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Jun 28
Lexar Media introduces 64GB RealSSD drive

Lexar Media has introduced a 64GB addition to the Crucial RealSSD C300 product line. The new 64GB RealSSD C300 drive, like it' predecessors, natively supports SATA 6Gb/second, is backwards compatible with the SATA 3Gb/s interface, and provides read speeds of up to 355MB/s and write speeds up to 75MB/s.

Priced at US$149.99, the new 64GB C300 drive is available in a standard 2.5-inch form factor, and comes with a limited three-year warranty. The 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB Crucial RealSSD C300 drives are available through select resellers worldwide and online at .

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Jun 28
'MacVoices' looks at the HelTweetica Twitter client

On the new "MacVoices" ( developer Lucius Kwok of Felt Tip talks about his latest app, the free Twitter client, HelTweetica. He talks about his history as a Mac developer and what pushed him into iPhone and, now, iPad apps.

Kwok also has a rather pro-iTunes opinion of Apple's policies and procedures, and explains how the "walled-garden" metaphor works both ways, often to the advantage of developers and users alike. Impressions of the 2010 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, the status of Sound Studio, why he started developing physical fitness apps and more are all part of the conversation. Kwok profiles his apps and talks about their inspiration, the benefits and challenges of user feedback, and invites listeners to provide suggestions and ideas for new apps.

"MacVoices" is an Internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people...

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Jun 28
Photo contest to be held at next MacBUS meeting

The next meeting of The Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia (MacBUS) will be held on Tuesday, June 29, at 6:30 pm.

This month's meeting will feature a photo contest and annual summer picnic.  Members are encouraged to submit up to two pictures per category to .  ategories for the photo contest include: best children's picture; best nature picture, a nd best picture (your choice).

The winner in each category will be chosen by the members in attendance, and each winner will receive an US$15 iTunes gift card. You must be present and a current member to win.

A general Mac troubleshooting Q&A session will also be held. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and invite friends or coworkers who may find the meeting beneficial.

MacBUS was the first user group in the United States to focus on the business and professional uses of the Macintosh operating system. The group...

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Jun 28
iFixIt offers iPhone 4 repair manual

iFixit, the do-it-yourself tech company, has released an iPhone 4 repair manual. Their engineers worked 12-hour shifts for five days to create the repair manual for Apple's newest creation.

The iPhone 4 repair manual ( sports 10 guides, 122 images, and 181 bullet points. It shows you how to replace all the major components that may break or fail in your iPhone 4. W

"During our teardown, we investigated the repairability of the front and back glass panels," says the gang at iFixit. "It turns out that you'll be able to swap the back glass with little effort, but you won't be able to replace the front panel without also replacing the LCD. The LCD, glass panel, and digitizer come as one unit in the iPhone 4, and they are inseparable without damaging the LCD. We're going to keep investigating potential methods of...

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Jun 28
Texthelp Systems announces Read&Write 4 GOLD for Mac

Texthelp Systems ( has announced the newest release of its literacy support software solution, Read&Write 4 GOLD for Mac, at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference being held in Denver, CO.

Read&Write 4 GOLD for Mac directly integrates with familiar Mac applications, including Microsoft Word for Mac 2008, Safari, and Adobe Reader, giving students access to the reading, writing, and research support tools they need while working within the programs they use everyday.

The new features and enhancements in Version 4 provide even more support for the variety of learning styles and abilities found in today’s schools, colleges, and universities. New features include: screenshot reader, screen masking, a mobile USB version, and feature video tours. In addition, concurrent and unlimited site licensing for school and home use are now available.

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Jun 28
Smart Extreme Tech introduces app development for iOS

Smart Extreme Tech ( has announced a new line of IT services.

Application software development for mobile devices is being added to the full spectrum of IT Services the company provides. The targeted platforms for mobile devices are Apple iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) and Google Android (currently, Droid cell phones). Smart Extreme Tech has already started some mobile device projects in e-commerce, banking and statistics tracking sectors. The applications are required to have identical look-and-feel on both (iOS and Android) platforms.

This presents some challenges for the company development processes, according to Paul Craddock, vice president of Media Relations at Smart Extreme. "The operating systems are provided by fierce competitors, Apple and Google, so when it comes to internal architecture details, just about everything is different and...

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Jun 28
iPhone 4 sales top 1.7 million

Apple says it has sold over 1.7 million of its iPhone 4 through Saturday, June 26, just three days after its launch on June 24. CEO Steve Jobs says it is the most successful product launch in the company's history.

"Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply," he said.

The iPhone 4 is available in the US for a suggested retail price of US$199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model in both Apple and AT&T’s retail and online stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart stores. iPhone 4 is also available in the UK, France, Germany and Japan and will be available in an additional 18 countries by the end of July -- Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Jun 28
'MUG Event Calendar': a picnic, terminology, Photobook...

The month of June comes quietly to an end on the "MUG Event Calendar" and the beginning of July’s listings are reduced by the upcoming United States holiday weekend, not to mention the usual summer hiatus so many MUGs take in the northern hemisphere.

Meeting topics and activities this week include a picnic, computer terminology, Tradme, a pro photographer presentation, and a Photobook presentation.

"The MUG Event Calendar" can be found at The MUG Center (, an online resource for Mac User Groups, Mac User Groups are starting to officially celebrate the holiday season.

MUGs are good places for making new friends in the Mac community, imProving your computing skills, finding solutions to technical Problems, and perhaps locating a good deal on used hardware. For more info on MUGs, and to find the location of the one nearest you, go to Apple's MUG page (...

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Jun 27
Apple, others may have to reconsider use of certain minerals in...

An amendment included in the financial overhaul bill completed on Friday aims to force high-tech manufacturers such as Apple to reconsider the use of minerals that could be fueling violence in Congo, reports "The Hill" (

The article says the language mirrors a bill introduced by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kans.) requiring companies to make annual Securities and Exchange Commission disclosures about what materials they use and the origin of certain minerals. Activists who lobbied for the amendment charge that warlords make millions off American technology companies by controlling mines that contain minerals used in...

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Jun 26
Electronic Recyclers International praises the iPhone 4

John Shegerian, chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), a recycler of electronics and e-waste, has issued a statement about Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4 (although he mistakingly calls it the iPhone 4G).

In his statement, he refers to the new iPhone as “an intuitively designed device that takes the concept of the smart phone to the next level.” Shegerian said that much like Apple’s massively popular iPad which has sold three million units in three months, the iPhone 4G is the kind of significant innovation that creates enormous new opportunities across multiple industries while it triggers the public to discard older devices now rendered obsolete by the newer, user friendly technology the iPhone 4G provides.

“We congratulate Apple for their amazing success with the iPad and applaud them for once again capturing the imagination and interest of the public and producing a ‘must have’ phone that is sure to be a key component of modern culture,”...

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Jun 26
MobGold announces iPhone software development kit

MobGold (, a mobile advertising platform, has released an iPhone SDK (software development kit). This release marks the first SDK release on the iPhone OS for this year.

The new iPhone SDK from MobGold includes expanding banner, transparent overlay, performance enhancement and additional server side flexibility for developers. It allows developers to garner higher monetization opportunities by partnering with MobGold, according to CEO and co-founder Alan Chang.

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Jun 26
FileMaker solutions showcased at ISTE

FileMaker Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, will showcase a wide variety of database solutions for educators, administrators and students (booth #1268) at this year’s International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference and exposition June 28-30 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

At the FileMaker booth, conference attendees will see live demos of FileMaker Pro 11, including new charting and reporting features to assist teachers, IT coordinators and administrators with managing student information, monitoring school operation, and meeting state and federal reporting requirements. Educational solutions developer Campfire Data will demonstrate its FileMaker Pro-based products for data warehousing, gathering and analyzing student assessment results and tracking pre-kindergarten referral and placement.

Educators at the conference will receive...

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Jun 26
Mark/Space updates The Missing Sync for Palm Pre for Mac

Mark/Space has released version 1.2 of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre ( The app lets you synchronize contacts, calendars, music, ringtones, photos and more between a Mac and the new Palm Pre phone. Version 1.2 ow synchronizes notes and tasks between a webOS phone, such as Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, and a Windows PC or Mac computer.

Mark/Space CEO Brian Hall says The Missing Sync for Palm Pre works with the applications Mac owners already know and use: Address Book, Entourage, iCal, iTunes, iPhoto and others. Mark/Space Proximity Sync technology can sync a Mac with a Pre via Wi-Fi - sync happens automatically and wirelessly whenever the Pre is near the Mac. It works even when Pre is in a backpack or pants pocket.

You can choose the groups of contacts and calendars you want on your Pre. Synchronized contacts and calendars work with Palm...

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Jun 26
Zachs Investment Research says iPhone 4 another Apple '...

Zachs Investment Research ( ) says Apple has "experienced tremendous growth, driven by the success of its iPhones and increased Mac shipments." In the research firm's opinion, the new iPhone 4 will be another milestone achievement for the company, helping it continue on its growth path.

"Moreover, we are highly positive about the company’s iPad launch, which is expected to revolutionize mobile computing and will provide a boost to the company's revenues and earnings in 2010," Zachs said in a recent report. "The second-quarter results beat the Zacks Consensus Expectation on the back of strong iPhone sales, increased Mac sales, new product launches, increased consumer spending and a rebound in computer shipments. We expect the company to report stronger results going forward, thereby providing above market gains. Hence we upgrade the rating on the stock to...

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Jun 26
Apple accused of discrimination against lefties

Apple has been accused of ''discrimination'' over the design of their iPhone 4 and that left handers find it more difficult to use, reports the UK "Telegraph" (

There have been complaints an antenna in the lower left corner can become masked when held by a left-handed owner, causing a drop in signal strength. Apple's advice is, basically, "don't hold it that way."

Lauren Milsom, of the UKs' Left-Handed Club, which boasts 90,000 members and represents 10% of the population who are left-handed, branded it a ''design flaw," according to the "Telegraph."

"'It seems ludicrous to suggest that 10% of potential users should be told they have to adopt a less natural hand...

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Jun 26
Dialectic telephony app ready for iOS 4.0

JNSoftware has updated Dialectic (, a telephony tool for the Mac, to version 1.6. Among the new features are support for iPhones running iOS 4.0, enhanced Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) support, and improved Google Voice compatibility.

Dialetic provides system-wide dialing of phone numbers using Bluetooth mobile phones, landlines, many VoIP services and more. It integrates with contact management applications such as Marketcircle Daylite, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, Palm Desktop, FileMaker Pro and other databases, as well as Apple's iCal and Address Book.

In addition to dialing, the software provides a global Address Book menu for accessing your contact data including email, instant messaging, postal addresses, URLs, notes, and phone numbers. You can create new email messages, look up addresses on a map, copy data to the clipboard or insert it...

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Jun 25
Default Folder for Mac OS X updated to version 4.3.9

St. Clair Software has updated Default Folder (, its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X, to version 4.3.9. It fixes a bug introduced with version 3.8.

Default Folder X 4.3.9 is a free update for existing users who purchased a license or upgrade on or after June 1, 2007. The upgrade is US$14.95 for users who bought their copies before that date. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for a new license. Installers are available now in English and German and will be released shortly in Japanese, French, and Danish.

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Jun 25
Russian president meets with Steve Jobs

According to "" (, Russia's president visited Apple and tweeted an image of CEO Steve Jobs giving him a private iPhone 4 demo before meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington.

Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin’s former chief of Presidential Staff and now himself the Russian president, was on a Silicon Valley tour to experience the “origins of success” firsthand. He hopes to apply some of the nation’s high-tech magic to the Russian economy, according to ""

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Jun 25
Don't hold your iPhone 4 THAT way

There are reports that the iPhone 4 doesn't want to connect very quickly -- if at all -- when held a certain way. And a "PC World" report ( confirms this.

Though saying that, overall, the new smartphone is faster than its predecessors they had this to say: "At each of my five testing locations I did an extra set of speed tests while holding the iPhone 4 with my left hand, covering up the bottom left edge of the phone. At one testing location, this seemed to make no difference: I got equal connection speeds when I held the phone in my left hand and when I tested with it sitting on the tabletop. But in the remaining four locations, I saw dramatic speed decreases. In three of my testing locations, connection speeds dropped to zero or near zero when I held the...

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Jun 25
Analyst: 77% of iPhone 4 sales were upgrades

In a note to clients, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that 77% of iPhone sales were upgrades and that Apple has built a recurring revenue stream from a growing base of loyal users.

"While we think Apple will sell between 1.0 million to 1.5 million iPhones in the first three days (including pre-orders), the actual number is largely irrelevant," he writes. "Apple is tapping into the global consumer spending sweet spot, mobile, and as a result iPhone numbers are going higher in the coming years."

As reported by "Fortune" (, Munster and his team's survey also shows that:

° Seventy-seven percent pf the iPhone 4 buyers they spoke to were upgrading from a previous version. That's up from 56% in 2009 and 38% in 2008...

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Jun 25
Blu-ray Disc Association approves final BDXLformat specs

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) -- of which Apple is a member -- announced the finalization and release of the specifications for BDXL, the new multi-layer recordable Blu-ray Disc format with up to 128GB of capacity.

With the completion and approval of the specification, manufacturers can now obtain licensing information and license applications needed to begin production of the high capacity write-once and rewritable discs and hardware. For details go to .

Targeted primarily at commercial segments such as broadcasting, medical and document imaging enterprises with significant archiving needs, BDXL provides customers with triple layer 100GB RE (rewritable) and R (write-once) discs and quadruple layer 128GB R discs. Possible consumer applications include capture and playback of HD broadcast and satellite programming in markets where set-top recorders are...

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Jun 25
MEI offers K4 with Adobe Digital Publishing Platform for iPad...

Managing Editor Inc. ( says it's ready to install and support integration between the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform and Adobe's recently announced Digital Publishing Platform.

K4 users running Adobe CS3, CS4 or CS5 can start taking advantage of the editorial workflow management system integrated with new interactivity design tools from Adobe today. Now those teams can utilize the same system they work with every day to publish to the iPad and other emerging media, according to Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI. K4 features such as versioning, variants, explicit multi-channel workflows and multiple placement of objects ensure that content can be easily authored and reused for any channel, she says

The K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform is a scalable solution that allows publishing professionals to manage their design and editorial workflows and...

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Jun 25
Nova media releases Traffic2Net for Mac OS X

Nova media ( has unveiled Traffic2Net for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher). The US$14.95 app is a universal statistics manager to keep track of time and data usage of mobile Internet connections.

Traffic2Net displays connection details of 2G and 3G connections in one window. The connection details include the time online, up- and download volume, average data throughput, peek speeds, and even the IP address and interface used. Data usage and time online of the current connection are visible in the menu bar of Mac OS X.

Traffic2Net allows you to set session and period limits for your connections. This way, you can have a warning displayed on the screen whenever a limit has been reached, says Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. This is very helpful feature to avoid any additional payments caused by overstepping a data plan's limits, he adds.

Traffic2Net is...

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Jun 25
iFunia Video Converter adds iPhone 4 options

iFunia, a developer of Mac multimedia processing tools, has launched a new version of its flagship product, iFunia Video Converter Pro Converter. This new version offers output options optimized for the iPhone 4.

The software now supports converting any video to the iPhone 4 supported formats. Besides converting video formats, iFunia Video Converter Pro can be used to convert between several HD video formats, including HD AVI, AVCHD M2TS, MTS, TS, HD MOV, HD WMV ,HD MP4, HD FLV, and more. With the program, customers will be able to watch converted HD video clips on almost any portable device including their iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, and several others, according to David Lee, senior product manager from iFunia.

The program also supports simple video editing. Customers can trim a segment or crop the footage from their HD video and then make the conversion.

The iFunia Video Converter Pro for Mac is now available through the iFunia web site (...

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Jun 25
Jumsoft expands free Goodies collection

Jumsoft ( has expanded its Goodies bundle of free products. The company enhanced its Goodies collection with five Sandvox web site designs, nine Numbers templates, and a set of 500 photos and images for Keynote presentations.

All Goodies products are available on Jumsoft's web site for free. Jumsoft designs for Karelia's Sandvox application provide users with a simple way to design their Web sites with a broad range of style options. All t

The templates for iWork Numbers were designed for both home and professional users. The collection includes nine spreadsheet templates: Dinner Planner, Grocery List, Invoice, Loan Comparison, Media Advertising Analyzer, Personal Budget, To Do, Trip Planner, and Wedding Planner. Each template includes relevant tables or checklists and illustrates the given information with graphs and charts where applicable.

Finally, Jumsoft is offering...

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