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Jun 25
Default Folder for Mac OS X updated to version 4.3.9

St. Clair Software has updated Default Folder (, its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X, to version 4.3.9. It fixes a bug introduced with version 3.8.

Default Folder X 4.3.9 is a free update for existing users who purchased a license or upgrade on or after June 1, 2007. The upgrade is US$14.95 for users who bought their copies before that date. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for a new license. Installers are available now in English and German and will be released shortly in Japanese, French, and Danish.

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Jun 25
Russian president meets with Steve Jobs

According to "" (, Russia's president visited Apple and tweeted an image of CEO Steve Jobs giving him a private iPhone 4 demo before meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington.

Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin’s former chief of Presidential Staff and now himself the Russian president, was on a Silicon Valley tour to experience the “origins of success” firsthand. He hopes to apply some of the nation’s high-tech magic to the Russian economy, according to ""

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Jun 25
Don't hold your iPhone 4 THAT way

There are reports that the iPhone 4 doesn't want to connect very quickly -- if at all -- when held a certain way. And a "PC World" report ( confirms this.

Though saying that, overall, the new smartphone is faster than its predecessors they had this to say: "At each of my five testing locations I did an extra set of speed tests while holding the iPhone 4 with my left hand, covering up the bottom left edge of the phone. At one testing location, this seemed to make no difference: I got equal connection speeds when I held the phone in my left hand and when I tested with it sitting on the tabletop. But in the remaining four locations, I saw dramatic speed decreases. In three of my testing locations, connection speeds dropped to zero or near zero when I held the...

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Jun 25
Analyst: 77% of iPhone 4 sales were upgrades

In a note to clients, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that 77% of iPhone sales were upgrades and that Apple has built a recurring revenue stream from a growing base of loyal users.

"While we think Apple will sell between 1.0 million to 1.5 million iPhones in the first three days (including pre-orders), the actual number is largely irrelevant," he writes. "Apple is tapping into the global consumer spending sweet spot, mobile, and as a result iPhone numbers are going higher in the coming years."

As reported by "Fortune" (, Munster and his team's survey also shows that:

° Seventy-seven percent pf the iPhone 4 buyers they spoke to were upgrading from a previous version. That's up from 56% in 2009 and 38% in 2008...

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Jun 25
Blu-ray Disc Association approves final BDXLformat specs

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) -- of which Apple is a member -- announced the finalization and release of the specifications for BDXL, the new multi-layer recordable Blu-ray Disc format with up to 128GB of capacity.

With the completion and approval of the specification, manufacturers can now obtain licensing information and license applications needed to begin production of the high capacity write-once and rewritable discs and hardware. For details go to .

Targeted primarily at commercial segments such as broadcasting, medical and document imaging enterprises with significant archiving needs, BDXL provides customers with triple layer 100GB RE (rewritable) and R (write-once) discs and quadruple layer 128GB R discs. Possible consumer applications include capture and playback of HD broadcast and satellite programming in markets where set-top recorders are...

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Jun 25
MEI offers K4 with Adobe Digital Publishing Platform for iPad...

Managing Editor Inc. ( says it's ready to install and support integration between the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform and Adobe's recently announced Digital Publishing Platform.

K4 users running Adobe CS3, CS4 or CS5 can start taking advantage of the editorial workflow management system integrated with new interactivity design tools from Adobe today. Now those teams can utilize the same system they work with every day to publish to the iPad and other emerging media, according to Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI. K4 features such as versioning, variants, explicit multi-channel workflows and multiple placement of objects ensure that content can be easily authored and reused for any channel, she says

The K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform is a scalable solution that allows publishing professionals to manage their design and editorial workflows and...

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Jun 25
Nova media releases Traffic2Net for Mac OS X

Nova media ( has unveiled Traffic2Net for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher). The US$14.95 app is a universal statistics manager to keep track of time and data usage of mobile Internet connections.

Traffic2Net displays connection details of 2G and 3G connections in one window. The connection details include the time online, up- and download volume, average data throughput, peek speeds, and even the IP address and interface used. Data usage and time online of the current connection are visible in the menu bar of Mac OS X.

Traffic2Net allows you to set session and period limits for your connections. This way, you can have a warning displayed on the screen whenever a limit has been reached, says Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. This is very helpful feature to avoid any additional payments caused by overstepping a data plan's limits, he adds.

Traffic2Net is...

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Jun 25
iFunia Video Converter adds iPhone 4 options

iFunia, a developer of Mac multimedia processing tools, has launched a new version of its flagship product, iFunia Video Converter Pro Converter. This new version offers output options optimized for the iPhone 4.

The software now supports converting any video to the iPhone 4 supported formats. Besides converting video formats, iFunia Video Converter Pro can be used to convert between several HD video formats, including HD AVI, AVCHD M2TS, MTS, TS, HD MOV, HD WMV ,HD MP4, HD FLV, and more. With the program, customers will be able to watch converted HD video clips on almost any portable device including their iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, and several others, according to David Lee, senior product manager from iFunia.

The program also supports simple video editing. Customers can trim a segment or crop the footage from their HD video and then make the conversion.

The iFunia Video Converter Pro for Mac is now available through the iFunia web site (...

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Jun 25
Jumsoft expands free Goodies collection

Jumsoft ( has expanded its Goodies bundle of free products. The company enhanced its Goodies collection with five Sandvox web site designs, nine Numbers templates, and a set of 500 photos and images for Keynote presentations.

All Goodies products are available on Jumsoft's web site for free. Jumsoft designs for Karelia's Sandvox application provide users with a simple way to design their Web sites with a broad range of style options. All t

The templates for iWork Numbers were designed for both home and professional users. The collection includes nine spreadsheet templates: Dinner Planner, Grocery List, Invoice, Loan Comparison, Media Advertising Analyzer, Personal Budget, To Do, Trip Planner, and Wedding Planner. Each template includes relevant tables or checklists and illustrates the given information with graphs and charts where applicable.

Finally, Jumsoft is offering...

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Jun 25
DSstyles announces iPhone 4 cases

DSstyles ( has announced new series phone cases for the iPhone 4. A variety of cases of different materials from silicon, leather to PVC materials are now available for the smartphone.

The new series products are designed to fit the new Apple iPhone 4's slimmer body. Different materials like metallic and crystals cases are also being added later.

Decora Series, one of the most popular of DStyle's series among the iPhone 3GS cases, will also be ready for iPhone 4.

Besides, DSstyles now accepts pre-order for the new Swarovski cases for iPhone 4. It will be a special product series from DS. Crystals. Customers who are looking for personalized patterns can make a request directly to DSstyles.

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Jun 25
Booxter for Mac OS X updated; iPhone version announced

Deep Prose Software ( has released Booxter 2.5 for Mac OS X. With Booxter users can create multiple libraries and smart lists to organize books, music, movies and comic books. Version 2.5 adds support for the new, free Booxter iPhone app available from the Apple App Store that lets users carry their collections with them on their mobile devices.

Booxter supports both handheld and wireless barcode scanners and iSight video cameras to quickly add large numbers of items to a collection. Booxter supports both handheld and wireless barcode scanners and iSight video cameras to add large numbers of items to a collection.

Booxter requires Mac OS 10.4 or later and is ready for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"). A downloadable demo version has a limit of 30 items for each library. The full version costs US$49.99. Version 2.5 is a free update for registered users of version 2.x. Booxter is...

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Jun 25
ShareTool update lets you connect to multiple networks at once

Yazsoft has updated ShareTool ( for Mac OS X, which lets you access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world, to version 2.02. You you can now connect to multiple home/office networks simultaneously.

Formerly known as Rendezvous, Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices by getting them connected to each other. ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP. Remote services automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, and other applications.

ShareTool 2.0.3 costs US$15 for a single-user license, $25 for a two-user license and $45 for a family pack (five licenses). Users that purchased ShareTool 1.x from April 13 to May 13, 2010 are entitled to a free 2.x upgrade.

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Jun 24
Cinema Solutions releases 3D plug-ins

Noise Industries' development partner Dashwood Cinema Solutions has released an update to its Stereo3D Toolbox plug-in for stereoscopic 3D mastering, as well as an inexpensive limited edition (LE) version for a more accessible entry into stereoscopic 3D content creation.

Developed by stereo-cinematographer and Dashwood Cinema Solutions founder Tim Dashwood, both plug-in suites are powered by FxFactory and are designed to work with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Express applications. Features within the limited edition version incorporate convergence adjustment and vertical, zoom and rotational disparity correction tools, "autoscale," a preview screen within the user interface, and the ability to output clips to popular stereoscopic monitors and delivery formats -- including YouTube 3D.

Stereo3D Toolbox 2.0 and Stereo3D Toolbox LE can be purchased at...

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Jun 24
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for June 24

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

3DTOPO has announced PhotoZap 1.0. for the iPhone and iPad. It's an US$0.99 app that wirelessly transfers images from an existing Photo library or new image captured with the iPhone.

TapFactory Apps has introduced WebToolbox+ 1.0, a $1.99 app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that features over 60 tools designed to make the Safari mobile browser more like a desktop browser.

3d6 has unveiled Shaolin Training 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Developed by Fernando Ribeiro, it's a $9.99 game that mixes platforming, physics puzzle, and zen-like meditation.

BeeTV -- a new service that helps consumers find and discover TV shows and movies on television, the web and mobile -- is offering an iPhone app that enables users to...

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Jun 24
Data plan lawsuit against Apple, AT&T amended

A lawsuit filed earlier this month against Apple and AT&T over the discontinued unlimited-data plan for the iPad 3G has been amended and re-filed to include additional iPad 3G customers, reports the "New York Times" (

The proposed class action lawsuit names three individuals who claim that Apple and AT&T “baited” them into purchasing an iPad 3G with the promises of a flexible unlimited data plan, “only to have that promise reneged upon within weeks of their purchases.” The case,  filed in the United States District Court in San Jose, CA, represents customers from several different states, according to the "Times."

Last month AT&T said it would...

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Jun 24
Booq introduces Mamba catch messenger bag

Booq ( has expanded its Mamba line with the addition of Mamba catch S/L for laptops. It sports a water-repellent ballistic nylon and no flap design.

The Mamba catch messenger bag allows you to access frequently used items using one of three external zippered pockets that feature a unique key ring holder and two mobile device sleeves. The backside features three large pockets including a document holder that doubles as a luggage trolley pass-through. The Mamba catch can be carried messenger style using the removable shoulder strap and pad or briefcase style with its comfort designed top mounted handle.

With no velcro and no buckles, just one zip allows access to the bag’s contents. Designed around the densely padded laptop compartment, Mamba catch’s interior is loaded with over 20 pockets and compartments of various sizes. It also includes a removable accessory pouch for...

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Jun 24
OWC releases Data Doubler for MacBooks, MB Pros

Other World Computing ( has announced the OWC Data Doubler, an optical bay mounting solution for MacBook or MacBook Pro notebook computers that enables users to add a second hard drive or SSD for up to an additional 640GB of internal drive capacity, internal RAID, or other user customized internal data storage configurations.

The US$79.99 OWC Data Doubler comes complete with all required hardware, a detailed step-by-step Mac notebook model specific installation guide, available online OWC installation videos, and is immediately available for the most MacBook and MacBook Pro models released in late 2008 and afterward.

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Jun 24
Speck offers new iPhone 4 cases

Speck has introduced several new cases for the iPhone 4 ( The PixelSkin comes in black, pink and purple for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$24.95.

The CandyShell is available in BatWing Blue, Mooniscle White, India Whoa Blue, PaleMoon Grey and LoveHate Pink for $34.95.

The $29.95 Fitted Case comes in Darkest Tartan Plaid, Dalmatian Houndstooth, Purple SpexyHexy, TartanPlaid White, Purple Argyle, and Brown Cookie Camo. The $29.95 PixelSkin HD is available in black, purple, pink, and blue. And the GeoMetric costs $29.95 and comes in DeathRock Black, ProgRock Purple, and IndieRock Red.

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Jun 24
SONiVOX announces Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual

SONiVOX ( has released Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual, a virtual instrument plug-in for the Mac or PC. For the first time, Reggaeton producers can enjoy a virtual instrument solely dedicated to their craft, according to the folks at SONiVOX. 

Designed for quick and easy professional beat construction, Reggaeton’s bilingual (English and Spanish) user interface affords integration of MIDI keyboards and MPC pad controllers. It's designed to bridge the gap between MPC style music creation and the computer-based virtual instrument environment.   

Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual is packed with 7GB of instruments forged by SONiVOX’s sound design team, as well as a selection of loop based construction kits by Reggaeton producer Michael Cipriano. It's available now with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$149 and an introductory street price of $99.

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Jun 24
Apple, dozens of others sued for patent infringement

Another day, another lawsuit. A company called Keranos -- based in Austin, Texas -- has filed a lawsuit against Apple and about a billion other companies for patent infringement.

Named in the lawsuit, in addition to Apple, are: Analog Devices, Alcatel-Lucent, Atheros,  Austriamicrosystems, EM Microelectronic, Seiko Epson, Freescale Semiconductor, Infineon, IBM. Intel, Microchip Technology, Micronas Semiconductor, Nanya, National Semiconductor, NEC, NXP, Oki, Rohm Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Toshiba, TSMC,, Ubicom, Vanguard, Vis Micro, Winbond Electronics and Zilog. The suit was filed in the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas, the lawsuit capital of the world.

According to "" (

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Jun 24
Apple may sell one million iPhone 4s Thursday

"Odds are strong" that Apple will sell one million iPhones Thursday, reports "24/7WallSt." ( The smartphone will launch in the US and several large wireless markets including the UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

Early reports say the iPhone 4 is already sold out in Japan. Other reports say people are in lines in front of Apple stores around the world in an effort to get the new iPhone.

What's more, Apple may top two million iPhone sales by the end of the fiscal quarter on June 26, according to Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities. Approximately 600,000 iPhones have already been ordered online from Apple or AT&T.

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Jun 24
Calcine for Mac OS X updated to version 2.0.3

Tension Software has updated Calcine (, a modern version of the desktop calculator, to version 2.0.3. It's a maintenance release with some bug fixes.

Calcline starts as a small window utility. Insert a mathematical expression to evaluate, and the software will do the work.

Calcline costs US$20, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Version 2.0.3 is a free update for registered users of version 2.x. Calcline is an Universal Binary product, so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

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Jun 24
Macsimum Poll: will you buy an iPhone 4?

In this week's poll, we're asking whether you plan to buy an iPhone 4. The poll is located on the right hand side of the home page beneath the Macsimum Opinion column.

In our last poll, we asked if you were happy with the specs on the new Mac mini. Eighty-one percent of you said "yes," and 19% "no."

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Jun 24
Connect One ships 3G personal mobile hotspots

Connect One ( is shipping Wi-Reach Classic, an US$99, compact, battery-operated, mobile, personal WiFi hotspot that delivers high-speed Internet connectivity for laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and other wireless devices, to distributors worldwide.

Wi-Reach Classic transforms existing 3G USB modem into a personal WiFi cloud that can be easily shared between as many as 10 WiFi devices. It provides natural mobile Internet connectivity for tablet devices such as Apple’s iPad that use WiFi as the main or only interface to the network, according to Erez Lev of Connect ONe.

In addition to supporting more than 130 3G modems worldwide, Wi-Reach Classic’s technology extends this support by identifying any 3G USB modems and attempting to deliver connectivity to unlisted modems as well. A built-in rechargeable battery delivers four to five hours of normal use that can be...

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Jun 24
Survey: iPad, Android tablets dominate mobile priorities

Appcelerator -- a platform for rapidly developing native mobile, desktop, and iPad applications using web technologies -- has announced updated findings of its newest Appcelerator Mobile Developer Survey taken of application developers about their plans to build applications for various mobile and tablet platforms.

Taken last week from a pool of Appcelerator’s 51,000+ application developers, 2,733 developers responded that Apple iPad, Android Tablet, and even HP’s potential for webOS tablets are rapidly moving these devices to the top of the mobile priority list. This survey is posted on .

While the Apple vs. Google battle has been well documented, developers see the real battle between these two titans as near-term momentum vs. long-term dominance. Appcelerator’s most recent...

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