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Tuesday July 15

Former White Houses Press Secretary in the Running for App...

It's being reported that former White House press secretary Jay Carney is reportedly in the running to be Apple's next PR chief. Apple's been looking for a new PR head ever since Katie Cotton, the 'Queen' of PR Tech retired back in May and Carney just might fill the bill just right. In another rumor that surfaced yesterday we learned...

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Apple Said to Be Planning Three iWatch Models from 1.6 to...

According to a new report [Google Translate] from Taiwan's Economic Daily News (via G for Games), Apple is planning to launch three versions of the iWatch in the third quarter of this year. The lineup is said to include a model with a 1.6-inch display and two models with 1.8-inch displays, with the high-end version of the larger size coming with a sapphire display cover for durability. The display range of 1.6-1.8 inches has been the focus of most rumors dating back many months, but last month Reuters claimed the device's display will be as large as 2.5 inches. The launch timeframe for the iWatch has also...

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Apple Granted 46 Patents Today Covering a Major 3D Camera...

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 46 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two key patents. The first covers an advanced haptics system for iDevices. The second is for a new 3D camera system that could apply to future iDevices and/or a standalone camera. In April we posted a report titled "Future High-End Android Smartphones with 3D Cameras will be using Apple's PrimeSense Technology." It now appears that Apple has their own surprise in the works.

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Apple Granted a Second 3D Imaging & Display System Pat...

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 46 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover Apple's wild 3D imaging and display apparatus. Just last month Apple was granted a patent for different aspects of the same invention. The differences between the patents could easily be found in the finer details of Apple's patent claims. Whether the recent activity regarding this invention means Apple is any closer to delivering such a device is unknown at this time.

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Apple Launches 'iTunes Pass' at Japanese Stores,...

Apple today debuted its new iTunes Pass service in its Japanese retail stores, allowing customers to purchase iTunes Store credit directly without the need for physical gift cards, reports 9to5Mac. To use the service, customers add a new iTunes Pass inside of the existing Passbook application found in iOS, and then locate a Specialist inside an Apple Retail Store. Once the iTunes Pass is presented to the Specialist, the customer can say how much money they want added, which is then instantly transferred to an iTunes account. It is not known when the new service will be rolled out to Apple Retail Stores worldwide, however it is likely that the company is testing the program in Japan ahead of a larger rollout. In 2012, Apple...

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Monday July 14

Apple Searching for Retail Employees to Test Upcoming Phot...

Apple is actively looking for retail employees that are "passionate photography enthusiasts" to test the upcoming Photos app for OS X, reports 9to5Mac. We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple. Photos for OS X was briefly introduced at WWDC 2014, as Apple will launch the software early next year. It was also reported last month that the new Photos app will be replacing Apple's existing iPhoto and Aperture programs. Apple...

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Apple Considering Former White House Press Secretary Jay C...

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is one of the candidates being considered to replace Katie Cotton as Apple's new PR head, reports Re/code. In a piece on Uber, Re/Code's Kara Swisher suggests that Carney's name is "being bandied about" for the position. Carney served as White House Press Secretary from 2011 until June of 2014, when he officially resigned. Prior to that, Carney served as director of communications for Vice President Joe Biden and before that, he was the Washington bureau chief for Time magazine. Katie Cotton, who was Apple's VP of worldwide corporate communications before retiring back in May, served for more than 20 years under both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. Cotton was known for being fiercely...

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Mobile Devices with Nickel including Apple's iPad may...

A new report published today, that is in-part presented in the accompanying video, claims that Apple's iPad may be the culprit to certain types of rashes. It turns out that the iPad may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals. The simple use of an "iPad Smart Case" solved the issue for one child with this allergy.

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A Weak UK Rumor Connects Apple to Fuel Cell Adoption

Earlier this month Samsung went on the offensive in a desperate attempt to breathe some new life into their terrible selling Galaxy S5. The ad which was called Wall Huggers, pointed to the iPhone having lousy battery life. The tech news site BGR posted a report stating that Samsung’s new iPhone-bashing ad was truer than Apple would like to admit. Some agree, some disagreed, but the issue of today's mobile devices having miserable battery life in general came to the fore once again. So is it any wonder that those in the fuel cell business want to stir a little interest their way by dumping Apple's name into a fresh new rumor ...

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Apple May Part Ways With Ad Agency TBWA, Plans to Tap Beat...

Apple may be planning to part ways with longtime ad agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab, according to a new report from The New York Post. Citing industry buzz, the report suggests that Apple is ready to put its entire advertising account "up for grabs." The Cupertino company is also said to be planning to leverage Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine to bolster its marketing efforts. Beats is well-known for its aggressive marketing tactics and clever advertising campaigns that have skyrocketed its headphones to popularity. Most recently, Beats launched a "The Game Before The Game" advertisement for the World Cup, featuring key players wearing Beats headphones. Beats' most recent advertisementWhat's more, the industry is...

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Eddy Cue Auctions Lunch and a MacBook Air to Benefit Baske...

Following in Tim Cook's footsteps, Apple's SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue is auctioning his time to benefit the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation. Cue is widely known as a huge basketball fan, and has been seen at many basketball games, including those of his favorite team from Duke University, his alma mater. In an auction on CharityBuzz, Cue is offering a one hour lunch meeting at Apple's Cupertino headquarters and a 13-inch 1.4Ghz MacBook Air with 256 GB of storage, a $1,199 value. The meeting is valid for two people, with lunch included, at a mutually agreed upon date. Have lunch with Apple, Inc., Senior Vice-President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California, and bring home a 13-inch MacBook Air! Eddy...

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Apple Said to Be Working with Intelligent Energy on Fuel C...

Fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy may be partnering with Apple to introduce fuel cell technology into future MacBooks and other mobile devices claims a report in The Daily Mail. While the tabloid does not have a strong rumor track record, fuel cells have long been discussed as a possible energy source for portable electronics and there are a few interesting pieces of information linked to the report. Intelligent Energy recently revealed it purchased patents for mobile fuel cell technology from Eveready in association with a major international electronics company. Though the partner company is not revealed in any public filings, the Daily Mail's sources claim the mystery company is Apple. Intelligent Energy...

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iPad Implicated in Pediatric Rashes Diagnosed as Nickel Al...

Apple's iPad may be the cause of unexplained allergic rashes in children, reports The Washington Post, which cites a case study of an 11-year-old boy that was published in Pediatrics medical journal. The Pediatrics article focuses on an 11-year-old boy who may be allergic to the nickel used in the casing of the tablet device. Following the increasing use of an iPad, the patient developed a rash that would not respond to conventional treatment.His skin tested positive for nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals, and doctors traced it back to an iPad he had used with increasing frequency the past six months. The iPad tested positive for nickel as well, according to the report.Doctors advised the boy to use a Smart Case that...

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Sunday July 13

Apple Facing Production Issues with iPhone 6 as 5.5-Inch V...

The launch of Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may be delayed into 2015 as Apple's production issues with the smaller 4.7-inch version will likely carry over into the larger model, according to a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Production bottlenecks on 4.7-inch iPhone 6 center on the yield rate of in-cell touch panel and metal casing. As in-cell touch panel becomes larger in size, the edge of the panel may become insensitive to touch. Meanwhile, under new manufacturing process for the iPhone 6 metal casing, color unevenness is an issue. Kuo adds that these problems become more complicated with the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6. As these new concerns are coupled with earlier concerns about the production of sapphire displays for the larger device, the analyst believes that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may not launch by the end of 2014, or may launch after October in very limited quantities. In the...

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Apple Officially Refutes China's CCTV Claims that the...

On Friday we reported that China's influential state broadcaster called a location-tracking function offered by Apple's iPhone a "national security concern." Although CCTV's report sounded more like a propaganda message from the government of China, Apple decided to respond to the broadcast to mark ...

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FCC Documents Surface Revealing Apple's iBeacon Testi...

A series of FCC documents have recently come to light illustrating Apple's iBeacon device and its testing ranges between 2402 MHz and 2480 MHz. The FCC documentation clearly notes that the focus is on Apple's iBeacon device and not any other kind of home device.

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USPTO Refuses to Register Apple's "Touch ID...

Today, the US Patent & Trademark Office published an official letter that was sent to Apple regarding their trademark application for "Touch ID" having been refused by their trademark examiner. Noteworthy is the fact that the letter ...

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Saturday July 12

FCC Filings Reveal Apple's First-Party iBeacon Hardwa...

FCC filings discovered by electronics company Securifi (via TUAW) have revealed Apple's plans for first-party iBeacon hardware to go along with the microlocation technology found in iOS. The transmitter is registered as the "Apple iBeacon" and carries a model number of A1573, which is in line with the company's other products. According to the documents filed by Apple, the iBeacon was tested in collaboration with China-based Audix Technology from April 30 to May 13, 2014. The beacon tested has a diameter of 5.46'' and has a highest working frequency of 2.4GHz, which is in line with modern Bluetooth standards. Originally introduced at WWDC 2013, iBeacon technology enables iOS devices to communicate with transmitters through Bluetooth in order to deliver relevant information to apps and services when a...

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Apple found not Guilty of Infringing Emblaze's Video...

On July 01 the trial between Israel's Emblaze and Apple began. Emblaze sued Apple for Patent Infringement almost four years ago to date back in 2010. The lawsuit involved a single patent relating to real-time broadcasting over a network that the company claimed Apple was using without a license. The jury on Friday delivered their swift verdict of not guilty.

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China Grants Apple Design Patents for Touch ID & iPhon...

Late yesterday the Patent Office in China granted Apple a series of five design patents covering two distinct products. The first design patent category covers ...

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Friday July 11

Samsung Bashes iPad's Screen, Lack of Multitasking in...

Last week, Samsung released an anti-iPhone ad calling iPhone users "wall huggers" in a promotion for its Galaxy S5 smartphone. Today the South Korean company is promoting its new Galaxy Tab S with two new anti-Apple advertisements, bashing the iPad's lack of multitasking and its screen. In the first ad, Samsung features a crying baby and a dad fighting over an iPad that's unable to display two apps at once. The baby wants to watch a movie while the dad is trying to catch a sports game. A Galaxy Tab S, which can display multiple apps at once, is swapped for the iPad, and suddenly both dad and baby are happy. "What's going on? Ahhh, it looks like dad's tablet can only do one thing at a time. What if it were a Samsung Galaxy Tab S? With the Galaxy Tab S, the whole family has something to smile about."The second advertisement pits the display of the iPad against the display of the Galaxy Tab S. In...

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Smartphone Manufacturers 'Lukewarm' on Sapphire,...

Rumors have suggested that Apple is using the sapphire garnered from its partnership with GT Advanced to produce sapphire crystal displays for the iPhone 6, and if true, such a move would normally inspire competitors to produce their own devices with sapphire displays. It does not appear, however, that other major smartphone manufacturers are ready to adopt sapphire as a display solution, due to the expense of the material and its quality compared to the more popular Gorilla Glass. Engadget, in an in-depth piece on sapphire displays, contacted multiple representatives from major smartphone companies, who...

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China's CCTV Raises NSA Fear Tactics against Apple...

Believe it or not, China's influential state broadcaster on Friday called a location-tracking function offered by Apple's iPhone a "national security concern," in the latest sign of a backlash in the country against U.S. technology firms. Apparently turning off the iPhone's location services is just too difficult for those that want to use propaganda against Apple. You have to wonder if the government didn't give CCTV a little nudge to air such nonsense.

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Apple's Next-Generation A8 Chip Said to Top 2 GHz, Re...

Besides a larger display, Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 also may feature a faster A8 processor that pushes the system-on-a-chip beyond the 2.0 GHz threshold, claims GforGames citing Chinese media source cnBeta [Google Translate]. A7 transistor die photo from Chipworks According to the latest information, Apple will reportedly increase the CPU frequency of its next-generation SoC to 2.0 GHz or higher per core, up from the 1.3 GHz (iPhone 5s and Retina iPad mini) or 1.4 GHz (iPad Air) of the A7 processor. The chip will keep the 64-bit, dual-core...

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Apple's iPhone 6 ramp up Rocks Taiwan's Componen...

Today, there's more news out of Taiwan describing the impact that the production of the iPhone 6 is having on component suppliers.

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