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Monday November 9

Apple's iPhone Chassis Supplier Records Record Quarte...

According to a new report this morning, Metal-alloy chassis maker Catcher Technology generated its highest quarterly consolidated revenues ...

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Sunday November 8

Support from 60 Tech Companies including Apple on Prop 1 F...

Last Saturday we reported that Apple and 60 tech companies supported the Houston Unites Coalition on a key human rights vote that took place on last week. Houston residents rejected the ordinance by a vote of 61 per cent to 39 per cent.

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Profitless HTC Releases an Anti-Apple Ad to Help Set us Fr...

In 1984 Apple released a Super Bowl Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer that has become of the best ads ever created. Now HTC has created an anti-Apple ad that plays off of that same theme with a twist of 'Think Different.'

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Class Action over Apple Store Employee Searches Dismissed

On July 16 we reported that a Federal Judge certified a class action against Apple that was filed by Apple retail store employees back in 2013.

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Saturday November 7

Lawsuit by Apple Retail Employees Over Off-the-Clock Bag S...

U.S. District Judge William Alsup today dismissed a lawsuit against Apple that had been brought by several retail employees over Apple's policy of conducting required security searches of personal bags without compensation after workers had clocked out for meal breaks or at the end of their shifts, reports Bloomberg. The class action lawsuit covered thousands of employees at Apple's California retail stores.

(Photo via Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke)The ruling by a San Francisco federal judge Saturday releases the company from having to compensate as many [as] 12,400 former and current employees from 52 stores throughout the state a few...

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Ericsson Files Request to Obtain Apple's Carrier Agre...

On February 27, 2015 Ericsson filed their first two patent lawsuits against Apple followed by seven more lawsuits the day after. today we're learning that two letters were filed by Apple and Ericsson in the Northern District of California last night that deal with an underlying legal question that is of the utmost importance to this case.

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Apple Solidly the Top Smartphone OEM in the U.S. in Septem...

The latest published ComScore report reconfirms that Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. with ...

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Apple Rushes to Court to Stop Supplier BYD Precision from...

Apple filed a petition for an Order Compelling Arbitration and for Injunctive Relief Pending Arbitration against BYD Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd and BYD Company Limited on October 29th. BYD is trying to stop Apple's production of the iPhone 6 ....

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Two Videos: Eddy Cue Talks about Apple's Original AT...

Last Wednesday Mobile World Live provided highlights of a fireside chat between the senior Apple exec Eddy Cue and AT&T Mobility’s Glenn Lurie. Eddy Cue also reveals a hidden feature in the new Apple TV.

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Friday November 6

Eddy Cue on Apple TV: Customers Should Be Able to 'Bu...

Apple executive Eddy Cue sat down with CNN senior correspondent Brian Stelter last week for a two-part interview about the new Apple TV, describing the fourth-generation device as an "add-on for most people," since content providers such as ABC, CNN and WatchESPN still require authenticating with a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Eddy Cue's interview with CNNMoney about the new Apple TV last week

CNNMoney has now shared a few additional comments Cue made about Apple's rumored streaming TV service. Specifically, Cue said the new Apple TV could support whole cable packages from content providers such as Comcast, but he refused to elaborate much further, beyond alluding that Apple wants customers...

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Korean High Court Dismisses Case against Apple for Collect...

Late yesterday it was reported that an appeals court ruled against South Korean iPhone users who filed a damages suit against Apple for collecting their location information...

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iOS App Store Gains New 'Shopping' Category

Apple will be updating the iOS App Store today to introduce a new Shopping category that will allow iOS users to better find shopping-related apps. According to TechCrunch the Shopping category will be available to users worldwide and will encompass apps that offer shopping, auctions, price comparisons, coupons, product reviews, and more, transitioning them from the existing Lifestyle category to the new less noisy category.

Apple plans to use the Shopping category to highlight apps that support Apple Pay, its mobile payments service. Many apps now include Apple Pay integration, letting users pay for merchandise with a finger on the Touch ID fingerprint button on supported devices.

The new App Store category will include launch with several different collections of shopping apps,...

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Sam's Club Begins Taking iPad Pro Pre-Orders, Citing...

Popular warehouse chain Sam's Club has started accepting pre-orders for Apple's iPad Pro on its website, and has listed a release date of Friday, November 13 for the device. Sam's Club began advertising the iPad Pro in emails sent out to members this morning.

Sam's Club is accepting pre-orders for the 32 and 128GB Wi-Fi iPad Pro models in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, but it is not selling the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model. Sam's Club is also selling the device at a slight discount, pricing the two models at $787 for 32GB and $937 for 128GB, compared to Apple's pricing of $799 and $949.

Previous rumors suggested the iPad Pro would launch on Wednesday, November 11, but Friday, November 13 perhaps makes more sense as November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States...

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New Apple TV Hacked to Run Native tvOS Web Browser

Dutch developer jvanakker has hacked the new Apple TV to run a native tvOS web browser using a private API based on Apple's UIWebView class, sharing the code on GitHub as a fork of developer Steven Troughton-Smith's tvOSBrowser project. The demo video below shows Apple's website running on the fourth-generation box.

The simplistic tvOS web browser allows you to scroll through pages with the Siri Remote, and pressing the center of the touch surface brings up a cursor for clicking. Pressing the Menu button returns you to the previous page, while the Play/Pause button allows you to input URLs, according to GitHub.

Apple does not allow Apple TV apps to have UIWebViews, so this web browser would not be approved on the tvOS App Store, but the project is a good proof of concept. Apple TV users interested in...

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Rumored A10 Production Win for TSMC Could Be Tied to Devic...

According to a recent report from Taiwan's Commercial Times, via EE Times and a separate research report from KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo, Taiwan-based TSMC may have won sole production rights on the A10 chip slated for the next-generation iPhone 7.

This is in contrast to the split production of the A9 processor between Samsung and TSMC featured in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple's decision to revert back to TSMC as a single supplier, as was seen in A8 chip production, could be motivated by advanced device packaging techniques offered by TSMC that may not have equivalents in Samsung's packaging offerings.

The Commercial Times report mentions TSMC's integrated fan-out wafer-level packaging (InFO WLP) technology as one of the key inclusions in the production contract. InFO WLP is one of many...

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Thursday November 5

Apple Hires Engineer From Digital License Plate Company fo...

One of Apple's recent hires is Rónán Ó Braonáin, who previously served as Director of Engineering at Reviver, a company that makes digital license plates. Braonáin joined the company in August, and as seen on his LinkedIn page, he's working on Apple Special Projects as a "Secret Agent." Presumably that means he's part of the team working on Project Titan, the codename for the Apple Car.

The profile, discovered by, says Braonáin led the Reviver engineering team for five months. Before that, he worked at Vision Fleet, building fleet management software to read data from electric vehicles, and prior to that, he was a software engineer at BMW working on connected car apps.

Reviver has produced Slate, a product dubbed "The World's First Digital...

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Apple's iPhone is the Top Brand Choice for Gift Givin...

It's being reported today that in the September quarter, Samsung and Apple models represented 66% of all smartphones sold in the US ...

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Financial Times Video Report: Apple Turns its Attention to...

In a new report today it was pointed out that "India was mentioned three times in Apple's latest annual report compared with 27 for China. The company plans 40 Chinese retail stores by the end of 2016. In India, it is yet to open a single one." The Financial Times of course fails to mention that the Indian Government is...

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Apple Releases Second OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Beta to Publ...

Apple today seeded the second beta of OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan to public beta testers, two days after releasing the second beta to developers and a week after seeding the first OS X 10.11.2 public beta. Today's update comes two weeks after the public launch of OS X El Capitan 10.11.1.

The second OS X 10.11.2 beta is available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store to those who are enrolled in Apple's beta testing program. Those wishing to join the program can sign up on Apple's beta testing website.

The first OS X 10.11.2 beta did not include any outward-facing changes, but it likely includes bug fixes, security...

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Apple Working on waterproofing iDevice Speakers & Micr...

Apple has been filing patents and even winning patents for years regarding waterproofing iDevices and their individual components. Today, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published another waterproofing/water resistant related patent application from Apple titled "Evacuation of Liquid from Acoustic Space" wherein Apple tackles waterproofing methods for iDevice speaker(s) and microphone.

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Apple Extends iDevice Emergency Mode Options using Touch I...

In 2009 Apple's first emergency-mode processor invention came to light. Then in March 2014 Apple invented emergency iPhone modes to detect personal attacks, accidents and emergency call assistance. Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published another emergency related invention from Apple that reveals a future Touch ID feature that will cover a 'Panic Mode.'

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Apple Orders Display Driver Chips From Synaptics for Next...

Apple has placed LCD display driver orders with touchscreen supplier Synaptics for its next-generation iPhones, indicating the Cupertino-based company's in-house development of touch and display driver integration (TDDI) chips may have fallen behind schedule, according to Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

iPhone 7 concept with integrated Touch ID by designer Martin Hajek

Synaptics acquired Renesas SP Drivers, reportedly the sole supplier of LCD driver ICs for iPhones, in September 2014 in an effort to maintain orders from Apple, and for now it appears the iPhone maker will remain one of its customers. The supplier also works with Google, HTC,...

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Walgreens Officially Launches First Apple Pay Loyalty Rewa...

Popular retailer Walgreens today announced that its Balance Rewards loyalty program can now be linked with Apple Pay and used by its customers across the country. The partnership will allow Apple Pay users to link their Balance Rewards card with the mobile payments service so they can earn and redeem loyalty points without having to scan their physical Walgreens card. Following Kohl's launch of Apple Pay support for its store-branded credit card, Walgreens is the first retailer to support a loyalty rewards program within Apple Pay.

“We’re excited to be the first to provide our customers with increased ease of access to their Balance Rewards account and information when using Apple Pay,” said Sona Chawla, president of digital and chief marketing officer for...

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Apple Invents a Sophisticated Positioning Accuracy System...

Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals their work on sophisticated 3D mapping and positioning technology. Apple notes that in urban environments where tall buildings surround a mobile device, the signals that the mobile device detects from various satellites might not be direct line-of-sight signals...

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Apple is on a Roll as their Fifth Wireless Inductive Charg...

Last week we posted a report titled "Apple's Fourth Inductive Charging Invention in a Month Surfaces," which listed the four recent patent applications that Apple had filed regarding wireless inductive charging. Today, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's fifth inductive charging patent application showing yet another approach that their engineering team is working on.

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