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May 06
Audiocorder for Mac OS X updated to version 5.4.0

Black Cat has updated Audiocorder (, an audio recording app for Mac OS X, to version 5.4.0. This version adds an option to allow the format of the automatically generated sound filename to be set by the user. It also includes bug fixes with the scheduled recording option.

You can use Audiocorder in one of three ways. First, it can work like a standard tape audio recorder. Second, Audiocorder works like a VCR; you can program when it should start and stop recording. Third, Audiocorder can work like a VOX (voice operated) audio recorder. The Voice VOX feature attempts to distinguish between “real” audio, such as speech and music, as compared to static, making it easier to record off of shortwave radio, etc.

Audiocorder is available for Mac OS X 10.2 and later. It costs US$19.99....

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May 06
'MacVoices' looks at Drive Genius 3

On the new "MacVoices" (, Gordon Bell, the general manager for Prosoft Engineering, talks about the latest version of their hard drive utility, Drive Genius 3.

The program has been updated to 64-bit, and Bell explains how that upgrade helps power the DrivePulse feature to keep you updated on the health of your drive. Disk optimization and defrag has also been enhanced, and he covers who this feature is most important for, as well as reviews what Drive Genius 3 does and does not do for solid state drives.

"MacVoices" is an Internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry, as well as "the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community," according to host Chuck Joiner.

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May 06
'Tech Night Owl' looks at US government's alleged...

On this week's "Tech Night Owl," Gene Steinberg, the Owl himself, and guests look at the U.S. government’s alleged inquiry into the affairs of Apple Inc. in the wake of the change in the iPhone developers agreement that effectively blocks use of Flash to port iPhone apps.

The episode also covers the strange soap opera of an online publisher’s “purchase” of an iPhone prototype and the curious aftermath. Along for the ride are Peter Cohen, from "The Loop," and Adam Engst, editor/publisher of "TidBITS" and Take Control Books.

You can tune into the live broadcast stream Thursday nights from 6-8 Pacific, 9-11 Eastern from ; an archive of the show will be available for downloading and listening at your convenience within four hours after the original broadcast. You can also access our show's podcast feed, now available at...

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May 06
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for May 6

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

A new, free iPhone app, TruthSeeker, delivers independent and alternative news sources and podcasts to the end user's iPhone or iPod touch. Launched by London BAPPZ, it delivers news feeds to iPhones by searching for certain key phrases.

Visual Generation has announced The Twiggles 1.0, an US$2.99 puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Twiggles are little blue creatures that are lost in a strange world. To help them find their way back home, the player has to build bridges, dig tunnels, place trampolines and blow up obstacles. The player can always turn back time if something didn't work out, helping them manipulate time to solve the puzzles. The game features animations, with 35 achievements and OpenFeint support.

Free Radical Software...

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May 06
iPad 3G sold out in most of Apple's retail stores

The iPad 3G remains sold out in most of the company's retail stores, prompting "Notify Me" waiting lists that will give customers first priority when supplies are replenished, reports "AppleInsider" (

Ten Apple stores across the U.S. contacted by the web site Thursday were all sold out of the 3G-capable model of the iPad, in all storage capacities. Some of the stores said they were also sold out of all Wi-Fi models, while others had limited stock, the article adds.

Customers who want the iPad 3G, first released last Friday, can sign up for Apple's "Notify Me" service, which will e-mail customers when the product comes back in stock. Those who sign up for the list have first priority on the iPad 3G, and will have 24 hours to pick up the device when it arrives in store.

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May 06
Public interest group says iPhone search warrant docs should be...

Secret documents justifying a search warrant in an investigation of an iPhone prototype, which prosecutors say was reported stolen, should be made public, media organizations said in a court filing, reports "Bloomberg" (

The First Amendment Coalition, a nonprofit public interest group, and six media organizations asked a state judge in Redwood City, California, yesterday to unseal an affidavit filed by investigators who obtained a warrant to search the home of a technology blog editor. The blog "" said it paid a 21-year-old college studentUS $5,000 for the phone, after it was found in a bar in March.

“A warrant is a very intrusive device, especially for a journalist,” Peter Scheer, an attorney and executive director of the San...

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May 06
iPad users skew male in the 35-44 age group

Inside Yahoo! ( has compiled some stats on iPad users and have found, not surprisingly, a male skew in the 35-44 age group among these early users.  In fact, among all users, men outnumber women 2:1.

Given the economy, people with higher earning power were probably the first to buy the iPad. The first Yahoo! iPad users were 94% more likely to be affluent consumers with solid wealth and strong incomes than typical U.S. Yahoo! users.

The sweet spot for the Yahoo! iPad user is within the 35-44 age category, where the population composition is 36% higher than the typical Yahoo! user. Additionally, iPad users over-indexed within the age ranges 30-54 compared to the average U.S. Yahoo! user.

During the measurement period, the iPad has only been...

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May 06
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty pricing announced

Blizzard Entertainment ( says its real-time strategy game, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, will be fully localized into Brazilian Portuguese and will be available in Brazil for a suggested retail price of $49.90 BRL.

With this purchase, players will have six months of access to the StarCraft II single-player campaign and multiplayer play through the new version of, the premier online gaming destination for Blizzard Entertainment gamers. Continued StarCraft II play beyond the time included with the initial purchase will be available via 30-day and 60-day subscription options. Pricing for these options will be announced at a later date.

Players who prefer to make a one-time payment for unlimited access to the StarCraft II single-player campaign and multiplayer play on will have the option to purchase and download an unlimited-access version of the game...

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May 06
Analyst: no Verizon iPhone until 2011

AT&T and Apple probably have a quid pro quo in place that has extended the mobile carrier's exclusive deal with the iPhone in exchange for heavily-discounted data plan pricing for the iPad, Brian Marshall, an analyst at BroadPoint AmTech, tells "Computerworld" (

"AT&T had to do something dramatic to get the iPad," he says. He thinks that, in exchange for its special data pricing for the iPad, AT&T was able to negotiate a six-month extension on the iPhone exclusive.

Many analysts had predicted the AT&T-Apple deal to expire this summer, three years after the two companies first partnered on the iPhone. At one time, Marshall was among those who...

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May 06
Serisag for Mac OS X adds Expenses summary tab

Sagois Slu has released Serisag 310 for Macintosh and Windows platforms ( It lets you manage your serials, licenses, installers and their invoices, keeping them organized.

Version 310 adds an Expenses summary tab. Also now you can get a month and year summary of real and purchase prices.

Serisag is being offered for US$2.90 for the rest of the month; it's normally $19.90. The offer expires May 31.

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May 06
Grantwood Technology ships SimpleSleeve for iPad

Grantwood Technology has announced the SimpleSleeve for iPad (, a protective neoprene sleeve for the iPad. It retails for US$29.99.

The neoprene is durable, yet lightweight. The zipper is an external, asymmetric, plastic design to allow easy placement and removal of the iPad along with charging in the case. The inside of the sleeve is soft to protect your iPad from any unnecessary wear and tear. The SimpleSleeve for iPad works as a standalone or with your favorite carrying bag.

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May 06
Ableton partners release new instruments for Live

There's a new line of instruments, custom-made for Live by Ableton's favorite sound partners. These new partner instruments are available now at the Ableton web shop (

The range of sounds includes sampled grand pianos, Balinese gamelan, EBow guitar, boutique vintage synthesizers, found objects, acoustic and electronic percussion, atmospheres, and soundscapes. All partner instruments work with Suite 8, Live 8 or Live Intro, and many of them are exclusive to Ableton Live.

The partner instruments are completely integrated into Ableton Live, which makes for a smooth workflow and familiar controls. Most of the instruments use Live's Rack format, with the eight Macro Controls carefully mapped to provide control for immediate tweakability. Within the Racks, carefully selected Ableton effects provide additional sound design...

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May 06
Smartphone downloads from mobile apps to peak in 2013

Today most mobile applications for smartphones are downloaded from “app stores.” According to ABI Research (, last year consumers downloaded some 2.4 billion applications from such stores, and the download rate will accelerate over the next few years until in 2013 smartphone downloads are expected to peak at just below seven billion.

The Apple App Store will continue to lead the field. However, that will be the high point, however, and in the years that follow, smartphone download rates from app stores will start a slow decline (although total downloads from all sources will probably continue to grow.)
According to senior analyst Mark Beccue, “App stores aren’t going away: following the 2013 peak in demand, the number of downloads in 2015 will have decreased only seven or eight percent. But as our use of the mobile Internet evolves, demand will increasingly...

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May 06
Bundleecious is new bundle of Mac OS X apps

Bundleecious (http://www.bundleecious) is a new US$9.99 bundle of apps for Mac OS X. The bundle will be available for seven days.

It includes Ecoute (a standalone player that works without having to launch iTunes), Daisy Disk (which scans your disks and presents their contents as interactive maps), Overflow (an app launcher), Sofa Control (which lets you use your Apple Remote to control apps), Img2Icns Pro (an icon creation app) and Headline (a RSS reader).

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May 06
Apple number four in top 100 online retail sites

Apple ranked fourth out of all the top 100 online retail sites, behind Netflix, Amazon, and Avon in ForeSee Results’ annual Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index (

Satisfaction with Top 100 e-retailers rebounded from a dive this time last year, to an all-time high score of 78 points out of 100, a five point year-over-year increase. According to ForeSee Results, consumers are more satisfied with their online experiences than ever before. Nearly every individual retailer registered a score that matched or exceeded previous satisfaction levels.

The research, which employs ascientific methodology created at the University of Michigan, is based on surveys of more than 23,000 visitors to the top 100 e-retail websites by sales volume, as reported in the 2010 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. 

“The state of the economy really forced e-retail to step up...

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May 06
Apple pushing 'secret VIP' ad program for iPhone apps

Quattro Wireless, an Apple subsidiary that's developing the iAd program, is promoting a new "Verification of iTunes Purchase" feature as a competitive advantage enabling iPhone app developers to link to iTunes to obtain data on download conversion rates, according to "TechCrunch" (

At the April 8 unveiling of iPhone OS 4.0, Apple debuted iAd, Apple’s new mobile advertising platform, which "combines the emotion of TV ads with the interactivity of web ads," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said. He added that iPhone OS 4 lets developers embed iAd opportunities within their apps, and the ads are dynamically and wirelessly delivered to the device. Apple will sell and serve the ads, and developers will receive an industry standard 60% of iAd revenue.

The VIP program is aimed at app developers who use iPhone ads to drive...

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May 06
Former secretary of labor to FCC: leave Apple alone

In an online blog (, Robert Reich, former secretary of labor, blasts the Federal Trade Commissions' purported investigation of Apple.

He asks why the FCC threatening Apple with a possible lawsuit for abusing its economic power, but not even raising an eyebrow about the huge and growing economic (and political) muscle of JP Morgan Chase or any of the other four remaining giant banks on Wall Street?

"Our future well being depends more on people like Steve Jobs who invent real products that can improve our lives, than it does on people like Jamie Dimon who invent financial products that do little other than threaten our economy," Reich writes. "Apple’s supposed sin was to tell software developers that...

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May 06
iPad is fastest product ramp to $1 billion

Carl Howe, a director for the Yankee Group's Anywhere Consumer research group ( says the iPad is the fastest product ramp to US$1 billion. Apple announced on Monday that it has sold more than one million iPads since its announcement on Jan. 27.

"I’m counting since January 27 only because pre-orders are included; the reality is the most of those sales and deliveries have been in the last 30 days," writes Howe. "Assuming that rate continues in May (and because even Apple Stores keep running out of stock that seems likely), we’ll see Apple having sold about 1.5 million units by the end of May. Average sales prices seem to be in the $645 range (16 GByte WiFi and 64GByte 3G units seem to be the top sellers). Do the math, and we discover a quite remarkable number: Apple’s iPad will likely take the crown for the fastest consumer product growth to the $1 billion revenue mark in...

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May 06
iPad 'spy software' released

Retina-X Studios has released Mobile Spy for the iPad. With it, users can "silently" view all email messages, web site visits and other information of children or employees -- even if histories are deleted.

Mobile Spy runs in total stealth mode and purportedly no mentions of the program are shown inside the iPad. After the software is set up on the device, it silently records the contents of all emails sent or received. The software also records web addresses visited in Safari and any contact added to the iPad's contacts list.

Immediately after activities are logged, they're silently uploaded to the user's private online account. If no Internet connection is present, the logs will resume upload at the next Internet connection. Accounts can be checked online from any web browser without needing further access to the iPad.

Mobile Spy runs on any jailbroken iPad. The program is also available for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS...

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May 06
imToo Mate lets you convert videos, DVDs to an iPad

ImTOO has introduced the US$59.95 iPad Mate (, which can convert any video or DVD to play on the iPad, plus it will transfer iPad contents to computer and iTunes. In fact, it works similar to iTunes and also supports iPod, iPhone, and iPod touch.

This iPad video converter lets users convert and transfer videos, music, and DVDs for the aforementioned Apple devices. ImTOO iPad Mate’s built-in DVD ripper will convert and rip DVDs to iPad while utilizing dual CPU cores for fast conversions, according to the folks at ImToo. It automatically adjusts video size and resolution for iPad, iPod, or iPhone with the option to customize and adjust the video quality if you wish.

Currently, iPad Mate supports over 60 video and audio formats, including HD videos. It supports the iTunes 9.1 library.

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May 06
GoodSync now available for Mac OS X

Siber Systems has released GoodSync for Mac (, a Mac OS X version of its Windows utility for backing up and synchronizing files between computing devices. The software is purportedly able to sync as many as five million files at once.
GoodSync for Mac supports Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. There's a free version for personal use. GoodSync for Mac Pro, the professional version featuring unlimited jobs and file synchronization plus free Web and toll-free support, is available for US$29.95.
With GoodSync, photos, music, videos, even entire hard drives can be backed up and/or synchronized via USB cable, local networks and the web, according to William Carey, vice president of marketing for Siber Systems. It not only can synchronize a user’s entire data collection, but also analyzes, filters and displays results of syncing operations, providing confidence...

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May 06
Sample Logic releases Acoustix Exclusively for Live!

Sample Logic has released Acoustix (, an US$99 toolkit of morphed acoustic instruments, percussives, atmospheric soundscapes, pads, and tempo-synced audio loops for cinematic music production. Mac and Windows compatible, it's designed for musicians, performers, and producers of all types.

The instruments (presets) and clips (loops) are integrated into Ableton Live. Each instrument uses Live's Rack format, with the 8 Macro Controls mapped to provide top-level control for immediate "tweakability." This also means that all of the instruments and loops are ready to be mapped to a hardware controller or automated directly in Live.

Effects and parameters include: Attack & Release, Reverb, Filter Delay, Arpegiator, Filter Cuttoff & Resonance, and much more. Also, all clips and presets are production ready, custom tailored...

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May 06
Apparent Software acquires Blasted for the Mac

Apparent Software has acquired Blasted (, a productivity booster application for Mac OS X from Ted Roden. The application places all recently used files at user's fingertips, providing access to them.

As part of the acquisition the application is renamed to "Blast" and upgraded to version 1.2. Blast keeps track of all the files the user has been recently using on his Mac. The user can access the file list anytime by clicking on the application icon in the menu bar. Version 1.2 includes the following new features:

° A preview for all the files in the list allows the user to find his file visually just by looking at its icon;

° A favorites sidebar allows user to save his favorite folders and files to be accessed at any time;

° The app shows the list of recent files even after it was closed and the computer was rebooted;

° An...

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May 06
Parachute for Mac OS X now offers secure backups over encrypted...

Dare to be Creative has released Parachute 1.1 (, an update of the backup application for Mac OS X. The upgrade offers secure backups over encrypted FTP, features full 64-bit support and ships with a faster backup engine.

Parachute allows users to run automated, scheduled backups to a wide range of destinations, including FTP/SFTP servers, external disks, and iDisk. Users can setup multiple backup tasks, consisting of a list of files they would like to backup, and either a local or server destination to make the backups to. Possible local destinations include the hard disk, externals disks, and USB flash drives, while server destinations include FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers, as well as iDisk. Each backup tasks can be scheduled to run automatically in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Philipp Mayerhofer, chief operational officer at Dare to be Creative sees Parachute more as a...

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May 06
DiscLabel update for Mac OS X improves error handling

SmileOnMyMac ( has updated DiscLabel, its CD/DVD label design software, to version 6.2.1. The update features improved error handling, as well as minor fixes and improvements.

The update also features a number of ease-of-use improvements: items in a design can now be deleted by dragging them out of the design; a keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding the Inspector was added; and showing/hiding layers has been simplified.

DiscLabel costs US$35.95 for new users. Version 6.2.1 is an $15 update for registered users of earlier versions and a free update for registered users of version 6.x.

The DiscLabel Family Pack, for up to five computers in one household, is $54.95. DiscLabel 6.2.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") or later, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"). A fully-functional demo version is available at the SmileOnMyMac web site.

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