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Aug 09
360Works Releases FileMaker text processing plug-in

360Works (, a FileMaker product developer and innovator, has released Scribe, a text processing plug-in that allows users to read and write text from Microsoft Office and PDF files, find what changed in a text field and highlight text matching any criteria.

With Scribe, you can read and write Word, Excel, and PDF documents and forms directly from FileMaker. You can search contents of Word and PDF files from FileMaker. It also supports searching Excel files, HTML, RTF, and JPEG metadata. Scribe lets you process text fields within FileMaker to track changes, highlight keywords and more.

It's available starting at US$295. Scribe is included in the 360Works Portfolio License bundle, so existing 360Works Portfolio License holders can use their license key to register Scribe at no extra charge.

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Aug 09
Analyst: Mac, iPad, iPhone sales better than anticipated

The Needham & Company firm has raised its 12-month target price on Apple from US$280 to $375 due to much better than anticipated Mac and iPad sales. Also, the upgrade cycle of iPhone owners seems to be happening faster than the firm had predicted, according to analyst Charlie Wolf.

In a note released on Monday -- and as reported by "TheStreet" (, he said he had originally predicted that iPad sales would reach 20 million in 2019, but have already on target to surpass 12 million sales annually, even before a full international rollout.

Mac sales are on target to reach 14 million units this year, according to Needham, more than 50% higher than initially forecast. Despite the recent antenna problems and white iPhone delay, Wolf says that iPhone users are upgrading to new models in one or two years, faster than Needham's previous prediction of every three years.

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Aug 09
Apple licenses Liquidmetal technologies

An SEC filing just hit that shows that Apple Inc. struck a deal with Liquidmetal Technologies (, a California-based company that holds patents on new metal and alloy designs, for essentially access to all of its intellectual property, reports "The Baltimore Sun" (

Perhaps in the near future, we can expect our iPhones, iPads, and iPods to be made of these new "amorphous" metals that Liquidmetal specializes in, the article surmises. But why not in Macs, as well.The metals purportedly offer twice the strength of stainless steel, an elastic limit more than double that of most metallic alloys, yet it can be processed in ways similar to thermoplastic polymers

According to the LiqudMetal Tech web site, its alloys are...

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Aug 09
Chronos announces F10 Launch Studio 3 with Application Blaster

Chronos ( has released F10 Launch Studio 3, an upgrade to its launch manager for Mac OS X. The upgrade adds the "Application Blaster."

"The new Application Blaster works just like the application switcher built into Mac OS X where you press Command-Tab to switch applications," says Jerry Halls, vice president of Sales at Chronos. "Instead of just switching applications, the Application Blaster lets you select the application you want to launch."

Also in F10 Launch Studio 3:

° The Application Info window shows comprehensive information for the selected application.

° You can now exclude specific paths from automatic application searches.

° There's a new option to specify paths for automatic application searches.

° New auto-detection feature automatically detects if other versions of the software are running.

° There are improved user...

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Aug 09
New 'MacVoices' looks at You Gotta See This

On the new "MacVoices" (, Boinx Software CEO Oliver Breidenbach talks bout his company's new iPhone photo application, You Gotta See This, and the latest additions to FotoMagico.

With integration into Final Cut Pro or Express and more, FotoMagico lets you take more control of your slideshow story than ever before. Breidenbach explains how creating impressive custom slideshows in those apps is now easier than ever before using their product, how it crosses the line into simple video editing, and how it "brings back the fun to video editing."

He then covers You Gotta See This, an iPhone app that creates spacial collages of your image, delivering an artistic take on your subject. Breidenbach offers tips on how to access the highest resolution image possible, as well as some shooting tips, and then teases us with a hint at a future Boinx product.

"MacVoices" is an...

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Aug 09
OWC posts memory installation guide for new iMacs

Other World Computing (OWC) has added a new step-by-step installation video to its free online “how to” library to assist owners of the new mid-2010 Apple 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models with performing a memory upgrade installation.

The procedure is rated at an “Easy” level and can be performed at home in 10 minutes. To view the video, go to . The new video announcement compliments the recently announced OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for the new Mid 2010 iMacs which offer upgrade options not available from the factory. For details go to .

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Aug 09
New iPads, Verizon iPhones, new Apple TVs in early 2011?

Apple's next iPad will arrive in 2011 and sport a 9.7-inch screen and Cortex-A9 based CPU, according to DigiTimes Research (

The iPad will reportedly have 512MB of RAm and see the light of day in the first quarter of 2011. Apple will also launch a 7-inch iPad using the Cortex-A9 processor and an IPS panel with a resolution of 1024×768, according to Digitimes Research senior analyst Mingchi Kuo.

The research group is also forecasting Verizon iPhones and new Apple TVs. DigiTimes Research says the Verizon CDMA iPhone will arrive early next year and will feature an integrated antenna.

CDMA and GSM are the names of competing cellular phone standards. They're about equal in the U.S. in terms of users, but overseas there's only GSM other than a few places like Japan, India, and Korea. Out of the...

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Aug 09
MacBooks are laptop of choice for college students

MacBooks are the laptop of choice for college students, according to new info from Student Monitor (, which provides syndicated and custom market research services focused exclusively on the college student market.

Research from the company shows that 95% of college students interviewed this spring owned at least one computer, with 83% owning a laptop, 24% a desktop, and 15% both. Among laptop owners, 27% MacBooks; among desktop owners  45% owned a Dell or HP, and 14% a Mac. Among those who planned to purchase a new computer, 87% planned to buy a laptop -- and 47% of these planned to buy a Mac.

Student Monitor interviews 1,200 students for 55 minutes each at 100 representative campuses twice a year and sells the results to Fortune 500, as reported by "Fortune" (

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Aug 09
Software developer introduces BusinessMan 2.0 system for the Mac

Business software developer, CompuTech IT Services (, has launched version 2.0 of its BusinessMan Complete Business Management Software, BusinessMan Pro and BusinessMan Enterprise for the Mac platform.

The BusinessMan Complete Business Management System has been developed in-house utilizing the knowledge gained over 16 years of supplying software solutions to business, says Garry Thompson, managing director of Computech. BusinessMan Pro and BusinessMan Enterprise allow companies to manage all aspects of their business from prospect first contact to invoice, he adds.

The BusinessMan software is a comprehensive, modular, CRM system. Both the Pro and Enterprise versions have a prospect and customer management module, quotations and invoicing modules, suppliers and stock modules, a comprehensive integrated email client and also a fully featured and integrated...

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Aug 09
Objective Development Software releases version 1.5.0 of their...

Objective Development Software ( has released version 1.5.0 of WebYap, its online CMS. The upgrade adds the possibility to provide multiple log-ins. These grant users different rights to edit a web site.

With WebYep's Menu Element users can create hierarchical and dynamical JavaScript-driven menus -- now this functionality is also available via the WebYep RapidWeaver Plugin to create page submenus in the sidebar of WebYep pages.

The PHP-based CMS WebYep offers plug-ins for Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver and Freeway. It can be integrated also into existing web sites either via these plug-ins or via direct source code editing. WebYep is platform independent; it runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

The upgrade to WebYep 1.5.0 is free for all licensees; a new license costs €29 (approximately US$40) per web site. Objective Development offers a free full featured trial version of WebYep...

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Aug 09
'MUG Event Calendar': GadgetTrak, photo contest, more

August is in full swing with guest speakers, presentations, picnics, a photo contest and more, per this week's "The MUG Event Calendar."

Dave Hamilton of "The Mac Observer" and the Mac Geek Gab will discuss cool stuff at a New Jersey Group, and Ian Schray will present GadgetTrak to one California group, and the folks from ESET will discuss their upcoming security software at another California group.

A New Mexico group will hold a photo contest, two different groups in Wisconsin will stage their annual picnics, as will a group in Michigan. Other topics up for discussion this week include iWeb, MobileMe, security on the Mac, networking, the iPhone, Drop Box, iPhoto, upgrading your Mac, and more.

"The MUG Event Calendar" can be found at "The MUG Center," an online resource for Mac User Groups. MUGs are good places for making new friends in the Mac community, imProving your computing skills, finding solutions to technical Problems, and perhaps locating a good...

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Aug 09
New Mac Pros shipping

Apple has begun taking orders for the new Mac Pro announced last month. It has up to 12 processing cores and purportedly up to 50% greater performance than the previous generation.

The new Mac Pro features the latest quad-core and six-core Intel Xeon processors, all-new ATI graphics and the option for up to four 512GB solid state drives (SSD). At the heart of the new Mac Pro’s performance are next generation quad-core and six-core Intel Xeon processors running at speeds up to 3.33 GHz. These multi-core processors use a single die design so each core can share up to 12MB L3 cache to improve efficiency while increasing processing speed.

These systems feature an integrated memory controller for faster memory bandwidth and reduced memory latency; Turbo Boost to dynamically boost processor speeds up to 3.6GHz; and Hyper-Threading to create up to 24 virtual cores. The Mac Pro now comes with the ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics processor with 1GB of memory and customers can...

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Aug 09
'get' for Final Cut Pro available

AV3 Software (, a media software developer and electronic download store, and Nexidia, a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, has announced the general availability of "get" for Final Cut Pro (FCP).

It's designed to streamline the process of identifying and selecting the right content for any editing project, and improve workflows by saving hours of manual searching, tagging and logging. Priced at US$499, "get" is now available for download. A demo version is available.

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Aug 09
Kulabyte demos HD, iPhone streaming from a laptop

Kulabyte Corp. (, which specializes in live high-quality HD video streaming, and its distributor Omega Broadcast Group, will be demonstrating live HD video streaming to web and mobile devices on the show floor at the Texas Association of Broadcasters trade show on Aug. 12 in booth #67.

Kulabyte, provides Live HD Internet streaming products and services to major broadcast networks and sports franchises, the United States Army and many corporate, faith-based and non-profit organizations. The demonstration will include simultaneously encoding a live 720p HD stream as well as an iPhone stream from a laptop on the show floor.

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Aug 09
iPhone exec leaves Apple

Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive in charge of hardware for the iPhone, has left the company following the "antennagate" brouhaha over the iPhone 4 although that's not officially the reason for his departure, reports the "New York Times" (

Apple confirmed Mr. Papermaster’s departure, but would not say whether he was ousted or left of his own accord, the article adds. Reached on his cellphone by the "Times," Papermaster declined to comment. A person with direct knowledge of the situation, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it, said Papermaster had been pushed out over a series of hardware problems, including some related to the iPod touch, the article adds...

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Aug 09
AV3 ‘get’ for Final Cut Pro available

AV3 Software (, a media software developer and electronic download store, and Nexidia, a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, has announced the general availability of "get" for Final Cut Pro (FCP).

It's designed to streamline the process of identifying and selecting the right content for any editing project, and improve workflows by saving hours of manual searching, tagging and logging. Priced at US$499, "get" is now available for download. A demo version is available.

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Aug 07
At the opening of the world's largest Apple retail store

By Tim Conroy

The world's biggest Apple retail store opened Saturday in Covent Garden, London. Here are some interesting insights into the store.

At one stage the queue started about level with the St in Bow St opposite the entrance to the Royal Opera House on the attached map screen grab. The snap of the T-shirt is rather puzzling unless you see the facade of the building: see attached arches.

I went for breakfast and when I came back the queue had shortened considerably (but not the separate one for those wanting to buy an iPhone 4. Apple must have shipped a mind-boggling number of the smartphones today.

The Apple Store Covent Garden features rooms dedicated to Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods for customers to experience hands-on. And I managed to get an iPad camera connection kit, which have been scarce as hell!

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Aug 07
AT&T addresses end of iPhone exclusivity in SEC filing

AT&T says in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it doesn't expect to suffer a "material negative impact" from the end of its exclusive arrangements to carry handsets, including its Apple-iPhone deal, reports the "Wall Street Journal" (

AT&T has had exclusive US rights to carry the Apple smartphone since 2007. "We do not expect any such terminations to have a material negative impact on our wireless segment income, consolidated operating margin or our cash from operations," AT&T said in the filing with regulators on Friday.

Explaining the lack of impact on its business, AT&T said more than 80% of its contract customers...

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Aug 07
Space Dock comes to earth for the iPad

LapWorks has released the US$64.95 iPad Space Dock (, a low profile aluminum stand for the Apple tablet. It allows the iPad to position in both portrait and landscape postures.

The Space Dock is cut from a rod of solid aluminum and then brushed for a clean, elegant and stylish finish. The inside channel of the Space Dock is lined with velvet-like material. Its T-shaped support arm features three-position incline settings and it securely screws into the back side of the Space Dock at three pre-drilled positions of incline.

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Aug 07
SMEStorage release Mac Cloud Drive beta 4

UK based multi-cloud data access provider SMEStorage ( has released the fourth beta of a Mac Cloud Drive thath enables up to 10 commercial storage providers to be accessed directly from a virtual drive in Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6.

The drive brings cloud computing directly into the Mac OS with over 10 cloud storage vendors supported, including Amazon S3, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive and RackSpace Cloud Files.

"We have completely re-written huge parts of the drive in this beta to deal with the nuances of Mac Finder," says SME Storage CEO Ian Osborne. "The result is a huge step forward in our goal of having a robust multi-cloud drive for the Mac OSX. The drive now supports the encryption features of our gateway which can overlay any cloud, as well as giving the ability to generate a URL directly from the desktop."

The next beta will continue the hardening of the...

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Aug 07
Toon Boom releases Storyboard Pro 2

Toon Boom Animation ( has released Storyboard 2, an update of the , a new version that the company says infuses more power and flexibility into the idea creation, development and visualization process.

New feature highlights include:

° Content creation tools: an extended set of tools and tool properties; the creation and reuse of brushes with specific settings; creation of custom brushes using a stroke or a series of strokes; setting of separate colors for Brush, Pencil and Paint tools; selection of strokes based on the current color selection; extended rich text support for captions; and the addition of sketch captions on a panel-by-panel basis.

° Input/output capabilities: Final Draft 8 support; customization of the PDF export on a panel-by-panel basis; improved PDF Export with Analyze functionality; extended export to Final Cut Pro through XML; Final Cut Pro...

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Aug 06
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 6

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

LIFE has announced two new iPad apps: photography book “Wonders of the World” and a Wallpaper app. “Wonders of the World” (US$4.99) features more than 100 photos of some of the most amazing creations in the world, old and new, man-made and natural. LIFE’s Wallpaper app ($1.99), featuring classic LIFE imagery, is the first in a series of themed wallpaper apps from LIFE that will allow users to use iconic photos for their iPad screen background.

Nordersoft has released WordMesh HD 1.0 for the iPad. It's a take on the word game genre, where players separate two words that have been meshed together. The words, which float in 3D space, are manipulated by the player and as they clear each level the words get longer and the puzzles get harder. Starting...

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Aug 06
Chain Reaction comes to the Mac

Jalada has released Chain Reaction, an US$9.99 puzzle game for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

Here's how the game is described: "Be prepared to enter the exciting world of Chain Reaction and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game. Collect the color bubbles on the field by combining them into chains to enter the next level, and create the longest chain ever to get the highest score. Besides a subtle strategy, various rewards will help you to solve a level in a faster way."

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Aug 06
Analyst expects new iPods, MacBook Airs in September

BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman tells clients in a note that he's expecting new iPods and MacBook Airs next month, reports "Barron's" ( He's anticipating new iPod nanos and iPod touches.

Bachman thinks the former will be smaller than its predecessors and will lack a click wheel. He's expecting a touch with a camera.

When it comes to the MacBook Air, he's expecting two models. Bachman doesn't offer too many details but does foresee a price drop.

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Aug 06
PANTONE PLUS Libraries Installer available for download

The PANTONE PLUS Libraries Installer, a utility that allows creatives to access PANTONE PLUS Libraries directly from Adobe Creative Suite design applications, is now available on the Pantone web site.

Users can download the installer free-of-charge at to integrate all the 566 new PLUS SERIES Colors into Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
The Installer includes the following PANTONE PLUS Color Libraries:
PANTONE PLUS Solid Uncoated
The PANTONE PLUS Libraries will be differentiated from...

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