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Nov 22
Oddmakers bet on Black Friday iPad sales

Black Friday is exactly one week away, and retailers nationwide are ready to host an overwhelming crowd of shoppers seeking deals in the latest gadgets, especially Apple’s iPad.

With the reported improvement in the economy, retailers are throwing holiday knockout punches in a bid for the largest number of shoppers. The competition is fierce: Who will win this year’s shopping competition?
CEO Mickey Richardson and his team at, a sportsbooks, have calculated the odds for this year’s Black Friday. Full odds are as follows:

Which store will sell the largest number of iPads?

Best Buy, +175, 36%;

Wal-mart, +120, 45%;

Amazon, +150, 40%;

Apple, +160, 38%
Which retailer will report largest sales?

Wal-mart, +100, 50%

Target, +120, 45.5%

Sears, +175, 36.4%

Amazon, +150, 40%    

K-Mart, +200, 33%

Best Buy, +200, 33...

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Nov 22
MacBUS holiday party slated for Nov. 30

The next meeting of The Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia (MacBUS) will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 6:30 pm.

This month's meeting will feature an annual MacBUS tradition: a holiday party and round robin.  Members are encouraged to come and enjoy some food, while taking a few minutes to introduce themselves to the group, explain their job, hobbies, and more.

A general Mac troubleshooting Q&A session will also be held.  Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and invite friends or coworkers who may find the meeting beneficial.

MacBUS was the first user group in the United States to focus on the business and professional uses of the Macintosh operating system. The group of approximately 75 members meets this month at:

Hunt Room
Dorrance Hamilton Hall
University of the Arts
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday evening of each calendar month. For...

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Nov 19
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Nov. 19

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Bazinga Systems has announced Camel Race 1.0, their new game for iOS devices. The US$1.99 app (on sale for $0.99 for a limited time) simulates a funfair attraction. You'll have to insert the ball in the holes to make your camel move, trying to be the first to cross the finish line. You can play alone in single player mode with 20 different levels or try the multiplayer mode via GameCenter where you can invite your friends to join the race or use the Auto-Match feature of GameCenter and play against people all over the world.

Games Cafe has introduced Sally's Spa HD 1.0 for iPad. In the $4.99, Sally is on a mission to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to customers in exotic locations around the globe as she builds her spa business. Players...

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Nov 19
Jobs number three on Fortune Businessperson of the Year list

Apple CEO Steve Jobs ranks number three on the "Businessperson of the Year" list by "Fortune" ( Ranking ahead of Jobs were Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, and Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford.

Here's what "Fortune" has to say about Apple's fearless leader: "Steve Jobs and his company move from strength to strength to strength. In the past year Apple and its still-very-much-in-charge CEO have introduced the game-changing iPad, months ahead of the largely absent competition (latest stats: Apple controls 95% of the nascent tablet market); survived Antennagate (the iPhone 4 wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but no matter); escaped any bad publicity over the dozen-plus suicides this...

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Nov 19
Analyst forecasts iPad sales of 40 million for 2011

Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets said in a note to investors that Apple has made slight upward revisions to its iPad build plan for the fourth quarter of calendar year 2010, reports "AppleInsider" ( Apple also reportedly plans to build the same number of iPads in calendar year 2011: 40 million.

Abramsky said that Apple's increase for the end of 2010 suggests that the company expects strong holiday sales, despite concerns over new Android-based tablets and potential cannibalization from the thin-and-light MacBook Air. He's forecasting Apple to sell 20 million iPhones next year.

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Nov 19
iPhone excels in new ChangeWave survey

To find out which smartphone manufacturers are currently winning and losing the market share battle, ChangeWave Research ( asked 1,212 consumers who had purchased smart phones within the past six months to rate their new models. Not surprisingly, the iPhone came out on top.

The ChangeWave survey was completed November 2, 2010. First, the research group looked at customer satisfaction with the new smartphones that respondents had purchased during the past six months. Seventy-seven percent of iPhone users were "very satisfied," compared to 71% of Motorola users, 63% of HTC users, 45% of Samsung users and 44% of RIM users.

Among individual iPhone models, the iPhone 4 received an exceptionally high "very satisfied" rating (84% for 32GB; 78% for 16GB) -- confirming ChangeWave's earlier survey findings that despite the controversy surrounding its initial launch, the iPhone 4...

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Nov 19
MacJury offers 'Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3'

The MacJury ( recently convened to come up with the "Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2."

With picks at all price ranges, tech and non-tech, and some with an eye toward social responsibility, you'resure to find something for everyone you need to buy gifts for -- including yourself. The MacJury panel includes Mark Anbinder, Mark Fuccio, John Grzeskowiak, Keith Lang, Chuck La Tournous and host Chuck Joiner.

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Nov 19
'iPad 2' coming soon -- and in a 'world mode...

Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies have been named as the initial PCB suppliers for a second-generation iPad, which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2011, reports "DigiTimes" ( Four more suppliers will be added to the list in February 2011, when shipments of the new iPads ramp up, the article -- quoting "industry sources" -- adds.

The sources said Ibiden, Tripod and TTM have received certification from Apple, and will start shipping any-layer HDI boards for the "iPad 2" in small quantities in December. The updated tablet is will reportedly have two cameras similar to the iPhone 4.

Whats more, "AppleInsider" ( says that the 3G model of Apple's next-gen iPad will be...

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Nov 19
Nordic telecom operators eyeing iPad plans

Several Nordic telecom operators say they'll offer customers data subscription packages exclusively for the iPad, even though Apple hasn't given a launch date for the tablet in the Nordic countries, says "Dow Jones Newswire" (

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd's European operator Tre, TeliaSonera AB, Tele2 AB and Telenor ASA all say they'll offer data subscription packages exclusively for the iPad, giving iPad users Internet connectivity through their respective networks. However, the telecom operators didn't say when they plan to launch the subscription packages and didn't disclose any price details, says "Dow Jones."

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Nov 19
Europe's mobile providers not happy with rumored Apple-SIM...

"Reliable sources" suggest that some of Europe’s mobile providers are uniting in their opposition to Apple’s plans to embedding SIMs within mobile devices, reports "The Next Web" (

The providers -- thought to include Vodaphone UK, France Telecom and Telefónica in Spain --are privately saying that they could refuse to subsidize an iPhone that contained an embedded SIM, the article adds. Recent reports have hinted that Apple is investigating the possibility of embedding SIM cards within their mobile devices.

"The advantages for Apple are twofold, in addition to making the design and manufacturing process simpler by eliminating the need for users to have access to the...

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Nov 19
Apple releases firmware updates for laptops

Apple has released MacBook and MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.0. You can obtain it via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.

The update -- which requires Mac OS X 10.6.5 -- is recommended for the MacBook (Mid 2010) model.  The update resolves an issue where an attached external display may occasionally incorrectly show a purple coloration.

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Nov 19
Apple releases Boot Camp update

Apple has released Boot Camp Update 3.2, which adds support for the MacBook Air, ATI Radeon HD 5870, and Apple's USB Ethernet Adapter. You can obtain it via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.

Boot Camp is designed to simplify Windows installation on a Mactel by providing a simple graphical step-by-step assistant application to dynamically create a second partition on the hard drive for Windows, to burn a CD with all the necessary Windows drivers, and to install Windows from a Windows installation CD. After installation is complete, users can choose to run either Mac OS X or Windows when they restart their computer.

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Nov 19
QNAP unveils new mid-range NAS servers

QNAP ( has refreshed its mid-range NAS business lineup with new two and four-drive desktop models, the TS-239 Pro II+ and TS-439 Pro II+.

The Turbo NAS servers adopt Intel's new D425 single-core Atom CPU with 1.8GHz clock speed and 1GB of RAM. They provide maximum storage of 8TB (using four 2TB hard drives and single disk volume/JBOD configuration). The TS-239 Pro II+ and TS-439 Pro II+ NAS servers are compatible with VMware, Citrix and Windows 2008 Hyper-V clusters virtualization platform.

They're designed for file sharing, backup, and advanced server applications in the office environment. They'll be available later this month. Pricing hasn't been announced.

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Nov 19
Workflow Manager is new Cumulus add-on

WorkflowManager is a new Cumulus add-on from Canto partner Moksa ( It works on Mac OS X and Windows and was originally developed by Moksa as a custom Cumulus integration for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Based on a modular architecture, WorkflowManager comprises a number of "tasks" that work together to enable customers to create advanced, multi-step workflows that include job routing, approvals based on voting, user-to-user communications and more, says Moksa President Vince DiPaola. A browser based interface offers access to files and work directives for freelancers and others working outside the organization's Cumulus system.

WorkflowManager is available for Canto Cumulus 8.0 or higher.

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Nov 19
MacTech Boot Camp 2011 coming Jan. 26

On the heels of the success of MacTech Conference for IT Pros and Developers, "MacTech Magazine" has announced MacTech Boot Camp 2011: a one day event for those that support the home user, and small business market.  

MacTech Boot Camp is a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to serve their base better. It will be held in San Francisco on Wednesday, Jan. 26. MacTech Boot Camp attendees are encouraged to visit Macworld Expo San Francisco in the days following MacTech Boot Camp.

"MacTech Conference 2010 was an enormous success delivering amazing content and a quality conference to IT Pros and developers in the large organization, Enterprise, and ISV markets. We know that many consultants and techs in the market focus on serving the home and small business communities. MacTech Boot Camp is designed just for them," says Neil Ticktin, editor-in-chief/publisher, "MacTech Magazine."  "If you're...

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Nov 19
First MacTech Conference attracts attendees from 10 countries

"MacTech Magazine" has announced the results of its MacTech Conference 2010 attendee survey, and wrap-up information. Held in Los Angeles, almost 300 people took part in the first ever MacTech Conference from Nov. 3-5 at the Sheraton Universal.  The conference had both general sessions, and two tracks focused on IT and developer topics for the Apple market.  The session-packed, immersive conference provided not only an opportunity to learn, but all meals and evening activities as part of the conference registration.

The conference began with the first public demonstration of Mac-based Planetary Exploration Rovers, and a keynote address about Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) by Andy Ihnatko. The IT and developer tracks had over 40 sessions from speakers. Dozens of attendees took advantage of the option to take an Apple Certification Exam at the conclusion of the conference. In the evening hours, attendees took part in an exclusive trip to the world renowned Griffith Observatory including...

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Nov 19
Millennial Media: Android ties iOS for largest smartphone OS

Mobile ad network Millennial Media says its latest figures show that this month, for the first time, Android tied with Apple’s iOS as the largest smartphone OS on the Millennial network, with an 8% increase month-over-month and 37% impression share.

Android ad requests grew 65% month-over-month, and since January, Android has now grown 2182%. The iPod touch was included on the list of top mobile devices for the first time, and was number three (ahead of phones like the Motorola Droid) .

RIM ad requests grew 43% month-over-month, and RIM devices represented six of the Top 30 mobile phones (with the BlackBerry Curve being number two overall). iPad requests increased 112% month-over-month  .

Motorola became the number three manufacturer and held a 15% impression share. Two new Motorola devices -- the Droid 2 and the Droid X -- both made their entrance into the Top 30 Mobile Device list. The top 4 countries globally (in terms of impressions) were the US, UK, Canada...

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Nov 19
PandaWare releases new class of classes for REALbasic developers

The PandaWare Company has announced the availability of a set of classes for REALbasic developers who want to convert styled text to HTML.

The new PWStyleHTMLField class provides a drop-in solution for turning styled text in a REALbasic or Real Studio project into HTML. It can also generate an HTML email message in one line of code.

The PWStyleHTMLField offers extensive support for links. It allows adding other HTML tags to support features that a REALbasic TextArea or EditField doesn't display, such as images, lists, tables, and options that can be incorporated in HTML with CSS styles.

More information is available, and a compiled demo application can be downloaded for free at . Developers may also request a time-limited demo project for testing in their own projects. Licenses for using PWStyleHTMLField are US$25...

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Nov 19
iToner update updated for iTunes 10.1, iOS 4.2

Ambrosia Software has updated iToner (, an utility for Mac OS X that lets iPhone users create and install custom ringtones on the Apple communications device, to version 2.0.7. This update addresses compatibility issues with iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2, as well as minor changes to improve the iToner user experience and reliability.

iToner allows you to assign different ringtones for your different contacts. With iToner, you can now "have a Barry White ringtone for when your girlfriend calls, Frank Zappa for when your college buddies ring you up, or the theme from "Jaws" for when your boss is calling," according to the folks at Ambrosia.

iToner is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It works with Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. iToner costs US$15, though version 2.0.7 is a free update for...

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Nov 18
EdgeCast adds full HTTP streaming for iOS 4 devices

EdgeCast Networks, a content delivery network (CDN), hasannounced full support for HTTP live and on-demand streaming to the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

“Supporting video on demand and live streaming to iOS devices builds on our commitment to ensuring that our customers can deliver content to any user regardless of their format, location, or device,” says Ted Middleton, vice president of product management at EdgeCast Networks. “This further extends the evolution of streaming technology to new HTTP-based formats which bring increased quality, superior user experiences, and new monetization opportunities."

EdgeCast iOS 4 support includes intelligent dynamic stream technology, which is supported by the media player built into Apple devices. Intelligent dynamic stream selection lets an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch automatically switch between different bit rates depending on the device’s current connection speed. By switching bit rates on-the-fly as network...

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Nov 18
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Nov. 18

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

"60 Minutes" is apparently the first primetime news magazine to have its own stand-alone application for the iPad. Content from the television broadcast and online features will be offered on the new app, now available for US$4.99.

Mimvi -- a search, discovery and recommendation engine for finding mobile apps (or applications -- has announced the launch of a proprietary search and recommendation technology based on cognitive computing for all mobile app platforms.The patent-pending technology has been used to create platform-specific search engines starting with the U.S. market’s three primary “smartphone” players: Apple’s iPhone, Google Android and RIM’s BlackBerry. Windows Mobile 7, Samsung, Nokia and others will follow. These search engines...

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Nov 18
Analyst: China catching 'Apple fever'

Following a trip to China, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White says the country is catching "Apple fever," as reported by "Fortune" (

He cites conversations with China Unicom, Apple's exclusive partner and the second largest carrier (162 million subscribers) in the world's largest mobile phone market, in which he was told that "the opportunity for high-end smartphones in China is over 100 million units." White also quotes a report in the "Chengdu Chinese Commercial News" that mentions a newly signed "cooperation agreement" between Apple and China Mobile (CHL), the "global giant" of mobile phone carriers with roughly 815 million mobile subscribers.

"Fortune" says the nature of this agreement is unclear, but White...

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Nov 18
Apricorn rolls out new Mac Array

Apricon ( has introduced the Mac Array, a turnkey solution for instantly increasing your Mac Pro’s processing power. Designed specifically for Mac Pro systems, the Apricorn Mac Array internal SSD RAID is designed to bridge the gap between your computer's high capacity hard drive and your system's RAM, acting as virtual memory, for a performance increase of up to 10 times.

Aimed at the creative market, the Mac Array is the ideal tool for high performance applications such as video editing, animation and image processing, says Mike McCandless, vice president of Sales & Marketing at Apricorn. Built around four 128GB solid state drives on Apricorn's specially designed SATA PCIe Host Card, the Mac Array's form factor adds a total of 512GB of virtual memory to your system, yet uses only one internal full length PCIe X4 slot, keeping the other slots and drive bays free for expansion...

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Nov 18
DISH Network introduces TV Everywhere

DISH Network says it's the first pay-TV provider in America to introduce a true TV Everywhere offering, giving DISH Network subscribers the ability to watch all of their live and recorded television programs on compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops.

DISH Network subscribers can access these features when they download and use the DISH Remote Access application in concert with their broadband-connected, Sling-enabled receiver.

"Unlike mobile viewing from cable and telcos that limit access to select programs, our TV Everywhere services give consumers 24 x 7 access to all of the live and recorded content included with their DISH Network programming subscription," says DISH Network Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr.

To enjoy the live viewing capability of DISH Remote Access, consumers need to be DISH Network subscribers and have a Sling-enabled device such as the newly-released Sling Adapter -- a small placeshifting device that pairs with DISH Network's ViP...

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Nov 18
Printopia allows Mac, iOS device printer sharing

Ecamm ( has released Printopia, a Mac app that lets you share your Mac's printers with any "capable" iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It will also add a virtual printer, allowing you to save print-outs to your Mac as PDF files.

Whether you have an inkjet printer plugged into your Mac, a laser printer plugged into your router or even a network printer, if your Mac can print to it, Printopia will share it. The software translates for your printer, allowing it to speak to your iPhone or iPad even if it's not an AirPrint-compatible printer. Printopia even supports many password-protected printers.

Double-click to install Printopia, and within seconds you'll see most any connected printers on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You'll also see Printopia's "Send To Mac" and "Send To Dropbox on Mac" virtual printers.

Printopia requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It costs US$9.95; a demo is...

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