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Oct 08
CMU offers course on using the iPad

A pilot course has been created at Central Michigan University to teach students how to maximize the use of the iPad, according to the "Morning Sun" (

Professor Patricia Janes of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services asked Mike Reuter, director of technology operations, to teach her parks and recreation students to be “dangerous” with the higher-level technology that is desired and expected by today’s employers.

“The class I co-teach is RPL 400 N, digital media in recreation, parks and tourism,” Reuter told the "Morning Sun." “The class is designed to give our students the tools they need to go out and compete better in the corporate world or whereever they end up after they graduate.”

The course,...

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Oct 08
Scosche releases sneakPEEK II for iDevices

Scosche Industries ( has released the US$59.99 sneakPEEK II, a switchable HD and standard definition audio video output solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The sneakPEEK II features both component & composite cable connections ensuring maximum TV compatibility, says Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. 

The sneakPEEK II allows users to share their videos with friends and family regardless of the TV that's available: HD or standard definition, component or composite, he says. It can be connected to virtually any television.

The sneakPEEK II’s integrated micro USB cable and included three-foot USB-to-micro USB cable allow users to charge their device during playback. It also comes with 24k gold plated tips.

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Oct 08
Adobe updates BrowserLab

Adobe has released an update for Adobe BrowserLab, its hosted service that allows web designers and developers to preview web sites in different browsers and operating systems so they can maintain design consistency and integrity across multiple screens.

This BrowserLab update will be of particular interest to Mozilla Firefox users. Key new features in this update include:

° An add-on for Firebug that gives Firefox fans new functionality for previewing edits they’ve made with Firebug and previewing how those edits hold up in other browsers;

° Safari 5 support;

° Additional Dreamweaver CS5 integration enhancements;

° A new comparison tool enhancement called Smart Align, which lets users align screenshots to a specific point area of a page, for browsers that position pages differently.

For more information about Adobe BrowserLab go to

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Oct 08
Oppenheimer raises Apple price target to $345

In a note to clients issued early Friday, Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner raised his Apple price target to US$345 in a note to clients Friday, as reported by "Fortune" ( However, the rumors of an impending Verizon iPhone causes him some concern.

"Apple's stock has performed admirably this year (up 37% YTD), but it has significantly lagged the improvement in the company's fundamentals, which have driven FY10 consensus EPS estimates up by 75% since January," Reiner told clients. "If there's one thing making us nervous about Apple right now it's the mounting expectation that Verizon will launch the iPhone in 1Q11. We still...

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Oct 08
.Mac HomePage viewing to end Nov. 8

On July 7, 2009, the .Mac HomePage web application was discontinued by Apple. Now the company is discontinuing HomePage viewing as of Nov. 8.

As of July 7, MobileMe users were no longer be able to create new pages or edit existing pages using HomePage. HomePage was the web site creation tool in Apple's US$99-per-year .Mac suite of Internet services (formerly .Mac, now MobileMe).

Today Apple sent a letter to MobileMe subscribers that read:

"Over a year ago, we retired the .Mac HomePage application for publishing new pages, but allowed previously published pages to remain viewable on the web. On November 8, 2010, we will discontinue online viewing of photos, movies, and files shared using .Mac HomePage.

"Please note that your content will not be deleted. Any photos, movies, or files you have published using HomePage will continue to remain on your MobileMe iDisk in the Movies, Pictures, or Public folders. We recommend MobileMe Gallery as a great way to...

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Oct 08
China Telecom planning to carry the iPhone?

China Telecom Corp., China’s third-largest mobile phone-company, may have held “intensive talks” with Apple Inc. to offer the iPhone early next year, according to Deutsche Bank AG analysts -- as reported by "Bloomberg" (

Discussions to provide a version of iPhone that would work on China Telecom’s code-division-multiple-access network may have included talks with Qualcomm, Alan Hellawell and William Bratton, analysts at Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong, wrote in a report Thursday.

This would tie in with reports/rumors that Apple plans to begin selling an iPhone that runs on Verizon Wireless’s CDMA network in the first quarter, ending AT&T’s...

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Oct 08
Analyst: rivals won't cut iPad's market share to less...

Acer chairman J.T. Wang recently predicted that Apple’s share of the tablet market would decline precipitously as new rivals emerge, falling from nearly 100% to 20 or 30%. However, J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz doesn't think the iPad will dip below 50% anytime in the foreseeable future, reports "All Things D" (

“The iPad’s sales momentum out of the gate has been unprecedented for a new product, and there appears to be no boundaries to the use case for the device, meaning the adoption curve could remain steep beyond the near term,” he said in a note to clients. “We think that the iPad’s form factor, technology, and content ecosystem...

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Oct 08
Apple considering music subscription service?

Apple is talking with the major record labels about a subscription music service that would give customers unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee, reports "The New York Post" (, quoting unnamed sources. The article adds that iTunes Vice President Eddie Cue was on the phone with music honchos as recently as a few weeks ago trying to figure out how the partners can move forward.

One source said the service could have tiered pricing ranging from US$10 to $15. "The Post" notes that there are issues to be ironed out, including how much music would be included in each tier and how long consumers would be able to access that content.

Of course, there have been rumors of Apple...

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Oct 08
Apple working on daylight savings patch for the iPhone

Apple plans to fix a daylight savings bug in its alarm clock application for iPhones that causes recurring alarms to go off an hour early, according to "ZDNet" (

The bug was first discovered on Sunday morning after daylight savings kicked in for New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. Unless otherwise configured, most iPhones automatically adjusted to daylight savings and moved an hour forward.

However, due to a glitch in the iPhone's alarm clock application, any recurring alarms set to go off on multiple days, such as a weekday alarm, would go off an hour earlier than the time set, notes "ZDNet." The only way to avoid the problem is to set the alarm every night...

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Oct 08
Imposition Wizard 1.7.2 released for Mac OS X

Applications for Life Company has released Imposition Wizard 1.7.2 (, an update to their US$300, professional level, standalone imposition software for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

As a standalone application, Imposition Wizard doesn't require any third-party software, it just reads and writes PDF files. Version 1.7.2 is a bugfix release aimed to fix problems with crop marks on booklets with creep feature enabled.

Imposition Wizard supports all main imposition schemes: Booklet, N-Up, Step & Repeat, Cut Stack. It allows to reorder pages of source documents, supports custom crops and bleeds of source pages, allows to define padding for sheets and trim the unused space. Imposition Wizard supports creeps for booklets, it performs saddle stitched and perfect binded impositions and much more. This software can solve most imposition tasks and can be...

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Oct 08
Vicomsoft InterGate Policy Manager adds IBM web filter

Vicomsoft has announced InterGate Policy Manager 9.3.6 ( for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher), which adds an IBM web filter.

A centralized solution for Mac OS X, InterGate Policy Manager provides a granular level of filtering for web content, peer to peer, telephony and instant messaging apps, comprehensive logging and reporting of user activity, as well as an optional industrial strength IP router. Designed for all networks, small to large, InterGate Policy Manager's solution greatly is designed to increase productivity, enhances security, reduces legal liability and optimize the use of IT resources for any organization.

Version 9.3.6 marks Vicomsoft's alliance with IBM to provide web content filtering, based on its Proventia Web Filter product, which was designed to block more unwanted web content than any other...

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Oct 08
Info needed on screenplay software for the Mac

Our next Category Review will look at copywriting software for the Mac. If you use or know of such goodies, drop me a line ( no later than Wednesday, Oct. 13. We had intended to run a column on copywriting software for the Mac -- but we found none.

Category Reviews appear on Friday and round-up Mac solutions for specific industries and areas as dentistry, engineering, sales, etc. Also, if you have a particular category review topic you'd like us to cover, drop me a line, as well.

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Oct 07
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Oct. 7

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

SEGA has announced Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch for US$9.99.

SpeechTrans has released their SpeechTrans German English Translator 1.0 for iOS devices. The $9.99 app translates spoken language, allowing users to talk into their iPhone in one language, and then hear a natural voice speaking the translated words in another. SpeechTrans utilizes Nuance's core Dragon voice technology -- the same technology at the heart of the trusted Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software.

Geomium is a free social networking iOS app that lets users can see what everyone around them is up to, find friends and meet new people. It's also possible to check out all of the hottest events, bars and restaurants and...

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Oct 07
O'Reilly releases 'Best iPhones Apps, Second Edition...

O'Reilly Media has released the US$19.95 "Best iPhone Apps, Second Edition" ( by "New York Times" technology columnist J. D. Biersdorfer, who has hand-pocked more than 200 stand-out apps for the Apple smartphone.

Biersdorfer is the author of "iPad: The Missing Manual," "iPod: The Missing Manual" and "The iPod Shuffle Fan Book," and co-author of "The Internet: The Missing Manual" and the second edition of "Google: The Missing Manual." She has been writing the weekly computer Q&A column for the Circuits section of The New York Times since 1998.

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Oct 07
Adobe, Microsoft teaming up to take on Apple?

Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer and his entourage held a secret meeting with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. Among the topics: taking on Apple, according to the "The New York Times" (, quoting "employees and consultants to the companies who were involved in the discussions that took place or familiar with their organization."

The meeting, which lasted over an hour, covered a number of topics, but one of the main thrusts of the discussion was Apple and its control of the mobile phone market and how the two companies could partner in the battle against Apple, the article adds. A possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft were among the options.

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Oct 07
miCoach Sport Armband available for iPhone, iPod touch

Griffin Technology ( and sports goods manufacturer Adidas, have cooperated to produce the miCoach Sport Armband. The ultra-lightweight armband, available for iPhone, iPod touch, and other smartphones, is the result of a design collaboration between Griffin and adidas, purpose-built for use with adidas’s new miCoach personal trainer software.

The US$29.99 adidas miCoach armband is available in two versions -- one for iPhone and iPod touch, and one for various smartphone devices. The lightweight performance nylon wraps around your upper bicep, and a sweat-proof, touch-through screen cover protects your device while you use it. An inline pocket holds your house or gym key, and a strategically placed port accepts headphones.

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Oct 07
Logitech releases Speaker Lapdesk N550

Logitech ( has unveiled the US$59.95 Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550, a lapdesk that the company says creates a theater-like entertainment experience around the home. A follow-on to the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700, which is designed for laptops up to 16-inches, the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 is for laptops that are 14.1-inches or smaller.

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 features integrated stereo speakers that sit on either side of your laptop. The lapdesk’s 4-layer, heat-shielding design, combined with the soft, air-mesh fabric, helps make laptop use more comfortable, according to Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for laptop accessories.

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550’s angled base raises your laptop screen to a comfortable viewing position, and integrated foldable bumpers on the lapdesk surface help keep your computer in place, he adds. There’s...

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Oct 07
OWC developing enterprise class PCIe solid state drive solutions

Other World Computing ( has begun developing OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Enterprise PCIe Solid State Drive (SSD) Solutions that will feature the SandForce SF-2000 second generation processor announced today and being demonstrated by SandForce at Storage Networking World next week.

OWC’s 8x and 16x PCIe SSD cards will be available with up to eight SSDs for capacities up to 3.2TB, offer up to 4GB/s sequential Reads/Writes and up to 480K IOPS, provide 28% over provisioning for data reliability, and double data encryption for security assurance. Exact pricing and model configurations for the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro Enterprise PCIe Solid State Drive (SSD) cards will be announced in early 2011.

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Oct 07
AirRadar network scanner gets overhauled interface, more

Koingo Software has introduced AirRadar 2.0 (, an update of its free Mac OS X software that allows users to scan for wireless networks in range of their computer, compile favorite and filter lists, and view detailed network information. You can also use it to automatically join the best open network.

Version 2.0 features an overhauled user interface and some new features. One of the highlights is Assistant, which scans the local area and reports back with the WiFi channels that are in use and which ones would be ideal for creating a new network. Channels are ranked based on the number of networks sharing them, and the noise level.

Also new in this version also is the ability to create Smart Collections. These are much like Spotlight saved searches in the Finder of Mac OS X. You specify a criteria to match, and...

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Oct 07
Karelia iMedia browser revved to version 1.2.3

Karelia Software has updated its free iMedia Browser (, an utility to add the familiar "media browser" experience to just about any Mac application, to version 1.2.3. It fixes a few other issues, especially with how the application handles updating itself if you choose to access the iMedia window via a small icon in the menu bar rather than the dock.

Built from the ground up to resemble the media browser found in several Apple applications, the Karelia iMedia Browser is a stand-alone utility that can be used to access a user's library of photos, sounds, movies, or bookmarks.

The Karelia iMedia Browser allows users to browse their libraries of photos (iPhoto, Aperture, and Pictures folders); music (iTunes library, GarageBand songs, and Music folders); movies (from iTunes, iPhoto, and Movies folders), and bookmarks (from several leading web browsers). It...

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Oct 07
JPMorgan analyst raises Apple target price to $400

"Bullish, but not banking on the Verizon iPhone," JPMorgan has upped Apple's price target to US$400 Thursday, reports "TheStreet" (

JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz told clients that the Verizon iPhone -- if and when it arrives -- will boost Apple's earnings 11% annually, or $2 a share. But Moskowitz isn't basing his financial projections or his $400 price target on the possibility of the iPhone going to Verizon, but on current iPhone and iPad sales.

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Oct 07
Apple to settle alleged stock-option backdating lawsuit

Apple has agreed to settle a securities class-action lawsuit related to alleged stock-option backdating for US$16.5 million, the New York City Employees’ Retirement System said Wednesday -- as reported by "MarketWatch" (

NYCERS initially filed suit as lead plaintiff against Apple almost four years ago, alleging that the consumer-electronics maker improperly backdated stock options for employees between 2001 and 2006. In a statement Wednesday, New York City Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo said the settlement with Apple includes $14 million to be distributed to shareholders, “along with the establishment of key corporate-governance reforms at the company.”

For example, Apple has...

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Oct 07
Autodesk expands SketchBook product line

Autodesk has announced a series of updates that provide a new look and feel to the Autodesk SketchBook product line, spanning both the desktop and apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

“The latest releases mark an important step forward, offering a complete suite of sketching and illustration products that address a more complete spectrum of form factors and capabilities," says Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president of the Manufacturing Industry Group at Autodesk.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2011 sports a new user interface and toolbar designed to provide more intuitive access to key SketchBook Pro tools, together with enhanced brushes that enable users to more easily switch between drawing modes for lines, rectangles, circles, along with more extensive customization.

Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2011 illustration software joins the SketchBook product line. Formerly known as Autodesk Alias Sketch, Autodesk SketchBook Designer provides professional designers...

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Oct 07
Report: flood of iOS, Android devices revolutionizing enterprise...

Good Technology, which specializes in multiplatform enterprise mobility, has released its first quarterly data report detailing how the rapid adoption of Apple's iOS and Google's Android devices is revolutionizing enterprise mobility marked by a fundamental shift to device choice, multiplatform support, and the rapid adoption of tablets.

The "Good Technology Device Activation Report for 3rd Quarter 2010," based on data aggregated from thousands of Good's enterprise customers, illustrates this fundamental shift in the mobility industry.

"It's an exciting time in the industry," says John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology. "More than ever, consumers are strongly influencing IT decision makers based on their personal mobility choices.  The adoption of Good's by thousands of enterprise to secure and manage these new platforms gives us unique insight into the devices and platforms that enterprise end users are choosing and with our...

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Oct 07
ZooGue releases version 2 of ZooGue iPad Kase

ZooGue ( has announced version 2 of their ZooGue iPad Kase for the Apple tablet. Inventor Tim Angel says the new version -- due to ship in mid-October -- boasts the same functionality as its predecessor but uses even better quality materials.

As a fully adjustable iPad case, the ZooGue Kase V2 also features a wider charger port cutout, now 1.5 inches long, to accommodate camera accessories. The shorter lip over the screen and special Velcro design is sharp and practical for all users, says Angel.

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