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Aug 12
VinylStudio for the Mac spins to version 7.5.4

AlpineSoft has updated their vinyl-and-tape-to-CD-and-MP3 software, VinylStudio for the Mac, to version 7.5.4. The latest version adds support for WAV, MP3, FLAC, Ogg, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless and CAF formats.

VinylStudio is a software solution for digitizing vinyl LPs and tapes. It records your records and tapes, splits those recordings into tracks, removes scratches, tape hiss and more and burns both audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs. You can also play your recordings on your computer. VinylStudio can look up track listings over the Internet and copy tracks to your iPod or MP3 player.

VinylStudio comes with audio cleanup filters to remove clicks, crackles, tape hiss and more. All you need is a turntable (or USB turntable) hooked up to your Mac, or you can record cassettes using any cassette player. VinylStudio includes instructions on how to connect up your turntable and will take you through the entire process of digitizing your music step-by-step.


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Aug 11
Apple TV to become the iTV?

Back before Apple officially debuted the AppleTV, it was widely speculated that it would be dubbed iTV. Well, according to "endgadget" ( Apple is renaming its "hobby" to ... yep ... iTV to bring more in line with "its current iOfferings" and making some major changes.

The article says Apple is planning an US$99 version of the Apple TV/iTV that will be similarly sized and packed with internals akin to that of the iPhone 4 (A4 CPU, 16GB of flash storage), and will introduce new iTunes streaming services the box could take advantage of. But, per "engadget," there's also a change that I certainly hope isn't really coming.

"Apparently the box won't be capable of handling (or enabled to handle) 1080i or...

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Aug 11
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 11

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

FourthFrame Technologies has announced a new iPad app for managing project risk: SG Risk Log (US$5.99) expands the Simple Genius Apps suite to the domain of risk management.

XMG Studio has released Cannon Cadets 1.0, a $1.99 space age iPhone game. In the physics-based game, you join Rocketboy and his intrepid team of Space Cadets as they venture through 80 illustrated mind twisting levels on four unique planets, four playable characters, and more.

iStoryTime has introduced Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, an iPhone and iPad app for deaf children. It's a vivid audio-visual presentation that includes a sign-language interpretation. iStoryTime books are available globally for $0.99-$2.99 in the Apple App Store in 80 countries.,...

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Aug 11
Apple updates iOS

Apple has updated iOS for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new versions are designed to fix a vulnerability in the way Safari handles PDF files on the idevices.

The updates should also disable the web-based JailbreakMe service. The new versions are iOS 4.0.2 for the iPhone and iPod touch and iOS 3.2.2 for the iPad.

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Aug 11
ProofPront introduces the iPhone Recovery Stick

ProofPront has released the US$197.95 iPhone Recovery Stick (, a new product that allows access to deleted text messages, call logs, contacts, appointments, internet history and other data from the iPhone.

It combines hardware and software, purportedly enabling the same forensic technology used by law enforcement agencies around the world to be employed by parents, spouses and business owners with little to no data recovery expertise. To recover data from an iPhone, unfortunately, you'll unfortunately have to connect the phone to a USB port on a Windows computer, then plug the iPhone Recovery Stick into a second USB port.

Once the program is started, the recovery process can take from 15 minutes up to several hours, depending on the amount of data on the phone. The user can then view,...

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Aug 11
Ilium Software releases eWallet for Mac OS X

Ilium Software has released eWallet (, an US$19.95 password manager for Mac OS X. Many of the features that customers know and trust from eWallet for Windows are included in eWallet for Mac, but with a interface just for Mac owners, according to the folks at Iliumn.

With Ilium Software's SyncPro technology, eWallet for Mac syncs with a user's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via WiFi. Wallet files can also be synced with other computers on the same network and external storage devices like USB thumb drives.

All current eWallet 7 for Windows PC owners can use the Mac OS X version at no additional cost. New customers can purchase eWallet for US$19.95 from Ilium Software's online store. For one price, customers can use eWallet on their Mac, as well as any Windows Mobile device, BlackBerry, or Windows PC they own. eWallet 7 also includes access to...

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Aug 11 releases WLAN outdoor wireless base station ( has released the EZBase 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless base station or client system, with 15 hours of integrated battery backup. Real world throughput is purportedly up to 25Mb per second and useable range is up to 20 miles with customer supplied antenna.

“The main feature of this base station, which sets it apart from any other product available on the market today, is its ability to provide 24/7 operation in areas where AC power is not 100% reliable ” says CEO Scott Parsons. “In addition to providing battery backup, the power system filters the power to the electronics so it is less susceptible to power line surges and spikes generated by nearby lightning strikes or other grid fluctuations. This increases the inherent operational reliability of the system.”

The new EZBase-2 and EZBase-5 are 250mW transmit power systems that comply with 802.11abg industry standards for...

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Aug 11
Next iPad to include a three-axis gyroscope?

Apple apparently tested a three-axis gyroscope from InvenSense in its iPad, but probably plans to use a similar device from STMicroelectronics in a future version of the tablet, according to an analysis by UBM TechInsights, reports "EE Times" (

The Apple iPhone 4 was the company's first smartphone to uses a three-axis gyroscope, specifically the L3G4200D from STMicroelectronics. When paired with the accelerometer, it makes iPhone 4 capable of advanced motion sensing such as user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate. In other words, per Apple, it means more motion gestures and greater precision for an even better gaming experience.

“It seemed strange at the time that a product like the iPad would have been designed to not include a gyroscope but an iPhone 4 that was being designed at around the same time would,” says Steve Bitton, a product manager at UBM TechInsights...

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Aug 11
Microsoft releases Office for Mac update

Microsoft has released the Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.6 Update ( that applies to: Office 2008; Office 2008 Home and Student Edition; Office 2008 Special Media Edition; Word 2008; Excel 2008; PowerPoint 2008; Entourage 2008; Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition.

According to Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, the update improves compatibility and stability. For example, It includes fixes for vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code.

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Aug 11
Massachusetts school system going with iPads

The North Adams [Massachusetts] Public Schools are hoping the iPad will entice at-risk students to improve their grades and graduate on time, reports the "North Adams Transcript" ( The school district is piloting a new program aimed at helping students earn credits for classes they’ve failed through learning modules specifically created for the Apple tablet.

"It’s designed for those students who failed a class by a few points," Drury High School Principal Amy Meehan said Tuesday during the district’s School Committee meeting. "Right now we’re targeting freshmen and sophomores who have failed by one marking period. Instead of attending traditional summer school, they’re able to do a module, which is the equivalent of one marking period, and replace that marking period’s grade with a passing grade."

She said the program not only helps the student recover the missing graduation...

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Aug 11
Apple offers educational discounts for iOS apps in bulks

Apple has announced out a new initiative offering discounts for schools that buy iOS apps for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in bulk.

"We're pleased to announce the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Education institutions in the United States now have a new way to purchase your apps in volume for distribution to their students and faculty," Apple says. "You can also elect to offer special education pricing on your app when purchased in volume."

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Aug 11
Apple Japan to replace overheating iPod nanos

Apple Japan says it will replace any iPod nano that overheats, an improvement over an earlier offer to only replace faulty batteries, reports "Reuters" (

The concession came after Japan's trade ministry put Apple under scrutiny, ordering it to publish an "easy to understand" statement on its web site explaining how users of the devices could receive replacement batteries and obtain advice. Six incidents involving the 2005 model nano catching fire while being charged have been reported to the Ministry of Economy since 2008. And there were purportedly an additional 21 cases involving incidents where the players overheated and emitted smoke since 2005.

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Aug 11
iAdapt C30 extends MiniDisplay Port-equipped Macs to 30-inch...

Kanex has launched the US$99 Kanex iAdapt C30 (, a MiniDisplay Port to Dual-Link DVI-D adapter. It extends MiniDisplay Port equipped Macs to 30-inch displays, such as the Apple Cinema Display.

Dual-Link DVI-D purportedly offers a higher-quality image than standard DVI due to the nature of the digital format. The current 30-inch displays on the market supports a maximum resolution of 2560x1600.

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Aug 11
Doxie gets CloudApp integration

The software for Doxie (, a paper scanner that scans directly to the cloud, is now shipping, has been updated to version 1.3. It adds integration with the CloudApp fille sharing service.

Mac users can install CloudApp's free menu bar app to share files and links right from the desktop. On both Mac and PC, you can send scans to CloudApp right from Doxie's Cloud menu for sharing of docs and photos.

Designed for home and small businesses, Doxis is an US$129 portable scanner is for scanning, sharing, and organizing paper and photos.

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Aug 11
USB Fever releases new iPhone, iPod, iPad products

USB Fever has released three new products for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The US$26.99 Bamboo Made case for iPhone 4G ( is a case made of read bamboo for the Apple smartphone.

The Custom-made In-Car Headrest Mount for iPhone 4G ( is a $16.99 device that attaches to the front seat head rest of a vehicle. The Extra Long Dock to USB Charging Cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad (

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Aug 11
Raidon releases J4-4S-SB3 storage device

Raidon Technology ( has launched J4-4S-SB3, which offers four bays of SSD and HDD external storage with USB 3.0 (which, for some reason, Apple isn't yet offering on the Mac) and eSATA connectivity.

The J4-4S-SB3 measures 10 x 14 x 7 inches. 10(W) x 14(D) x 7(H) cm from the quality metallic casing with ultra quiet ball bearing fan. This compact device also supports JBOD and port multiplier functions to provide management to four drives via one single cable connected to your computer.

In addition, it is "worriless" for data loss from unintentional fierce vibrations when collocating SSD, which also gives an excellent data transfer rate for performance enhancement, according to the folks at Raidon. Contact the company for pricing options.

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Aug 11
Security Case, Vanity Plate for iPad now bundled

NewPCgadgets has combined their Security Case for the iPad with their stainless steel Vanity Plate into a single package. The Security Case sports black leather construction with a two digit combination lock and three position adjusable stand.

The Vanity Plate for the iPad is a stainless steel engraved name plate that secures to any iPad case to offer a custom look while providing contact information if your iPad is ever misplaced. The Vanity Plate can be customized with up to two lines of text.

As a special promtion through Aug. 31, if you order the Security Case for the iPad you get the custom Vanity Plate at no additional cost. This is a savings of US$12.95 off their regular retail price of $44.95. You can order it at .

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Aug 11
KeynoteStage launches with new Keynote themes

Elia Network and iPresentee have teamed up for KeynoteStage (, which has been developed to provide Keynote themes for Apples Keynote presentation application.

KeynoteStage contains 145 themes contained in three categories: Keynote Themes, Keynote Themes for iPad and Keynote Motion Themes. Each individual Keynote Theme is priced from US$5.

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Aug 11
iVideo for Mac OS X adds Quick Look support, more

iVideo (, a movie organizing and sharing app for Mac OS X (10.3 and higher) has been updated to version 4.5 The new version adds Quick Look support, faster importing and more.

iVideo lets you create one place for your movies -- whether they be in separate folders, external hard drives and CDs, or even online -- and then share them. A demo is available for download. Registration is US$20 for a single user license; discounts are available for multiple licenses. Version 4.5 is a free update for registered users.

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Aug 11
KeySearch is new Safari extension

Matt Swain has written a Safari extension called KeySearch that adds a new way of searching the Internet to Apple's web browser. It uses short keywords to allow you to search any site you want from the toolbar.

So you might type "map New York to LA" to search Google maps, or "wiki mac os x" to search Wikipedia. It comes with a selection of ready-made keywords, and you can add your own for any search engine you want. You can check it out at .

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Aug 11
Gefen ships surround sound processor with speakers

Connectivity solutions provider Gefen's GefenTV Home Theater Audio Processor and optional five-set, wall-mountable speakers are now shipping. These two products work in concert to enable a plug and play method of creating surround sound audio in any room using primarily audio extracted from the HDMI input from any Blu-ray player, gaming system or set-top box.

A digital audio input is also available. The GefenTV Home Theater Audio Processor comes equipped with a variety of both analog and digital audio connections. There are six analog (25 watts RMS per channel) RCA outputs that support 5.1 Dolby surround sound and can connect to any amplifier. Front right and left channels are bi-amped to improve sound quality.

Powered speakers can be connected directly to the Home Theater Audio Processor’s left, right, front left, front right, rear left, rear right, subwoofer and center positions. Oone coax input can be passed through in both TOSlink and coax formats, directly...

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Aug 11
TextExpander for Mac OS X gets maintenance update

SmileOnMyMac ( has updated TextExpander, a Mac OS X utility that lets users define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, to version 3.1.1. The update resolves one issue that was causing users to lose all their snippets. It also fixes a problem with case sensitivity preferences, among other fixes and improvements.

The regular cost of TextExpander is US$34.95 for a single user license or $44.95 for a five-pack family license. A 30-day fully-functioning demo of TextExpander can be downloaded at the SmileOnMyMac web site. Upgrades to TextExpander 3.x from earlier versions costs $15. Version 3.1.1 is a free update for registered users of version 3.x. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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Aug 11
The MacJury looks at Microsoft's PC vs. Mac site

The "MacJury" ( recently convened to examine Microsoft's PC vs. Mac site.

They dissect each of the focused areas, including Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility, and Choice, as well as the Top 10 Reasons and the many flavors of Windows. Legitimate points are recognized, false information called out, and the overall delivery and message of the site are considered in the deliberations.

The panel who question the photoshopping of the model on the site and the contrived Twitter feed include John F. Braun, Peter Cohen, Pat Fauquet, John C. Welch and Tim

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Aug 11
SniperSpy Software unveils remote surveillance for the Mac

Retina-X Studios has released SniperSpy Mac ( Using the remote monitoring technology, parents and employers can now silently watch the entire screen of their child or employee's Mac instantaneously from any location.

The hybrid surveillance system also displays full activity logs of keystrokes, chat conversations and other activities. SniperSpy Mac runs in extreme stealth mode and no mentions of the program are shown within the computer. The software runs in the background behind all other applications. After the software is setup on a Mac, it silently records screenshots and activity logs and uploads them to a secure web site. The customer views activity by logging into the website from any web browser including all computers and smartphones.

Also included within SniperSpy Mac is activity logging. All activity of the monitored Mac is recorded and uploaded for...

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Aug 11
KavaMovies, the Mac movie database, gets more customizable

KavaSoft has updated KavaMovies (, the Mac movie database, to version 1.5. The update is more customizable than ever.

You can keep track of personal information, such as where and when you saw a movie. There are also customizable fields for other kinds of information, such as who you saw movie with, who you loaned a movie to, or anything else you can imagine. Data in custom fields is are now browsable, searchable and sortable.

KavaMovies 1.5 also adds MPAA rating information for all your movies. Keep it PG-13 if you're watching a movie with the kids, or sort by rating to find something more NC-17.

KavaMovies lets you organize the movies you've seen, the movies you want to see, and the movies in your collection. It connects to the Internet and downloads tons of information about each of your movies in realtime.

You can use...

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