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May 05
NRGship Mac update offers enhanced Address Book importing

NRG Software has released NRGship Mac 1.1 (, the latest version of the software that allows UPS shippers to switch to their Mac and manage all of the their shipping information in one place. The new version offers enhanced Mac Address Book importing, batch shipping and updated printer and USB scale options.

Mac users can streamline their shipping workflow without the use of My UPS ( As of version 1.1, NRG has added default importers to allow UPS shippers to move their address books from UPS and Worldship in just a few minutes. In addition to the new address book imports, shippers can now batch ship to multiple recipients out of the Mac address book.

Additionally, NRGship 1.1 adds additional features to allow the use of networked or shared Zebra printers as well. There's also now...

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May 05
NEC updates pro desktop display products

NEC Solutions of America ( has announced updates to its professional display portfolio, including the addition of the new 27-inch MultiSync PA271W display to the MultiSync PA Series, the first release of the MultiProfiler display configuration application and SpectraViewII version 1.1.04, which adds support for the 24-inch MultiSync PA241W and the new MultiSync PA271W.

Featuring a new size for the professional desktop category, the MultiSync PA271W is a high-definition monitor designed for advanced graphics applications, digital photography, video editing, print production and other environments where color accuracy is critical, according to Art Marshall, product manager for NEC Display Solutions. Boasting a 10-bit p-IPS panel, a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and internal 14-bit programmable 3D lookup tables (LUTs), the MultiSync PA271W can display 1.07 billion colors out of a...

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May 05
About Objects adds iPhone Development Classes for WWDC attendees

About Objects has added extra class dates to its schedule to accommodate developers attending Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco June 7-11.

The classes, "Objective-C for Beginners," scheduled for May 29-30, and "Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development," scheduled for May 31 through June 4 (the week immediately before WWDC), will be held near the Apple campus in Cupertino, California,, and will give developers who are new to the platform an opportunity to get up to speed on Objective-C and the iPhone SDK (software development kit) before attending the conference's technical sessions.

About Objects will repeat the Objective-C for Beginners class June 5-6, and the Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development class June 7-11, in parallel with WWDC. The latter dates had been scheduled prior to Apple's announcement of WWDC 2010. The classes will be conducted at the Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino, located at 10741 North Wolfe Road in Cupertino,...

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May 05
TextSoap for Mac OS X scubs up to version 6.4

Unmarked Software has updated TextSoap ( -- a Mac OS X utility for cleaning out the extraneous forwarding marks, invisible characters, and formatting that you often find in e-mails and long documents -- to version 6.4. The upgrade -- free to registered users of 6.x -- improves batch file processing support, speeds up the Markdown conversion and addresses additional issues reported by customers. It also includes an improved implementation of the cleaner that converts the Markdown format to HTML.

TextSoap is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") or higher.

Pricing for new customers normally starts at US$39.95. Upgrades for users of TextSoap 4 and 5 start at $19.95.

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May 05 wants you to take your Vitamin-R 1.06 has announced Vitamin-R 1.06 (, an update of its Mac OS X compatible productivity tool for creative professionals. The new version sports improvements centering around usability, presentation and workflow.

Vitamin-R is a collection of tools and techniques for managing attention and maintaining motivation. According to the folks at, it complements the task capturing and organizing features of modern to-do list managers by forcing you to concentrate fully on one task a time and keeping distractions at bay. It breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific and actionable objectives.

Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now & Later Board," complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to...

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May 05
Dropbox unveils iPad/iPhone-compatible Dropbox Anywhere

Dropbox, a provider of Internet file synchronization, sharing and security services, has released Dropbox Anywhere, a set of mobile apps and APIs (application programming interfaces). Users can now have access to their files from virtually any device or mobile app.

With this release, Dropbox is now available for the iPad, Android and BlackBerry, and joins the existing Dropbox iPhone app in providing native support for accessing, viewing and sharing documents and files stored in Dropbox directly from these devices. The company is also announcing the Dropbox mobile API, which will enable developers to create apps that access the contents of users' Dropbox accounts, while keeping them in sync across devices. The new Dropbox apps, as well as the first Dropbox-enabled partner apps, are available now at .

Providing support for all major mobile platforms, Dropbox...

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May 05
75% of iPhone, iPod touch users download entertainment content

According to the latest update to the ''Entertainment Trends in America'' consumer tracking surveys conducted by The NPD Group (, market research company, 16% of Americans age 13 or older are using devices other than their home computers to download software applications, music, video, and other entertainment content from the web.

Based on NPD’s entertainment market research, 75% of iPhone and iPod touch users are connecting to the web to download entertainment content and apps, compared to 19 % of game console users and 17% of Blu-ray Disc (BD) set-top product users.

"It’s not surprising that Apple users are ahead of others when it comes to downloading Web-based content, given the breadth of the company’s app catalog and the head start iTunes had selling music for the iPod,'' says Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD. ''Like other groups of early adopters, consumers...

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May 05
HDD industry to deliver more than 300,000 petabytes of storage...

Despite trying economic times, and an unprecedented decline in hard disk drive (HDD) terabyte shipments for enterprise applications in 2009, HDD vendors forged ahead by introducing new HDD products/form factors that address both current and future enterprise storage market requirements.

According to new research from the IDC research group (, HDD shipments for enterprise applications will increase from 40.5 million units in 2009 to 52.6 million units in 2014. Moreover, the HDD industry will ship more Petabytes for enterprise applications in the next two years than it did in the preceding 20 years.

Several ongoing trends will continue to impact enterprise HDD market revenue over the forecast period, including a continued shift away from higher cost performance-optimized HDDs to lower cost capacity-optimized solutions and solid state drives (SSDs) to complement HDDs in storage systems. HDD...

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May 04
Seagate introduces GoFlex storage options

Seagate ( has introduced the next evolution of the company’s FreeAgent external hard drives -- its GoFlex storage solutions. The family includes plug-and-play portable and desktop drives with an array of interchangeable cables and desktop adapters that allow each drive to adapt to the interface or device being used.

GoFlex hard disk drives are also specially designed to provide interoperability between operating systems in order to work with both Mac OS X and Windows systems, according to Dave Mosley, executive vices president, Sales, Marketing and Product Line Management, Seagate. For the first time, Seagate will include an NTFS driver for Mac OS X on all GoFlex portable and desktop offerings, enabling storage and access of files from both Mac and Windows computers.

The NTFS driver is simply installed once on your Mac computer, and allows access and storage of files on a...

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May 04
Compartments is new home inventory app for Mac OS X

LittleFin Software has introduced Compartments 1.0 ( for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher), an US$19.95 home inventory application. It allows household items to be entered, searched and sorted by location, type, value or any custom tag. Drag and drop photos and other info can be added to each item listing.

The first step in using Compartments is to set up Locations, which are the places in which the user's items are stored. A Location can be a room, a house, a piece of furniture, a briefcase, or a safety deposit box -- any place that contains things to be cataloged. Next, the user creates an Item for each one of their possessions.

The Add Item dialogue box permits one or more of the following entries: item photo, item name and type, location, date acquired, estimated value, make and model, serial number, notes, and tags....

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May 04
Grace Digital releases Solo Wi-Fi Internet tuner

Grace Digital ( has announced the US$124.99 Solo Wi-Fi Internet radio tuner. The newest addition to Grace’s audio family provides over 50,000 radio stations, podcasts, and on-demand programs.

The Solo connects to any home stereo system or powered speaker set and provides access to the world of Internet radio. It's equipped with stereo RCA jacks, Solo is compatible with most of your existing audio devices. Setup is via a built-in Wi-Fi 802.11g card that connects directly to any 802.11b/g/n wireless router.

Solo’s convenient front display controls and a full function remote allow you to search, skip, and power the Solo from any location in the room. The iPhone or iPod touch users can also download Grace Digital’s free iPhone remote control app. This innovative application allows you to control one or all of your Grace Digital radios from your Apple...

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May 04
Marware ships SportGrip Pro for the iPad

Marware has released the SportGrip Pro for the iPad. It's a dual-layered silicone skin that not only provides soft protection for the iPad, but also a grip solution. The inner layer of silicone provides thin rear and side protection, while the outer layer of silicone offers sdditional protection for the back and corners of the iPad, and a hand pocket.

Slide your hand between both layers of silicone, and you can keep a firm grip on your iPad while using the touchscreen. With its dual layered design, the SportGrip Pro helps you minimize the chance of dropping your iPad, according to the folks at Marware.

The SportGrip Pro is available in black, white, blue and pink. It retails for US$39.99 .

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May 04
Karelia Software introduces video training for Sandvox

Karelia Software has announced the immediate availability of a screencast video training course for its Sandvox web site builder ( The video training course runs for 2.5 hours total, divided into 19chapters.

The training is divided into five sections: The Basics, covering general document management; Page Components, describing the many types of pages, pagelets, and collections; Moving Along, delving into topics such as blogging, making use of the inspector, and customizing designs with banners and logos; Getting Published, showing how to upload a site to any web host, with specific tutorials on three of Karelia's hosting partners; and Advanced Features, walking the viewer through tasks such as injecting custom HTML code onto the page and performing Search Engine Optimization with Google's tools.

The course is available in...

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May 04
Encrypt Mail for Mac OS X updated to version 2.0

Apimac has introduced Encrypt Mail 1.0 (, an update of its mail encryption solution for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. It now offers support for using Mail for sending messages and encrypted files.

Version 2.0 also gives the user the ability to compose messages with encrypted files for Mail. There are user interface tweaks and various code optimizations and improvements to product stability

Designed for both personal and business use, Encrypt Mail is a client for sending encrypted emails and/or encrypted attachments. Mac based recipients will receive a DMG password protected file. Windows and Linux based recipients will receive a ZIP password protected archive instead. All contacts are handled in a list separated from Mac OS X's built-in Address Book.

Encrypt Mail is an alternative solution to manual encryption or PSE keys. To send a...

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May 04
Embed Flash movie in a Mac app with Flash'In'App Cocoa...

Flash'In'App ( by Eltima Software is a new Cocoa framework that helps developers load and fully manage Flash movies in their own Mac applications. It contains a set of classes, which offer the ability to load, play and manage any SWF files within the application.

The developed app can communicate with SWF file via an external API (application programming interface), FSCommands and Variables. It is also possible to create custom-shaped windows and running Windows Flash-enabled applications' GUI (graphical user interface) on a Mac.

Flash'In'App fully supports RealVideo files playback and partially supports Silverlight files. End users will need at least Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, and Flash Player 8 or higher to run applications that are developed with Flash'In'App.

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May 04
Dejal Simon for Mac OS X updated to version 2.5.7

Dejal Systems, LLC has released Dejal Simon 2.5.7 (, a site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. 7 The new version includes a couple of important fixes, and may be the last release before version 2.6, which drops Mac OS X 10.4 support.

Dejal Simon checks web pages, FTP and DNS servers, local or remote ports or volumes, and other services for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, Twitter, HTML reports, and other means. You can add tests to Simon to track updated sites, to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers, check on Samba SMB, take periodic screenshots of the system, track posts and new comments on your or friends' blogs, check for web mail, make sure a key application is running, get notifications of updates to favorite news and entertainment web sites, keep an eye on auctions, and other uses.

Services include Web (HTTP)...

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May 04
TextExpander update for Mac OS X adds support for Unicode line...

SmileOnMyMac ( has updated TextExpander, a Mac OS X utility that lets users define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, to version 3.0.3. The new version features support for Unicode line endings.

A number of bugs have been fixed and overall performance has been improved. The in-product purchases are now handled by e-commerce provider FastSpring.

The regular cost is US$34.95 for a single user license or $44.95 for a five-pack family license. A 30-day fully-functioning demo of TextExpander can be downloaded at the SmileOnMyMac web site. Upgrades to TextExpander 3.0.2 from earlier versions costs $15. Version 3.0.3 is a free update for registered users of version 3.0. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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May 04
Feeder update for Mac OS X adds support for WebDAV publishing

Reinvented Software has updated Feeder (, a Mac OS X app for for creating and publishing RSS feeds and podcasts, to version 2.1. The upgrade adds support for WebDAV publishing, a completed updated iTunes Store preview and customizable colors for iTunes U page previews.

This release also adds drag and drop Sparkle appcasts, improves MP3 tagging, working with Twitter accounts, gesture support and will now run as a 64-bit application on Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard").

Feeder requires Mac OS X 10.5 and QuickTime 7.0 or better. Feeder 2.1 costs US$39.95 for new users and is a free upgrade for all registered Feeder 2.x users. Upgrades from version 1.x are $14.95. Education discounts are also available. A demo is available at the Reinvented Software web site.

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May 04
OCRKit for Mac OS X gets better text recognition accuracy

OCRKit (, a text recognition app for Mac O X 10.4 or higher, has been updated to version 1.2. The new version improves overall text recognition accuracy and stability, and features a new de-screen image filter, which reduces print moire patterns, helping to improve the text recognition rate such difficult documents.

OCRKit transforms images and PDF files into searchable PDFs. With built-in OCR it allows for editable PDF files via drag and drop. And you can find 'em with the Mac's built-in Spotlight desktop search.

OCRKKit comes with support for several OCR languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and even more user-interface translations: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified-Chinese and Traditional-Chinese. It's designed for Intel Macs only.

OCRKit costs approximately US$49, though version 1.2...

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May 04
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for May 4

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

American Hiking Society, organizer of National Trails Day, has announced its US$9.99 HIKE GPS maps application for the iPhone, a one-stop app with over 300 free recreational maps encompassing more than five million square miles of the United States. HIKE embeds premium map content onto the iPhone so there’s no need to “cache” topo maps or search for a network signal in the middle of the backcountry. The app also allows users to track and record their off-road adventures, take geo-coded pictures, and upload and share their outdoor experiences via Facebook and email.

The Hartford Financial Services Group has released The Harford Mobile, which provides iPhone users with access to checklists, emergency phone numbers and claims reporting features for...

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May 04
SnapRocket for Mac OS X zooms to version 1.0.2

Gray Matter Labs has updated SnapRocket (, a Mac OS X windows switcher, to version 1.0.2. It's a maintenance release with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

SnapRocket is a keyboard based desktop navigator that doesn't rely on arbitrary window grids or lists. Instead, users can navigate among their open windows using only the cursor keys, switching to any application running on their desktop.

SnapRocket requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

SnapRocket costs US$19.95 for a single-user license and $24.95 for a family license. A fully-functional download includes 150 free uses.

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May 04
OWC doubles solid state drive capacity to 400GB

Other World Computing (OWC) has added a new highest capacity 400GB model to its OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line. Designed and made in the U.S. from imported parts, the new 400GB model doubles the capacity of previously announced OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD models.

It comes with enterprise level 28% over-provisioning, five year warranty coverage, and is compatible with Mac and PC computers that can utilize single or multiple 2.5-inch SATA compatible drives including all RAID configurations. Priced at US$1,599.99, the 400GB model is available for pre-ordering with shipping to begin 5/21.

Existing models in the line (previously named the Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD) are available for immediate ordering and share the same redundancy, reliability, and form factor as offered by the 400GB model. For more information on the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD, including Reseller inquiries, visit...

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May 04
Keynote Zone releases Desktop theme

Keynote Zone ( has announced their Desktop Keynote theme. This general-purpose theme is designed to provide a strong association with your desktop and creates a kind of working atmosphere in the entire presentation.

The theme includes 30 layouts, custom designed charts and tables. Available in both Standard and HD versions, the Desktop standard version theme comes in two sizes, and the HD version theme comes in five sizes. Standard versions are US$16, and HD versions are $20. Or you can get 'em all in the Keynote Zone Collection 8 ($69).

Seven more Keynote themes are now available for sale in standard or HD formats at Keynote Zone. They require Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later and iWork '08 or '09.

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May 04
Update of CosmoPod Safari extension beefs up audio saving...

Cocoamug Software, developers and publishers of great Mac software, has released CosmoPod 4.4 (, an update of the Safari extension that lets you download Flash videos from web sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. The upgrade adds support for saving audio MP3, WMA and more from,, and others. It also improves command key down user interaction when dropping multiple files for audio extraction.

CosmoPod can automatically convert downloaded files to an Apple device friendly format, tag them and add them to iTunes. Additionally, you can convert most video already on your hard drive via drag and drop so can be used as a tool to import your DVD collection to your Mac, iTunes, AppleTV, and iPhone.

CosmoPod costs US$12. Version 4.4 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x....

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May 04
Dragon Stop Motion for Mac OS X roars to version 2.1

D-Zed Software has released Dragon Stop Motion 2.1 (, an update to their professional stop motion animation software for Mac OS X and Windows. The upgrade includes support for the new DDMX-S2 Lighting Controller and the new IOTA 3D Stereoscopic Slider, in addition to other exciting features.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of feature film, commercial, broadcast television and independent film, Dragon Stop Motion controls digital still and HD cameras for shooting single frame animation and effects. The version 2.1 update includes new features that expand on the application's support for monitoring, exporting, composing, animating, automating lighting, and automating 3D shooting.

The Auxiliary Monitor feature allows the user to send the main view to a second monitor (video village). The Image Sequence Export provides flexibility in choosing...

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