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Mar 15
Apple releases Aperture SlideShow Support Update 1.1

Apple has released Aperture SlideShow Support Update 1.1, which addresses an HD video clip playback issue. According to Apple, for Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") users, Aperture 3 slideshows with trimmed HD clips should “now remain properly synced” with their audio.

Apple says this is a recommended update (3.29MB) for Aperture 3 users You can obtain it via the Software Updates component of the Mac OS X Systems Preferences app.

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Mar 15
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for March 15

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Nicolas Seriot and Anton Anton have announced TweetyShow 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The US$0.99 app shows photos posted on Twitter in real time. iPhone users can scroll through an grid of photos coming live from the Twitter-sphere.

Tuparev Technologies of the Netherlands has introduced Plants 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $2.99 consists of a photo reference guide to plants, and a plant maintainance scheduler.

Innerplays is offering Star Cargo 3000 1.0, a $1.99 space combat game for iPhone and iPod touch users. The player is captain of a giant cargo vessel parked in orbit above an unstable mining planet. The goal is to successfully transport 10 modular cargo containers up to the ship, before it is destroyed by debris...

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Mar 15
Flurry Analytics: iPad introduction spurs app development for...

In February, two weeks after Apple unveiled the iPad, Flurry Analytics ( -- a cross-platform mobile application analytics provider -- says there's been a dramatic upturn in the number of developers installing its analytics tools in new apps for the iPhone OS (which the iPad uses).

As reported by "Fortune" (, the company took a look at February's data and found that the pace of new development 00 "the single sharpest spike in Flurry history," in its words -- continued nearly unabated. In fact, the number of new iPhone OS projects started in Flurry after the iPad announcement shot up 187%.

"Over six weeks...

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Mar 15
MOG debuts 'all you can eat' music service for the...

MOG (, an on-demand music listening service and music blogging hub, hasy demonstrated its new MOG All Access mobile streaming music application for smartphones. The application will be available initially on iPhone and Android platforms.

The service, which will be available in early the second quarter of the year, will cost US$10 per month for unlimited listening and includes the desktop service as well. With MOG All Access Mobile, users will be able to access MOG’s full music catalog of seven million songs from a smartphone. According to David Hyman, founder and CEO of MOG, features include:

° On-demand listening: Users can listen to any artist, album, or song, on-demand, in unlimited amounts.

° MOG Radio: Users can hear an unending stream of music based on a track or artist, with full control over how many similar artists are mixed in.

° Music discovery technology: With a...

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Mar 15
iKit releases AutoCon FM Transmitter for the iPhone, iPod

iKit ( has released the US$70 AutoCon FM Transmitter for the iPhone and iPod. It boasts rapid auto scan technology and lets you play music through your car radio.

The AutoCon has a built-in microphone and a unit to play/pause, volume & track skip, allowing library control displaying your selected music and offering call function display. It also includes the AutoCharge USB Car Charger and a 3.5mm cable for direct connection to your car’s auxiliary input.

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Mar 15
Application Wizard for Mac OS X conjures up version 2.5

MaBaSoft has updated Application Wizard (, a Mac OS X tool that provides access to your applications, document and pictures, to version 2.5. You can now choose what types of volumes appear in the Special menu and allows you to eject disks, partitions, and servers and mount ejected disks.

On Mac OS X 10.5 or later, the Recent Documents and Recent Servers items can now be added to the Special menu so that you can quickly open recently used files and connect to recently used servers. Also in Application Wizard 2.5:

° The Activity Monitor command has been added to the System Memory submenu so that you can quickly open Activity Monitor and learn more about the processes running on your computer and their memory usage.

° The Aperture Library submenu now fully supports Aperture 3.

° The...

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Mar 15
Intel introduces X25-V Value SATA Solid-State Drive (SSD) at $...

Intel ( has announced today a new addition to its line-up of solid state drives (SSDs): the Intel X25-V Value SATA SSD.

Priced at US$125, the 40GB drive is aimed at value segment netbooks and dual-drive/boot drive desktop set-ups. SSDs can replace or coexist with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). With no movable parts or spinning platters, SSDs are more reliable and higher performing than HDDs.

In a dual-drive configuration, the Intel X25-V SSD is added to a desktop with an existing HDD. The SSD is loaded with the operating system and favorite applications to take advantage of the speedy performance which is nearly 4x faster than a 7200RPM HDD, according to the folks at Intel.

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Mar 15
AJA KONA product line goes cross-platform

AJA Video Systems (, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, is now offering its KONA line of capture cards with software for both Mac and Windows-based systems.

The company is folding its XENA line of capture cards, designed for the Windows platform, into the KONA product line. The KONA family is AJA's line of 10-bit uncompressed capture and playback cards for video and audio input and output. Initially designed solely for the Mac platform, KONA now supports SD, HD, Dual Link 4:4:4 HD and 2K formats, and all of the functionality of the former XENA products within the single, cross-platform KONA line.

Effective immediately, every new KONA package shipped will include both Mac and Windows software and documentation. Updated drivers for either Mac or PC platforms are always available online.

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Mar 15
Phone Amego for Mac OS X offers user interface improvements

Sustainable Softworks has released Phone Amego 1.1.13 (, an update of the Mac OS X (10.5 and later) tool designed to make using your phone easier when you're near your computer by providing on-screen caller ID, letting you click to dial a phone number from your Address Book or on your screen, and optionally dialing through Google Voice.

Version 1.1.13 offers several user interface improvements including minimizing an active call window to the Dock, an option to translate mnemonics (letters in phone numbers), and remotely dialing a landline phone attached to another computer running Phone Amego sharing. Phone Amego is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
In addition to Mac OS X 10.5 or later it requires: a...

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Mar 15
OWC announces 1TB model of OWC Mercury On-The-Go storage...

Other World Computing ( has announced the addition of a new 1TB model to the OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 bus powered 2.5-inch portable storage solution line.

The pocket-sized portable storage solution for Mac or PC users features FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and/or USB 2.0 connectivity for data transfer speeds up to 100MB/second and is bus powered, so it can be used without an AC adapter.

The new Mercury On-The-Go Pro 1TB model is available in three interface configurations:

° "Triple interface" with FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 connectivity, US$269.99;

° "Combo Interface" with FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connectivity, $249.99;

· USB 2.0 only connectivity, $229.99 MSRP

The new OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro 1TB models are available for immediate ordering from Other World Computing at...

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Mar 15
New webcast series focuses on iTunes U implementation and...

An in-depth look at iTunes U is the subject of three upcoming Apple and webcasts.

The new series, which give audience members an opportunity to interact live with Apple product managers and engineers, will provide an overview of iTunes U, and discuss the implementation and integration of the service.

The first webcast, "iTunes U - Overview and Update" (, will be delivered at 10 a.m. (Pacific) on March 18. "Integration of Internal iTunes U Sites" ( will be webcast at 10 a.m. (Pacific) on April 1. "iTunes U in the iTunes Store" (...

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Mar 15
Product manger leaves Google for Apple

R.J. Pittman, a prominent product manager at Google, has left the company to join Apple, reports "TechCrunch" (

At Google, he has served as director of product management for Google Labs and Google Search. It's not clear what he'll be doing at Apple.

Before Google, Pittman was co-founder and CEO of Groxis, a web search company; a managing partner of Venture Factory Partners, a technology venture capital and venture management firm; co-founder and CEO of Digital Courier Technologies, an ecommerce company; vice president of technology at Paradigm Systems Corp., a global IT systems and strategy consulting firm; and vice president of technology for Metric, a software start-up. He has a MS in Engineering-...

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Mar 15
Three-day estimate of iPad sales: 152,000 units

After the initial burst of excitement on Friday that saw iPad pre-orders coming in at the rate of 25,000 per hour, there was a dramatic fall-off over the weekend. Friday was when the Apple device was available for pre-order.

According to Daniel Tello, the Venezuelan blogger-analyst who has been tracking order numbers submitted by volunteers at Investor Village's AAPL Sanity board, orders on Saturday and Sunday slowed to an estimated 1,000 per hour -- as reported by "Fortune" ( Telloattributes roughly half of the estimated 120,000 first-day sales to "pure overexcited fanboism."

The real demand for the iPad in the weeks before its April 3 release, is probably closer to 30,000 per weekday and half that...

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Mar 15
If your iPod battery dies, Apple will replace the iPad

If you buy an iPad and the battery conks out, Apple will replace it with a new iPad, Apple says on a web page called "Battery Replacement Service" (

According to the page, if your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee. The service costs $99, plus $6.95 shipping. The total cost is $105.95 per unit.

However, Apple notes: Your iPad is not eligible for Battery Replacement Service if the product has been damaged, for example, as result of an accident, liquid contact, disassembly, unauthorized service or unauthorized modifications, or if the product is not operating correctly as a result of a component failure."

iPad is now available for pre-order. They're due to ship on Saturday, April 3....

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Mar 15
PA Semi founder leaves Apple, joins Silicon Valley start-up

PA Semi founder and CEO, Dan Dobberpuhl, has apparently left Apple to join a Silicon Valley startup company founded by other former PA Semi employee, although exactly when he left is uncertain, as reported by CNET (

Dobberpuhl isn't alone. Other key PA Semi team members have left Apple, including one of PA Semi's leading members, Mark Hayter, adds "CNET."

On April 22, 2008, it was made public that Apple had agreed to buy a boutique microprocessor design company called PA Semi. The company was known for its design of sophisticated, low-power chips.

PA Semi is a fabless semiconductor company that makes PWRficient processors for the embedded-computing markets. It was established in 2003 by industry veterans, including Dan Dobberpuhl, lead designer of the DEC Alpha series of microprocessors,...

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Mar 15
iWebTemplate releases free iWeb templates, themes

iWebTemplate ( has added free a iWeb themes and templates section, to be used with iWeb. iWeb is the web site building component of Apple's iLife suite.

iWeb Free Themes includes seven themes: Sky, Picture, Church, Joy, Love, Billiard and Cat. Each template incorporates a number of different graphic elements which can be removed, moved and changed in size, opacity or color.

Each theme incorporates a number of different graphic elements that can be removed, moved and changed in size, opacity or color. Some of the themes incorporate a variety of backgrounds, so web sites can be filled with different amounts of information.

iWeb Free Themes require Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later and iWeb 2.0 (iLife '08) or iWeb 3.0 (iLife '09).

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Mar 15
Small Tree introduces new 2TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID at NAB 2010 

Small Tree ( will introduce its new 2TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID direct attached shared storage system at NAB 2010.

Offering real time editing for Final Cut users while supporting 12 streams of ProRes 422HQ with no dropped frames, ST-RAID provides consistent performance over Ethernet networks. The 2TB system is available in eight, 12 or 16-drive configurations. 
GraniteSTOR ST-RAID enables instant availability and background initialization along with automatic insertion/removal detection and rebuild. For greater flexibility, more storage can be added for system expansion. Contact Small Tree for pricing options.

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Mar 15
Apache Module MGI 3.2 with new PHP processor released for Mac OS...

PagePlanet Software ( has announced the golden master release of Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) 3.2 for the Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. MGI is an Apache 2 module that adds full functionality to every web site on your server using a simple tag structure.

MGI includes 67 tags to enhance a web site with everything from simple counters and form processing to custom databases and shopping carts. You can also combine MGI's programming tags to make your web site accomplish a variety of things.

MGI 3.2 includes the new Advanced module and mgiPHP tag to process PHP code on any MGI page. The mgiPHP tag is flexible including parameters to exchange information between MGI and PHP.  You can dynamically create PHP code, dynamically create MGI code or both. MGI's implementation of PHP also includes the GD...

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Mar 15
'MUG Event Calendar': Apple, Prosoft, more

This week's MUG Event Calendar features a variety of topics, presentations and guests.

Apple’s Dave Marra continues his user group presentation run at a Maryland group, and Prosoft Engineering will be presenting to a California group. California would seem to be the place to be this week, since Peter Christenson of Strider Software will show off TypeStyler to another California group, another will feature a presentation by Suzanne Cabellero of, and yet another will receive a visit from Endicia.

Other presentations this week include iPhone app localization, Macworld 2010, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, USB wall sockets, iWeb, QuickBooks and more.

"The MUG Event Calendar" can be found at The MUG Center (, an online resource for Mac User Groups, Mac User Groups are starting to officially celebrate the holiday season.

MUGs are good places for making new...

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Mar 13
Apple COO gets bonus that could be worth $22 million

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook earned a US$5 million cash bonus plus stock that could be worth nearly $17 million for the six months last year that he took the helm of the company. He ran things while CEO Steve Jobs was on a medical leave of absence.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, Apple said its compensation committee had unanimously approved the bonus, which was recommended by CEO Steve Jobs. As reported by "BusinessWeek" (, Jobs said Cook deserved the bonus "in recognition of his outstanding performance" during the period Cook ran the company while Jobs was on medical leave.

Along with the cash, Cook was awarded...

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Mar 12
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for March 12

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Pariahware has released Biblicious 1.0, a $2.99 game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Players can choose a single player game, a practice game, or a fill in the blank game, called Mix and Match. The player can choose from a 10 question game to a 50 question game, as well as questions from the Old or New Testaments, or the entire Bible. After a game mode is chosen, Flip Ant will ask you the number of questions you wish to play, and from where in the Bible you'd like the questions to originate.

Techno Gurus has announced iBrr Bluetooth Receiver and Remote 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. This is an $4.99 app that uses peer-to-peer networking via WiFi or Bluetooth technology to transform an iDevice into a remote control.

Marco De Girolamo has...

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Mar 12
Apple sells 50,000 iPads in two hours?

Victor Castroll, an analyst with Valcent Financial Group, says Apple sold 51,000 iPads within two hours after the device went on sale.

As noted by "CNN Money" (, his estimate -- which is adjusted for the roughly 15,000 online orders that come in a typical day -- jibes with a 20,000-per-hour figure published earlier by "Silicon Alley Insider" ( and the photo sharing Phanfare site (...

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Mar 12
Zevrix releases public beta of Package Central

Zevrix Solutions has announced a public beta of Package Central 1.0 (, a new document packaging workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign.

Originally developed for a publisher in the United States, the software automates InDesign packaging by processing files from hotfolders. Package Central offloads packaging to a central system, leaving operator workstations free from the output process. Package Central offers font auto-activation, e-mail notifications, detailed logs and much more.

Everyone who downloads Package Central public beta and registers with Zevrix Solutions can purchase Package Central with a 30% discount once it's released. Estimated release time and pricing are March 22 for US$499.95.

Package Central is a Universal Binary and runs on Mac OS X 10.4.2-10.6. Remember: beta software is unfinished software so use...

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Mar 12
Apple-Nokia legal slugfest to recommence in 2012

The next round of legal smackdown between Apple and Nokia won't take place for a while. And look for a long, drawn-out battle.

The two will seek a U.S. court hearing in a key patent battle in mid-2012, a court filing shows -- as reported by "Reuters" ( Last week federal judge in Delaware signed an order staying litigation in a lawsuit in which Nokia claims that Apple is infringing on seven Nokia patents in products ranging from the iPhone to computers.

The order also covered counterclaims in which Apple alleges that Nokia has infringed on nine Apple patents that are the subject of an ITC complaint by Apple.

Last month it was announced that Apple's patent-infringement complaint seeking to block Nokia Oyj’s phone imports into the U.S. will be investigated by a...

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Mar 12
Apple now America's third most valuable company

Apple's shares have surged on iPad pre-orders, making Apple America's third most valuable company, reports "CNN Money" (

Ninety minutes after Apple opened its online store for iPad pre-orders Friday morning, a burst of trading -- roughly 2 million shares in 30 minutes -- pushed its stock price to US$227.73 and its market cap to $206.5 billion.

Apple has moved, at least for now, ahead of Wal-Mart to become America's third largest company by market capitalization. It only trails Exxon and Microsoft.

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