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Nov 24
EngLits collection comes to the Apple iBookstore

InterLingua Publishing has announced its full collection of EngLits summaries ( of classic books of more than 80 titles in Apple's iBookstore.

Some of the EngLits titles include William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet",  Charles Dicken's "Great Expectations" and F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby". EngLits summaries of classic books were developed to assist high school and college students to fully comprehend all of their school required reading.

EngLits provides students with a detailed description of the books, helping them to become familiar with the story; making it easier to complete school assignments on time. The EngLits summaries can be purchased in a variety of formats.

Starting today, customers can download these books for US$2.99 each from the iBookstore and read them on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The iBookstore is accessible via the free iBooks...

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Nov 23
Woz: Apple HASN'T bought Nuance

Early Tuesday, it was reported that Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak saod in an video interview that Apple has bought Nuance, a voice recognition company. However, he says he was wrong.

“I think voice recognition is going to become, more and more, a part of these machines,” Woz said in the interview with Romil Patel, founder of “Apple’s probably thinking the same way. They recently bought the company Nuance.”

However, the Apple co-founder now says he was "totally wrong" in his statement. "I thought I'd read about it but obviously got it all wrong," Wozniak told "Reuters" (...

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Nov 23
'WSJ': Apple poaching members of RIM's enterprise...

Apple "is not only poaching corporate customers from BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, it's poaching members of RIM's enterprise sales team, reports the "Wall Street Journal" (

In the past 18 months, at least five members of RIM's enterprise-sales team have left the company to join Apple, the article adds. This includes Geoff Perfect, who served as Head of Strategic Sales at RIM for nearly five years before leaving in April 2009 and joining Apple a month later as Head of Enterprise iPhone Sales, says the "WSJ," referencing LinkedIn, the online networking service for professionals.

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Nov 23
Want an Apple 1 in prime condition? Be prepared to pony up

The listing of a 1976 Apple-1 computer in a Christie's sale "caused quite a stir - especially over the estimated price of £100,000 - £150,000 ($US160,300 - $US240,450)," reports "IT Wire" (

The Apple 1 was the original Apple computer designed by Steve ("Woz") Wozniak. The significance of the particular example auctioned by Christie's was that it included a number of associated items including the all-important (to collectors, at least) cardboard box, plus the manual, original invoice, and a typed letter signed by Steve Jobs, says "IT Wire." Also, the Apple-1 offered for sale was number 87 of a production run of perhaps 200, of which as few as 50 are thought to survive, the article adds.

(Pictured is an Apple 1 at the Smithsonian.)

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Nov 23
HeloStrap flies to the iPad

Wizski Industries has unveiled the HeloStrap, an accessory strap made exclusively for the Apple iPad. It has a 360° single rotating connection, which secures the iPad to the user’s grip while allowing it to rotate in the user’s hand.

The HeloStrap works with most cases. Consumers simply secure it around two opposite corners of the iPad, adjust the hand strap to their hand size and the iPad is "instantly securely mobile," according to Paul Wizikowski, president and CEO of Wizski Industries.

The HeloStrap for iPad is available in black, orange, red, blue and green through at the price of US$24.99 starting December 1, 2010. Corporate orders with company logo inclusion and bulk rates are also available through .

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Nov 23
iPad tops US kids' wish list for the holidays

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, parents may want to get up early Friday morning to find deals, as a recent survey shows their kids are eyeing some wallet-stretching electronics this holiday season.

Across a multitude of electronic offerings, the Apple iPad leads all devices (31% interest in future purchase) among American kids ages 6-12, according to a new survey from the Nielsen research group ( Apple’s iPod touch is also popular choice among kids, generating similar levels of interest as computers.

In fact, the iPod Touch outpaces the perennial handheld gaming favorites Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. Among gaming consoles, kids indicate they will be requesting the Sony PlayStation 3 the most this year; however, the platform will be competing...

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Nov 23
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Nov. 23

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Widget Revolt has announced the first version of Timewinder available for the iPad. The US$2.99 app offers a background alarm clock that takes advantage of the 4.2 iOS system. The new version of Timewinder also includes customer-requested features including background timer notifications that do not require user interaction for all iOS compatible devices.

Qwizzly has released Medley 1.0, a $1.99 anagram word puzzle game for iOS devices. It offers a new approach to the classic anagram word puzzles. Solve the puzzles by flipping tilled letters horizontally. Words are comprised of 5, 6 or 7 letters depending on the difficulty level. The faster you uncover the words, the more points you gain. Medley offers beginner, medium and advanced levels to...

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Nov 23
Over 450,000 Beatles albums sold at iTunes since Nov. 16

More than 450,000 albums and two million individual songs were sold on iTunes worldwide, according to Apple, since the Beatles catalog was made available Tuesday (Nov. 16). In U.S. the best-selling album was "Abbey Road" and best-selling song was "Here Comes the Sun," reports "Billboard" (

U.S. album sales totaled 119,000 units, which included 13,000 digital box sets, while individual digital track sales reached 1.4 million, the article -- quoting "industry sources" -- says. Said sources say the U.S. album sales tally of 119,000 counts each box set as one unit, while Apple’s worldwide album sales tally counts each box set as multiple sales units, although it wasn’t immediately clear how many units...

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Nov 23
Is the 'Apple Tax' real?

The so-called "Apple Tax" is an argument that has been around for almost as long as Macs have been rivaling PCs. And despite the fact that so much has changed over the past few decades, the argument still arises almost every time Apple introduces a new computer.

No, it's not the argument of "PC versus Mac" from a software and compatibility standpoint; that's an entirely different animal worthy of its own analysis. This is an argument over dollars and cents. For years, PC loyalists (or just those who are anti-Apple for one reason or another) have argued that Apple computers are more expensive than their similarly equipped, Windows-based counterparts. From notebooks to desktops and pretty much anywhere in-between, many have complained passionately about the so-called "Apple tax."

So "Hot Hardware" did a stud on the matter. You can find "Is The 'Apple Tax' Real? Mac vs. PC Pricing Compared" at...

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Nov 23
Foxconn opens new factory, ups iPad production

With holiday demand for the iPad ramping up, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) recently started mass production of the Apple tablets at its new plants in Chengdu, China, reports "DigiTimes" ( Although the production lines can only manufacture about 10,000 units each day, the capacity is still expected to help satisfy demand, the article says.

Currently, most of the iPad supplies still come from Foxconn's plants at Shenzhen, China, which can supply a maximum of 2.5 million units monthly -- with volumes fluctuating based on the supply of components such as touchscreen modules or panels. iPad shipments in the fourth quarter could surpass seven million units with volumes for 2010 to reach 15 million units, says "DigiTiimes."

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Nov 23
Smartfish unveils Whirl mini notebook mouse

SmartFish Technologies ( has launched the Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse for Macs and PCs. It "adapts to the natural motion of your hand," according to Dr. Jack Atzmon, president and CEO of Smartfish Technologies.

The Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse was developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, whose mission statement is to “improve mobility and the quality of life for all.” This is the Hospital's first collaboration on a consumer product in its 160-year history, says Atzmon.  A portion of the Whirl's proceeds will be donated to the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Education Fund to help further research of technologies.

The Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse features an ambidextrous design, 1600-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2.4MHz wireless connectivity and long battery life.  It comes in an array of colors --...

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Nov 23
Analyst: Mac shipments outpace market 3-to-1

In sales to business, the Mac's year-to-year growth last quarter was nearly eight times faster than the industry average, according to Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. In a note to clients -- as reported by "Fortune" ( -- the analyst said the Mac's share of the business market last quarter was 4.36% and that:

° At 28.5%, Mac shipment growth in the September quarter easily outpaced the PC's market growth rate of 9.7%.

° The twin drivers of the Mac's outperformance were the home and business markets. Mac shipments grew 25.3% in the home market compared with a market growth rate of 10.4%. More significantly, the Mac became the dollar share leader in the U.S. home market with a 29.4% dollar share.

° Continuing the pattern...

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Nov 23
Freeverse releases Field of Glory for Mac OS X

Freeverse ( has released Slitherine’s hit wargame Field of Glory for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher), and its three expansion packs, Rise of Rome, Storms of Arrows and Immortal Fire.

Here's how the game is described: "For the first time ever, the incredibly deep yet accessible turn-based strategy masterpiece developed by HexWar is available for the Mac OS X.  Drawing on the strengths of Slitherine’s original tabletop gaming system of the same name, Field of Glory gives players the chance to experience historical warfare set during the Rise of Rome, spanning Zama in North Africa to the battles of Boudicca’s revolt in Britain.  

"Players can choose to battle against enemy AI or compete against other players in multiplayer mode online.  Wage multiple battles at once, using the seamless asynchronous play mechanics of the play by email system (PBEM).  

"And with the...

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Nov 23
Griffin Technology, Col. Littleon team up for 'fine...

Griffin Technology ( has entered into a co-op partnership with Col. Littleton, "purveyor of fine accouterments in the Americana tradition."

The initial offering from the Griffin + Col. Littleton Co-Op features eight artisan-quality pieces, ranging from wallets to sleeve-style cases, portfolios, and bags. Each piece is hand-made in the Col. Littleton workshop in Lynnville, Tennessee, from soft, dry-milled American Steer Hide leather.

Once each piece is constructed, the customer may choose to personalize it with their initials. Pricing ranges from US$80 for a wallet to $695 for a courier bag for a laptop and iPad. Go to the Griffin Technology web site for details.

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Nov 23
IntelliScanner Wine Collector 400 delivers automatic wine...

IntelliScanner's smart barcode scanner for wine organization received a major upgrade today with the US$279 Wine Collector 400 ( The newest IntelliScanner for wine automatically identifies bottles with its included mini barcode scanner, offering cellar management for Mac OS X (10.4.8 and higher) and PC users.

The Wine Collector 400 is now shipping with double the memory and an all-new integrated Wine Store. Also, IntelliScanner Corp. ( is bundling the newest IntelliScanner mini 250 barcode scanner with a full 500 barcode memory capacity and delivers an all-new Wine Store powered by Wine Collector 400 also sports iPhone and iPad web apps, a rechargeable memory scanner, and the Cellar Viewer grid...

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Nov 23
Civilization V comes to the Mac

Aspyr Media has released Sid Meier’s Civilization V for Mac, the latest entry from the flagship turn-based strategy franchise. Released in partnership with 2K Games, a wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Sid Meier’s Civilization V is the newest addition to the Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise on the Mac.

Here's how teh game is described: "Developed by Firaxis Games, Sid Meier’s Civilization V reinvigorates the classic turn-based strategy genre with an astonishing new engine built from the ground-up for this flagship edition of the Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise. Players are introduced to an entirely new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions and a cavalcade of expanded features that deliver a fully immersive experience. Players build and defend their empire on their quest to become the greatest ruler the world has ever known. The Mac version is expected to be available this holiday season."

Sid Meier’s Civilization V costs US$...

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Nov 23
Personal Antispam adds Outlook 2011 support

Intego ( has announced a new version of Personal Antispam, the company’s intelligent spam filtering program. This release adds compatibility for Microsoft Outlook 2011, the e-mail program included with some versions of Office 2011.

Personal Antispam 10.6.5 now provides spam-filtering support for Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage (v. X, 2004 and 2008) and Microsoft Outlook 2011. It's sold as part of Intego Internet Security Barrier X6 and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
Personal Antispam 10.6.5 is a free upgrade for all registered users of Personal Antispam 10.6 or later. The upgrade is available via Intego NetUpdate.
Standard licenses protect up to two Macs. A 5-Mac family plan is also available.

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Nov 23
NewerTech announces NuPad Organizer

Newer Technology ( has announced the US$49.95 NewerTech NuPad Organizer, a configurable keyboard tray with padded leather wrist rest & mousepad/trackpad area that arranges a variety of Apple Aluminum Keyboards, the Apple Magic Trackpad, and/or any Apple mouse into an ergonomically logical work environment.

The NuPad Organizer is designed to improve Mac user productivity by keeping various Apple input devices cleanly arranged and readily accessible with a factory-like appearance. The Optix acrylic base features a permanently affixed premium grade leather wrist rest for improved typing comfort. When used with a standard Apple Aluminum Keyboard, the NuPad Organizer offers open space for using either the Apple Magic Trackpad or any Apple mouse via the included top grade Brazilian leather mousepad.

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Nov 23
iSkin rolls out new iPhone, iPod touch cases

iSkin (http:/ has released a host of products specifically designed for the iPhone 4 and the fourth generation iPod touch. Available now from are: solo FX for iPhone 4, solo vu for iPhone 4, duet for iPhone 4, pebble for iPod touch 4G and touch Duo for iPod touch 4G. 

All cases were designed with style and protection in mind and manufactured with superior quality materials, according to the folks at iSkin. In addition, the products feature Microban antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the product. 

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Nov 23
HandStands offers keyboard/case accessory for the iPad

HandStands has introduced an US$99.99 Bluetooth iPad keyboard accessory ( that includes a slim SU leather case; a silicone qwerty keyboard, and an adjustable stand to keep the iPad upright for viewing.

The silicone keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth, is both dust and waterproof, and has one-touch access to several basic functions, according to Darrin Keller, director of the e-commerce division at HandStands. The luxe-leather case comes with a hard protective shell and has custom cutouts that allow full access to all iPad controls and connections. The battery purportedly offers up to one hundred hours of continuous use.

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Nov 23
iWebTemplate releases five new iWeb themes

iWebTemplate (, in collaboration with iPresentee, has announced the addition of five new iWeb themes to be used with iWeb, Apple's web site building application.

The new themes are: Dreamy, Direction, Color, Cargo and Back to School. The new iWeb Themes can be customized. Each theme offers eight templates and include the following templates: Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast, and Blank.

Each iWeb theme incorporates a number of different graphic elements that can be removed, moved and changed in size, opacity or color. All themes can be filled with different amounts of information. iWeb themes contains several different page layouts to accommodate various amounts of information.

The iWeb themes require Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later and iLife 08-iLife 11. Each theme is available for US$9.99.

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Nov 23
USB Fever releases five new iPhone 4 products.

USB Fever has released five new products for the iPhone 4. The 180° Fish Eye Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 4G ( costs US$27.99.

The Wide Angle Lens Back Cover for iPhone 4G ( is $23.99, the Macro Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 4G ( costs $20.99, the 8X Telescope with Hard Case for iPhone 4G

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Nov 23
Western Digital adds new features to WD TV media players

Western Digital (, has added several entertainment and social sites to the WD TV media player family. WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus media player customers will now be able to connect with their friends and family through Facebook -- including uploading photos and videos, sharing their status, viewing their wall and getting the latest updates from their News Feed, all from their HDTV.

Meanwhile, WD TV Live Plus media player customers in the U.S. can now instantly rent or purchase the newest movie releases the same day they become available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc through the Blockbuster On Demand service. In addition, new features for the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus media players include:

° Deezer: a personalized on-demand music service for listening to seven million tracks anytime;

° Flingo: free Internet television from leading studios, TV networks, and video web...

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Nov 23
MegaSeg gets performance, stability update

Fidelity Media, creator of MegaSeg, the deejay mixing software and radio automation system for Mac OS X, has released performance and stability update, in addition to announcing discounts of 20% off through Nov. 30.

New purchases are now US$199 and upgrades $59. The MegaSeg 5.5.2 update includes optimizations and addresses a stability issue with the category browser. The update also includes 30 improvements throughout the application, including changes to ambient video playlists, automatic volume control, track logging, drag-n-drop, video playback, the mixer, wave viewer, and more.

MegaSeg 5.5.2 is available for download from the product web site ( as a free update for MegaSeg 5 users, and, through Nov. 30, at a discount price of $59 for upgrades (regular $79), and $199 for new users (regular $249). A demo is available for download.

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Nov 23
XShot launches iPhone-compatible Pocket XShot

XShot ( has announced the Pocket XShot, the latest in a line of camera extenders that lets photographer be in all the pictures with their friends. The new camera extender can be easily fitted onto any iPhone 3 or 4, when used with an XShot iPhone case, and still have all the same benefits as the XShot 2.0.

The Pocket XShot collapses to 6.5 inches to fit into the palm of your hand, yet still extends to 30.5 inches and weighs only 4.6 ounces. It can be carried in a pocket, purse or camera bag.

The Pocket XShot features a new tripod socket at the bottom of the shaft, enabling it to be used on a tripod for additional height. The device is made of metal with a new smooth black rubber grip.

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