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Sep 07
Gertrudis Graphics releases GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS X.

Gertrudis Graphics has released GMX-PhotoPainter (, an US$59 standalone Mac and Windows program that transforms an image (generally a photo) into an original artwork. With it, artists can start with an existing picture such as from a digital camera or scanner, a 3D rendering or painting from another program or imaging application.

GMX-PhotoPainter first performs a topological analysis of the image's content and builds a matrix of flow direction vectors. Users can then paint a few quick strokes across the desired features of their image. GMX-PhotoPainter uses this information to generate something that looks more like hand-drawn masterpieces, according to the folks at Gertrudis Graphics.

While one of the main goals of GMX-PhotoPainter is enabling users to create their own styles, there are a number of standard, "ready to use" styles which...

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Sep 07
Thursby Software releases ADmitMac PKI 3

Thursby Software Systems has released ADmitMac PKI 3, its third generation Mac-Windows integration software. It enhances security, increases efficiency, reduces identity fraud and protects personal privacy for government and enterprise clients integrating Apple Macs into their enterprise PC worlds using CAC and PIV smart card security, according to the folks at Thursby.

ADmitMac PKI now supports Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), as well as Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") operating systems. It also adds formal support from Thursby for all of the U.S. Government CAC Next Generation cards, including Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144K and Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual. ADmitMac PKI continues to include all of Thursby's additional networking software from both DAVE and ADmitMac technologies including full OCSP, Microsoft DFS and single sign on over VPN support.

Thursby's software is engineered and supported by Mac-Windows specialists from Arlington, Texas. Their client-based solutions allow...

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Sep 07
Wordwide converged mobile device market projections raised 10%

The worldwide market for converged mobile devices (also commonly referred to as smartphones) is expected to grow 55.4% this year compared to 2009 amid greater-than-expected demand for the do-it-all devices. This is 10% higher than the previous forecast from the International Data Corporation ( "Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker."

IDC now expects mobile phone vendors to ship 269.6 million converged mobile devices this year compared to the 173.5 million units shipped in 2009. The increased market forecast for smartphones comes amid the launch of several new models, such as the BlackBerry Torch, EVO 4G, and the iPhone 4, in recent months.

"The smartphone is the catalyst behind the rebound in the worldwide mobile phone market this year," says Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. "Additional product introductions and an expected...

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Sep 07
LanSchool update brings Windows parity to Mac version

LanSchool Technologies, a provider of classroom management software, has updated the software for it teacher console for its classroom management software, to version 7.5. The upgrade brings the Mac version to feature parity with the Windows version, adds audio listening and broadcast for language labs, introduces efficient Multicast video distribution and playback and adds real-time keystroke alerting on banned words to help teachers control cyber-bullying in the classroom.

LanSchool 7.5 also sports a new wireless protocol increases performance and reliability. And the new version adds iPad, iPod, iPhone teacher and student support.

The LanSchool Mac teacher console runs on Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") or higher. It has the same basic layout and features of the Windows teacher console, but looks and feels like a Mac program. From the console teachers can teach, monitor and assess students running on Macs, PC and thin clients.

LanSchool 7.5 is a free upgrade for...

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Sep 07
Mobile World Congress to adds MacWorld Mobile

The world's biggest mobile fair will host its first event for Apple developers next year "in a sign of Apple's huge influence over the industry, even though the company itself has never participated in the show," says "Reuters" (;_ylt=A...).

Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain, will add MacWorld Mobile to its new slate of events focused on developers. The event is scheduled...

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Sep 07
CalDigit AV Drive now shipping

The CalDigit AV Drive ( is now shipping. It's CalDigit’s first single drive solution, and it has been completely optimized for audio and video. 

The CalDigit AV Drive is also the first USB 3.0 drive for the Mac -- though the the Mac doesn't support USB 3.0. The dual interface drive also supports FireWire 800, which has been optimized and runs up to 30% faster than other FireWire 800 drives.

FireWire 800 will allow you to connect to your current computer. Then when you get the CalDigit SuperSpeed PCI Express Card or a USB 3.0 equipped computer, you will be ready to start using the CalDigit AV Drive at the fastest possible speeds, according to the folks at CalDigit.

The 1TB CalDigit AV Drive starts at US$199 and the CalDigit SuperSpeed PCI Express Card is $59. A 2TB version of the CalDigit AV Drive is also available.

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Sep 07
Anokimobi launches ecoskin iPhone 4 cover

Anokimobi has launched the iPhone 4 ecoskin (, a cover produced in the UK from recycled high grade plastic and impregnated with silver ions to reduce bacteria levels on mobile phones.

According to Tom Tranter, director of Anokimobi, the ecoskin features the same Biomaster antibacterial protection technology used in hospitals after a recent "Which Magazine" report highlighted the potential for mobile phones to carry high levels of bugs. What's more, its packaging is made of recycled materials.

The econskin lets you charge the iPhone 4 while in the case. It's available in pink, black and clear flavors for approximately US$25.

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Sep 07
iCarpus coming for devices like the iPhone, iPod touch

Visual Factor has announced the iCarpus (, an accessory for hands-free viewing of portable devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. Its grip enables horizontal and vertical positioning without adjustments.

The spring-clamp design and non-slip edges provide superior protection and surface grip, according to the folks at Visual Factor. The iCarpus also functions as a headphone caddy.

You can position it in portrait or landscape orientation with no assembly, adjustment or aid of other objects. The iCarpus will arrive this fall for US$12.99.

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Sep 07
Final Effects Complete 6 supports Adobe CS5

Boris FX ( says Final Effects Complete 6 AE (FEC 6 AE) is now available. FEC 6 AE brings over 110 designer effects and transitions to Mac and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3.

The new release features support for native After Effects lights, on-screen overlay control widgets for streamlined workflow, audio-driven keyframe generation, and a new Compare Mode feature to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side or live split-screen view. Each Final Effects Complete filter has been re-engineered for 64-bit operating systems.

Final Effects Complete 6 AE is available immediately through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct through the Boris FX web site for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$895. Owners of previous versions of FEC AE may upgrade for $295.

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Sep 07
Apple zaps spam on its Ping music network

Apple has tweaked its new Ping social network for iTunes over the Labor Day weekend, cleaning out spams and scams that had appeared shortly after it launched last week, notes the "San Jose Business Journal" (

There are also new "back" and "forward" buttons added now to make Ping easier to navigate. On Friday Apple announced that in less than 48 hours since its launch on Wednesday, more than one million users have joined Ping, its new social network for music which lets users follow their favorite artists and friends to discover what music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.

“One-third of the people who have downloaded iTunes 10 have joined Ping,” says Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of...

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Sep 07
Intuit updates QuickBooks for the Mac

Intuit ( has announced QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac. The latest version of the financial software will be available Sept. 28 at a suggested retail price of US$229.95 for a single user license.

QuickBooks 2011 for Mac also features new reports and tools to help users track job-related mileage so they can claim the tax write-offs they deserve. Users can also customize reports and forms to reflect their brands and to show the exact data they need to show, says Dan Wernikoff, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Financial Management Solutions division.

He adds that tTwo new features ensure that QuickBooks 2011 for Mac can grow as a small business expands:

° Multi-User Access allows up to five employees to simultaneously view and edit QuickBooks data files.

° User Permissions lets small businesses determine who can work in up to eight accounting activity areas....

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Sep 07
Extension releases Suitcase Fusion 3 with Adobe CS5 integration

Extensis ( has announced the immediate availability of Suitcase Fusion 3, the newest version of the professional-grade font manager for Mac and Windows operating systems and WebINK (, their new web font rental service.

Suitcase Fusion 3 enables designers to browse, preview, select and manage fonts from the desktop to the web. Features of Suitcase Fusion 3 include:

° Integration with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS5 via font auto-activation plug-ins;

° Web font selection and management through the Extensis WebINK font rental service;

° Web Preview mode allows users to see effects of using desktop and WebINK fonts on any web site;

° The app suggests "more fonts like this" using QuickMatch technology to locate similar fonts;

° Application Sets that immediately...

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Sep 07
Vitamin-R improves support for the Pomodoro technique has announced Vitamin-R 1.28 (, an update of its Mac OS X compatible productivity tool for creative professionals. The new version improves support for the Pomodoro productivity technique.

Vitamin-R is a collection of tools and techniques for managing attention and maintaining motivation. According to the folks at, it complements the task capturing and organizing features of modern to-do list managers by forcing you to concentrate fully on one task a time and keeping distractions at bay. It breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific and actionable objectives.

Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now & Later Board," complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to quickly dump all those...

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Sep 07
Calcine for Mac OS X gets new keyboard shortcuts

Tension Software has updated Calcine (, a modern version of the desktop calculator, to version 2.1.1. The upgrade adds new keyboard shortcuts.

Calcline starts as a small window utility. Insert a mathematical expression to evaluate, and the software will do the work.

Calcline costs US$20, and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Version 2.1.1 is a free update for registered users of version 2.x. For new users the cost is US$20. Calcline is an Universal Binary product, so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

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Sep 07
Analyst says new Apple TV faces the toughest market yet

The latest version of the Apple TV may face a more challenging market than its predecessors, according to one analyst. Previous versions had difficulties gaining traction, and according to Paul Erickson, senior analyst at IMS Research, the new and improved Apple TV may encounter a similar fate.

According to Erickson, Apple’s price reduction and added content options might not be enough to attract mainstream consumers.

"Today’s competitors are devices that are already in, or going into consumer households -- Blu-ray Disc (BD) players, game consoles, and connected TVs," he says. "These devices already integrate similar access to paid and free content. The most significant are game consoles and BD players – both of which trump Apple TV in terms of must-buy priority for consumers.”

Erickson also cites these obstacles to Apple TV’s success:

° Domestically, pay-TV penetration is very high, and HD VOD and DVR services are well-adopted and already available...

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Sep 06
Lloyd's, Marsh, Cooper Gay, RK Harrison Group to use iPads

UK: Lloyd’s has joined with brokers Marsh, Cooper Gay and RK Harrison Group to trial the use of iPad in its underwriting room, reports the "Post Online" (’s+to+trial+Ipads+in+underwriting+process).

The trial will get underway any day now and will see the Apple tablets used as an alternative to the traditional underwriting slips. Lloyd’s said that the iPads will effectively be used as an "electronic slip case," enabling brokers to take documents in to the market electronically, review documents with underwriters and annotate them where required, notes the "Post Online."

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Sep 06
iSuppli: Apple TV gives Apple entry into the Internet-enabled...

The new Apple TV (take three, if you will) will give Apple an entry in the market for Internet-enabled living room devices, the fastest-growing major segment of Internet-connected products, according to the iSuppli research group (

Shipments of Internet-enabled living room devices -- a range of products including Internet-enabled TV sets, video game consoles and set-top boxes -- are forecast to amount to more than 430 million units in 2014, up from 99.3 million in 2009, says iSuppli. At a CAGR [compound average growth rate) of 34.1% from 2009 to 2014, shipments of the digital living room devices will rise faster than those of the other high-volume Internet-access platforms. Computers and smartphones, whose shipments will grow at CAGRs of 12.1% and 22.7%, respectively, during the same period.

While Job's demonstration of the Apple TV was impressive, the device still must contend...

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Sep 06
Agenda set for third annual Amsterdam FCPUG SuperMeet

The agenda has been set for the Third Annual FCPUG Amsterdam SuperMeet ( be held Sunday, Sept.12, at the Hotel Krasnapolsky in the heart of Amsterdam during IBC week.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the SuperMeet web site. Doors open at 16:30. As part of the Digital Showcase, there will be the inaugural "Open Screen Theater." Filmmakers and digital content creators wanting to "Get Seen" will have a 10 minute chance to do so in an informal, collaborative setting.

Scheduled to appear will be Joran Maaswinkel, senior editor of Bake Post, who will join Autodesk's Grant Kay to help demystify Smoke for Mac OS X. Warren Eagles, a color artist for more than 20 years on movies such as "The Great Raid" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," as well as TV series such as "Rush," will give an in-depth look and demo at the new DaVinci Resolve for Mac, including...

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Sep 06
Sunrise announces 2010 edition of A4M Mac telephone system -

Sunrise Telephone Systems KK has announced the 2010 edition of its A4M Macintosh Telephone System ( based on a Mac OS X port of the Asterisk Linux PBX software.

The A4M software suite turns a Mac running Mac OS X (10.5 and 10.6) into a private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system and Voice over IP (VoIP) server. An optional ISDN adapter provides connectivity to ISDN telephone lines.

The 2010 edition consists of a telephony server, an auto-starter, a configuration engine, several system preference panes and a switchboard application. The Cocoa graphical user interface (GUI) based preference panes are designed to make the task of configuring the telephony server easy and intuitive, following the philosophy of ease of use of the Mac platform.

The software will be supported on all...

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Sep 06
QuickerTek introduces the Quicky3 USB device

QuickerTek has introduced its newest 802.11n device: the US$125 Quicky3 (, the third generation Quicky. This 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHZ unit purportedly has a mile line of sight range, draws 50% less power then the first and second generations and has the theoretical limit of 300 megabits per second of 802.11n (the previous models were 802.11b/g which ran 54 megabits per second).

The Quicky3 has a detachable 5 dbi high gain antenna so that you can connect other antennas. It works on any Mac with any open USB port with operating system Mac OS X 10.4. and higher. The Quicky3 conforms to the wireless standards 802.11b/g/n, making it compatible with all networks and not exclusively AirPort networks.

In fact, according to the folks at QuickerTek it should work on most if not all wireless networks, especially modern ones...

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Sep 06
Gallery Grabber QED is new image download tool for Mac OS X

Zenopolis has released Gallery Grabber QED 1.0 (, an image download tool for Mac OS X. With it links to gallery pages can be dragged to the Gallery Grabber interface or the application can be launched directly from a browser using a Safari or Firefox extension.

Gallery Grabber automatically detects the type of gallery it's processing; for example, whether or not there are thumbnails and whether or not the images are embedded on a second page. When more control is needed, the software's automatic behavior can be overridden, forcing a gallery to be downloaded using a chosen method. It extracts only the gallery images themselves, leaving banners, thumbnails and page design behind. Gallery Grabber doesn't work with all types of web galleries -- in particular, search engine results, Flash galleries and pages...

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Sep 06
CyberDuck update for Mac OS X adds Google Storage support

Developer David Kocher has updated Cyberduck ( -- an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files andAmazon S3 browser -- to version 3.6. The upgrade adds support for Google Storage and file versioning in Amazon S3.

Google Docs support allows you to access your documents from within Cyberduck. It allows you to: download documents to various export formats; upload documents to your Google Docs account for storage or choose to convert documents to Google Docs format; and optionally convert PNG, JPEG and GIF images to Google Docs text documents using optical character recognition (OCR). Users with a Google Apps Premier Account can upload arbitrary files not supported by any of the Google Docs editor application.

Cyberduck 3.6 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It's freeware, but donations are encouraged to help fund further development.

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Sep 06
USB Fever releases TRI-SIM Card for iPhone 4G

USB Fever has released the TRI-SIM Card for iPhone 4G with Black Back Cover

With the US$39.99 add-on card, you can have up to three SIM cards to be installed in your iPhone 4G. It also comes with a crystal case to protect the Tri-sim card and the Apple smartphone.

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Sep 06
SB2 launches Readner[In] for SketchUp

SB2 has launched Render[in], areal-time radiosity engine developed for SketchUp Free and Pro users. Now in beta testing, it purportedly gives SketchUp users definition, realistic renderings.

Render[in[ lets users: create a high definition rendering with no size limitation; use existing SketchUp parameters and add new ones; create a photo-realistic project environment (water, sand, grass) and a 3D sky with clouds; create artificial light sources; and see the final result in a real-time radiosity preview window.

Because Render[in] is fully-integrated into SketchUp, it uses the same settings. Once the model is ready, Render[in] offers realistic additions like a 3D sky, four types of clouds, and modifiable lighting sources. Render[in] also offers additional texture settings to choose from, like specular reflection and shininess, and auto-bump for materials.

The beta version is available for download at...

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Sep 04
KT Corp. to start offering iPhone 4 in Korea on Sept. 10

South Korea's KT Corp. says it will start offering the iPhone 4 in the country starting Sept. 10, reports the "Wall Street Journal" (

South Korea's second-largest mobile carrier by revenue said last month it would start offering the touchscreen device sometime in September and began taking pre-orders. The firm has an exclusive contract to offer iPhones in South Korea.

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