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Nov 29
Zevrix announces updated automated file delivery solution

Zevrix Solutions (http:/ has announced Deliver 2.0.6, a maintenance update to its automated solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks.

Deliver lets users send files to remote and local destinations with e-mail notifications, compression, encryption and other powerful capabilities. It supports FTP, Amazon S3, MobileMe and other services, and lets users send files to multiple destinations at once. Deliver also lets users send output files directly from Adobe InDesign.

The new version introduces the option to copy notification email body to the general clipboard after delivery. Users can paste the body text to their email clients to send custom messages. The new update also addresses several stability and connectivity issues.

Deliver Express, a fully automated version of Deliver, is currently in beta testing stage. It will process files automatically from watched hot folders.

Deliver 2.0 can be purchased from...

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Nov 26
Apple buys another 98 acres in Cupertino

Apple has made a 98-acre land purchase that will roughly double the size of its home base in Cupertino, reports the "Silicon Valley Mercury News" (

Apple's latest acquisition is the longtime campus of Hewlett-Packard, the article adds. HP announced over the summer that it planned to move out of that site, which it had occupied for decades, as it consolidates operations at its Palo Alto headquarters over the next two years.

The "Mercury News" says it's no surprise the company needs more room: in the past year, Apple reported $65 billion in sales and added 12,300 employees to its global work force of 46,600, many of them in Cupertino.

"They've just had spectacular growth," analyst Tim...

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Nov 26
ChangeWave predicts 'monster holiday season' for Apple

Consumer electronics spending is up for the holidays and will exceed last year according to a November survey of 2,812 U.S. consumers by the ChangeWave research group ( -- and much of it is being driven by Apple, which is having the most explosive holiday season in its history.

Better than one-in-four respondents (26%) say they’ll spend more on consumer electronics over the next 90 days and only 29% say less. That's a big nine-point jump from last month and a net three-point improvement from November 2009.

The survey also found a big jump in planned laptop purchasing, with 10% saying they’ll buy a laptop in the next 90 days. That's two points better than last month and matching the highest level in a ChangeWave survey in three years.

The manufacturer most responsible for the surge in laptop demand is Apple, with 36% of planned laptops buyers saying they’ll...

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Nov 24
YML looks at iOS 4.2

The new "Your Mac Life" episode ponders the question, "Is Apple an arrogant company?"

You can listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8 pm (Pacific). Live video is on Your Mac Life! You can watch the show live at -- or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at .

You can join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show -- on the live video site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

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Nov 24
StoryBoard Quick 6 adds Final Draft fdx format support

PowerProduction Software has released StoryBoard Quick 6, with new screenwriting software imports including support for the Final Draft fdx format.

"StoryBoard Quick 6 is about the ability to create storyboards quickly and stylishly, with easy integration of storyboards into the filmmaking pipeline,” said Jeff Walsh, vice president of Product Management at PowerProduction Software. “This version offers new and more artwork, simplicity and speed to every task. By streamlining the digital workflow for the professionals, and enabling beginning videographers to plan projects, StoryBoard Quick 6 brings new vitality to the essential process of storyboarding for pre-production.”

Other new features in version 6 include import from scheduling and breakdown programs such as Gorilla Film Production Software (budgeting and scheduling), as well as scheduling from Entertainment Partners. These features and more are available in the stand-alone applications for both Mac OS X and...

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Nov 24
New pro audio recording tutorials available at ( has partnered with Singing Canary Productions for a new line of tutorials called "The Art of Audio Recording." In this 8-part series, you'll learn audio recording secrets such as how to properly mic and record drum kits, guitars, vocals, and even orchestras.

In the first installment of this new 8-part series, "Introduction To Recording," you'll learn the fundamentals of how sound works. Through HD video, this two-hour introduction to audio recording explores all of the main types of microphones available on the market today, detailing how these mics work, and how you should use them in your productions.

These video tutorials will teach you about frequency response, polarity, impedance and noise. From there you'll move on to the application of pre-amps and compression in the recording process. Finally, you'll turn back to multi-microphone...

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Nov 24
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Nov. 24

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Sling Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corp., has announced the SlingPlayer Mobile player for the iPad. The US$29.99 app lets Slingbox owners extend their living room TV experience to their iPad and takes advantage of the iPad's high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit display. The revamped program guide uses the iPad's intuitive native interface, and a recent channels feature puts a viewer's recent channels at his fingertips.

Absolute Software -- a provider of firmware-based, patented, computer theft recovery, data protection and secure computer lifecycle management solutions -- has launched Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS 4 devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. The solution available with Absolute Manage allows IT...

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Nov 24
XtremeMac launches new iPod cases

XtremeMac ( has announced cases for the fourth generation iPod touch and sixth generation nano. These new case lines allow access to all ports, jacks and new features for the recently announced iPod models.

The iPod touchcases include the signature Tuffwrap silicone case line, Microshield plastic impact-resistant case line and Hybrid two-piece plastic and silicone design case. The Sportwrap, available for the new iPod nano and touch, is a lightweight armband designed for the active iPod user.  It's constructed with soft, durable lycra and neoprene, protects from sweat and keeps the device in place during a workout.

Also available for both the iPod touch and iPod nano is the Tuffshield screen protectors. The XtremeMac iPod touch and nano cases and shields range from US$12.99 to $29.99

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Nov 24
TK-421 is QWERTY keyboard case for the iPhone

ThinkGeek ( has released the US$49.95 TK-421 iPhonecase for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with flip-out keyboard. It offers a physical QWERTY keyboard that rotates out when needed and hides behind the phone when no longer needed. 

The TK-421’s case includes a built-in keyboard that connects to the device via Bluetooth. The keyboard powers up with its own built-in, rechargeable battery. 

When not in use, a magnetic clasp keeps the keyboard in place. The keyboard works with all native iPhone apps that support keyboard input, like e-mail, notes and the Safari web browser.

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Nov 24
iPad is Oprah's 'favorite thing ever'

Oprah Winfrey says the iPad is her "No. 1 favorite thing ever." As noted by "AppleInsider" (, on her show this week, Winfrey unveiled her list of "ultimate favorite things."

Topping the list was the Apple tablet, which she also gave away to the 275 audience members who were there for the taping of her TV show. "From our very first moment together, I knew it had stolen my heart," Winfrey told her audience.

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Nov 24
MacNotables looks at the Beatles on iTunes, iOS 4.2

The latest edition of "MacNotables" (, a podcast that serves as home to Mac personalities who will comment on the latest news and opinions in the Mac community, is available.

Ted Landau talks about the reaction to Beatles' in iTunes who's buying and why it is relevant. He then turns his attention to the new iOS 4.2 software that enhances the iPad, his experiences with it, and his favorite feature that is made even better by a third-party app.

Netflix has made some changes to their pricing. Landau discusses the Netflix experience and what effect the change will have on his use of the service.

"MacNotables" panelists include Christopher Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Jim Dalrymple, Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Joiner, Ted Landau, Jason Snell, Bob LeVitus, Dan Frakes and Yours Truly. Not all panelists can make all shows due to...

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Nov 24
ITC investigating Apple's patent claims against Motorola

Apple's patent claims against Motorola will be reviewed by the U.S. International Trade Commission, which could issue an order banning Motorola phones from the U.S., reports "Bloomberg" (

The ITC will determine if Motorola is infringing Apple patents and whether it should rule to block U.S. imports of Motorola phones made overseas that run on Google’s Android operating system. Notice of the investigation has been posted on the agency’s website, notes "Bloomberg."

Earlier this month Apple sued Motorola, alleging that the company's smartphone lineup and the operating software it uses infringe on the iPhone-maker's intellectual property. The two lawsuits came...

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Nov 24
Vlambeer announces Super Crate Box for Mac OS X

Game Studio Vlambeer has announces that a freeware Mac version of their debut title, Super Crate Box (, will be available for download starting this weekend.

In Super Crate Box, players aim to collect crates while endless hordes of enemies spawn from the top of the screen. By collecting crates, players earn points and are assigned a random weapon that can be used to dispose of the enemies.

The game aims to bring back the glory days of arcade gaming in the form of a hectic platform shooter, says says Rami of Vlambeer. The game boasts a pixel art-style and a chiptune soundtrack.

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Nov 24
Jodie Drake and the World in Peril comes to the Mac

Codeminion says Jodie Drake and the World in Peril (, produced by development studio Sleepwalker Games, is now available for Mac OS X and Windows systems. It costs US$9.99

Here's how the game is described: "Following the adventures of Jodie, a photographer and explorer turned heroine, this hidden-object game features varied mini-games on six continents. Featuring beautifully rendered graphics, supplemented by crisp sound effects, Jodie Drake offers two difficulty levels that allow players of different skill levels to play the game without an overly easy or hard gaming experience.

"Jodie Drake and the World in Peril places the player in control of a female heroine, exploring locations around the world. While discovering new levels, players are challenged by seven different mini-games and puzzles, ranging from hidden-object scenarios to mazes. The plot is moved forward by comic-...

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Nov 24
Kiwi Twitter client grows to version 2.0

YourHead Software ( has announces Kiwi 2.0, an update to their customizable Twitter client for Mac OS X.

Kiwi 2.0 is now free, supports tabs and multiple windows, and provides quick and easy access to user profiles. The upgrade is also more customizable and has new themes. New rules allow users to filter, mark, or highlight desired content or tweets. Kiwi also supports picture posting, URL shortening, and @name completion, as well as many other Twitter specific features.

Kiwi 2.0 includes a whole new tabbed interface that gives users more control over their Twitter timelines. Users can view timelines in one window or break them out into separate windows. A new profile view gives detailed information about users and allows a user to follow, unfollow, and block other users as well as many other options.

Kiwi 2.0 comes with nine built-in themes, and dozens more are...

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Nov 24
MYStuff update for Mac OS X gets some interface tweaks

Minder Softworks has updated MYStuff (, a "stuff manager" for Mac OS X, to version 1.5. The upgrade improves the user interface, and adds support for all file types, including audio, video, and office files.

Combining features of PDF managers and home inventory programs, MYStuff adds additional features, and gives users a way of filing and finding their information. It makes it easy to file and find information about the things you own, according to the folks at Minder Softworks. You make a new record, and key in what you bought, where you bought it, how much you paid and how you paid for it, warranty information, and other key data. Then you can add an unlimited number of files to the record: a scan of the receipt, photos of the item, a PDF of the manual, and anything else you'd like to add. What's more,...

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Nov 24
August Software offers ODBC Demo System

Enterprise software developer August Software has announced the availability of its Internet-based Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Demo System permitting iPad
and iPhone developers to test with the most popular database servers, including Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB/2, SQLite, Microsoft SQLServer 2008R2, Access and Excel while announcing new support for its popular ODBC SDK on Apple's just-released iOS 4.2.1
operating system. For more info go to .

In the spirit of U.S. Black Friday events this week, August Software will offer discount pricing on all new purchases made using Store Code 112610 at its online stores from Nov. 23 through Nov. 26. The offer can't be combined with other offers and isn't applicable to prior orders. Store Code must be entered prior to checkout to receive the discount.

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Nov 24
Syncro Soft releases new Syncro SVN Client

Syncro Soft (, the producer of Syncro SVN Client, has announced the immediate availability of version 6.1 of its Subversion (SVN) client.

Version 6.1 improves the information presented in the Working Copy view and delivers better performance of the SVN related tasks and compare operations. You can now choose to ignore "svn:externals" definitions when exporting or checking out from repository or when updating resources in the working copy.

All Working Copy view modes contextual menus have the same content and structure in SVC client 6.1. They're dynamically built and display only the actions which can be applied for the selected resources.

Information about the resources file type is presented in the Working Copy area in a new column, which allows you to sort the resources according to the file extension. The external and switched resources are...

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Nov 24
Juice pack air, workbook case offered in new colors

Mophie ( is offering new color availability for the $79.95 juice pack air for the iPhone 4 and the $59.95 workbook protective case for the iPad.

The workbook, which launched in late October in black, white and orange, now also comes in two new color combinations: chocolate with cyan strap and cement with yellow strap. Glossy white and soft-touch red colors join the line of juice pack air for iPhone 4 external rechargeable battery cases, which have previously only been available in soft-touch black.

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Nov 24
Speck introduces CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4

Speck ( has introduced the US$34.95 CandyShell Flip for the iPhone 4. With the case you can dock the phone without removing it from its case.

The Flip's single-piece, patent-pending design is based on Speck’s CandyShell. It offers a hard shell with soft, rubberized interior lining and button covers that provide shock-absorbent insulation against bumps and drops. The lower portion of the case features a hinged flip-back panel to facilitate docking. When the case is removed from the dock, the panel simply flips down into place to keep your phone protected.

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Nov 24
EngLits collection comes to the Apple iBookstore

InterLingua Publishing has announced its full collection of EngLits summaries ( of classic books of more than 80 titles in Apple's iBookstore.

Some of the EngLits titles include William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet",  Charles Dicken's "Great Expectations" and F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby". EngLits summaries of classic books were developed to assist high school and college students to fully comprehend all of their school required reading.

EngLits provides students with a detailed description of the books, helping them to become familiar with the story; making it easier to complete school assignments on time. The EngLits summaries can be purchased in a variety of formats.

Starting today, customers can download these books for US$2.99 each from the iBookstore and read them on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The iBookstore is accessible via the free iBooks...

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Nov 23
Woz: Apple HASN'T bought Nuance

Early Tuesday, it was reported that Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak saod in an video interview that Apple has bought Nuance, a voice recognition company. However, he says he was wrong.

“I think voice recognition is going to become, more and more, a part of these machines,” Woz said in the interview with Romil Patel, founder of “Apple’s probably thinking the same way. They recently bought the company Nuance.”

However, the Apple co-founder now says he was "totally wrong" in his statement. "I thought I'd read about it but obviously got it all wrong," Wozniak told "Reuters" (...

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Nov 23
'WSJ': Apple poaching members of RIM's enterprise...

Apple "is not only poaching corporate customers from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, it's poaching members of RIM's enterprise sales team, reports the "Wall Street Journal" (

In the past 18 months, at least five members of RIM's enterprise-sales team have left the company to join Apple, the article adds. This includes Geoff Perfect, who served as Head of Strategic Sales at RIM for nearly five years before leaving in April 2009 and joining Apple a month later as Head of Enterprise iPhone Sales, says the "WSJ," referencing LinkedIn, the online networking service for professionals.

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Nov 23
Want an Apple 1 in prime condition? Be prepared to pony up

The listing of a 1976 Apple-1 computer in a Christie's sale "caused quite a stir - especially over the estimated price of £100,000 - £150,000 ($US160,300 - $US240,450)," reports "IT Wire" (

The Apple 1 was the original Apple computer designed by Steve ("Woz") Wozniak. The significance of the particular example auctioned by Christie's was that it included a number of associated items including the all-important (to collectors, at least) cardboard box, plus the manual, original invoice, and a typed letter signed by Steve Jobs, says "IT Wire." Also, the Apple-1 offered for sale was number 87 of a production run of perhaps 200, of which as few as 50 are thought to survive, the article adds.

(Pictured is an Apple 1 at the Smithsonian.)

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Nov 23
HeloStrap flies to the iPad

Wizski Industries has unveiled the HeloStrap, an accessory strap made exclusively for the Apple iPad. It has a 360° single rotating connection, which secures the iPad to the user’s grip while allowing it to rotate in the user’s hand.

The HeloStrap works with most cases. Consumers simply secure it around two opposite corners of the iPad, adjust the hand strap to their hand size and the iPad is "instantly securely mobile," according to Paul Wizikowski, president and CEO of Wizski Industries.

The HeloStrap for iPad is available in black, orange, red, blue and green through at the price of US$24.99 starting December 1, 2010. Corporate orders with company logo inclusion and bulk rates are also available through .

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