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Jun 29
Creaceed releases iOS4 Speech Recognition SDK

Creaceed ( has released an iOS4 speech recognition (SDK) which can be used by all developers to design iPhone and iPad applications.

Creaceed's CeedVocal SDK supports isolated words recognition from a list of up to 5,000 words, and keyword spotting. The SDK is available in six languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian). As no training is required from the end user, speech recognition is ready to use as soon as the app is launched, according to the folks at Creaceed.

iPhone developers can purchase a license either for developing a single application, or for developing an unlimited number of applications. The licensing scheme includes no royalties (even if CeedVocal SDK is integrated in a paid app). For more information about the SDK fee and SDK license pricing, see Creaceed's web site.

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Jun 29
Analyst: Adobe should cut its iPhone losses and switch focus

Adobe should cut its losses with Apple and target its flagship Flash Player at telecoms carriers, independent analyst group, Ovum (, claims in a new report.
With the spat over Apple’s refusal to support the Adobe Flash technology on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices continuing to generate column inches, Ovum believes it's time for Adobe to turn the tables by courting new sponsors of its technology in the shape of telecoms operators.
The report states that Adobe and telecoms carriers are faced with similar threats and share similar goals in relation to value-added applications and content, and that carriers should therefore seek an industry-wide partnership with Adobe to use Flash as the basis of their own multi-screen device, development, delivery, and distribution systems.
Ovum believes both sides could work together to create a...

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Jun 29
'EveryMac' updated with new Mac mini, iPhone 4 info

This update of ( features complete specs and a variety of Q&As on the all new aluminum Mac mini, an assortment of new and updated Q&As on the now shipping iPhone 4, and new ways to browse iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

The Currently Shipping, By Year, By Processor, By Case Type, By Capability, and By Identifier Mac specs listings have been updated. Also, the Mac manuals and Mac benchmarks have been upgraded, as well.

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Jun 29
Jobs to attend Sun Valley Media Executive Retreat

Apple CEO Steve Jobs plans to attend the annual Allen & Co. media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, "giving him a chance to court executives he needs to add content to his company’s products," reports "Bloomberg Businessweek" ( He last attended the event in 2005.

Executives of media and technology companies often use the conference, which isn't open to the press, to network and discuss deals. Walt Disney used it to launch its $19.5 billion acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC Inc. Yahoo! Inc. co- founder Jerry Yang met former Warner Bros. executive Terry Semel at an Allen & Co. conference before tapping him as CEO in 2001, notes "Bloomberg Businessweek."

Other expected attendees this year include News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. CEO Warren Buffett, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, Disney CEO Bob Iger, KKR & Co. Henry Kravis, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark...

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Jun 29
Law firm investigating 'potential problems' with...

The California law firm of Kershaw, Cutter and Rainoff is investigating investigating potential problems with the release of iPhone 4. 

There have been reports of reception problems with the iPhone 4. Apparently, much of the problem involves gripping the smartphone in such a wave intuitive to left-handed people. Apple's response (so far) has been to avoid gripping the handset in the lower left corner, or use "one of many available cases" to prevent one's skin from touching the metal band.
"If you recently purchased the new iPhone and have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals, we would like to hear from you," says a note at the KCR web site. "Please call us toll free at (888) 285-3333, click "live chat" above to immediately speak with a KCR representative, or email us at for more details."

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Jun 29
Consumer confidence jumps in June

Consumer confidence in consumer electronics moved up sharply in June as confidence in the overall economy dropped to its lowest point since July 2008, according to the latest figures released today from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and "CNET."

The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE) climbed in June to 82.7, up 11.2 points from last month. The ICTE, which measures consumer expectations about technology spending, is down 1.7 points from this time last year.

“Traditionally, the summer has been a strong time for tech spending. The recent news about the new iPhone and upgrades to video game consoles may have sparked renewed interest in tech among consumers,” says Anne Claudio, vice president of research at CBS Interactive.

The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) fell to 162.8 points this month, its lowest point since July 2008, when it was 162.2 points. The ICE, down 1.4 points from last month, measures consumer...

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Jun 29
T-Plan announces support for Safari 5

T-Plan Limited ( -- which produces test process management. Incorporating test process and supporting tools -- has announced support for Apple’s Safari 5 web browser, adding to the list of web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, its Robot Enterprise automation tool supports.

This support comes as part of T-Plan’s ongoing application test acceleration and compatibility (ATAC) program that it has launched in cooperation with its US distribution partner, nSyte Software, that seeks to dramatically shorten developer’s time to market by offering support for new web browsers and application platforms the same day they are released.

Charlie Wheeler, sales and marketing director for T-Plan, says discussions with T-Plan reveal that being able to support Safari 5 on the same day that it was released to market is only one of similar initiatives that are...

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Jun 28
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for June 28

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store ( has released a new update to Kindle for iPad and Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch, which allows readers to enjoy the benefits of embedded video and audio clips in Kindle books. The first books to take advantage of this new technology, including "Rick Steves’ London" by Rick Steves and "Together We Cannot Fail" by Terry Golway, are available in the Kindle Store at . Kindle Editions with audio/video are available now with the latest Kindle App on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Also, Kindle for iPhone is now optimized for iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

Widgetize has announced Colorize, for the iPhone and iPod...

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Jun 28
Quark Partners with NewsGator to deliver digital content to...

Quark has partnered with NewsGator, a social computing provider, to help publishers and other content creators deliver digital content to the iPhone, iPod touch, and soon, the iPad.

The partnership allows Quark Publishing System users to instantly publish newsfeed content to Apple’s digital devices through a newsreader application that can be created using NewsGator’s TapLynx Framework. Walker Fenton, vice president of Corporate Development at NewsGator, says TapLynx is the easiest way to make a unique digital content app for the iPhone and iPod Touch because users only need to fill out a simple configuration file. The framework supports multiple ad formats and servers so that publishers can monetize their content, and it lets consumers share content through social media. TapLynx is the foundation of NetNewsWire, NewsGator’s iPhone feed reader.
Quark Publishing System enables publishers and other content creators to publish to their newsfeeds with a single...

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Jun 28
Goshen College goes green with Mac minis

When Goshen College ( students return to classes this fall in Goshen, Indiana, their desktop computing experience will be very "green." This summer the college has launched a "Green Desktop" initiative as part of Goshen's zero carbon footprint goals by ordering 400 energy-efficient Apple Mac minis to replace every campus PC.

"The minis run a mix of Windows 7 and Mac OS X, but more importantly, they consume as little as one-eighth power of the PCs they are replacing," says Michael Sherer, director of the college's Information Technology Services.

Facilities Manager and Sustainability Coordinator Glenn Gilbert estimated that the upgrade will save the college US$8,000 per year in electricity and cooling costs. The computers that are being replaced will be sold or recycled.

Sherer said standardizing on Mac Mini's has benefits that go far beyond low-power consumption.


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Jun 28
MMColor tweaked for FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X

Comm-Unity Network Systems ( has updated MMColor, an interface plug-in that allows you to create and edit color in FileMaker Pro, to version 1.6.1. The upgrade includes many core bug fixes and enhancements imported from other CNS Plug-ins. It also includes a few positioning fixes for the Slider dialogs under FileMaker Pro 11 on Mac OS X.

MMColor is a user interface plug-in that allows users to work with color palettes as they would in any professional design application. The software has functions for bringing up the system color picker as well as custom sliders for adjusting any component of any color space used by MMColor right in FileMaker Pro. MMColor supports the RGB, HSV, HSL, CMY, and CMYK Color Spaces.

Version 1.6.1 a free upgrade for anyone with a 1.x.x license. However, if you haven't upgraded to 1.6.x, you will need a new license key for...

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Jun 28
Quirky releases Pivot Power power strip

Quirky ( has released the US$25 Pivot Power, a community-developed electronic power strip that adjusts and flexes to maximize outlets, as well as conserve space.

It boasts six adjustable outlet pods. Plus, the Pivot Power's flexible form bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig zag shapes, enabling it to fit into tight spaces and wrap around furniture and corners.

It's the 44th product designed and developed by the Quirky community since Quirky’s launch on June 2, 2009. Quirky gives everyone the chance to get product ideas out of their heads and onto shelves. Each week, Quirky’s community collaborates to select and produce one new product idea.

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Jun 28
Oklahoma State University to launch iPad student pilot...

Oklahoma State University will pilot an Apple iPad initiative during the Fall 2010 semester with select courses in the School of Media and Strategic Communications and the Spears School of Business at both the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses, announced OSU President Burns Hargis.

"We will evaluate the academic enhancement to the courses, how the iPad and its specific apps and web-based tools can be integrated in this capacity, and perhaps most importantly, how the integration of these mobile tools can expand the tactical abilities of students as they enter the workforce," he says. "This pilot initiative will provide valuable insight into the research benefits of the Apple iPad in the classroom,” said Hargis. "The iPad has had an amazing impact since being introduced and we are excited to be able to put this powerful and creative tool in the hands of students and faculty and see what happens."

Bill Handy, visiting assistant professor in the School of Media and Strategic...

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Jun 28
Pulsar for Mac OS X now lets you pause live radio

Rogue Amoeba has released Pulsar 2 (, an update to the XM and SIRIUS desktop client for Mac OS X. The app now enables users to pause live radio.

If a song comes on you don't like, use the handy Next Song command to skip right past it. Missed the name of a band? Jump backwards to hear the DJ again. With buffered audio, you're in control.

With Pulsar, satellite radio subscribers can get their audio on the Mac with no hardware or web browser required. Version 2 also brings several other improvements. Favorites are now accessible from Pulsar's mini-player, and they can be re-sorted via drag-and-drop in the main Favorites view, to get just the order desired. Pulsar now features Growl integration, to make the currently playing song visible in any application. Track titles can now also be sent to, automatically.

Pulsar 2 is US$20 for...

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Jun 28
Leech, a Mac download manager, beefs up purchasing module

Many Tricks ( has updated Leech -- a Mac OS X download manager that lets users queue, pause and resume downloads, download from password-protected servers and store their passwords in their system-wide, secure keychain -- to version 2.0.4. The upgrade installs a new version of the in-app purchasing module.

To use you open Leech, drag your URLs and start downloading. You can: limit the number of concurrent downloads; mark URLs for download without actually starting the download ; and shut down your Mac when all downloads are done. Leech supports drag and drop and the Mac OS X Keychain.

It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Leech requires Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") and costsUS$15.

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Jun 28
TypeStyler for Mac OS X gets maintenance update

Strider Software has released TypeStyler 10.6.75 ( )for Mac OS X (10.5.8 or later). It's a maintenance update with some bug fixes and speed improvements.

TypeStyler provides access to distortions, path editing, glows, soft shadows, texture fills, transparency, lighting and much more. Users can import and export in a variety of formats, including PSD with layers, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PIG, TIFF, and EPS. TypeStyler works great as a stand-alone environment, yet also as a great companion too with illustration and page-layout programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark XPress as well as popular video editing and web design tools, says Dave Stillman, Strider's director of operations.

TypeStyler costs US$179.95 for a downloadable version, and $199.95 for a boxed/CD version. A fully functional, 60-day demo is available for download. Version 10.6.75 is a free update for...

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Jun 28
HoudahGeo update for Mac OS X now supports Lightroom 3

Houdah Software ( has updated HoudahGeo, a geocoding solution for the Mac, to version 2.5.6. The new version now supports Lightroom 3 and has been updated to use GPSBabel 1.4.1.

HoudahGeo costs US$30 for a single-user license for new users. Version 2.5.6 is a free update for registered users. HoudahGeo requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher.

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Jun 28
DVDxDV for Mac OS X adds 'Check for updates' option

DVDxDV Pro ( has been updated to version 1.4.2. A "Check for updates" menu option has been added to the DVDxDV menu.

DVDxDV is designed to restore the audio and video from DVD's created with iDVD back to min-DV or any other QuickTime supported format. This program requires the use of the Apple Quicktime MPEG2 plug-in which needs to be purchased through Apple's web site. Without this plug-in, only the audio can be extracted.

DVDxDV requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and QuickTime 7.0.3 or higher. It costs US$29, though version 1.4.2 is a free update for registered users.

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Jun 28
MacJury looks at iPhone 4

The MacJury ( has convened to relate their first weekend experiences with the iPhone 4.

Starting with their buying experiences and the lines at Apple Store spanning the United States, the panel explore both the yellow screen and dropped call issues and who is suffering from which problem (or not). The amazing new screen, battery life, connectivity, expectations met and missed and more are all entered into evidence by Peter Cohen, Pat Fauquet, Jeff Gamet and Chuck Joiner.

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Jun 28
Tape may fix iPhone 4 signal problem

Several iPhone 4 buyers have reported that the device drops its signal if the bottom left corner of the device is covered by the palm of the user's hand. Now there's a solution -- a simple, if less than perfect, one.

The problem, apparently, is that holding the phone covers a key portion of iPhone 4's antenna. However, in a video posted over the weekend, YouTube user "chedacheese" showed that he was able to rectify the problem simply by affixing small pieces of cellophane tape to the iPhone 4's bottom corners, reports "InformationWeek" (

"We've got full signal strength here," said the YouTube poster, as he demonstrated the fix. "We are holding the device in its normal spots and it's keeping...

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Jun 28
iPhone 4 costs as little as $187.51 to make

Apple's iPhone 4 includes components that cost as little as US$187.51, according to market research firm iSuppli -- as reported by "Bloomberg Businessweek" (

Materials and parts for Apple's iPhone, which went on sale on June 24, include a 3.5-inch LCD screen that Apple calls a "retina display." As the smartphone's most expensive component, it costs $28.50 and may have been made by LG Display, iSuppli says. The iPhone 4 sells for $199 and $299.

The estimate doesn't include costs for items such as labor, shipping, advertising, software development, or patent licensing. iSuppli analyzed a 16GB version of the iPhone 4. As with the iPad, Apple used an internally designed A4 processor that was made by Samsung Electronics (...

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Jun 28
German Ministress of Justice blasts Apple

German Ministress of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger is criticizing Apple after the company changed the terms of its data protection rules last week. Apple said it had to put further precise location data to itself and third parties, in order to be able to offer localized services.

Apple also said geographic data would be gathered anonymously, without identifying users personally. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger told Germany news magazine, "Der Spiegel" -- as reported by "" ( --

Talking to Germany's news magazine Der Spiegel, Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said Apple had to "immediately reveal" what data is tracked, for how long it is retained and what it's used for. The users of iPhones and other GPS-enabled...

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Jun 28
Analyst: 60% of Apple Stores sold out of iPhone 4s on launch day

According to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, 60% of Apple Stores were sold out by the end of launch day Thursday, as were 100% of the retail-partner stores he and his team contacted -- Best Buy in the U.S., O2 and Car-Phone in the U.K., and Orange in France.

Apple was able to replenish some supplies overnight, but by the end of the day Friday, there were stockouts at 80% of Apple Stores, 90% of O2 and 100% of the Best Buy and Orange retail stores. By then, even the Apple Stores were having trouble getting new supplies, and by Saturday, only 5% had iPhones in stock.

"We believe initial weekend volumes were 1 million plus," Whitmore told "Fortune" ( "But shipments could have been...

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Jun 28
Brosix Business instant messaging now available for the Mac

D-Bross has released Brosix 3 (, the newest version of the instant messenger software, now available for Mac and Linux systems. It provides instant messaging combined with collaboration tools such as file transfer, voice chat, video chat, whiteboard, screenshot and co-browse.

"In the initial versions of Brosix, it was available for Windows users only. Brosix recognized a need from its customers for more system options so they wouldn't have to worry about whether or not their computer could use Brosix," Stefan Chekanov, owner of Brosix, says.

Besides using Brosix on almost any computer, it can also be placed on a zip drive and loaded remotely so installation isn't required. Brosix specialized in providing free and paid enterprise instant messaging solutions for companies and individuals that wish to communicate with their co-workers, clients, and family on a secure, encrypted network...

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Jun 28
Chrome overtakes Safari for first time

Google’s internet browser Chrome has overtaken Apple’s Safari in the US for the first time on a weekly basis according to StatCounter, a company that provides free web site analytics. The firm’s research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that for the week beginning 21 June Chrome overtook Safari to claim third place in the US browser market.

"This is quite a coup for Google as they have gone from zero to almost 10% of the US market in under two years," says Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. "There is a battle royal going on between Google and Apple in the internet browser space (Chrome v Safari) as well as in the mobile market (Android v iPhone)."

Chrome with 8.97% took third place in the US browser market ahead of Safari with 8.88%. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still dominates the US Internet browser market with 52%, followed by Firefox (28.5%).

Globally, Chrome has been well ahead of Safari for some time with 9.4% of the market compared to 4% for Safari....

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