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May 10
New MacBook Air updates this week?

There might be a new MacBook Air released this week, according to "Macworld Australia" (, quoting "a well-placed source familiar with Apple inventory levels and product refreshes."

The source says the number, MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA, most likely points to a Mac product due to the "BETTER" segment of the product code. "Macworld Australia" notes that this could refer to a 27-inch display, which could be a new Cinema Display or, less likely, a new, high-end iMac.

However, "it looks like there are several thousand on their way to Australia this week, which suggests a major new product," "Macworld Australia" notes. The MacBook Air was last updated in June 2009.

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May 10
NPD: Android OS overtakes iPhone OS in smartphone market

The Android operating system (OS) continued to shake up the U.S. mobile phone market in the first quarter (Q1) of 2010, moving past Apple to take the number-two position among smartphone operating systems, according to The NPD Group (, a market research company.

NPD’s wireless market research reveals that based on unit sales to consumers last quarter the Android operating system moved into second position at 28% behind RIM’s OS (36%) and ahead of Apple’s OS (21%).

“As in the past, carrier distribution and promotion have played a crucial role in determining smartphone market share,” says Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for NPD. “In order to compete with the iPhone, Verizon Wireless has expanded its buy-one-get-one offer beyond RIM devices to now include all of their smartphones.”

Strong sales of the Droid, Droid Eris, and Blackberry Curve via these promotions...

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May 10
President Obama 'declares war' on iPods, iPads, etc.

President Barack Obama, a BlackBerry user, "declared war on technology," singling out Apple’s super-popular iPods and iPads for criticism at a commencement ceremony in Virginia, the "New York Post" and "Fox News" ( report.

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama said at Hampton University in southeastern Virginia.

Obama described the most popular offerings of companies like Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as "distractions" that are putting unnecessary pressure on the country. He...

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May 10
WirelessHD standard announced

The WirelessHD Consortium (, the largest 60GHz initiative worldwide and the only wireless standard that provides wireless lossless A/V support, has announced immediate availability of the WirelessHD 1.1 specification announced this January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

This next generation WirelessHD specification enables HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players, PCs and portable devices to transmit, share and display content in billions of colors with unprecedented vividness and accuracy as well as instantaneously transfer large multi-gigabyte media files among a variety of devices, according to John Marshall, chairman of the WirelessHD Consortium.

The WirelessHD specification is currently supported by over 45 global technology companies. Products implementing WirelessHD 1.1 technology will be backward compatible to those products using WirelessHD 1.0 technology. Marshall says...

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May 10
World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X ticks to version 4.7

MaBaSoft ( has updated its World Clock Deluxe time tool to version 4.7. In the new version, 96 cities in Antarctica, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, North Korea, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam have been added to the World Clock Deluxe database.

The software now supports all-year-round Daylight-Saving Time. Also, Daylight-Saving information for Morocco, Samoa, Western Sahara, and for San Luis, Argentina has been updated.

With World Clock Deluxe you can display multiple clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette, in the menu bar and in the Dock, show Coordinated Universal Time and Internet Time, assign labels and colors to clocks, calculate date and time conversions across different time zones and show the current weather all...

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May 10
Bruji releases version 4.6 of the Pedia suite for Mac OS X

Bruji ( has announced updates to DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia, their "Pedia" media cataloging programs for Mac OS X. They retrieve information from numerous international search sites via iSight scanning and keyword searches.

Users can organize their media in collections and folders, export in various different formats, including HTML, and access statistics about their databases. The Pedias are fully Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") compatible.

In this latest version of the Pedias, the iSight scanning feature has been revamped from the ground up and is faster and compatible with most cameras for scanning. In addition users can choose which camera to use for scanning when more than one is connected to the Mac. Several new search plug-ins have been added, including The Open Movie Database, a new film database built with user-generated content.

The HTML export has...

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May 10
Filter Forge 2.0 pre-orders being taken

Filter Forge has announced a beta and pre-order availability of Filter Forge 2.0 (, an update of the plug-in for Adobe Photoshop allowing computer artists to build their own filters: textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, backgrounds, frames and more. Just remember: beta software is unfinished software, so use with care.

With the second version of the software. Filter Forge 2.0 will feature full support for unlimited HDR colors, shadows via ambient occlusion, point and area lights, and dozens of new components to create filters from. It's available for pre-order at a special price; pre-order customers can save up to US$170. The offer is valid until the commercial release of Filter Forge 2.0 which is planned for the second quarter of the year.

Filter Forge is a Photoshop plug-in that lets users create a variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects...

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May 10
AppDelete for Mac OS X updated to version 3.1.1

Reggie Ashworth has updated AppDelete (, an application deleting app for Mac OS X, to version 3.1.1. It's a maintenance update that fixes an issue where AppDelete might not launch on a user account, and includes various localization edits. Also, the Apps panel search has been expanded, as well as miscellaneous optimizations throughout.

Via drag 'n drop, AppDelete will delete any chosen app with all of its associated items that belong to that application. You'll no longer have to hunt through their system to find and delete these items manually.

You can drag any item that can be uninstalled onto AppDelete: applications, widgets, preference panes, plug-ins, screensavers, etc. You can also activate AppDelete in many ways: dragging items onto main window, onto dock icon, selecting in menu, right-clicking...

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May 10
Pantone unleashes Pantone Plus

Pantone has announced Pantone Plus, the next generation of the Pantone Matching System. Enhancements include the chromatic arrangement of colors for more intuitive selection, an expanded palette of spot colors, the addition of new premium metallics and a broader range of neons.
Pantone Color Manager Software, available free-of-charge with every Plus Series purchase, lets designers update their favorite design applications with the new Plus Series Color Libraries. An added feature allows users to convert spot colors to CMYK simulations based on loaded ICC profiles. Creatives can also access the entire Pantone Plus Series from their iPhones with the myPantone iPhone application. Additionally, with the myPantone X-Ref iPhone application, designers can easily cross-reference all Pantone Color Libraries.
All guides in the Plus Series include a ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to instantly show whether current lighting conditions are suitable for color...

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May 10
VueScan update for Mac OS X updated to version 8.6.29

Hamrick Software has released Vuescan 8.6.29, a new version of the VueScan software for Mac OS X that's designed to let users produce better digital images from color snapshots, negatives, slides and documents. The new version offers an increase in the speed of saving files and refreshing the screen.

The Standard Edition of VueScan costs US$39.95 and the Professional Edition is $79.95 for a single user license. Multi-user licenses are available. A fully functional, trial copy of VueScan is available for download from the Hamrick web site (

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May 10
'AppleInsider': Apple developing Gianduai -- a kinda...

Hmmm. So here's another reason Apple CEO Steve Jobs may hate Flash. Apple is developing an alternative to the technology called Gianduia. Well, it's more than a Flash alternative, but it definitely has the potential to harm Flash.

According to "AppleInsider" (, it's a client-side, standards based framework for Rich Internet Apps, to create production quality online apps for its retail users.

Apple introduced Gianduia last summer at WOWODC (World of WebObjects Developer Conference), an independent event scheduled near the company's own WWDC event in June.

Gianduia, named after an Italian hazelnut chocolate, is "essentially is browser-side Cocoa (including CoreData) + WebObjects, written in JavaScript by non-js-haters," developer Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch told "AppleInsider." While the emerging new support for Rich Internet App features in HTML5 is often...

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May 10
Macsimum Poll: should Apple support Flash on its mobile devices?

In this week's poll, we're asking whether you think Apple should support Flash on its mobile devices (it currently doesnt'). The poll is located on the right hand side of the home page beneath the Macsimum Opinion column.

In our last poll, we asked what product Apple should concentrate on next. Thirty-nine percent of you said the Apple TV, 17% said Mac desktops, 11% said Mac OS X, 6% said new iPads, 6% said something entirely new, 5% said new iPhones, 4% said iLife, 4% said iWork, 4% said Final Cut products, 3% said Mac laptops, and 1% said Aperture.

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May 07
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for May 7

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Zacware has announced Soundtastic 1.0, an US$0.99 app available exclusively for the iPad. Soundtastic provides an interface for changing the pitch of a wide variety of built in sounds, as well as allowing the user to record as many of their own custom sounds as they want. Using the iPad's touch screen, users can then play these sounds in any combination, and can vary the pitch of each sound from the lowly bellow of a monster to the high pitched screech of a chipmunk.

xhumans has released Cinema for iPad 1.0, a $2.99 motion picture app exclusively for the iPad. It harkens back to the golden age of cinema going and presents a great number of films at specific showtimes throughout the day, just like a real repertory theatre.


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May 07
Macgamestore releases Mishap game for Mac OS X has released Namco's Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ( for Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. It costs US$9.95. A free, 60-minute trial version is available for download.

Here's how the game is described: "Mishap is a casual game where players will take on the role of Kelly and Brock Burton, a young couple that have just moved into their new dream home. Unfortunately for them, it happens to be haunted. As they prepare to pack up and leave, they are suddenly greeted by the peculiar Milton Hobblepop, self described Professional Paranormal Investigator & Exterminator. With his help, they set out to clear their house of a group of particularly unfortunate ghosts

"Enter the domains of these eccentric specters and search for objects hidden through over 30 beautifully illustrated...

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May 07
Quark to showcase Quark XML Author at EMC World 2010

Quark will be onsite at EMC World ( next week in booth #100 as a part of the Content Management Momentum Zone. At the event Quark will demonstrate the integration of Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word ( with EMC Documentum.

The integration of Quark’s XML authoring tool with EMC’s leading content management system allows organizations to adopt XML in order to improve collaboration on content creation, enable content reuse, and comply with regulatory mandates.
With Quark XML Author any Microsoft Word user can purportedly create intelligent and reusable XML content with little or no training. Documentum users can then manage, review, and edit the XML content created with Quark XML Author.

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May 07
RapidWeaver tweaked for Snow Leopard

Realmac Software has updated RapidWeaver (, its web site creation application for Mac OS X, to version 4.4. It adds adds support for the popular Disqus commenting system, along with a number of other small tweaks and enhancements.

RapidWeaver 4.4 is a free update for registered users of RapidWeaver 3.6 and 4.x. A new license is priced at US$79, while users of RapidWeaver 3.5 or earlier can upgrade for $30. RapidWeaver 4.4 is available to download and buy from today in English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. Family packs and site licences are also available.

RapidWeaver 4.4 is a Universal Binary app, requiring Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6. A demo is available for download.

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May 07
MultiMode update for Mac OS X fixes distorted audio issues

Black Cat Systems has updated MultiMode (, a Mac OS X application that lets you Mac decode several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave, to version 6.1.0. This version fixes bugs that can cause distorted audio on PowerPC Macs.

MultiMode is an US$89 application that lets your Mac decode and transmit several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave and ham radio. It allows you to decode and display morse code, RTTY, FAX, SSTV, ACARS, PSK31 and many other modes on your Mac, without any extra hardware. MultiMode now also allows you to transmit in most of the modes of operation. A lite version is also available which decodes CW, RTTY, and weather fax modes, which is ideal for the sailor and boating enthusiast.


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May 07
'MacNotables' looks at iPad sales, WWCD, more

The latest edition of "MacNotables" (, a podcast that serves as home to Mac personalities who will comment on the latest news and opinions in the Mac community, is available.

Jim Dalrymple of "The Loop" provides his analysis on the impact of one million iPads sold and its impact on his way of doing things personal and professional. He also examines the issues (or are they?) around Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), how he approaches product reviews, and all the questions surrounding the Flash/no-Flash debate from both the user and the anti-trust perspectives.

"MacNotables" panelists include Christopher Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Jim Dalrymple, Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Joiner, Ted Landau, Jason Snell, Bob LeVitus, Dan Frakes and Yours Truly. Not all panelists can make all shows due to scheduling conflicts.

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May 07
Flickery for Mac OS X update features new Aperture, iPhoto plug-...

Eternal Storms ( has updated their flickr client, flickery, for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher to version 1.9. The upgrade features plugins for both Aperture and iPhoto for better integration and supports flickr Galleries.

With flickry, you can browse flickr's photos, view and comment on pictures of your friends, or upload and manage your own photos and favorites. flickery offers three ways of viewing photos: the miniature-overview of the photos where you can see multiple pictures at a time; the full-window-view, which lets you view one photo at a time in detail; and the full-screen view.

You can upload photos to your account, as well. The app also gives you the possibility of editing your photos before you upload them. flickery costs US$19.95, though version 1.9 is a free update for registered users.

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May 07
Orange UK announces data plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Orange announced that it's extending its partnership with Apple to offer new iPad plans for customers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Switzerland.

The partnership between Orange and Apple, which has already seen iPhone launch with Orange in 30 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, will extend later in 2010 with the launch of iPad in additional Orange markets.

Orange UK will offer tailored 3G data plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, from May 10,and will launch a pre-registration site for SIMs at Pay-as-you-consume, daily, weekly and monthly data plans will be available, providing the freedom to choose a type of plan depending on usage. 

Orange will offer micro-SIMs for iPad free of charge to consumers. Starting May 10, the micro-SIMs can be ordered from Orange shops, and Orange telesales, as well as directly from Apple.


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May 07
CBS reading iPad videos

CBS has made only a limited number of promotional clips available for viewing on the tablet device, but Anthony Soohoo, senior VP and general manager of CBS Interactive, told us that by the start of the fall season it plans to have all the same video available on the Apple iPad that is available on

Unlike ABC, which built an iPad app to deliver its full-length episodes and promotional clips on the device, CBS decided to focus on delivering video through its web site, Since the iPad doesn’t support Adobe Flash, CBS has created a video site for the iPad through HTML5 instead, reports "NewTeeVee" ( Soohoo expects CBS to deploy increasingly more video that's iPad-ready, until it reaches content parity...

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May 07
Apple shares fall 6% Friday

Apple shares fell as much as 6% Friday as the tech sector joined in a broad-market selloff, reports "MarketWatch" (

Apple shares recovered some of their losses, but remained down by US$11 a share at $235 on volume of more than 25 million shares exchanged. Separately, Nokia Corp. said it was suing Apple for patent infringement involving the iPhone and iPad 3G products.

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May 07
Info needed on veterinary software for the Mac

Our next Migration Kit will look at veterinary software for the Mac. If you use or know of such goodies, drop me a line ( no later than Wednesday, May 12.

Migration Kits appear on Friday and round-up Mac solutions for specific industries and areas as dentistry, engineering, sales, etc. Also, if you have a particular migration topic you'd like us to cover, drop me a line, as well.

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May 07
WWDC 2010 sells out

Passes for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference sold out in eight days, a record time. The 2009 event took a month to sell out.

WWDC 2010 will be held June 7-14 at San Francisco's Moscone West. Apple says the five-day conference includes the first ever iPad development sessions and hands-on working labs for iPhone OS 4, as well as Mac OS X core technology labs (though the focus is definitely more on the iPhone OS).

There will be five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners announced at WWDC 2010 (alas, Mac apps need not apply). There's no requirement to enter and winners will be selected from the Apple App Store based on criteria that includes design, technical excellence, innovation, quality, technology adoption and performance. Visit the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 website for registration and more details at .

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May 07
iPhone more than doubles shipments from a year-ago

Growth of the worldwide converged mobile device market (commonly referred to as smartphones) more than doubled that of the overall mobile phone market in the first quarter, a sign the segment is in high-growth mode again. And Apple had a banner quarter.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 54.7 million units in the first quarter of 2010 (1Q10), up 56.7% from the same quarter a year ago. In contrast, the overall mobile phone market grew 21.7%. Converged mobile devices accounted for 18.8% of all mobile phones shipped in 1Q10, up slightly from 14.4% in 1Q09.

Apple more than doubled its shipments from a year ago, with more iPhones arriving outside its home territory of North America. CEO Steve Jobs announced the latest operating system update, enabling multi-tasking, folders, enhanced email, iBooks for consumers, and iAd, a mobile advertising platform, for developers. A fourth generation...

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