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Wednesday April 6

Apple's CEO Joins Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights...

Apple's CEO told Bloomberg back in 2014 that when he arrives at his office each morning, he's greeted by framed photos of Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy. These were his heroes. Today, Apple's CEO Tim cook was honored when Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights proudly announced that he was now on their board of directors.

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Apple Seeds First OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan Beta to Develope...

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan update to developers for testing purposes, just over two weeks after releasing OS X 10.11.4, the fourth major update to the OS X 10.11 operating system.

The new OS X 10.11.5 update can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center.

We don't yet know what improvements the fifth update to OS X El Capitan will bring, but like prior updates, it's likely to focus on security enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes to address issues that have been discovered since the release of OS X 10.11.4. We'll update this post with any changes that are discovered in the beta.Related Roundup: OS X El Capitan Tag: OS X 10.11.5...

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Apple Seeds First Beta of iOS 9.3.2 to Developers With Bug...

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming iOS 9.3.2 update to developers for testing purposes, just over two weeks after the public release of iOS 9.3. iOS 9.3, the third major update to iOS 9, introduced Night Shift mode and other feature improvements. iOS 9.3.2 also comes a week after the release of iOS 9.3.1, a bug fix update that addressed an issue causing Safari and other apps to crash after a web link was tapped.

The iOS 9.3.2 beta, build 13F51a, is available for download immediately from the Apple Developer Center and may be made available to public beta testers later this week.

We don't know what changes iOS 9.3.2 will bring to iOS 9, but...

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Tim Cook Joins Robert F. Kennedy Center Board of Directors

Apple CEO Tim Cook today joined the board of directors for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights after being a longtime supporter of the organization. Cook counts Robert F. Kennedy as one of his personal heroes and has said there are two photos of Kennedy in his office that he looks at each day."Growing up, I was inspired by Robert Kennedy's infinite hope for humanity and his belief that people at their core are good, sharing universal goals for themselves and the world in which we live," said Cook. "Robert Kennedy spoke to our highest aspirations, calling Americans from all walks of life to fight for something better. He was and is a hero and role model to me, and I am honored to serve alongside Kerry and the rest of the board to advance his message of justice...

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iPhone SE Availability Tightening Online and at Apple Stor...

Nearly one week following the launch of the iPhone SE, availability of the new 4-inch smartphone continues to tighten. Apple now lists a standard delivery estimate of around April 22-27 in the U.S. for the majority of iPhone SE models, while in-store stock is depleted in many major cities.


16GB/Silver: April 22-27

16GB/Gold: April 12-14

16GB/Space Gray: April 12-14

16GB/Rose Gold: April 12-14

64GB/Silver: April 22-27

64GB/Gold: April 22-27

64GB/Space Gray: April 22-27

64GB/Rose Gold: April 22-27


16GB/Silver: April 12-14

16GB/Gold: April 12-14

16GB/Space Gray: April 12-14

16GB/Rose Gold: April 12-14

64GB/Silver: April 22-27

64GB/Gold: April 22-27

64GB/Space Gray: April 22-27

64GB/Rose Gold: April 22-27Sprint

16GB/Silver: April 12-14

16GB/Gold: April 12-14


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New iTunes Metadata Suggests Users May Soon Be Able to Hid...

Apple may be laying the groundwork to allow users to remove or hide stock iOS apps, such as Compass and Tips, from their iPhones in an upcoming version of its mobile software, based on recently added metadata keys showing up on App Store apps.

As discovered by AppAdvice, Apple several weeks ago added a new pair of keys called "isFirstParty" and "isFirstPartyHideableApp" to the metadata of every App Store listing in iTunes. The new keys allow for a Boolean value of "true" or "false" to denote whether the app would be allowed to be hidden or removed from the user's iPhone. It's unclear whether the metadata is referring to an Apple-approved way to simply hide the first-party apps, or remove them altogether.


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Foxconn to Develop OLED Displays Following Sharp Takeover

Following multiple reports claiming Apple will release its first OLED-based iPhone as early as 2017, DigiTimes Research says that Apple manufacturer Foxconn will develop AMOLED displays through its recent investment in troubled Japanese electronics maker Sharp.Sharp will set up one 4.5G and two 6G AMOLED production lines with monthly capacity of 13,000, 11,500 and 34,500 glass substrates respectively, with total monthly capacity of 9.85 million 5.5-inch equivalent panels.Given its longstanding relationship with Apple, the move could position Foxconn as a frontrunner among AMOLED display suppliers for iPhones. Recent reports said Apple was closing in on deals with...

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The Apple Watch "Activity" App Logo is now a US...

Late yesterday the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest registered trademark for their Activity app logo ...

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WhatsApp Announces Full End-to-End Encryption Now Availabl...

In mid-February Patently Apple posted a report titled "WhatsApp CEO is in the same Boat as Apple & Applauds Cook's Stance on Fighting Court Order Compliance." Today, the WhatsApp blog noted in-part that "WhatsApp has always prioritized making your data and communication as secure as possible. And today, we're proud to announce that we've completed a technological development that makes WhatsApp a leader in protecting your private communication ...

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For the First Time Since 2014, Apple's iOS Share Decl...

Kantar Asia reports today that "For the first time since August 2014, iOS share did not grow in urban China in ...

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Bernie Sanders Mirrors Donald Trump's Position on wan...

Late on Monday the New York Daily News sat down with Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders for a long interview as the primary in New York takes place on April 16. The first question for Sanders was about Apple.

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Tuesday April 5

Apple Fixes Siri Bug Allowing Access to Photos and Contact...

A Siri vulnerability that allowed access to a user's photos and contacts on a locked iPhone running iOS 9.3.1 was patched server-side this afternoon by Apple.

Shared last night by Jose Rodriguez, the vulnerability used Siri's ability to access Twitter to find an email link or phone number, which could be pressed to open up an editable list of contacts even on a device that was locked. Through access to contacts, a user's full photo library was also visible.

As seen in the video below, the vulnerability relied on asking Siri to perform a Twitter search. If an email address, phone number, or other contact related detail came up, it would give direct access to Photos and Contact data. While the method worked on the...

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A Published FBI Contract with Israeli Firm Cellebrite all...

An Israeli newspaper wrote today that "A search of the General Services Administration website — which lists all public expenditures in the US — indicates that the FBI signed a contract with Cellebrite in late March for ...

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FBI: It's 'Simply Too Early' to Tell if Inf...

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation is still working on analyzing the information found on the iPhone of San Bernardino Shooter Syed Farook, reports The Wall Street Journal. FBI general counsel James Baker shared news on the iPhone earlier today at the International Association of Privacy Professionals conference, where he said it's too early to tell if the data on the device is useful.

"We're now doing an analysis of that data, as we would in any other type of criminal terrorism investigation,'' Mr. Baker said, adding: "That means we would follow logical leads." But because the agency has only had access to the data for a short period of time, he said "it's simply too early'' to say whether anything found on the phone has been valuable to investigators.After a very public legal battle in...

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Bernie Sanders Wishes Apple Would Move Some Manufacturing...

Bernie Sanders, candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination in the United States, was today queried about Apple in an interview with the Daily News, where he commented on the company's manufacturing policies and rumors that Apple dodges taxes.

When asked if Apple is part of corporate America that is "destroying the fabric of our nation," a question inspired by statements made by Sanders' himself, Sanders said he does not believe that to be the case, instead pointing the finger at big banks like JPMorgan Chase and corporations like General Electric. He went on to clarify that he would, however, like Apple to move manufacturing of some devices to the United States and pay a fair share of taxes.No, Apple is not destroying the fabric of America. But I do wish they'd be manufacturing some of their devices, here, in the United States rather...

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Apple News Gains Twitter Account to Promote Content

Apple this morning launched a new Twitter account for Apple News, giving its Apple News team a way to promote stories and content on the social network. Created last year but activated today, the Apple News Twitter account will be used to share "top stories" and "great reads" curated by Apple News editors in the United States.

Thus far, the account has shared two new stories covering the Panama Papers and an NCAA Tournament championship game from publishers Wired and SBNation.

Follow us here for top stories & great reads from your favorite publishers, curated by our U.S. editors.— Apple News (@applenews) April 5, 2016 Apple has recently been bolstering its presence on Twitter, and the Apple News Twitter account...

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Sony's PlayStation Remote Play Feature Expanding to M...

Sony today announced plans to bring the PlayStation 4's Remote Play capabilities to the PC and Mac through an update that will be released tomorrow. With the update, PS4 owners will be able to play games remotely through a PC or a Mac.

Remote Play is a feature that lets the PlayStation 4 send audio and video to a peripheral device, but it was previously only compatible with Sony's handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation TV set-top box, and select Sony smartphones and tablets. Remote Play has been around since the PlayStation 3 and the PSP, but Sony has never made an effort to expand it before.

The decision to bring Remote Play to PCs and Macs comes after Microsoft introduced a remote gameplay feature for the Xbox One, allowing Xbox games to be played using a PC that...

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Samsung's Bad Quarterly News Begins Dripping out of K...

On March 30 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Are Samsung's Upbeat Expected Earnings Really Due to Galaxy S7 Sales?" The report from Korea on that day was forecasting positive sales for the first quarter due to positive Galaxy S7 sales. However, two Korean Press reports published today are providing us with a glimpse of Samsung's potential losses ...

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Apple Granted 63 Patents Today Covering an Electro-Optic V...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 63 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover an iSight camera module that incorporates a solid-state electro-optic variable aperture to provide iDevices with improved focusing and greater depth of field. Apple was granted a second camera related patent today for ...

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HP Introduces the Thinnest Notebook on the Market Today

Yesterday we posted a report titled "HP Unveils New Notebooks Tomorrow with the Hope of Stealing the Innovation Thunder away from Apple." 24 hours later and HP has launched the new HP Spectre, the world's thinnest laptop.

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Apple Granted a Patent for Synchronized, Interactive Augme...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple patent 9,305,402 today which covers a highly advanced synchronized and interactive augmented reality (AR) display...

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Apple Granted a Patent for Future Magic Mouse with Force T...

Back in August 2015 Patently Apple covered a European Apple patent filing that pointed to force touch being applied to future devices such as a touchpad, display or magic mouse. Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent specifically for a future Magic Mouse with integrated force touch sensors.

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Barclays Finally Supports Apple Pay at more than 400,000 C...

Today Barclays is officially supporting Apple Pay at more than 400,000 contactless points around the UK. Barclay customers could now ...

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New Apple Store Policy: Goodbye Plastic. Hello Paper

It was revealed yesterday that Apple Stores will be transitioning away from plastic bags to paper as their next move on the environmental front. Apple sent out a memo to all U.S. Apple Store managers and employees ...

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Security Flaw in iOS 9.3.1 Allows Access to iPhone Photos...

A video surfaced online yesterday purporting to show a vulnerability in iOS 9.3.1 that allows anyone to access photos and contacts on a locked iPhone without having to enter a passcode.

The YouTube video, uploaded by Jose Rodriguez and first spotted by The Daily Dot, depicts a user performing a Siri search followed by a series of relatively simple steps, one of which involves 3D Touch, limiting the exploit to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices.

The procedure starts by invoking Siri on the locked phone by holding the home button or using the "Hey, Siri" function, and then asking the personal assistant to initiate a Twitter search. When the returned results include contact details...

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