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Aug 30
'MUG Event Calendar': Andy Ihnatko, HDR Eflex Pro,...

September starts with some special guests on this week's "MUG Event Calendar."

"Chicago Sun-Times" columnist and "MacNotable" Andy Ihnatko will present to a Chicago user group, Ben Kerosky of Apple will be the guest to show off iTunes in Alaska, and nik Software will talk about HDR Eflex Pro at a California group. Other topics up for discussion this week include computer security, favorite apps, screencasting, GarageBand and more.

"The MUG Event Calendar" can be found at "The MUG Center" (, an online resource for Mac User Groups. MUGs are good places for making new friends in the Mac community, imProving your computing skills, finding solutions to technical Problems, and perhaps locating a good deal on used hardware. For more info on MUGs, and to find the location of the one nearest you, go to Apple's MUG page (...

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Aug 30
AMD dropping the ATI brand nam

AMD will do away with the ATI name as it plans to introduce a range of new products incorporating both AMD microprocessor technology and a Radeon graphics tech on the same chip, according to "The Tech Report" (

The plan is to replace "ATI Radeon" and "ATI FirePro" with "Radeon" and "FirePro", along with a "sprinkling" of AMD corporate identity, the article adds. Existing products, including the Radeon HD 5000 series, won't be renamed.  Instead, AMD says the first products to carry the "AMD Radeon" label will be introduced later this year.

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Aug 30
iPads now shipping within 24 hours

The Apple Store is now shipping all iPad models within 24 hours, indicating Apple now has plenty of its tablet to to satisfy pent-up demand. 

On the flip side, the iPhone 4 seems to actually be in shorter supply than before, notes "I4U News" ( The Apple Store states now that the 16GB and 32GB black iPhone 4 ship in 3 weeks. The white iPhone 4 is of course still not available at all.

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Aug 30
Apple seeks iBookstore marketing manager

A new Apple job posting ( shows that Apple is looking for a marketing manager for iBookstore. It will be the manager's responsibility to drive awareness and sales of iBooks through co-marketing programs with publishers and authors, strategic partnerships, and via online and direct marketing tactics.

iBooks is Apple's ebook/PDF reader for the iPhone and iPad. iBooks works with the The iBookstore features books from major and independent publishers. Once you’ve bought a book -- or downloaded a free one -- it’s displayed on your Bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. iBooks is a free download at the Apple App Store.

According to Apple, the iBookstore marketing manager will:

° Integrate iBookstore into all facets of marketing campaigns for key book releases (web, social networking, print, on-air, events, promotions, pr, grass roots, etc.);

° Identify new iBookstore...

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Aug 30
Clearwire introduces Rover 4G mobile broadband service

Clearwire Corp. ( has unveiled Rover. a pay-as-you-go 4G mobile broadband service Rover’s flagship device is the Rover Puck, an ergonomically designed portable Wi-Fi hotspot that lets you share broadband access, or “Puck”, with up to eight devices at home, out on the town or nearly anywhere you wish.

The Rover Puck can slip into a purse or backpack and serve as an on-the-go broadband access point for devices such as laptops, netbooks, the iPad, the iPod touch, smartphones, PSP systems, game consoles, and Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras, among others. Users have the option to connect up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

The Rover Puck purportedly features mobile download speeds of three to six mbps, with bursts over 10 mbps (up to 4x faster than conventional 3G), using Clearwire’s 4G network. The Rover Puck is available today for US$149.99.

The Rover...

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Aug 30
New Sena Keyboard Folio case turns the iPad into a netbook

Sena Case has debuted the leather Folio Keyboard ( case for the iPad. It sports an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and is made from European leather.

The Folio Keyboard offers a book style, side folding design with cutouts for play-through functionality. This allows the device to be fully functional within the case and features an integrated recessed collapsible back stand that folds flush to act as a stand while holding the iPad at an angle to watch videos, surf the web, view slideshows, photos, and presentation.

This leather portfolio book design is comprised of premium leather providing a soft layer to gently protect your iPad, says Sena Cases CEO, Ramsey Oten. The integrated Bluetooth keyboard allows you to work and type faster ergonomically.


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Aug 30
Marketcircle releases Billings Pro for Mac OS X

Marketcircle has released Billings Pro (, an update to its time billing and invoicing solution for Mac OS X and the iPhone. It's a multi-user time tracking and invoicing application for for multi-user businesses, with a web interface for workers to track time.

Billings Pro uses Marketcircle's Apple Design Award Winning desktop interface from Billings 3, as well as an iPhone application based heavily off of their Billings Touch app. The synchronization technology is derived from Marketcircle's Daylite software.

New in Billings Pro is the addition of a web interface called Timecard. Timecard allows staff members to track time, mileage, and expenses from any modern browser. This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and mobile browsers for the iPhone, iPad Android, and Blackberry. Billings Pro includes over 30...

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Aug 30
'MacVoices' looks at how one school users iPads

On the new "MacVoices" (, Fraser Speirs of Connected Flow guests.

He's not just a software and app developer, but also teaches computing in a local school. For this school year, the school decided to give every student an iPad, and to integrate Apple's latest device into the teaching methodology in a big way. Speirs explains how the decision came about, the cost of funding the project, and why it was viewed as a favorable investment in the future.

He covers training, app picks and management, iPad acceptable use issues both at school and at home, and some of the issues they are having with current Apple App Store policies. Hoping that other schools around the world will undertake similar projects, Speirs provides some recommendations on the process, how to plan, and some of the decisions that have to be made with regard to many of the online educational resources.

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Aug 30
DockView is new Dock extender app

Kapeli has released DockView (, a new Mac OS X app that extends the Dock and makes it aware of the windows that applications have open. With the app, whenever a user points the mouse at an application's icon, thumbnail images of the windows are displayed.

DockView helps Mac OS X users visualize the windows they currently have open and find the window they're looking for. It's also able to display the previews in the default Mac CMD Tab application switcher. Users can identify the application they are looking for and reduce the time it takes to switch between applications.

DockView is a 3.8 MB download that requires Mac OS X 10.6. ("Snow Leopard"). It may be purchased for US$7.99. The free version displays an alert every now and then and is otherwise fully unrestricted.

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Aug 30
Contactizer gets Snow Leopard compatibility

Objective Decision ( has updated Contactizer Pro, a collaborative personal information manager for Mac OS X, to version 3.8.8. The upgrade sports full Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") compatibility and more.

Contactizer 3.8 is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. It's an Universal Binary product so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

This upgrade is free for all registered 3.5 and Contactizer users. Version 3.1.x and previous license owners can upgrade for US$69. Contactizer Pro retails for $119 and Contactizer Express for $54.90. A demo is available for download.

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Aug 30
Before Dawn Solutions announces Mac mini hosting, colocation

Before Dawn Solutions ( has announced Mac mini colocation at their hosting facility located in Denver Colorado. They're adding Mac mini hosting to our other hosting offerings, shared hosting, colocation, virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

Mac mini hosting starts at US$35. It's available immediately from the Before Dawn Solutions online.

Features include: 100 GB of transfer; one power connection (remote restart/start/stop is available); one IP Address (more are available); multi-homed tier 1 network, with an aggregate 5GB into the facility; SAS70 - type II audited; PCI compliant; physical security, secure card, video, and bio scan; temperature and power conditioned.

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Aug 30
Today for iCal offers new default calendar feature

Second Gear ( has released Today 2.5, an update of the US$15 Mac OS X application for managing iCal events and tasks. The new version adds the ability to set a default calendar for new events and tasks you create inside Today.

Version 2.5 also adds support for creating daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring events. What's more, the update should also be a better MobileMe syncing citizen by remembering your calendar preferences more reliably between machines.

Today distinguishes between different events based on the calendar color you define in iCal. Assign a keyboard shortcut, and you can toggle Today's visibility in a split second. Adding new events and tasks can be accomplished in the same way. You can also schedule next week's meeting or a quick task in Today. No iCal required.

It synchronizes calendar information from an iPhone and iPod touch and...

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Aug 30
Times for Red releases public beta of Red Pill 1.0 for Mac OS X

Times for Fun has announced a public beta release of Red Pill, a new image editor for Mac. A final version is scheduled for release in the near future. Red Pill offers 10 useful tools and handles big image.

Features include: tools like magic wand, brush, paint bucket and clone stamp; transform and adjust filters; a paste into command; float/anchor selection; unlimited undo; the ability to resize, rotate and flip an image; a quick save command; file manager and batch processing

The public beta version is available for download at . Just remember : beta software is unfinished software, so use with care.

Red Pill is build for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

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Aug 30
Intel to acquire Infineon's Wireless Solutions business

Infineon Technologies and Intel Corp. ( have entered into a definitive agreement to transfer Infineon's Wireless Solutions (WLS) business to Intel in a cash transaction valued at approximately US$1.4 billion.

WLS, a provider of cellular platforms to top tier global phone makers, will operate as a standalone business serving its existing customers. WLS will also contribute to Intel's strategy to make connected computing ubiquitous from smartphones to laptops to embedded computing, says Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO.

Intel's goal is to expand its mobile and embedded product offerings to support additional customers and market segments, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and embedded computing devices, he adds. Through this effort, Otellini says Intel will pair WLS' cellular technology with its core strengths to enable the delivery of low-power, Intel-based...

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Aug 30
Next MacBUS meeting will look at using Dimdim

The next meeting of The Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia ( will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 7 pm.

This month's meeting will feature a demonstration of Dimdim, a virtual meeting hosting service.  A general Mac troubleshooting Q&A session will also be held. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and invite friends or coworkers who may find the meeting beneficial.

MacBUS was the first user group in the United States to focus on the business and professional uses of the Macintosh operating system. The group of approximately 75 members meets this month at:

MacBUS was the first user group in the United States to focus on the business and professional uses of the Macintosh operating system. The group of approximately 75 members meets this month at:

CBS Auditorium
Dorrance Hamilton Hall
University of the Arts

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Aug 30
Mail Act-On beefs up support for Act-On, Outbox rules

Indev Software has released Mail Act-On 2.17 (, an update of the enhancement to Apple's Mail application that lets you create rules to perform actions on messages by responding to simple keystrokes. The upgrade adds preliminary support for saving /reading Act-On and Outbox rules to/from a drop box folder or shared network folder.

To use an alternate folder, use the following terminal command. defaults write ca.indev.MailActOn ruleSavePath "Path/to/dropbox" Note: This won't work with inbox rules because of potential sync problems with MobileMe.

Other new features include the use of preferred mailboxes when moving messages, and the ability for organizational rules to activate other rules to enable sophisticated workflows such as automatically filing messages that you have replied to, and using combined And/Or logic in your rules. There are also...

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Aug 30
OverSite 4.0 update for Mac OS X adds new widgets, more

Independent software developer Dave Taubler has released OverSite 4.0 (, an update to his wireframing and interaction design application for Mac OS X.

The new version adds: new widgets, the ability to colorize the page background. and the ability to colorize individual spreadsheet cells. Also, wireframe canvases can now autosize to fit components.

The registration cost for new users is US$65; existing users can upgrade for $30. OverSite is compatible with PowerPC and Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

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Aug 30
MiniMail for Mac OS X revved to version 2.0.3

Indev software has released MiniMail 2.0.3 ( It provides compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6.5.

MiniMail 2.0.1 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and OS X 10.6, up to version 10.6.2. As maintenance releases for OS X 10.6 are released, MiniMail will need free updates for continued compatibility.

MiniMail keeps the single mini window mode that's familiar to version 1.X users, while introducing a new multiple window mode. In this new mode, the zoom button will miniaturize each message viewer, showing just the selected mailboxes, letting you maintain different mini windows for a focused view on different mailboxes.

MiniMail now uses Sparkle for updating so that the update process should be the familiar and the same as numerous other applications that use Sparkle. The app is now localized into French, German, Danish, and Norwegian.


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Aug 30
Phone Amego for Mac OS X adds new device tables

Sustainable Softworks has released Phone Amego 1.2.6 (, an update of the Mac OS X (10.5 and later) tool designed to make using your phone easier when you're near your computer by providing on-screen caller ID, letting you click to dial a phone number from your Address Book or on your screen, and optionally dialing through Google Voice.

The upgrade adds some new device tables and fixes some bugs. In addition to Mac OS X 10.5 or later Phone Amego requires: a Google Voice account or a compatible Bluetooth cell phone or a landline phone connected through a compatible USB modem and caller ID service or VoIP phone connected through a Linksys/Sipura VoIP telephone adaptor.

It costs US$20, though version 1.2.6 is a free update for registered...

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Aug 30
Flux web page creation app revved to version 3.0.8

The Escapers has released Flux 3.0.8 (, an update of the Mac OS X app that allows drag 'n drop creation of web pages without the need of knowledge of XHTMLICSS (though you can twiddle with the code if you like). The upgrade offers better audio support and improved French locale.

Users of both Flux 1 & 2 are entitled to an upgrade for just £34.99, and new users can pay only £69.99 for a single user license, or £99.99 for a family license.

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Aug 30
iBank rings up version 4.0r3

IGC Software ( has released released iBank 4.0rc3 a new version of its financial management application for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"). This is a maintenance update with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

iBank costs USS$59.95. iBank for iPhone requires a MobileMe account. The Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard").

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Aug 28
Apple tops IBM's X-Force security list

Apple tops the list of IBM's X-Force security list of most vulnerable vendors followed by Microsoft and Adobe, according to the "International Business Times" ( However, Apple is the only major vendor that has patched all critical security flaws in its operating systems.

Apple held the top position for a second year in a row, while Microsoft moved from third to second. Adobe jumped from the ninth position to third on account of recent PDF and Flash-based loopholes like the ones used to jailbreak the iPhone. Linux topped the list of the most vulnerable operating systems.

Apple accounted for 4% of all vulnerability disclosures with Microsoft reporting 3.4%. But when it comes to the least patched vendors, the top three positions are held by Sun, Microsoft and Mozilla with Apple in the fourth place.

The IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report is produced twice per year: once at mid-...

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Aug 28
Apple App Store has over 250,000 apps

148Apps (http;//, which offers iPhone development news and information, says the Apple App Store has over 250,000 apps from 50,304 publishers as of Friday, just slightly over two years after it opened., which keeps a similar list, has the total at 253,777 apps, including 24,334 for the iPad, notes "Fortune" (

A 148Apps pie chart that breaks down the list by category shows that books (with 17%) have now overtaken games (14%) and entertainment (11%). According to an analysis posted by Royal Pingdom Friday, roughly 70% of the offerings on Apple's store are paid apps. On Google's Android Market, by contrast, 64% are free, notes "Fortune."

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Aug 27
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 27

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Buddy Bergman has announced The Language Buddy 1.0, a free app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It provides a simple interface to enter in a word or short phrase in your native language along with a Romanized "sounds like" spelling for another language. You can also assign photos and audio clips.

Intersog has released Pocket CFO -- Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention (US$39.95) for the iPad. Optimized for mobile learning, it's designed to help business managers and owners understand and utilize modern internal control tools to detect, deter, and ultimately prevent fraud.

DeviceVM has introduced Splashtop Remote for the iPad ($19.99), which allows users to access and control their PC through the Apple tablet. iPad. Splashtop Remote...

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Aug 27
Apple to pay iPhone developers sooner, more frequently

According to a post at the Apple iPhone Dev Center (, the company will pay developers sooner and more often under a new Payments and Financial Reports module in iTunes Connect.

Apple says this new module provides you with details on all financial reports and payments. From a dashboard view, developers obtain information including last payment, amount owed, latest monthly earnings, a rolling transaction history, unit sales, and payment trends.
In addition, Apple has also made updates to how your payments will be processed and how they are presented on iTunes Connect, including:

° Reduction in the thresholds required to be paid, increasing the frequency you will receive proceeds;

° A consolidated...

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