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Oct 05
'MacVoices' looks at DroboPro FS

On the new "MacVoices" (, Mark Fuccio, senior director for Data Robotics, introduces a new Drobo product: the DroboPro FS.

He and colleagues Colleen Kelly and Alex Lindsay discuss it and Drobo's reliability and expandability in general. The DroboPro FS offers redundant gigabit Ethernet connectivity, expandability up to 16TB, and the new Drobo Sync that simplifies backup to a remote DroboPro FS.

"MacVoices" is an Internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry, as well as "the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community," according to host Chuck Joiner.

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Oct 05
Bento Template Exchange surpasses half-million downloads

FileMaker, Inc. ( says that over 500,000 free templates have been downloaded from the Bento Template Exchange since its launch in June 2009.
Bento by FileMaker is the personal database software for Mac, iPhone and iPad. The Exchange makes it easy for visitors to try Bento for free, and to browse, install and use a huge variety of real-world templates contributed by Bento users.
The Bento templates show how Bento can organize virtually any information in business, education and home settings. The more than 700 templates illustrate the uses for Bento, ranging from Sales Funnel Management and Simple Home Inventory to Teacher Lesson Plans and Psychotherapy Session Notes. Among the most popular templates are Contact & Customer Manager and Project Manager.
The Exchange provides easy instructions on how to download and import templates along with...

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Oct 05
ShareTool update delivers screen sharing, file sharing, more

Yazsoft has updated ShareTool ( for Mac OS X, which lets you access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world, to version 2.1.2. The upgrade includes screen sharing, file sharing, remote printing, secure browsing and more. It also delivers  iTunes Home Sharing across the Internet, the ability to run ShareTool as a background service, and more.

Formerly known as Rendezvous, Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices by getting them connected to each other. ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP. Remote services automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, and other applications.

ShareTool 2.1.2 costs US$25 for a two-user license and $45 for a family pack (five licenses). Registered ShareTool 1.x users can upgrade to ShareTool 2.x for the reduced price of $15 (for two licenses).

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Oct 05
Hitachi launches new family of 750GB mobile hard drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies ( has announced its new 375GB/platter, 5,400 RPM and 7,200 RPM, 2.5-inch hard drives -- the Travelstar 5K750 and the Travelstar 7K750 hard drive families.

Featuring what the company says is the industry’s highest capacities in a standard 9.5mm two-disk design, the new drives come in capacities of 750GB, 640GB and 500GB. The drives feature technology that delivers high shock protection.

The Travelstar 5K750 and 7K750 drive families are the first Hitachi GST hard drives that feature Advanced Format. Advanced Format increases the physical sector size on hard drives from 512 bytes to 4096 (4K) bytes. This helps utilize the storage surface area more efficiently, allowing for increased drive capacities and improved data integrity at higher storage densities.

The Travelstar 5K750 is currently shipping in volume. Hitachi Travelstar...

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Oct 05
UA introduces new UAD-2 QUAD Omni package

Universal Audio has released the UAD-2 QUAD Omni (v5.7) DSP Accelerator Package ( ). It gives producers and engineers 50 UAD powered plug-ins for Mac and Windows systems.

The PCIe card features four analog devices SHARC chips to “power” analog emulation plug-ins, including classics from Manley, Neve, Roland, BOSS, dbx, Empirical Labs, EMT, Fairchild, Harrison, Helios, Little Labs, Pultec, SPL, Teletronix and more. The UAD-2 QUAD Omni (v5.7) DSP Accelerator Package features:

With the UAD-2 QUAD Omni package, you can run large, professional mixes in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Performer and more. It's available for purchase from authorized UA dealers worldwide.

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Oct 05
MicroNet unveils storage system with 10TB capacity, RAID 5

MicroNet Technology (, a provider of storage solutions that small and medium businesses (SMBs) can rely on, has unveiled the RAIDBank5, a storage solution that combines a 10TB capacity with the performance and data reliability of RAID 5 and the speed of  USB 3.0 connectivity.

The RAIDBank5 is a RAID solution for storage-intensive digital media applications. The folks at MicroNet say they designed the RAIDBank5 for maximum performance with a hardware RAID architecture that delivers more than 200 MB/second and quad interface connectivity with the industry’s fastest external storage interfaces including, FireWire 400 and 800, 300 MB/sec eSATA and the new USB 3.0 at 500 MB/sec.

When configured for RAID 5 operations, the RAIDBank5 delivers read and write speeds of 218 MB/sec and 220 MB/sec, respectively. It's designed for storage-centric needs of professional digital audio...

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Oct 05
Disk Drill is free data recovery software for Mac OS X

CleverFiles Software ( has released the first public version of Disk Drill Beta, their new professional level data recovery solution for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher). The free app helps recover lost data, deleted files, and also strives to prevent unexpected data loss with the help of its own Recovery Vault technology.

Disk Drill knows the most popular formats and their binary signatures so it can find deleted data and recover it even when there's only raw access to your drive, according to the folks at CleverFiles. It offers several data recovery methods: deep scan, quick scan and recovery from its own Vault. It supports all file systems and will attempt to recover data even from not partitioned media including hard disks or memory cards with corrupted file system, etc.

Disk Drill also protects data from unexpected damage by implementing its own Recovery Vault...

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Oct 05
WebDesign 3.0 for Mac OS X adds support for HTML 5

Rage Software has released WebDesign 3.2 (, an update to the web development software for Mac OS X. The new version provides support for HTML 5 with the addition of new auto-complete features and a syntax checker that supports all the new HTML 5 tags and attributes. It also adds faster website publishing.

WebDesign sports over 40 HTML wizards. Features include live side-by-side web page previews, auto code completion as you type, integrated HTML help, and much more.

WebDesign is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. It costs US$59.95.

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Oct 05
SonicMood for Mac OS X sounds off to version 4.9.83

SonicIdeas ( has released SonicMood for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher. It's a maintenance update with some bug fixes.

There's also now an undo/redo for the main SonicMood window, the Edit window, and the Mixer window now share a common stack. The other windows, like Preferences and the Picture window, continue to have separate undo/redo stacks.Version also makes some changes to the Edit window to make it a little more understandable.

SonicMood's 28 ambient nature music Moods can be found at the iTunes Store with each Mood available for US$0.99. SonicMood is an $12.95 Mac only application that's designed as a multifaceted ambient music-maker/player. Each of the 28 available Moods on the SonicMood Player can be completely altered and edited .

SonicMood has two separate types of sound generation -- the MIDI player and the Soundfiles that come with the application....

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Oct 05
Freeverse releases Hordes of Orcs 2 for Mac OS X, Windows

Freeverse ( has released Hordes of Orcs 2 for Mac OS X and Windows. Developed by MrJoy, it's an US$19.95 sequel to -- as you could probably guess -- Hordes of Orcs .

Here's how the game id described: "Defend your castle from destruction by strategically building walls to redirect the flow of the onslaught, and then spend your money on the right combination of defense towers to defeat the attacking forces.  Choose carefully from Arrow Towers, Radiation Towers, Fire Towers and the all-new Railgun Tower, as each enemy has different tolerances.  And don‚t forget to use your handy spells:  casting Fog will slow them down, Weaken inflicts damage to all enemies, Bait will distract the Orcs with an irresistible basket of shitake mushrooms and dung, and Teleport will transport enemies back to the Portal from whence they came.  But if 20 Orcs make it into your castle, it's game over -- you...

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Oct 05
MoneyWell for Mac OS X rings up version 1.6.2

No Thirst Software has updated MoneyWell (, the personal financial application for Mac OS X, to version 1.6.2. The new version adds an automatic refresh of exchange rates.

It also adds: Quicken 2010 for Windows OFX direct connect emulation; an user option to disable automatic update prompt for similar transactions; and a check all/none command to update.

MoneyWell offers flexible account transfers, a reconcile process, color-coded negative numbers, and a Transfers smart bucket. The software is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

MoneyWell 1.6.2 is a free upgrade for all 1.x users and is available to new users at the introductory price of US$39.99. You can download a free trial limited to 200 transactions.

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Oct 04
MEI adds development, design for tablet publishers

MEI ( is offering specialized training, consulting and design services for publishers working to move their products to tablet editions.

The new MEI program provides a range of assistance, from strategic planning to hands-on technical work at all stages of digital production, including workflow development, issue design and app deployment. Services include training staff on the latest digital publishing innovations, creating templates and other layout elements, and more.

Depending on a publisher's specific tablet needs, MEI also offers its expertise as the exclusive distributor of the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform in the Americas, says Dennis McGuire, CEO and president of MEI. K4 allows publishers to integrate Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy to create and manage content for print, online, mobile and, now, iPad and other emerging media.

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Oct 04
iPad's sales rate better than the iPhone, DVDs when they...

Apple’s iPad sold three million units in the first 80 days after its April release and its current sales rate is about 4.5 million units per quarter, according to Bernstein Research -- as noted by "CNBC" ( This sales rate is blowing past the one million units the iPhone sold in its first quarter and the 350,000 units sold in the first year by the DVD player, the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic product.

“The iPad did not seem destined to be a runaway product success straight out of the box,” said Colin McGranahan, retail analyst at Bernstein Research, in a note. “By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.”

At this current rate, the iPad will pass gaming...

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Oct 04
Apple challenges Mirror Worlds verdict

Apple is challenging a jury verdict in which the computer maker was ordered to pay as much as US$625.5 million to Mirror Worlds for infringing patents related to how documents are displayed digitally, reports "Bloomberg" (

Apple asked U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis for an emergency stay of the Oct. 1 verdict, saying there are outstanding issues on two of the three patents. Apple said patent owner Mirror Worlds would also be “triple dipping” if it were able to collect $208.5 million on each of the patents.

Apple has been ordered by a jury to pay damages to Mirror Worlds for infringing patents related to how documents are displayed on a computer screen. The...

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Oct 04
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Oct. 4

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

OurLivez has fired off Torpedo Alley 1.0, an US$0.99 game for iOS devices. Players use five torpedoes to knock out the submarine mothership. At higher levels, defending mini-subs will sacrifice themselves to protect their mothership.

Fairlady Media has released Ghosts! 1.0, a $0.99 game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Players use a flashlight to find invading ghosts and other enemies in a dark landscape. Destroy the creepy enemies by zapping them with a lighting-enabled super flashlight or upgrade to a flamethrower for even better defenses. Ghosts! features 20 levels of gameplay.

Apalon has announced Cut It Up!, a $0.99 game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The main challenge of the game is to pass through various levels by cutting chunks off...

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Oct 04
Craft Animations provides sample CDS tools

Craft Animations has announced the integration of select Craft Director Studio (CDS) tools within the Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Maya; 2011, currently available to customers on Autodesk Subscription at .

CDS is based on research in autonomous control systems and provides interactive control and simulation of cameras and vehicles, which helps to significantly reduce animation production times. The free CDS sample bundle for Maya 2011 includes: Craft SoftMotionCam, Craft ObserverCam, Craft MultiStateCam, Craft HumanizerCam and four Craft pre-rigged models (from PerspectX).

Craft Animations offers over 20 additional animation tools and six Specialty Edition bundles designed for 3D animators, visual effects artists, game developers, forensic specialists, CAD professionals and architectural designers. All tools...

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Oct 04
DATRON iPad-operated D5 Dental Mill

Datron Dynamics ( has released the DATRON D5 Dental Mill. This 5-axis, high-speed machining center was designed specifically and exclusively for dental milling applications including crowns, bridges, abutments, inlays, onlays, telescopes, implants, bar work and even models.  It's the only machining center in the world to feature a touch-screen iPad to control all machine functions.   

A rigid cast iron construction houses a fully-integrated 5-axis automation system built to hold up to eight material blanks or “pucks” frequently used by dental labs. This integrated 8-piece handling system loads and unloads blanks for un-attended operation. Finished blanks can be unloaded from the machine while the machine is running.

The DATRON D5 is optimized for the efficient machining of common dental materials such as NEM, titanium, chrome-cobalt, zirconium, PMMA, wax, ceramics and dental...

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Oct 04
Analyst: Apple capitalizing on trend toward digital lifestyle

Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities issued an in-depth 85-page note on Apple to analysts Monday -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( and initiated coverage of Apple stock with a $430 12-month price target.

"We believe Apple is still in the early stages of capitalizing on the trend toward a digital lifestyle, while transforming itself to seize large opportunities in the enterprise market, advertising (i.e. mobile, TV, etc.), "cloud computing and social networking," White wrote.

White predicts Apple will sell 7.1 million iPads in its 2010 fiscal year, with sales growing 181% in 2011 to 19.9 million. In the 2012 fiscal year, he sees Apple selling 25.8 million iPads.

The analyst thinks Apple will sell 36.9 million units in 2010, up 78% year-over-year. For the 2011 fiscal year, White eyeballs Apple selling 49.1 million handsets, eventually reaching 71.1...

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Oct 04
Quark brings dynamic publishing to 100 million SharePoint users

Quark ( announced today that Quark Publishing System can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to offer the 100 million SharePoint users worldwide a single, affordable system for workflow, collaboration, and dynamic publishing that spans across all departments.

By uniting SharePoint and Quark Publishing System, knowledge workers and creative departments can collaborate within one system to create, edit, revise, and publish brand-compliant, cross-media marketing communications. This enables organizations across industries to boost the return on their SharePoint investment by reducing the cost of publishing marketing material while reaching target audiences more frequently with accurate and timely information, according to PG Bartlett, senior vice president of Product Management at Quark.

Through the integration of Quark Publishing System -- the engine that enables dynamic,...

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Oct 04
Left for Dead coming to the Mac this week

Valve says Left 4 Dead 2 will hit the Mac OS on Tuesday, reports "Insanely Great" ( The game will be released through the company’s Steam.

Left 4 Dead 2 was originally released last November on Windows and Xbox. In the game players must fend off a world infected by zombie-like creatures

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Oct 04
Analyst: iPad waaaaay ahead of competitors

Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore told clients -- as reported by "Fortune" ( -- that he's surveyed the tablet computer scene and concluded that things don't look good for the iPad's competitors.

"We believe Apple's lead in the tablet market will prove difficult to close by the onslaught of competing products coming over the next several quarters," he says. "Ultimately, we expect the slew of upcoming competition to fall flat from a user experience standpoint while struggl[ing] to materially undercut the iPad on price."

According to Whitmore, the iPad is ahead of competitors by: 12-18 months in terms of content; two or more years in terms of other media acquisition and integration via iTunes; and "...

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Oct 04
Apple on its way to overtaking Exxon in terms of market...

Apple is on its way to overtake Exxon Mobil Corp. as the largest company by market capitalization, though it still has a ways to go, reports the "San Francisco Chronicle" (

As soon as the total value of the company's shares edges above Exxon's, Apple will take over the top spot in the Standard and Poor's 500, the market index used by most professional money managers.

"Apple still has some catching up to do before it takes the lead, of course," notes the "Chronicle." "As of now, there is a $60 billion difference in the two companies' market capitalization. If the price of Exxon stays flat, Apple's stock will need to rise 12 percent to move ahead of the oil giant, according to Brian...

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Oct 04
Adidas drops iAd?

"Business Insider" ( says Adidas has apparently backed out of Apple's iAd mobile advertising program because Apple CEO Steve Jobs was "being too much of a control freak.

According to one industry exec, Adidas decided to cancel its iAds after Apple rejected its creative concept for the third time. In an effort to dial up ad quality, Apple has taken more control over iAds than any other program in the industry, including making the actual ads themselves, notes the "Business Insider." And, as the "Wall Street Journal" noted in August (...

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Oct 04
Apple, Nissan tie for top spot in Ace Metrix top 10

Ace Metrix (, which specializes in television advertising analytics, has announced the Ace Metrix Quarterly Top 10 for the third quarter ending September 30, 2010. For the first time, two national breaking ads tied for best creative effectiveness: Apple iPad “Demonstration of Features” which first aired on Au.17 and Nissan “Wouldn’t It," airing Oct. 28, both scored Ace Score 671, out of a possible 950, and compared to an Ace Score average of 532 for all ads.

“These top ten ads represent a huge achievement in a highly competitive industry. Resonating with today’s fickle consumer is a constant challenge for brands, and these ads represent the best of the best when it comes to effective creative with their consumers,” says Peter Daboll, chief executive of Ace Metrix. “The Ace Score is unique in its ability to track the breadth of all advertising creative that lands on today’s...

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Oct 04
Pageflex Studio ID 2.0 brings FLEX-ibility to Adobe InDesign...

Pageflex, a division of Bitstream (http:/ and a developer of enterprise variable data publishing and web-to-print solutions, has announced Studio ID 2.0, a desktop variable data publishing (VDP) plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

This new release includes support for Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) on both the Mac and Windows platforms, and the patented flex technology of Pageflex. Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, president and CEO, Bitstream, says the patented flex technology allows design layout containers (text boxes, shapes, groups, etc.) to dynamically stretch, shrink, and reposition themselves in reaction to the quantity and size of the variable text or images poured into them. The template designer defines layout rules that govern how the containers can flex individually and in relationship to each other so that a pleasing page design is maintained even as the layout changes, she adds.

Users of both Adobe InDesign CS4 and CS5 can take advantage of the new...

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