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Apr 27
iSkin offers new line of laptop carriers

iSkin ( has introduced silo, its line of fashionable laptop carriers. Prices range from US$140 to $150.

The collection features three bag styles (silo Slim, silo Tote and silo Messenger) each styled with a unique graphic identity (Ami, Happy Friends, Royal, Karl The Ninja and Digital Camo). iSkin commissioned the illustrator Cako Martin and designer Esther Sanchez to create the bags’ original artwork. 

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Apr 27
iPhone, iPod touch capture 86% of mobile device requests for...

The iPhone 3GS captured 39% of iPhone OS requests in the latest AdMob report for March, followed by the 2nd generation iPod touch (25%) and the iPhone 3G (20%). The two most recent versions of the iPhone OS generate 86% of the traffic. In March 2010, 44% of iPhone OS traffic came from devices running iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 42% from iPhone OS 3.1.2.

The Android platform has experienced significant growth in monthly traffic over the past year. Android traffic has grown at a compounded monthly growth rate of 32% per month, going from 72 million requests in March 2009 to 2.0 billion in March 2010.

Two Android devices, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic, collectively represented 96% of Android traffic in September 2009. Seven months later, 11 devices represented 96% of Android traffic in the AdMob network. In March 2010, Android traffic share on the AdMob network was divided relatively evenly between the three primary versions of the Android OS: Android 1.5 (38%), Android 2.0 / 2.1...

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Apr 27
Japan retailers halt online sales of Apple products

Most Japanese consumer electronics discount stores have halted online sales of iPods, iMacs and other Apple products, apparently at the request of US Apple, reports "MarketWatch" (

Industry watchers believe that the Japanese unit of Apple has cut out some sales channels because it was unhappy about online stores selling its products at a discount, the "Nikkei" business daily reported. Apple Japan has offered no comment to the Japanese publication, saying the personnel in charge of the matter weren't available.

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Apr 27
Police may expand criminal probe into misplaced iPhone prototype

The criminal probe into Apple's "misplaced" iPhone prototype is expected to broaden, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told "CNET" (

San Mateo County's investigation may expand beyond Gawker Media's, which acknowledged buying the prototype for US$5,000, and the unknown person who sold it to the gadget blog, the source said. Police obtained a warrant to search a Gizmodo editor's home on Friday evening.

"CNET" says that one reason for an expanded investigation is obvious: law enforcement wants to learn who found the so-called 4G prototype and offered it for sale. California law makes it a crime for someone to find lost property but not...

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Apr 27
Transmit FTP client for Mac OS X gets streamlined interface

Panic has updated its Transmit FTP client ( to version 4.0, which offers a speed boost, streamlined interface and more.

With the new Transmit Disk feature, you can now mount any of your favorites in the Finder itself, even if Transmit's not running. You can drag files to your SFTP server, save a small graphic to your Amazon S3 bucket directly from Photoshop, or roll your own iDisk-like backup volume.

Transmit 4.0 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or later and costs US$$34. Upgrades from version 3.x are $19.

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Apr 27
ITC to investigate Elan's charge against Apple

The U.S. International Trade Commission has decided to investigate a multi-touth related patent infringement complaint against Apple filed by Taiwain’s Elan Microelectronics.

Last month the Taiwanese maker of chips and touch-screens asked the U.S. trade agency to ban the import and sale of some Apple products, including the iPad, because of alleged patent infringement. The company claims Apple “knowingly and deliberately” used Elan’s technology, while continuing to introduce infringing products The petition also seeks to ban imports of the iPhone and iPod touch products, Elan said in the complaint.

Elan sued Apple in April 2009 , alleging infringement of two of its touch screen patents, The lawsuit alleges that Apple products -- including its MacBook, iPhone and iPod touch -- use technology that infringes on two of Elan’s patents.

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Apr 27
LaCie announces LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 drive

LaCie ( has announced the latest addition to its Rugged family of mobile hard drives -- the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0, which purportedly provides speeds up to 110 MB/second -- three times the speed of USB 2.0.

The LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0, meaning it will work with any computer or notebook that has a USB connection. Housed in the Rugged casing designed by Neil Poulton, the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 features a scratch-resistant aluminum shell, internal anti-shock absorbers, and a shock-resistant rubber bumper to better protect files against everyday blunders. 

The LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 will be available in 500GB capacity through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Corner, LaCie Reseller+ and LaCie Storage Partner. Suggested retail pricing starts at US$149.99.

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Apr 27
Kerio Connect links iPad to business communications

Kerio Technologies ( says that Kerio Connect 7, a messaging and collaboration server, now natively supports the iPad. Kerio Connect now allows users to access email, calendars, and contacts on the Apple device, expanding the choice of mobile devices.

With Kerio Connect, iPad users can synchronize their email, contacts, and private calendar, search the global address book (GAL), manage invitations, and perform a remote wipe, all using Exchange ActiveSync. Users can also access shared and global calendars with the integrated CalDAV support.

Kerio Connect includes distributed domain clustering for IT management of a single domain supporting multiple branch offices. The latest release also has a newly implemented CardDAV protocol to synchronize contacts with Apple Address Book. Kerio runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and is available as a virtual appliance on the VMware and Parallels...

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Apr 27
FileMaker launches Bento 3 Family Organizer Kit

FileMaker Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced the Bento 3 Family Organizer, a free tool for families to get organized using their Mac, an iPhone or new iPad.

It includes a free 30-day trial of Bento 3, the latest version of the personal database, plus templates that organize bills, meal planning, shopping lists, chores and weekly routines. The Bento 3 Family Organizer is designed to work with Bento 3.

The Bento 3 Family Organizer also works with Bento for iPhone and the new Bento for iPad, so customers can organize their bills, shopping lists and other family management activities on an iPhone or iPad and then synchronize the information with their Mac.
FileMaker also provides the Bento Template Exchange, offering hundreds of additional ways to use Bento. The Bento Template Exchange is a Bento community site that showcases real-world...

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Apr 27
BBEdit 9.5 adds Live Search, event-specific script attachability...

Bare Bones Software ( has released BBEdit 9.5, an update to its strength HTML and text editor. The upgrade introduces a new in-window Live Search bar that actively searches for text as it is typed and highlights matches in the window's editing view.

The new Live Search bar also includes "previous" and "next" arrows, as well as their corresponding key commands and Emacs key bindings. The new Live Search bar supplants
the modal Quick Search window.

Complementing its support for attaching scripts to menu commands, BBEdit 9.5 introduces the ability to attach scripts to more than a dozen specific application and document events, including "open" and "save." BBEdit 9.5 also includes support for directly browsing Zip files, enhancements to text completion, a new "Reveal in Project List" command for quick identification of the active document and contextual Subversion...

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Apr 27
NewerTech debuts Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDM...

Newer Technology ( has released the US$59.95 NewerTech Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter, which integrates the video and digital audio output of Macs without Mini DisplayPort audio support into a single HD 1080p video and full digital audio 5.1 output to HDMI solution.

Featuring a dedicated TOSLINK audio cable that provides the audio signal from a Mac's headphone jack (or mini jack), the NewerTech Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter overcomes the non-audio support of 2008-2009 Mini DisplayPort equipped Macs. By providing support for full 5.1 channel digital audio (such as Dolby Digital) along with high definition video up to 1080p, the NewerTech Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter is designed for using a Mac as part of home theater set-up. It's bus powered, so no AC adapter is needed.

Owners of the new 2010 MacBook Pro...

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Apr 27
Adder offers CATxIP5000, a KVM solution

Adder ( -- a developer of KVM switches, extenders and KVM over IP solutions -- has released the CATxIP5000. 

It sports a 16-port CATx KVM switch that delivers four independent non-blocking remote access sessions over standard network infrastructure. Adder's continued Research and Development in KVM over IP technology and the use of unique chipsets from Adventiq has resulted in a design breakthrough that enables an enterprise grade multi-session KVM-over-IP switch to be delivered at less than half the cost that would normally be expected for such functionality, according to Chief Technical Officer Nigel Dicken.

The device will ship with the network management suite. The CATxIP5000 is available immediately from Adder at a launch price of US$1,750.

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Apr 27
Eye-Fi announces product exclusive to Apple stores

Eye-Fi ( has launched the Eye-Fi Geo X2, a Wi-Fi enabled memory card that integrates with Macs, iPhoto and MobileMe. The Eye-Fi Geo X2 will be on sale in May, exclusively in Apple Stores in the U.S. and internationally for US$69.99.

As part of the new “X2” family announced last month, the 4GB Eye-Fi Geo X2 offers wireless photo and video uploads through an 802.11n transmitter, improved performance with Class 6 read/write speeds, lifetime geotagging service and virtually endless storage capacity with Endless Memory mode, says Eye-Fi CEO Jef Holove.

With the new Eye-Fi Geo X2, Mac users can wirelessly back-up both photos and videos directly into iPhoto or any folder of their choice on their computer. The Wi-Fi enabled memory card can also automatically upload photos and videos directly to MobileMe or one of more than 25 sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or YouTube. With Endless Memory...

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Apr 27
Beta of IconBox 2 available

Florian Soenens has released a beta of IconBox 2, an update of its icon organizer for Mac OS X. You can sign up to participate at .

In version 2, you can create and manage new boxes, with unlimited nesting capabilities of sub boxes. You can also create new smart boxes designed specifically to recognize different icon types.

IconBox 2 also offers real time search capabilities and more. Just remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.

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Apr 27
Trade association sees strong growth for FireWire

Don't count FireWire out just yet. The 1394 Trade Association ( -- of which Apple is a member -- is predicting a strong year of expansion for FireWire across a wide range of markets in 2010, as the electronics industry returns to growth and designers adopt faster FireWire speeds.

The trade association foresees continued expansion into higher speed computing, storage and consumer electronics products, with steady growth of 1394-enabled products in the industrial cameras and instrumentation segments, where FireWire is established as the interface of choice. The 1394 standard (FireWire to we Mac users) also is becoming the preferred interface for automotive networking applications.

Texas Instruments issued the following statement about 1394 prospects: “Texas Instruments continues to see strong demand for its 1394 products across multiple end equipments. The consumer video market...

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Apr 27
Bjango introduces iStat Menus 3 for Mac O X

Bjango ( has updated iStat Menus, its system monitoring app for Mac OS X, to version 3.0. The upgrade includes a large number of enhancements and fixes, as well as a completely new preferences user interface and streamlined installation.

iStat Menus allows you to monitor a plethora of handy information about your Mac, such as CPU & memory usage, disk usage, network usage, temperatures and fan speeds, right from your menubar. The battery extra is brand new to version 3, offering two configureable low battery warnings and menubar information that’s customizable for each power state. It also monitors Bluetooth keyboards and mice, plus uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). It is far, far more customizable than the standard OS X extra.

Almost every aspect of iStat Menus has been enhanced in version 3.0. The Sensors extra now includes the ability to change the fan speed on Intel-...

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Apr 27
Arten Science updates cross platform encryption tool

Arten Science has released the Custom Facility for cuteCipher (, cross platform software for encrypting and protecting your documents and files.

To use cuteCipher, you drag your files onto cuteCipher, enter a secret word and click the Encrypt button. It's based on the R10Cipher software from Arten Science and offers Blowfish encryption. The Custom lets you offer facility encryption to your customers in a customised version for a one-off price.

cuteCipher works with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

cuteCipher custom builds are available now. Prices start from US$400 for a customised version of cuteCipher for in-house use and a customized version of dCipher for up to 100 clients. Customization includes your logo and text. The standard version of cuteCipher is...

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Apr 27
Cookie Platter for the Mac adds Chrome support

iTacet Software has released Cookie Platter 1.1 (, an update of the US$12 Mac OS X application that automatically deletes all unwanted cookies and saves specific cookies based upon a user's favorite web sites. The new version adds support for Google Chrome. Chrome bookmarks can be used as a source of preferred domains and more.

The software can process cookies for multiple web browsers simultaneously and allows customization by browser, domain and type of cookie. Users can group all domains into their root domain, as well as the ability to preview the cookie's web site without opening a browser and more.

Cookie Plater requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Safari 4 or better and/or Firefox 3.5 or greater. A 14-day demo is available for download. Version 1.1 is a free update for registered users.

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Apr 27
Playback for Mac OS X adds Italian, Swedish localizations

Yazsoft has introduced Playback 1.5.2 (, an update of their zero configuration media server for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.

It allows anyone to share their media with any Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or other UPnP compatible device. In the 1.5.2 update Shared folders now default to "Show me everything" mode. The "Playback Menu" component is now a 64-bit application. And there are Italian and Swedish localizations.

Playback can share media stored in folders or even make entire disks available to a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No configuration is required. By default, it will share almost any content on the users system. And Playback automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture. Users can share all content from these applications transparently or choose specific playlists and albums...

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Apr 27
Bricksoftware releases CuteClips 3.1 for Mac OS X

Bricksoftware has released CuteClips 3.1 ( for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") and higher. It's an update of the clipboard history app. The new version offers better support for Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), better preview for URLs, support for TIFF image data on the clipboard, and a cleaned up preferences window.

CuteClip is designed as a companion to the Mac OS X clipboard. It sits in the background and continuously records changes to the clipboard in order to provide access to them when the user needs it. CuteClips 3 is a complete rewrite with a focus on simplicity, according to the folks at Bricksoftware.

To activate CuteClips 3 the user can either use the the menu item or a hot key, which defaults to Command/Shift-V, the shortcut for pasting but with a pressed shift key. CuteClips can either be controlled by your mouse or keyboard.

To prevent clips from being...

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Apr 26
South Korea's culture minister pulls out an iPad -- to his...

South Korea’s culture minister, Yu In-chon, strode into a government briefing room Monday for what seemed to be a routine photo-op as his ministry announced a $50 million program to help develop the country’s budding electronic-books industry. However, he had an iPad -- and that caused trouble.

When he pulled out an iPad, held it up and remarked about how nicely it displays electronic books, tech bloggers pounced on hims because South Korea’s communications "Wall Street Journal" (

The ministry later issued a statement saying the minister chose the iPad to “maximize his presentation” because of its large screen, the article adds. It said it borrowed the iPad from...

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Apr 26
Quark Hosts XML eSeminar for the investment community

On Tuesday, April 27, Quark will host “Publish Investment Content Dynamically for Competitive Differentiation,” a free eSeminar for the investment research community.

During the eSeminar, which is being offered at 10 am and 12 noon (Eastern), a panel of practitioners and technology partners will discuss how XML-based dynamic publishing can drive competitive differentiation for financial firms in 2010. To register go to .

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Apr 26
Jobs: no Mac App Store coming for Mac OS X 10.7

Some had speculated that Mac OS X 10.7 -- whenever it arrives -- would offer a Mac App Store akin to the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However, CEO Steve Jobs has shot down those rumors.

"Redmond Pie" ( reports that a Mac developer Fernando Valente emailed Jobs for clarification in this regard. As usual, Jobs reply was short and to the point. He simply said "nope" to the rumor.

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Apr 26
New QuarkXPress Maintenance Program offers free upgrades

Quark ( has launched its new QuarkXPress Maintenance Program that offers customers access to unlimited priority technical support, the opportunity to upgrade from any previous version to QuarkXPress 8, and the option to receive any upgrades during their maintenance periods, free of charge.

The QuarkXPress Maintenance Program is available to new customers who purchase QuarkXPress 8 or to existing users who upgrade to version 8. To mark the launch of the new program, Quark has also launched a special offer, until June 30, that enables anyone that has already purchased QuarkXPress 8 since Feb. 1 to also purchase QuarkXPress Maintenance.
“The QuarkXPress Maintenance Program is a great opportunity for creative professionals who are using earlier versions of QuarkXPress to upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 and protect their investment for up to two years with free future upgrades," says...

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Apr 26
'Layers Magazine' launches online CS5 learning center

"Layers" ( , the “how-to magazine for everything Adobe," has launched its new Adobe CS5 Learning Center ( to help readers and online visitors better familiarize themselves with the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

The Layers Adobe CS5 Learning Center includes nearly 35 in-depth tutorial videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. It features pros such as Adobe Worldwide Design Evangelist Terry White and NAPP instructor RC Concepcion.

Photographers, graphic and web designers, art directors, video producers, educators and students of all interest and skill levels will have free access to the Layers Adobe CS5 Learning Center.

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