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Dec 16
Deskovery 1.0 is new window management tool for Mac OS X

Neomobili has released Deskovery 1.0 (, an application that adds window management features to Mac OS X. Windows can be minimized to a titlebar or made transparent, aligned and resized in a single click.

Deskovery lets you manage Spaces with a visual Space switcher directly available in the Dock. Windows can become sticky in a single click in order to appear in all Spaces.

A full windows list is available and can be activated using both mouse and keyboard. In addition to a full multi-monitor support, Deskovery is 64-bit ready. It's also customizable and can be controlled using configurable hot keys.

Deskovery 1.0 costs US$24.99. A fully featured, 14-day demo is available for download.

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Dec 16
New expansion packs for Majesty 2 available

Virtual Programming ( has released two expansion packs for Majesty 2, Kingmaker and Battles of Ardania, for Mac OS X. Offering new missions, gameplay features, and monsters, along with multiplayer matches and a toolset for creating new missions and battles, the expansions continue Ardania's epic story.

Here's how the expansion packs are described: "Kingmaker serves up a new eight-mission campaign that introduces Lord Blackviper and his goblin army, challenging players who united Ardania in the main game to now hold together the kingdom. The expansion also features a mission creator toolset as well as a Majesty 2 gameplay update that includes: a randomize feature that shuffles non-quest monster dens; random treasure chest goodies; multiplayer functionality; a map editor; and more. Multiplayer lets up to four gamers compete in competitive or cooperative matches over a LAN or the Internet....

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Dec 16
Opera 11 features tab stacking, extensions, visual mouse...

Opera Software has debuted the newest version of its web browser today. Opera 11 is available for Mac, Windows and Linux computers at . New features include:

° Tab stacking: simply drag one tab on top of another to create a stack.

° Extensions, which help you personalize your browser and enhance what Opera can do.

° NoAds, an ad-blocking extension.

° LastPas, a password manager and form filler.

° FastestTube, which lets you download any video from YouTube.

° Image preview, which displays a pop-up preview of an image.

° Translate, which translates foreign-language web pages.

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Dec 16
UA releases Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of audio hardware and UAD-2 powered plug-ins for Mac and Windows has released the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in for the
UAD-2 platform.

The Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder is a professional 2-inch multitrack tape machine ever made. Modeled by UA’s DSP engineers with help from AES magnetic recording expert Jay McKnight over a 12-month period, the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in for UAD-2 models the entire tape path and circuit electronics of the hardware, plus the sounds of four distinct tape formulas.

Available for purchase via UA’s Online Store, the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in sells for US$349. More info on the plug-in can be found at .

The Studer A800...

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Dec 16
Valentina 4.8 expands technology to Apple development tools

Paradigma Software has released Valentina 4.8, an update of the cross platform columnar database system. This release offers greater native support for Apple Cocoa development, Valentina Studio support for SQLite databases and enhancements to Valentina Reports.

Valentina 4.8 also includes preview releases of Valentina Studio for Linux, and the soon-to-be-available iValentina free database clients for iOS for iPhone and iPad. Its Interface Building plug-in allows for codeless drag creation of database systems within Apple XCode, Key Value Coding, Valentina class support for garbage collection and Enumerator Objects and methods.

Valentina Studio is Paradigma Software’s visual database development tool for database design, administration and visual report building -- both for local databases as well as remote servers. Previously exclusive to Valentina DB format only, Valentina Studio now allows SQLite users to administrate, query and run visual reports with the public...

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Dec 16
Fidelity Media unveils MegaSeg Pro and DJ Editions

Fidelity Media, creator of MegaSeg, the DJ Software and Radio Automation System for Mac, has revealed two new editions, MegaSeg DJ and MegaSeg Pro.

The new DJ edition targets DJs on a budget, home DJs, and those just starting out, giving them a live mixing feature set. The DJ edition also includes the same waveform visualizer and Magic Trackpad beat synchronizing features recently introduced in MegaSeg 5.5.

The new Pro edition adds video playback for VJs and many power features for pro DJs, such as instant sound effects, request lists, track color coding, library tools, and deep features for radio stations, TV broadcasters, and business background music, including automated playlist generation, scheduling, and track separation rules.

Fidelity Media also announced year-end sale pricing of up to 33% off through Dec 31 with MegaSeg DJ and Pro editions now US$99 and $199 (regularly $149 and $249).

The new 5.5.5 version also includes a MIDI preset for...

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Dec 16
TranslateIt! for Mac OS X now lets you create user dictionaries

TranslateIt! for Mac ( -- a multilingual dictionary that allows looking up words on the fly -- has been updated to version 3.1. You can now ccreate user dictionaries, and add/edit/delete entries in user dictionaries.

Version 3.1 also offers more TID dictionaries in TranslateIt!. Plus, there's now enhanced processing of links inside entries in the pop-up window and the widget .

With TranslateIt!, you hover the pointer over an unfamiliar word (in any Cocoa Aapplication), and you will see its translation in a pop-up window. It comes with several free dictionaries for a large number of languages. TranslateIt! supports translation from/to any language (corresponding dictionaries must be installed), English sounds (it contains over 17,000 English words pronunciations) and printing of flash cards.

The software also comes with a Words Quiz (a...

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Dec 16
New Class on Demand webinars planned

Class on Demand has announced the latest "Class on Demand Legends Series" weekly training webinars featuring digital media instructor Larry Jordan.

The new webinars, titled "Secrets of the Motion Tab in Final Cut Pro" and "Edit and Trim Faster in Final Cut Pro" can be accessed today in streaming video delivery format through the Class on Demand Learning Platform (

An expansion of the current Class on Demand training lineup, "Class on Demand Legends Series" provides an exclusive "inside look" at the inner workings of influential industry experts and figureheads. This week, Jordan continues to delve into the "Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro" with both "Secrets of the Motion Tab in Final Cut Pro" and "Edit and Trim Faster in Final Cut Pro."

"Secrets of the Motion Tab in Final Cut Pro," details ways to harness the Motion tab to...

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Dec 16
YML looks at the how not to use a Mac, more

The new "Your Mac Life" episode looks at how not to use a Mac, App Awards and Apple at CES.

You can listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8 pm (Pacific). Live video is on Your Mac Life! You can watch the show live at -- or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at .

You can join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show -- on the live video site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

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Dec 15
iPhone now in fifth place in Japanese market

Apple has risen to fifth place in the market ranking list for cellphone makers operating in Japan for the first time in the July-September period with its share coming to 12.2%, a market research institute says -- as reported by "The Mainichi Daily News" (

The iPhone moved up from seventh place in the April-June quarter in the market led by Sharp Corp., whose latest share was 18.8%, according to IDC Japan. Apple's share broke through the 10% line for the first time, with iPhone's shipment coming to 1.06 million units in the quarter, while overall cellphone shipments stood at 8.66 million units, up 18.9% from a year earlier.

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Dec 15
Apple releases LED Cinema Display Firmware Update 1.0

Apple has released LED Cinema Display Firmware Update 1.0 ( for Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"). You can obtain it via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences.

This Firmware Update addresses intermittent audio issues some users have experienced while using the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder and will be launched automatically.

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Dec 15
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Dec. 15

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Bome Software has announced Christmas Greeting -- After the Beep! which applies Bome’s audio processing techniques to a holiday-themed consumer mobile application. Christmas Greeting allows users to record a voice message, mix and remix their message with combinations of 15 background holiday tunes, 11 locations (like Santa's Slay, Christmas Party and Heaven) and 17 greeting wrappers (like the printed text on a greeting card. Users can then share their message directly to voicemail through a process called VoiceText, or through Facebook, Twitter or email. Christmas Greeting is a free promotional version of After the Beep!

Mother and daughter team, Lynn and Molly Rasmussen, have released Men Are Easy -- New Year Resolutions, a lifestyle app for the...

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Dec 15
Apple releases iTunes 10.1.1

Apple has released iTunes 10.1.1. You can obtain the update via the Software Updates Component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

iTunes 10.1.1 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

° An issue where some music videos may not play on Macs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or 9600 graphics;

° An issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit when deleting a playlist that has the iTunes Sidebar showing;

° A problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit when connecting an iPod to a Mac equipped with a PowerPC processor;

° An issue where some music videos may not sync to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

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Dec 15
Poster is new photo/video uploading software for Mac OS X

Reinvented Software has introduced Poster 1.0 for Mac OS X ( It's an US$19.95 app for uploading photos and videos to multiple sites and accounts.

Poster works with popular photo editing and management applications and can also perform some tricks of its own, such as rotating and resizing photos before uploading. With it you can post photos and videos to Flickr and photos to Facebook.

For Flickr, Poster can post both photos and videos, auto-complete tags, allows you to create and choose sets, submit photos to groups, tag people and moderate your photos all within the app. Its All Items view lets you work with an entire set of photos as easily as just one.

For Facebook, Poster will not only post to your profile, but also any pages that you administer, making Poster suitable for anyone whose business, band or cause takes...

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Dec 15
iBooks 1.2 adds Collections feature, more

Apple has updated its iBooks app for iOS devices to version 1.2. The new version introduces Collections and lets you group books or PDFs together. By default, Apple includes Books and PDFs collections, but you can add and edit 'em as you wish.

There's also AirPrint support, support for full illustrated books and a tweaked icon. Additionally, iOS 4.2 users can now also fit more words per page using automatic hyphenation.

The iBookstore features books from major and independent publishers. Once you’ve bought a book -- or download a free one -- it’s displayed on your Bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. The iBooks is a free download at the Apple App Store.

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Dec 15
Apple is leading vendor of all-in-one computer sales

Sales for all-in-one computers are on the rise, as is usual during the holiday season, and Apple's iMac is the top selling computer in this category.

"DigiTimes" (, quoting "industry sources" indicate that Apple is the leading vendor of all-in-ones, accounting for almost 40% of the total market in 2010.

Quanta Computer is the leading maker of all-in-one computers in 2010, accounting for 60% of the original equipment manufacturer market. Its clients include Apple and Hewlett-Packard. Second-place Pegatron Technology is mainly making all-in-one computers for Asustek Computer.

In what is good news for the iMac and Apple, the all-in-one computer market is expected...

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Dec 15
New books come to iBookStore

HarperCollins Children's Books says more than 30 of its most beloved picture books are available as e-books in time for the holidays. For the first time, Fancy Nancy, Splat the Cat, and that feisty dog Marley can be viewed digitally on the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone through the Apple iBookstore and on NOOKcolor by Barnes & Noble.

Also, Disney Publishing Worldwide has debuted illustrated books from Tron, Toy Story, Cars and other favorites on the iBookstore. The books --- priced from $2.99 to $9.99 each -- offer full-color, two-page spreads.

The iBookstore features books from major and independent publishers. Once you’ve bought a book -- or download a free one -- it’s displayed on your Bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. The iBooks is a free download at the Apple App Store.

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Dec 15
Canada's government gives thumbs-up to the iBookstore

The federal government in Canada declared on Tuesday that having a Canadian version of Apple Inc.'s iBookstore would be of net benefit to Canada, reports the "Leader-Post" (

In September, then-governor general Michaelle Jean ordered the government to review the digital bookstore's Canadian iteration to ensure it posed no risk to the nation's cultural identity. On Tuesday, the government found it didn't.

"Apple has demonstrated how iBookstore Canada represents new opportunities for Canadian authors and publishers, and I have determined that this investment will be of net benefit to Canada," Heritage Minister James Moore said in a statement announcing the approval.

Some of the new opportunities outlined in the...

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Dec 15
Stores carrying Apple products burglarized

Stores carrying Apple products should be on guard. Burglaries of such establishments seems to be on the rise.

A security camera caught this smash and grab robbery at an apple store in Greenwich, Connecticut, reports "NECN" ( Thousands of dollars in merchandiser were stolen.

Several stores selling Apple products in Vermont and New Hampshire have also been targeted recently, notes "NECN." Police say the suspects were looking for drug money and knew the popular products would help them get it.

And yesterday South Burlington (Vermont) police responded to an alarm at Small Dog Electronics at about 0605 hours and found the...

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Dec 15
Apple ranks number 20 on Best Places to Work list

When it comes to great employers, the employees know best., a jobs and career community where people share workplace insights, has just released the third annual Employees' Choice Awards, listing the top 50 "Best Places to Work" based on surveys collected from U.S.-based employees in 2010. Apple placed number 20 on the list.

The top five Best Places to Work, according to employees, are: Facebook, Southwest Airlines, Bain & Company, General Mills and Edelman. Of the 50 employers honored, 16 have been on the list for each of the last three years, and 21 are debuting on the list this year, including Facebook.

"Glassdoor's Employees' Choice Awards recognize stand-out companies that have retained the support and commitment of their employees despite the tough economic climate," says Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO of Glassdoor. "Through anonymous employee reviews and surveys, Glassdoor offers a unique look into the top U.S. employers and some of the...

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Dec 15
iPads, iPod touches increasingly incorporated into classrooms

iPads and iPod touches are increasingly common in classrooms across North America, it seems.

iPads are being provided to students at several Bay Area public and private schools this year, including Hillbrook, which claims to be the only K-8 school in America using tablet computers in class and sending them home, reports the "San Jose Mercury News" (

At Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose -- which introduced 32 iPads into the classroom this fall -- the devices are used only in class. And Stanford's School of Medicine gave 92 iPads outright to its first-year students this September. At Hillbrook, which received its iPads last summer as a gift from the parents of two students, seventh-graders such as Sophie slip the handheld devices into backpacks...

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Dec 15
Analyst: Apple will sell nine million Verizon iPhones in 2011

Apple will sell nine million Verizon iPhones in 2011, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told clients a note, as reported by "Business Insider" (

What's more, he says that estimate may be conservation. Munster thinks that Apple could sell closer to 20 million iPhones at Verizon next year.

The analyst thinks Verizon will activate 25 million smartphones next year. His estimate of nine million would only represent 36% of all activations for the year. Note that there's been no official word on if or when Verizon will carry the iPhone.

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Dec 15
HandStand accessory cradles the iPad

Hub International has released the HandStand for the iPad. It's an US$ , ergonomically designed accessory that cradles the the Apple tablet, providing a control platform that positions the device as an extension of the user’s hand, says inventor Jaime Smith.

The design frees up a navigation hand, reduces fatigue, and eliminates common problems associated with iPad use, including inadvertent scrolling, application launching, and awkward iPad controlling and maneuvering, he adds. The HandStand is made of silicone and has a tough, rotating disk that allows you to spin the iPad freely from landscape to portrait and back again.

The company is currently taking all orders online ( and will be evaluating retail placement opportunities in coming months, Smith. The pre-order price is US$59.95.

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Dec 15
ooVoo launches first 4G mobile video chat service

oVoo ( has launched ooVoo Mobile, a mobile video chat service on the Android marketplace. It allows up to six users to simultaneously participate on a video call.

ooVoo Mobile users can make calls to friends, family and colleagues on Macs, PCs, tablets and other mobile phones. And it works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.

As well as six-way video chat and unparalleled quality, ooVoo Mobile also features free ooVoo-to-ooVoo voice calls, text chat, contact list integration and video calls to any person not on ooVoo via a web browser. Available immediately on the Android Market for the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic, ooVoo plans to support new devices every day as well as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in early 2011.

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Dec 15
Slideshow update for Mac OS X sports revised QuickTime formats

Apimac ( has released Slideshow 9.6, an update to their slideshow and presentation tool for Mac OS X. The update includes revised QuickTime exportation formats to support the iPad and iPhone 4.

Slideshow allows you to create slideshow presentations and portfolios that can be distributed as freestanding programs for Mac and Windows or as movie files. The files can be distributed as freestanding programs for Mac and Windows systems or as movie files optimized for YouTube, CD-ROMs, the Web, iTunes, iPod, iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPhone 4) mobile devices and computers.

Slideshow 9.5 also offers mproved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), Apple Remote support updated to work with Snow Leopard and the new Aluminium Remote, user interface improvements and more. It costs US$39; a demo is available for download.

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