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Tuesday March 25

Apple Seeks Trademark/Word Mark for Special Pages Image

On March 25, 2014, the US Patent & Trademark Office published one of Apple's latest trademark filings for a special detailed word mark related to their iOS app "Pages." USPTO filed ....

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Monday March 24

Apple Begins Testing Related Search Suggestions Feature on...

As first spotted by TIME Planner developer Olga Osadcha on Twitter (via MacStories), Apple has begun testing a related search suggestions feature for some users in the App Store. The new menu appears to overlay itself on top of an existing search query, giving users search suggestions in similar categories - for instance, searching for "calendar" gives related suggestions for "calendar planner" and "daily planner", while a search for "sports games" displays suggestions to "action games" and "RPG games". The suggestions box also appears to extend to some searches for specific terms, as searching for "twitter" will result in suggestions for "news apps" and the like. Suggested searches can also lead to more...

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Apple Hires Former Senate Staffer as New Lobbyist in Washi...

Apple has hired veteran Washington insider Amber Cottle as its new top lobbyist according to a report from Politico. Cottle was previously the Democratic Staff Director for the Senate Finance Committee, where she also had experience as the committee's Chief International Trade Counsel, important experience for Apple's needs on Capitol Hill. In her job on the Finance Committee, Cottle advised members and staff on trade and international economic issues, and was previously Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Investment. Apple has been increasingly active in Washington DC in recent years, with Apple executives meeting with President Obama...

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Apple Sends Email to iTunes Users Offering Refunds for Una...

As a part of its consent decree with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over in-app purchases in the App Store, Apple today sent out a mass email to some iTunes users, offering them a chance to obtain a refund by filling out a form through a special link. Specifically, the email appears to be targeted toward users who have made recent in-app purchases, with Apple stating that unauthorized purchases "made by a minor" are eligible for a refund, with all requests required to be submitted by April 15. Dear iTunes account owner, Apple is committed to providing parents and kids with a great experience on the App Store. We review all app content before allowing it on our store, provide a wide range of age-appropriate content, and include parental controls in iOS to make it easy for parents to restrict or disable access to content. We've heard from some customers that it was too easy for their kids...

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Only One of Two Larger iPhone 6 Models Likely, According t...

Apple may only launch one of two larger size iPhones this fall, according to UBS analyst Steve Milunovich. Barrons relays the research note which is based on Milunovich's "checks" of the supply chain. iPhone 6 rumors have repeatedly suggested that Apple is working on two new sizes for the iPhone. Predictions most commonly include 4.7" and 5.5" sizes, up from the current 4" screen of the iPhone 5S. Milunovich's report agrees that Apple is working on those same two models, but isn't sure both will launch:... an “iPhone 6” is most likely to come in August or September, rather than June, in two different models, one with a 4.7-inch screen, one with a 5.5-inch screen. He thinks the former, the smaller of the two, “seems certain,” but that the 5.5-inch model “may or may...

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Apple Reserves the Right to Tap into your iCloud Email and...

There's been a lot of noise in the media over the last months about the NSA being able to tap into your email with the help of Google, Apple and others. There has been angry reaction to this news by the companies that were supposedly working hand-in-glove with the NSA. These respective companies reacted to those claims with their own public campaigns. Yet when I read the other day that Microsoft had hacked into a bloggers email account, the ugly truth and hypocrisy of it all began to unravel. Then surprisingly late last week we were all unpleasantly reminded that Apple also ...

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iTunes Radio Adds NPR, with More News Channels on the Way

Apple's iTunes Radio streaming music service is expanding today with the addition of a new National Public Radio (NPR) channel, reports Re/code.NPR’s channel, which should be live today, will offer a free stream, 24 hours a day, which mixes live news with segments from pre-recorded shows like “All Things Considered” and “The Diane Rehm Show.” NPR officials say that within weeks, some of the broadcaster’s local stations should begin offering their own channels, with a similar mix of live and taped news.NPR has also been working on bringing on-demand programming based on users' tastes to its mobile apps, and it is possible that functionality could come to the station's iTunes Radio service as well. The report notes that it is currently unclear what the business relationship between Apple and NPR is in terms of generating revenue for NPR, but NPR vice president of digital media Zach Brand says that...

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Apple Seeks Trademarks for new iPhoto and iMovie Icons

On March 24, 2014, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark filings relating to icons for iPhoto OS X and iOS 7 along with the iMovie icon for iOS 7. The iOS 7 icons represent ...

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Employee Anti-Poaching Agreements May Extend Far Beyond Ap...

Apple, Google and five other large technology companies were caught signing "no solicitation" agreements that prevented the companies from trying to hire away each others' employees. Court documents newly obtained by Pando Daily suggest these anti-poaching agreements extend far beyond this Silicon Valley seven. According to these documents, over a dozen companies and as many as one million employees may have been affected by these secret hiring agreements. Confidential internal Google and Apple memos, buried within piles of court dockets and reviewed by PandoDaily, clearly show that what began as a secret cartel agreement between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt to illegally fix the labor market for hi-tech workers, expanded within a few years to include companies ranging from Dell, IBM, eBay and Microsoft, to...

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Apple to Ramp-Up New Robotic Production Lines for iPhone 6

Last October Apple revealed the new Mac Pro in greater detail at a Special Event. There we learned of their state of the art automated assembly plant in Texas. Today we're learning through Apple's supply chain in Taiwan that Apple is now planning to begin new a automated manufacturing process for iPhone batteries.

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Sunday March 23

Apple to Move Production of iPhone Batteries to Automated...

Apple is set to begin producing all iPhone batteries on automated production lines starting later this year, according to a report from DigiTimes. The move is being done to reduce manpower demand and to allow the company to shift its supply chain resources towards production efforts on other parts. Apple has already automated its Mac Pro and iMac production lines. Other than materials and final assembly, manpower is not required for the rest of the manufacturing. The move will likely help Apple with iPhone production going forward, as company supplier Pegatron will reportedly be starting production on the iPhone 6 in the second quarter of this year at its new Kunsahn, China plant. Moving the production of iPhone batteries to automated lines may also help Apple avoid...

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Apple in Talks with Comcast to Provide Streaming TV Servic...

Apple is in talks with Comcast about using the cable provider's network for a streaming TV service to be integrated in a future version of the Apple TV, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Apple's set top-box would be able to access Comcast's wide variety of channels for a monthly subscription, with the Apple TV receiving "special treatment" from Comcast when connected to its cable network to ensure that it would bypass congestion on the Internet for optimal streaming. Apple's intention is to allow users to stream live and on-demand TV programming and digital-video recordings stored in the "cloud," effectively taking the place of a traditional cable set-top box. ...Under the plan Apple proposed to Comcast, Apple's video streams would be treated as a "managed service" traveling in Internet protocol format—similar to cable video-on-demand or phone service...

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App Store and iTunes Prices in UK May Increase Up to 20%

Apple's iTunes and App Store downloads may see a price increase next year when new UK laws take effect. The Guardian reports that the most recently introduced budget closes a loophole that allowed digital downloads to avoid UK taxes.The budget document said: "As announced at budget 2013, the government will legislate to change the rules for the taxation of intra-EU business to consumer supplies of telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services. From 1 January 2015 these services will be taxed in the member state in which the consumer is located, ensuring these are taxed fairly and helping to protect revenue."Digital download retailers such as Apple and Amazon presently avoid the UK's 20% VAT by selling from countries such as Luxembourg where the tax rate is only 3%. Under the new law, downloads to UK customers will be taxed at the higher 20% rate. The change appears to affect...

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Saturday March 22

Could China's new Search Engine be a Google Killer?

A new Chinese-language online search engine - - was launched Friday, marking China's first search service set up by the country's major news organizations. China is the world's largest market and it looks like they're trying to rid itself of Google. Though to be honest, there's an emerging trend in China that is out to challenge, if not eventually marginalize, traditional US based software kings.

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Music to Apple's Ears: the iPhone is Mobile China...

Yesterday we reported that China Mobile had reported their first financial loss in 14 years as they surge ahead with their buildout of their new 4G network. We also noted that Mobile China only began selling Apple's iPhones very late in December which couldn't boost their yearend profits. Today, news has come to light about a comment that China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua made during his conference call that is ...

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Friday March 21

New Slim 12" MacBook and MacBook Air Updates Soon

A new forum post on has revealed a number of details about Apple's upcoming plans for their MacBook notebooks as well as some details about their iWatch initiative. The author of the post has previously posted legitimate leaks and photos of un-released MacBook hardware in the past. The poster writes about the upcoming MacBook Pro line as well as a new 12" notebook that has previously been predicted. A MacRumors reader provides a summary translation of the post: 1. MacBook Air updates are coming soon; MacBook Pro updates won't occur until September. 2. He discusses a new 12 inch notebook without fan assembly. It comes with a new trackpad design that doesn't include the mechanical button, as we do on current MacBooks. 3...

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China Mobile Posts First Loss in 14 Years as they focus on...

As the saying goes, "Short term pain for long term gain." It's the philosophy that China Mobile has to take as they’ve just reported their first financial loss in 14 years as they surge ahead with the buildout of their new 4G network. Mobile China only began selling Apple's iPhones very late in December ....

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Apple in Talks for On-Demand Streaming Music Service, Cons...

Apple is considering launching an on-demand streaming service similar to Spotify in light of declining music sales, reports Billboard. The service would be part of a multi-prong strategy that may also include an iTunes app for Android.Apple has opened exploratory talks with senior label executives about the possibility of launching an on-demand streaming service that would rival Spotify and Beats Music, according to three people familiar with the talks. Apple is also thinking about adding an iTunes App for Android phones, the Google rival that has been growing faster than the iPhone, these sources said.In January, it was reported that music sales had declined for the first time since the iTunes Store opened 2003...

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Apple and Google, Like Microsoft, Reserve Right to Read Cu...

Apple, Yahoo, and Google all have terms of service that allow them to read users' emails if necessary, according to research done by The Guardian. Apple's iCloud Terms and Conditions includes a clause that gives Apple permission to disclose Account information and Content, including iCloud email, when necessary by law, to address security, fraud, or technical issues, or to protect the rights and property of Apple.You acknowledge and agree that Apple may, without liability to you, access, use, preserve and/or disclose your Account information and Content to law enforcement authorities, government officials, and/or a third party, as Apple believes is reasonably necessary or appropriate, if legally required to do so or if we have a good faith belief that such access, use,...

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Monday January 3

iPhone Alarm Bug Still Causing Issues for Some Users
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