Initial version of Light Peak may use copper

The initial version of Light Peak will use copper instead of light-based technologies, reports "CNET" (;content), quoting "an industry source familiar with Intel's plans."

Developed by Intel and championed by Apple, this proposed technology paves the way for a new generation of extreme computer input and output (I/O) performance, delivering 10Gb/s of bandwidth, with the potential ability to scale to 100Gbs over the next decade, according to David Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Architecture Group. At 10Gb/second, a user could purportedly transfer a full-length Blu-Ray movie in less than 30 seconds.

The optical technology allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than...

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Dec 13
If the iPad is a computer, Apple has 12% share of worldwide...

I've argued repeatedly that the iPad should be considered a personal computer -- and Goldman Sachs hardware analyst Bill Shope agrees with me. In a note to clients on Monday -- as reported by "Tech Trader Daily" ( -- the analyst only sees computer sales growing 8% next year, but is more bullish on tablet computers, especially the iPad.

In fact, Shope sees iPad sales surpassing Mac revenue by September 2011. The analyst argues that tablets should be considered part of the personal computer market, in which case Apple’s worldwide computer market share would rise to 12% this fiscal year, from 4.4% at present.

Last week DisplaySearch put the...

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