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May 24
Intel expands 2010 Intel core processor

Intel ( has introduced Intel Core processors, extending the availability of its award-winning Intel Core processor family to ultra-thin laptops. The number 32 is key -- Intel's chip design and manufacturing dubbed "32 nanometers" delivers 32 percent slimmer laptops and more than 32% better performance.

Based on Intel's 32 nanometer (nm) technology manufacturing, the processors are more than 32% smaller and deliver more than 32% better performance, says Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel. These new processors also reduce power consumption3 more than 15%, resulting in great battery life, he adds.

They also sport Intel's Turbo Boost technology, which will automatically accelerate performance. And Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, available in Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i3 processors, provides responsiveness and helps reduce...

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May 24
Beauty Box Skin software updated for CS5 Suite

Digital Anarchy ( has released a free 64-bit update for its Beauty Box skin retouching software. Beauty Box 1.0.1 is fully compatible with the Adobe CS5 Suite and runs natively in 64-bit host applications and operating systems.

The plug-in provides a way of smoothing skin and removing blemishes in film, HD and video. It's regularly priced at USS$199. The skin retouching software works in After Effects 7.0–CS5, Premiere Pro CS4–CS5 and Final Cut Pro 6.0–7.0. On the Mac, the product runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

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May 24
FCC report criticizes Apple, AT&T, Verizon

The FCC has issued its 14th Annual Report on the state of the wireless industry as required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. One of the "thinly veiled targets" in this report is Apple’s iPhone, according to "Minyanville" (

"First up were their concerns about exclusive handset arrangements (EHA)," the article says. "Obviously, this isn’t Apple-specific but the issue from the FCC’s perspective is that device manufacturers target carriers with the largest installed base of subscribers leaving the smaller carriers at a disadvantage."

What's more, the report includes a...

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May 24
Analyst: almost 17% of Verizon subscribers want an iPhone

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, in a note to clients, has raised her Apple price target from US$275 to $310 per share (from $275), and upped her 2011 iPhone sales estimates to 61.5 million units. She also says Verizon users really want an iPhone.

Huberty told clients -- as reported by "Fortune" ( -- that:

° The percentage of current iPhone customers planning to upgrade rose from 18% in November 2009 to 58% in March 2010. Huberty estimates that the combination of a growing installed base and a rising upgrade rate could yield 19 million upgrade units in 2011.

° Apple will probably cut the price of the iPhone 3GS to $99. If Apple and AT&T could also find a way to cut monthly service costs to $75 from about $...

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May 24
Apple's R&D spending low compare to overall revenues

Apple’s run of "incredible products (and growth) has been achieved with a staggeringly low R&D spend," reports "Silicon Alley Insider" ( The article says Apple only spent US$4.6 billion on R&D over the past four years, while revenues soared from $25 billion to $43 billion.

In contrast, Microsoft spent 700% that amount on R&D during the same period: $31 billion. Likewise Cisco and Intel spent about 400% as much as Apple on R&D -- $19 billion and  $23 billion respectively.

"These are astounding differences above Apple's research and development spend, especially considering that during this period Apple developed the iPhone and iPad," says "Silicon Alley Insider." "In fact it's rumored that Apple...

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May 24
iRecord Music is iPhone/iPod compatible PMP

Streaming Networks has released iRecord Music PMR-300 (, an US$79.99, one-touch personal audio recorder that can directly record music and audio to portable media players (PMP), including all iPhone and iPod devices. The recorded files appear in the PMP’s playlist for immediate playback.

iRecord Music can also record to its internal storage space of 2GB. The contents can later be synced to an attached PMP with a touch of a button. Virtually any analog source is supported by iRecord Music, with a gain selection switch that compensates for peak-to-peak variation of output signal levels of different analog sources. Supported audio codecs are MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

iRecord Music is also a voice recorder and an audio player. Meetings, lectures and any other audio signal can be recorded using the on-board microphone. The USB cap of iRecord Music, housing a rechargeable battery,...

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May 24
Apple rates high in most reputable companies ranking

The Reputation Institute (, an international organization devoted to advancing knowledge about corporate reputations, has released a list of the most reputable companies in the world. Apple ranks number six on the list.

The study provides a first ever assessment of the global reputation landscape -- the companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by the general public across 24 countries, says Dr. Charles Fobrun, chairman of the Reputation Institution. Data collection was powered by Survey Sampling International.
The study was conducted in two parts. In January 2010, Reputation Institute measured the reputations of the world’s 600 largest companies in their home countries. The highest rated companies in each of 32 countries were then selected as candidates for a second study that also rated the world’s most visible and valuable...

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May 24
Virtual Programming publishes EU 3 expansion Heir to the Throne

Virtual Programming is publishing Heir to the Throne (, the third expansion pack for Europa Universalis III. It costs US$19.95 and works with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

As its name implies, Heir to the Throne focuses on the diplomatic side of this strategy game, including the ability to establish dynasties of monarchs with arranged marriages that have far-reaching effects on history. In addition, it features a new Casus Belli system; peace treaties with more options; new options for the Holy Roman Empire, including reformations enacted via imperial authority; special diplomatic options for merchant republics, including trade leagues; a Cultural Tradition function that improves advisors the same way Military Tradition improves generals...

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May 24
'Google vs. Apple' to be discussed at Open Mobile...

As the battle lines sharpen between Google's vision of a mobile web and Apple's application ecosystem, the leading figures in Europe's mobile industry are meeting in London for their annual C-level get-together at the Open Mobile Summit next week.

Taking place on May 26 and 27 at the London Hilton Tower Bridge hotel, the Open Mobile Summit is where experts in the converging mobile, Internet and media industry meet once-a-year, to map out the future. This year’s closing plenary asks "Will the Web win?"

There are a few delegate tickets left, so if you want to participate, go to now and enter your details. The latest agenda is available here: .

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May 24
Seagate releases Momentus XS solid state hybrid drive

Seagate ( has announced channel and original equipment manufacturer shipments of the Momentus XT drive, which it says is the world’s fastest 2.5-inch laptop hard drive, combining SSD-like performance with the massive capacity and much lower cost of HDDs.

The Momentus XT drive also features Adaptive Memory -- a new technology from Seagate that purportedly learns and optimizes the drive’s performance to each user by moving frequently used information into the flash memory for faster access. The Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive boots up to 100%t faster than traditional 5400RPM drives, the mainstream spin speed for laptops, and sets new benchmarks for real-world system performance for laptops and gaming systems, according to Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president of sales, marketing and product line management.

The Momentus XT drive combines a 7200RPM spin speed, 4GB of...

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May 24
PDFClerk update for Mac OS X sports added scripting properties,...

SintraWorks has updated PDFClerk Pro (, a PDF document editor for Mac OS X, to version 3.9.4. The upgrade sports added scripting properties, sticky sketch creation mode and a number of bug fixes.

PDFClerk Pro allows a large number of manipulations to existing PDF documents, as well as allowing the creation of PDF documents from non PDF material, such as graphics and text, or a mix of the two. The application offers default behavior to create new PDF documents with both basic and more advanced layouts, and print booklets for personal use, distribution to clients, staff or students.

PDFClerk Pro 3.9.4 is available as a single-user license for approximately US$44. A demo is available for download with a limitation that each page is stamped with a watermark.

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May 24
'MUG Event Calendar': iPad, Final Cut Pro -- and songs...

The month of May winds down with a wide variety of presentations on the "MUG Event Calendar."

Apple will present the iPad to a Florida group, while an Australian group will host a double header with MacMan Garry Barker and Matthew JC. Powell of Australian Macworld. Three Final Cut Pro User Groups will hold meetings this week in California, Indiana and Illinois, with their usual diverse set of presenters.

Other topics on the week’s schedule include the new MacBook Pro, WordPress, 1Password, SmugMug, Adobe Lightroom and more. In what might qualify as the scariest meeting of the week, a New Jersey group will be, “performing Show and Tell Concerto (opus 10.6).” If they really sing the presentations, the results are difficult to comprehend.

"The MUG Event Calendar" can be found at The MUG Center (, an online resource for Mac User Groups, Mac User Groups are starting to...

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May 24
In-Poculis Mahjong solitaire game for the Mac updated to version...

In-Poculis Mahjong (, a Mahjong solitaire game for Mac OS X, has been updated to version 3.1 The game comes with 120 levels and six themes: Christmas, Halloween, Asian, Easter, Wonderland and Future.

Here's how the game is described: "How to play: find matching mahjong pieces amongst the plethora and click them to get them off the screen. All of the mahjong pieces can be cleared, but it takes some discipline, strategy, and a little bit of luck to win the five medals of each theme."

In-Poculis Mahjong is free. However, if you like the game you're encouraged to donate to fund future development.

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May 24
Expercom opening new Apple Store in Sandy, Utah

Sandy, Utah, will be getting its own authorized Apple store this month. Expercom (, one of Utah's oldest Apple Specialists, will be moving to a new location in Sandy, Utah on Monday, May 24.

The new store at 80 E 10600 South will offer a showroom allowing customers to try out all of the latest in Apple products. The Expercom dealerships and, owned and operated in Utah, have been specializing in Apple products for 13 years. The new Sandy, Utah, location will precede the opening of a new flagship store scheduled to open in Logan, Utah, this July.

Expercom sells new Apple computers, iPods, and iPads. Apple Certified technicians are on staff to provide warranty and out of warranty Mac repair. A full service department also offers local training and software support. Expercom offers dedicated services for businesses such as corporate pricing and priority repair....

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May 24
Steve Jobs to kick off WWDC

Apple will kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address by CEO Steve Jobs on Monday, June 7, at 10 a.m. This year’s WWDC sold out in a record eight days to over 5,000 developers.

The five-day event running from June 7 to June 11, is focused on providing advanced content for skilled developers across five key technology tracks: Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS. Apple engineers will deliver over 100 solutions-oriented technical sessions and labs.

There will be five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners announced at WWDC 2010 (alas, Mac apps need not apply). There's no requirement to enter and winners will be selected from the Apple App Store based on criteria that includes design, technical excellence, innovation, quality, technology adoption and performance. Visit the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 website for registration and more details at...

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May 24
Apple not shipping 3G iPhones?

In what may indicate new iPhones at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is that Apple has has stopped shipping iPhone 3G 8GB units to AT&T stores and orders aren't being placed for the device, according to the "Boy Genius Report" (

"Could this mean we might see the iPhone 3GS drop to $99 and make way for a new model?" "BGR" ponders. "Or maybe the 3GS would disappear altogether?"

WWDC 2010 will be held June 7-11 in San Francisco. Apple will kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address by CEO Steve Jobs on Monday, June 7, at 10 a.m.

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May 21
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for May 21

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

dBelement has announced Reader, a free ebook reader for the iPad. It sports an organized bookshelf interface and a built-in "public library."

Along the same lines, Inkstone Software has released QuickReader 2.0 and partnered with Feedbooks to offer instant access to 6,500-plus free and indie published e-books directly from within the new version of the US$5.99 eBook reader.

DynaDream has debuted uFall 1.0, a $0.99 game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Your mission is to fall down as a fast as you can to avoid the falling cracked glass enemy and reach the goal so you can switch to the next level.

OS&B has introduced Hazard Manager 1.0 for the iPad. A free workplace inspection app, it allows automation of the entry,...

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May 21
FTC closes its investigation of Google AdMob Deal

The Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Google’s proposed acquisition of mobile advertising network company AdMob after reviewing the deal and concluding that it is unlikely to harm competition in the emerging market for mobile advertising networks.

In a statement issued Friday, the Commission said that although the combination of the two leading mobile advertising networks raised serious antitrust issues, the agency’s concerns ultimately were overshadowed by recent developments in the market, most notably a move by Apple to launch its own, competing mobile ad network. In addition, a number of firms appear to be developing or acquiring smartphone platforms to better compete against Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, and these firms would have a strong incentive to facilitate competition among mobile advertising networks.

“As a result of Apple’s entry (into the market), AdMob’s success to date on the iPhone platform is unlikely to be an accurate...

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May 21
Chitika Research: Mac sales spike in April

The Mac OS X operating system has seen some impressive growth this year, according to Chitika Research (, a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 80,000 websites.

From January through March, Mac computers made up just over 7% of the market share, according to traffic numbers coming into the Chitika advertising network. In April, however, that number spiked to 10.25%. Perhaps thanks to the increased foot traffic at Apple stores across the U.S., the Mac managed to pick up 3% of the home computer impressions market over the course of a single month.

Apple’s main competitor in the operating system business, market leader Microsoft, bore the brunt of the shift -- between March and April, 2010, the market share of Microsoft’s Windows operating system dropped from 89% to just over 85%, says Chitika. Linux, the open-source...

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May 21
flipSYNC is new keychain UB charge, sync cable

Scoshe Industries ( has released the flipSYNC, an US$19.99 keychain USB charge and sync cable. The flipSYNC, about the size of a car alarm remote control, provides users with syncing cable when on the go and fits on any keychain.

The flipSYNC is available in two models: IPUSBM which features an iPhone/IPod connection, and USBMM which features both Mini and Micro USB connections for use with Blackberries, digital cameras and more.  Both models feature USB 2.0 connectivity.

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May 21
Mailings for Mac OS X adds support for Chrome web browser

Limit Point Software has released Mailings 1.9.69 (, an update of the application for batch emailing that delivers any web page or plain text document with attachments to multiple recipients for marketing, news announcements, product updates, etc. The new version adds support for the Google Chrome web browser.

Mailings delivers web pages, plain or HTML text documents to multiple recipients for marketing, news announcements, product updates etc. It integrates with mail clients, most common browsers, Address Book and Entourage.

Mailings is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. It costs US$10; upgrades are always free. A demo is available for download.

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May 21
ShareTool update for Mac OS X addresses crash issue

Yazsoft has updated ShareTool ( for Mac OS X, which lets you access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world, to version 2.02. It addresses the crash some users were having with version 2.0.1.

Formerly known as Rendezvous, Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices by getting them connected to each other. ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP. Remote services automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, and other applications.

ShareTool 2.0.2 costs US$15 for a single-user license, $25 for a two-user license and $45 for a family pack (five licenses). Users that purchased ShareTool 1.x from April 13 to May 13, 2010 are entitled to a free 2.x upgrade.

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May 21
beaTunes update for Mac OS X fixes importing/exporting bug

Tagtrum has released version 2.1.8 of beaTunes (, the iTunes add-on for Mac and Windows. The new release fixes some issues with importing and exporting file information.

It can detect various types of metadata, such as beats-per-minute and musical key, as well as find and fix typos and inconsistencies such as misspelled artists and rarely used genres.
BeaTunes analyzes the color and tempo (BPM) of your songs, intelligently creates playlists of matching songs, corrects your iTunes Music Library (typos, wrong genres, etc.), lets you blog about your playlists and more.

A seven-day demo version is available at the product web site. Registration is US$31.95. Upgrades to version 2.1.8 from 1.x are $11.95 and free for registered 2.x users. beaTunes requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

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May 21
'MacNotables' looks at Google TV/Apple TV, Flash, more

The latest edition of "MacNotables" ( a podcast that serves as home to Mac personalities who will comment on the latest news and opinions in the Mac community, is available.

Jason Snell, the editorial eirector of "Macworld," comments on the current state of TV, including why it is such a mess, what the newly announced Google TV means for consumers in general and Apple TV in particular, and where the iPad fits in. He also weighs in on the Apple-Adobe-Flash saga, defending his position that Flash is less relevant than it was when the iPhone first came out, and explains his surprise that we're still talking about it.

The conversation wraps up with Snell talking about the how the iPad fits into his life (so far), what apps he uses, and how it is affecting what he and his team do at "Macworld."

"MacNotables" panelists include...

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May 21
Apple launches 'Why you'll love a Mac' campaign

Showing a bit of overdue love for the Mac, Apple has kicked off a "Why you'll love a Mac" campaign ( It urges folks to "Make the ultimate upgrade. To a Mac."

"Why get a new PC and just upgrade your computer, when you can get a Mac and upgrade your entire computer experience?" Apple says.

It lists several reasons folks should choose a Mac, including:

° It's designed to be a better computer.

° It comes with software you'll love to use.

° It comes with the world's most advanced operating system.

° It comes with award-winning support.

° It runs Office and works with your existing PC files.

° It's compatible with your stuff.

° It doesn't get PC viruses.

° It's loaded with the latest technology.

° It runs Windows and Windows applications.

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