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Friday June 12

Apple and Beats Scrapped Sonos-Like Speaker Post Acquisiti...

Before it was acquired by Apple, Beats Electronics was working on a Sonos-like Wi-Fi-connected loudspeaker that would play music from services like Pandora and Spotify straight from the Internet, reports Variety. The news comes days after learning that the new Apple Music streaming service will not immediately be compatible with Sonos speakers. Beats Pill speakersCase in point: Beats Electronics, which ...

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New Apple Watch Patent Covers Wearable Multi-Modal Physiol...

Every once in a while an Apple patent application will surface in Europe that has bypassed the U.S. Patent Office for reasons unknown. Late yesterday Patently Apple discovered a patent application covering Apple Watch that specifically discusses a multi-modal physiological sensing system.

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OS X El Capitan Opens Door to TRIM Support on Third-Party...

For users looking to upgrade their older Macs with third-party solid-state drives (SSDs), one issue has been a lack of support for TRIM on these drives under OS X. TRIM is a system-level command that allows the operating system and the drive to communicate about which areas of the drive are considered unused and thus ready to be erased and rewritten to. In the absence of TRIM, users can see significantly slower drive writes as the drive begins to fill up. Officially TRIM has only been supported on Apple's drives, and while tools such as TRIM Enabler have been developed to turn on TRIM for third-party drives, they ran into issues under OS X Yosemite due to Apple's use of kext signing. With this security measure in place, users have had to disable kext signing in order to enable TRIM, and should kext signing be turned back on such as by resetting NVRAM/PRAM during troubleshooting, the user's system will refuse to boot....

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Samsung and IBM Dominate Patent Activity in the U.S. in 20...

Over the years, many in the Android community angrily pointed to Apple filing more patents than any other tech company for the simple sake of suing other tech companies. Of course that's simple hysteria that's not supported by the facts...

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The News about Foxconn Manufacturing Apple Products in Ind...

As far back as mid-April we reported that the Taiwan press had broken the news that the Foxconn Technology Group would soon be investing in three new production plants in India that could be used in part to assemble iPhones for Apple.

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Thursday June 11

Is the Investigation into Apple Music now Turning to Taylo...

Today the topic has reportedly gone from Apple pressuring the music labels to whether or not Apple "pressurized stars and others into snubbing Spotify."

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Apple Shares Humorous 'Backstage' Video Shown Du...

To kickoff its 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple shared a humorous "Backstage" video starring Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader. Hader took on the role of David LeGary, WWDC's director, prepping for the big show. As of this afternoon, Apple's uploaded the "Backstage" video to YouTube, giving those who missed the WWDC keynote live stream a chance to watch the opening act. The video makes references to several apps like Angry Birds and Tinder, with several app mascots on hand. There's a guy in a bird costume for Angry Birds, and a goat for Goat Simulator. Community's Danny Pudi raps a silly song during the video, and it ends showing just a water bottle and a laptop after a power failure. "All right, we'll work with it," says Hader. "I'll tell you what, whoever walks out there better have something incredible to say." Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is wrapping up later this week. During the keynote event, the company debuted iOS 9, OS X 10.11, watchOS 2,...

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The Stunningly Cool Oculus Rift was Revealed Today with Re...

Oculus, Facebook's VR Company, held an event today to show off the next-generation of Oculus Rift that will be coming to market in Q1 2016. Today, Oculus revealed more of the hardware that will make up the Oculus VR system ...

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Apple Music Pays Industry Standard Subscription Revenue Fe...

Apple plans to charge between $9.99 and $14.99 per month for its upcoming on-demand Apple Music service, with 58 percent of its subscription revenues going to record labels. For every $9.99 Apple collects from subscribers in the United States, it will pay out $5.80 to labels. Additionally, Apple pays approximately 12 percent to publishers and/or songwriters, leaving the company with somewhere around 30 percent of the revenue from the Apple Music service. The figures come from a leaked document shared by Digital Music News earlier this week. In its article, Digital Music News erroneously suggested Apple was paying less to music labels than other streaming music services like Spotify (after failing to take into account the publisher's fee), but as it turns out, the 70 percent that Apple pays out to rights holders is on...

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Grand New York Upper East Side Apple Store Opens Saturday

The latest Apple Store on New York's Upper East Side occupies part of a Beaux Arts building that originally housed the U.S. Mortgage & Trust bank. Apple sought to restore some of the building's old grandeur ...

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Apple to Renovate Iconic Fifth Avenue Store, Temporarily R...

Apple's iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City will soon close for renovations and temporarily relocate to the soon-to-be-vacated FAO Schwarz toy store in the General Motors Building, according to the Associated Press. The report does not offer a timeline for the renovation plans. Apple's iconic Fifth Avenue store, left, and nearby FAO Schwarz store, far right (Flickr) FAO Schwarz, the oldest toy store in the United States, is set to vacate its ground-level store in the General Motors Building in July 2015 due to the rising cost of rent. The storefront is located just steps away from the current Apple Store at 58th Street and Fifth Avenue, so the temporary move should be rather seamless. Apple reportedly plans to renovate...

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More Samsung Headaches Arise as their 96th Top-Loader Wash...

Who likes to kick someone when they're down, right? But there are always exceptions in life and when it comes to Samsung, well, I just can't help myself.

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Today Patents Relating to Apple's Mac Pro Security Lo...

On June 11, 2015, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published patent applications from Apple relating to the Mac Pro security lock and new connectors that are USB-C compatible. Our report also covers an interesting patent application published by USPTO this morning from Konica Minolta ...

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Unsealed Court Document Proves that Apple's CEO was A...

Information relating to complaints within a current lawsuit against Apple that began in 2013 were ordered by the court to be unsealed revealing that ...

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An Apple Pay Related Invention comes to Light Discussing A...

Apple's invention covers how a financial institution system in communication with an electronic device and a merchant subsystem works to avoid fraud.

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Wednesday June 10

Walgreens Continues to Work Hard and think ahead for their...

Walgreens recognized early on that the Apple Watch’s form factor would be a perfect device to house tidbits of personalized information. They've already updated their iOS app to make it easier for consumers to manage their medication schedules from their wrists.

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Apple Takes the Smartphone Lead away from Samsung in the A...

According to the latest IDC report on the mobile phone market in Australia, we see that they experienced a strong first quarter despite high penetration rate.

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The New York Times Fashion Director Dumps her Apple Watch

In one of today's earlier CNBC Squawk Alley segments, Vanessa Friedman, the fashion director of The New York Times, explained why after about 30 days of trying the Apple Watch she's decided to dump it.

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Microsoft's Outlook for iOS has new Access & Secu...

Microsoft just announced new access and security controls for Outlook for iOS today. With the new update, Outlook now uses Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL)-based authentication ...

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Signs of Apple Music Begin Showing Up in iOS 8.4 Beta Musi...

As of this afternoon, many developers and public beta testers running the latest iOS 8.4 beta are seeing popups for Apple's upcoming Apple Music service within the Music app. When opening the app, there's a popup for Apple Music that prompts users to start a three month free trial. Tapping on that option leads to another screen that lets users choose either an individual plan for $9.99 for a family plan for $14.99, but there's no way to actually sign up for a plan. Choosing a plan simply grays out the option and does not allow users to progress further in the signup process. These options have been showing up for some users since the latest iOS 8.4 beta was seeded yesterday morning, but many more users are now seeing signs of the Apple Music service as Apple begins to implement backend tools to support subscription signups at launch. Apple Music will launch on June 30 as part of iOS 8.4,...

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iOS 9 Extends Continuity Phone Call Features to Cellular C...

With iOS 8, Apple introduced Continuity, a set of features that allow iOS devices and Macs to interface in new ways. One of the Continuity features allows the iPad and the Mac to receive both text messages and phone calls, so long as your devices, including your iPhone, are all on the same Wi-Fi network. In iOS 9, accepting phone calls or text messages on your iPad or Mac routed from your iPhone is getting even better, with the addition of cellular support. With iOS 9, your iPhone no longer needs to be on the same network as your iPad or Mac for call forwarding to work. That means an iPhone can continue to forward calls to a Mac or an iPad even when it's in an entirely different physical location. So, for example, if you forget your iPhone at home, you can continue to receive incoming calls on your Mac while at work, so long as your Mac is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The feature is tied to Wi-Fi calling, and as noted by ...

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Apple Almost Doubles Sales in Latin America While Samsung...

According to the latest Market Monitor Report from Counterpoint Research, the Latin American (LATAM) mobile device market had a very healthy 25% YoY and 4% sequential growth. Samsung, LG and Apple are the top 3 smartphone vendors in the region.

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OS X El Capitan to Bring New Safari Extensions Gallery as...

Apple earlier this week announced a new consolidated Apple Developer Program for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Safari, combining the previously separate iOS, OS X and Safari Dev Programs into one for a single $99 annual fee. The change should place more emphasis on and increase the security of Safari extensions, but some developers have voiced their frustrations about the new fee. In particular, developers will now be required to pay $99 per year to distribute Safari extensions through the new Safari Extensions Gallery. Comparatively, the old standalone Safari Dev Program was free and did not charge developers a fee to distribute...

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Today Apple Sets the Story Straight about Apple Maps Vehic...

In February we posted a report titled "Could Apple be on the Cusp of a New Era of Remarkable Innovation?" In that report we noted the lunacy of ...

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Surprising Samsung-Intel Alliance formed to Deliver New Sm...

It's being reported today that Samsung Display has teamed with Intel to promote transparent displays. Samsung said the 55-inch transparent display is integrated with Intel's Real Sense technology ...

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