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May 04
OCRKit for Mac OS X gets better text recognition accuracy

OCRKit (, a text recognition app for Mac O X 10.4 or higher, has been updated to version 1.2. The new version improves overall text recognition accuracy and stability, and features a new de-screen image filter, which reduces print moire patterns, helping to improve the text recognition rate such difficult documents.

OCRKit transforms images and PDF files into searchable PDFs. With built-in OCR it allows for editable PDF files via drag and drop. And you can find 'em with the Mac's built-in Spotlight desktop search.

OCRKKit comes with support for several OCR languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and even more user-interface translations: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified-Chinese and Traditional-Chinese. It's designed for Intel Macs only.

OCRKit costs approximately US$49, though version 1.2...

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May 04
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for May 4

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

American Hiking Society, organizer of National Trails Day, has announced its US$9.99 HIKE GPS maps application for the iPhone, a one-stop app with over 300 free recreational maps encompassing more than five million square miles of the United States. HIKE embeds premium map content onto the iPhone so there’s no need to “cache” topo maps or search for a network signal in the middle of the backcountry. The app also allows users to track and record their off-road adventures, take geo-coded pictures, and upload and share their outdoor experiences via Facebook and email.

The Hartford Financial Services Group has released The Harford Mobile, which provides iPhone users with access to checklists, emergency phone numbers and claims reporting features for...

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May 04
SnapRocket for Mac OS X zooms to version 1.0.2

Gray Matter Labs has updated SnapRocket (, a Mac OS X windows switcher, to version 1.0.2. It's a maintenance release with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

SnapRocket is a keyboard based desktop navigator that doesn't rely on arbitrary window grids or lists. Instead, users can navigate among their open windows using only the cursor keys, switching to any application running on their desktop.

SnapRocket requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

SnapRocket costs US$19.95 for a single-user license and $24.95 for a family license. A fully-functional download includes 150 free uses.

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May 04
OWC doubles solid state drive capacity to 400GB

Other World Computing (OWC) has added a new highest capacity 400GB model to its OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line. Designed and made in the U.S. from imported parts, the new 400GB model doubles the capacity of previously announced OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD models.

It comes with enterprise level 28% over-provisioning, five year warranty coverage, and is compatible with Mac and PC computers that can utilize single or multiple 2.5-inch SATA compatible drives including all RAID configurations. Priced at US$1,599.99, the 400GB model is available for pre-ordering with shipping to begin 5/21.

Existing models in the line (previously named the Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD) are available for immediate ordering and share the same redundancy, reliability, and form factor as offered by the 400GB model. For more information on the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD, including Reseller inquiries, visit...

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May 04
Keynote Zone releases Desktop theme

Keynote Zone ( has announced their Desktop Keynote theme. This general-purpose theme is designed to provide a strong association with your desktop and creates a kind of working atmosphere in the entire presentation.

The theme includes 30 layouts, custom designed charts and tables. Available in both Standard and HD versions, the Desktop standard version theme comes in two sizes, and the HD version theme comes in five sizes. Standard versions are US$16, and HD versions are $20. Or you can get 'em all in the Keynote Zone Collection 8 ($69).

Seven more Keynote themes are now available for sale in standard or HD formats at Keynote Zone. They require Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later and iWork '08 or '09.

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May 04
Update of CosmoPod Safari extension beefs up audio saving...

Cocoamug Software, developers and publishers of great Mac software, has released CosmoPod 4.4 (, an update of the Safari extension that lets you download Flash videos from web sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. The upgrade adds support for saving audio MP3, WMA and more from,, and others. It also improves command key down user interaction when dropping multiple files for audio extraction.

CosmoPod can automatically convert downloaded files to an Apple device friendly format, tag them and add them to iTunes. Additionally, you can convert most video already on your hard drive via drag and drop so can be used as a tool to import your DVD collection to your Mac, iTunes, AppleTV, and iPhone.

CosmoPod costs US$12. Version 4.4 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x....

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May 04
Dragon Stop Motion for Mac OS X roars to version 2.1

D-Zed Software has released Dragon Stop Motion 2.1 (, an update to their professional stop motion animation software for Mac OS X and Windows. The upgrade includes support for the new DDMX-S2 Lighting Controller and the new IOTA 3D Stereoscopic Slider, in addition to other exciting features.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of feature film, commercial, broadcast television and independent film, Dragon Stop Motion controls digital still and HD cameras for shooting single frame animation and effects. The version 2.1 update includes new features that expand on the application's support for monitoring, exporting, composing, animating, automating lighting, and automating 3D shooting.

The Auxiliary Monitor feature allows the user to send the main view to a second monitor (video village). The Image Sequence Export provides flexibility in choosing...

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May 04
Scosche announces four new earphones

Scosche ( has announced the availability four new earphones -- the IDR655m, IDR355m, IDR355md, and IDR305m -- all featuring Scosche tapLINE II Remote and Mic. Scosche moved the control surface to where the wires fork to make switching tracks or adjusting the volume easier.

The integrated mic on the new models has also been placed higher up on the right channel so it's closer to the user’s mouth. The audiophile grade IDR655m (Increased Dynamic Range) feature 11mm drivers and small, medium, and large single and dual flanged silicone inserts. The cable features a nylon-braided jacket to help prevent tangling. The earphones also include a genuine sheepskin leather travel pouch.  

The IDR355m and IDR355md feature the same set of silicone inserts as the IDR655’s and six interchangeable color caps that allow users to customize the appearance of the earphones.  The IDR355m earphones...

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May 04
FileMaker launches free Business Productivity Kit

FileMaker, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced the latest FileMaker Business Productivity Kit, which is designed to allow businesses selling both goods and services to become more productive and tackle everyday business tasks.

Optimized for FileMaker Pro 11, the new Business Productivity Kit offers ready-to-use templates for businesses that streamline a variety of operations, from managing contacts and suppliers to tracking projects to processing sales and service orders. Two versions are available: a Standard Edition for companies that sell physical goods and a Services Edition for companies that provide services to clients.
Small businesses can use the Business Productivity Kit immediately for tracking customer and vendor contacts, sales, product information, invoicing, shipping and other key business data -- all in one database solution,...

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May 04
Extensis releases Portfolio 8.5.5 update

Extensis ( has announced a free update (v8.5.5) to Portfolio 8.5, its single-user digital asset management software product.
The update is recommended for users and includes Camera Raw filter support for the latest and 
most popular camera models. Also, full DNG workflow support preserves color adjustments and allows XMP metadata embedding series of performance and stability improvements
With this updated support, Portfolio works with the leading professional Raw-processing applications. The Extensis app automatically catalogs media in any folder, and provides advanced search, batch convert/email and metadata management for various camera formats, including Adobe DNG and Raw files.

Version 8.5.5 is a free update for registered users of version 8.5.x. For new users the cost is US$199.95. Upgrades from previous versions are $99.95.

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May 04
New 3G connection manager shares data connections with iPads,...

Nova media ( has unveiled launch2net Premium, an US$49.90, 3G connection manager with the ability to share your Mac's 3G connection with iPads and other devices.

Launch2net Premium supports most 3G surfsticks available and already includes connection settings for network providers worldwide. Connection information is provided by a statistics feature. It also includes an integrated SMS text message manager with support for multipart and multigroup text messages and is linked to the address book of Mac OS X.

Launch2net Premium can share a 3G modem connection using its Mobile Hub technology. Mobile Hub turns a Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot with just a few clicks and allows other WLAN devices to log into the new network just like any other Wi-Fi network. Mobile Hub features a blacklist to deny access and offers WEP 128-bit security.

Launch2net Premium requires an Intel-based...

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May 04
Paradigma Software ships Valentina DB 4.6

Paradigma Software ( has released Valentina DB 4.5, an update of the columnar database for business and developers, and and Valentina Reports 4.6, the cross-platform database reporting solution for Windows and Mac OS X. The upgrade provides performance improvements, database diagnostic features and user requested improvements and optimizations.

Valentina Reports is a visual report creation and generation engine that drops right into the Valentina DB kernel and generates charts, graphs, complex layouts of data with groups and sub-reports, PDFs and more. It's available on Mac OS X and Windows and for every major development environment -- from .net to Cocoa applications on Mac OS X. Unlimited Report deployment is available starting at US$200.

Valentina DB based products include Valentina ADK and Valentina Developer Network for developers desiring to incorporate the...

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May 04
Stardom releases SohoRaid

Stardom ( has released SohoRaid SR2 with USB 2.0, FireWire 800, & eSATA interfaces. It's a two-drive hardware SATA RAID array for mobile digital content with Hardware RAID 1 mirroring.

The SR2 is capable of accepting 2 X 2TB drives; if a drive fails all data can be automatically restored. It has a built-in data rebuild verification option. The front LCD control provides both the management  of your SATA Hard Drives and SATA RAID status. The Stardom SohoRaid SR2 provides feedback of fan speed, system temperature, rebuild percentage, verification status, and audio alarm settings without installing any additional software.

Because of the built in hardware RAID & no need for software, no additional system resources are used. To reduce energy consumption, the Stardom SohoRaid SR2 is designed of aluminum for heat dissipation and energy savings. A large fan provides cooling...

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May 04
ProStor releases InfiniVault product line

ProStor ( -- which specializes in enterprise-class removable disk storage systems for business backup, archiving and retention management -- has announced the general availability of its ProStor InfiniVault product line shipping with the newly released 1TB RDX removable disk cartridge.
The availability of the new cartridge with an uncompressed capacity of 1TB will immediately benefit InfiniVault customers in rich media applications like healthcare, video archiving and surveillance, according to the folks at ProStor. Users now have access up to 100TB of managed online capacity without having to purchase new hardware.

A ProStor InfiniVault Model 100 System can purportedly manage over two billion studies in DICOM format. A 100 slot system with 1TB RDX cartridges can store 100,000 Multi-slice CT scans or 500,000 MRIs or 2,000,000 X-Rays. Similarly, the...

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May 04
The MacJury weighs in on the 3G iPad

The MacJury ( recently convened to discuss the 3G iPad with two members chiming in from the high seas, examining the latest device from both expectation and performance standpoints.

The panel discusses the results of a real-world New York City travel test, and why 3G adds flexibility in some cases but may not be necessary in others. Which data plan to select, how much video 250 megabytes gets you, the effects of 3G on battery life, and a round of favorite iPad apps are all covered by Jeff Carlson, Pat Fauquet, Mark Fuccio, Jean MacDonald, Tom Negrino and host Chuck Joiner.

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May 04
'MacVoices' looks at getting organized with Tags

On the new MacVoices (, Niclas Bahn of Gravity Applications introduces Tags, their solution for information overload.

With a simple key combination, Tags allows the user to assign key words (tags) to virtually anything: email, photos, files, videos, web links, etc. Once tagged, assets can be located by sophisticated searches. Bahn explains how Tags works, what you need to know when moving Tagged files off of your Mac, and how they even support tagging within Gmail.

"MacVoices" is an Internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry, as well as "the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community," according to host Chuck Joiner.

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May 04
Screen Sieve for Mac OS X beefs up search abilities

Yellow Lemon Software has updated Screen Sieve (, its screen-searching utility for Mac OS X, to version 1.2.1. The new version gives users the ability to search not only the currently focused window, but also search the window currently under their mouse cursor.

Screen Sieve is an application that lets users search the contents of their currently active window. Utilizing Mac OS X's built-in support for Accessibility, the software is able to search the windows of any application that supports Accessibility, including most Cocoa- and Carbon-based applications. As the user types, Screen Sieve highlights all visible occurrences of characters, words and phrases, allowing you to locate text in a crowded web-page or highlighting the location of a file in a Finder window.

Screen Sieve supports both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs, and...

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May 04
Typinator 4 for Mac OS X adds 'QuickSearch'

Ergonis Software ( has released Typinator 4.0, the latest version of its tool for auto-typing text and auto-correcting typos system-wide across all Mac OS X applications.

The new version introduces a new feature called "QuickSearch." Instead of inventing and remembering hundreds of cryptic abbreviations, you just type a keyboard shortcut and enter a few characters. Typinator instantly displays a list of matching snippets. Pick the one that you want, and it appears in your document right away. It's like Spotlight for snippets, only much faster, says Ergonis CEO Christoph Reichenberger. QuickSearch can also be used for quickly opening and editing existing snippets.

Typinator 4.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, and Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") is recommended.

Typinator can be purchased on the Ergonis Software web site for $19.99 for a single user license. A family pack...

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May 04
REAL Software ships REAL Studio 2010 Release 2

REAL Software, creator of REAL Studio -- a cross-platform development tool for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux developers -- has begun shipping REAL Studio 2010 Release 2. The upgrade introduces 17 new features and 68 improvements.  

Improved database connectivity, reporting, ActiveX and IDE printing can be found in this release. Also flickering in Windows applications that occurred when several different types of controls were moved or resized, has been greatly reduced. Finally, this release adds more DLL placement options and a new TextEncoding feature that determines if a string is correctly encoded or not.  

REAL Studio Personal Edition for Mac, Windows or Linux is priced at US$99 and is geared for hobbyists and students. REAL Studio Professional Edition, required for cross-platform compilation, is $299. REAL Studio Enterprise Edition, made for full-time developers, is priced at $995. All editions of REAL Studio are now available and can be downloaded directly from...

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May 04
Iomega delivers EMC enterprise storage solutions

Iomega ( has announced the worldwide launch of the new Iomega StorCenter ix12-300r Network Storage array. It's a rackmount storage device for small and medium businesses, as well as small enterprise locations such as workgroups, departments and distributed/branch offices.

Supporting groups of up to 250 users, the StorCenter ix12-300r Network Storage array provides up to 24TB of  networked storage in a 2-rack unit (2U) form factor. The StorCenter ix 12-300r has sophisticated configuration and networking features often only available in larger enterprise installations, and is ideal for production file (NAS) and block (SAN)  data storage, backup to disk (B2D) of critical business data, shared storage for virtualized environments.
The StorCenter ix12-300r mounts in an EIA-310 standard equipment rack and starts with 4TB and 8TB base configurations that can be expanded in four-...

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May 04
Epson releases Perfection V33, V330 photo scanners

Epson ( has announced two all-purpose scanners: the Perfection V33 and Epson Perfection V330 Photo, which are priced at US$89 and $119, respectively. Both models feature 4800 x 9600 dpi (dots per inch) optical resolution and an 180-degree lid for scanning oversized objects.  

The V330 however adds a built-in transparency unit that enables it to scan slides, negatives and film. Bundled with these scanners is ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe, which enables users to scan multiple images such as panoramas, oversized artwork, documents, and scrapbook pages (to name a few) which it stitches together automatically.  

The Epson scanners sport ReadyScan LED technology, which enables fast scan speeds, eliminates warm-up time and decreases power consumption. The technology is also mercury-free.

Epson's Easy Photo Fix technology allows users to restore color from old/faded prints, remove dust...

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May 04
FTC eyeing iPhone licensing changes, iAd

U.S. antitrust enforcers are eyeing the changes that Apple has made to its licensing agreement with iPhone application developers and are likely to open a preliminary investigation into whether the company's actions stifle competition in mobile devices, "people familiar with the situation" told "The Wall Street Journal" ( And they're also apparently looking at iAd.

The Federal Trade...

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May 04
NetAirus sues Apple over iPhone technologies

Another day, another lawsuit. NetAirus Technologies LLC has sued Apple over a patent related to wireless handset communications, claiming the defendant's iPhones infringe the technology.

El Segundo, Calif.-based NetAirus lodged its complaint Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. contending that Apple’s iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS products infringe on its patent. The patent in question was granted to NetAirus on September 5, 2006 and seems to cover the broad concept of a “Wireless Handset Communication System."

However, looking at the patent (number ) it seems it's more for a netbook device than a portable phone. Here's the summary: "A small light weight modular microcomputer based computer and communications systems, designed for both portability and desktop uses. The systems make use of a relative large flat panel display device assembly (2), an expandable hinge device (10), battery power source (9), keyboard assembly (16),...

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May 04
Apple releases Mac Pro Audio Update 1.1

Apple has posted Mac Pro Audio Update 1.1 (, which addresses an audio anomaly that some customers may hear coming from inside their Mac Pro computer when using FireWire audio devices. This update is for Mac Pro (Early 2009) computers running Mac OS X v10.6.3.

Mac Pro Audio 1.1 is a 515KB download. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or higher and can be obtained via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.

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May 04
Psystar granted extension for filing opening brief

They're baaaack. Mac cloner Psystar has been granted an extension for filing an opening brief in its appeal against Apple. The company now has until May 17th, 2010 to file said brief, and Apple’s reply will be due on June 16th, "World of Apple" ( reports.

In January Psystar officially filed its Notice of Appeal in the copyright suit it lost against Apple. The appeal involved a copyright infringement suit Apple brought against Psystar to...

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