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Wednesday July 2

Nearly 50% of UK's Web Traffic is generated by iPhone...

Yesterday we reported that a new Kantar smartphone study found that Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C were the top selling smartphones in Britain with Samsung's Galaxy S5 a distant third. Today, in a new study published by Chitika, we're able to see that Britain's iPhone users account for close to 50% of the country's web traffic.

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Apple Sued for Trademark Infringement in Shanghai

It's being reported today in China that a Shanghai tech firm by the name of Shanghai Yishijia Network Technology is suing Apple and Shanghai Woshang Information Technology over the usage right of a trademark Yishijia owns on Apple's App Store.

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Apple Targets Six New Cities in China for Ten New Apple St...

According to a new report out of China today, Apple is seeking senior managers to manage ten new Apple stores that it plans to open on the Chinese mainland, as part of efforts to triple the number of Apple Stores in the country.

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Tim Cook Emphasizes Importance of Voice Messaging, Sparkin...

UBS analyst Steve Milunovich recently had a chance to meet up with Tim Cook, as detailed in a new note Milunovich sent to investors on Tuesday (via Fortune). During the meeting, Cook reportedly touched on the subject of voice messaging and based on Cook's comments, Milunovich is predicting a voice messaging app as a key feature of Apple's upcoming iWatch."When we visited with Tim Cook, he said that walking down streets in China one sees people speaking into their phones sending voice rather than text messages. Porting this capability to the watch makes sense as it is easier to send a voice message from a device already on the wrist than pulling out a phone. It also could aid penetration of China, which Cook said has a ways to go."Cook's comments on voice messaging were likely in relation to a new feature built into Messages in iOS 8, which allows users to record and send audio...

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Apple's iOS 7 "Newsstand" Icon is now a Reg...

Earlier today the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest registered trademark for the iOS 7 "Newsstand" Icon under registration number 4,559,843. Apple originally filed for their trademark in ...

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Apple files for Three Trademarks Protecting the iPhone Des...

On July 2, 2014, the US Patent & Trademark Office published three of Apple's latest trademark filings which are set out to protect the iPhone's latest hardware and Home Page designs. Apple's iPhone design played an important role in Apple's battle against Samsung over the years. The updated designs now ...

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Apple Discontinues AIM Support for Many OS X Users With Le...

Earlier this year, Apple announced in a support document that it would be discontinuing support as of June 30 for AIM iChat logins using a or a ID for customers who were running an older version of OS X. Customers who wanted to continue to use that login combination were advised to upgrade their Mac to OS X 10.7.2 or later. Following this change on Monday, a growing number of customers, even those on more recent versions of OS X and those using third-party services, are experiencing issues using AIM, reports AppAdvice.I was using an old .mac address for AIM. Messages on my Mac were sent and received through the third-party Adium application. On July 1, the service was no longer operational on either of my two Macs. Currently, my iMac has OS X Yosemite installed, while my MacBook Air has OS X...

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Analysts Eyeing Record Highs for Apple's Stock Price,...

Analysts were sour on Apple last year, believing the company's stock would not climb over the $700 mark it crossed briefly in September 2012. Now with a 7-for-1 stock split and a continuing stock repurchase plan, this negative sentiment is changing with analysts revising their price targets for the again-hot stock, reports Fortune. Table compiled by Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt. In recent weeks, analysts have adjusted their price targets by as much as 30 percent, with prices now ranging from a low of $87 from Morningstar's Brian Collelo up to a high of $124 from Stephen Turner of Hilliard Lyons. With the recent upgrades, the analysts' average price targets are now above Apple's all-time high once the stock split is accounted for....

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Microsoft Caught Completely Off-Guard by Apple's Home...

During Apple's World Wide Developer Conference held in early June, Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, introduced "HomeKit" that's behind a new Home Automation App coming to iOS 8 later this fall. The new app will be able to start controlling smart devices, such as garage door openers, lights, and security cameras. According to Federighi, all you'll have to do is speak into you iPhone and say the words "Get ready for bed" and it'll trigger Siri to go into action by dimming your home's lights, lower the thermostat, lock your doors and make sure your garage door is closed – automatically and instantly. Obviously the news of Apple's HomeKit caught Microsoft off-guard once again. Microsoft's developer conference, which was held back in April called "Build 2014," didn't mention anything whatsoever about home automation. In the end, Apple's latest move has panicked Microsoft ...

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Tuesday July 1

Israel's Emblaze Patent Infringement Trial against Ap...

In 2010 Patently Apple was first to report that an Israeli company by the name of Emblaze Ltd., maker of the advanced "Else" smartphone, filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. for patent infringement. The lawsuit involves a single patent relating to real-time broadcasting over a network that the company claims is used without license by Apple in their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and QuickTime X in Snow Leopard. Today that trial began in San Jose.

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Apple adds nine new CarPlay Partners While Adding Apps lik...

In March we posted a report titled "Apple's CarPlay is set to lead the OS Platform War for the Car," that showed how Apple got off to blasting fast start at this year's International Motor Show in Geneva by announcing that Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes were on board CarPlay. Others noted to be preparing to add CarPlay included the BMW Group, General Motors, Ford. Today, nine other car makers working with Apple's CarPlay were made public.

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Google Following in Apple's Footsteps With Songza Pur...

Just over a month after Apple announced plans to purchase Beats Electronics and the Beats Music service, Google has made its own music purchase, acquiring streaming music service Songza. First launched in 2007 and revamped in 2011, Songza is a curation-based music service much like Beats Music. Songza offers a multitude of customized playlists created by music experts, which revolve around different moods and activities. For example, in its iPhone app, Songza provides playlists for "Working Out," "Waking Up Happy," "Feeling Confident," and more. Beats Music, meanwhile, boasts "in-house curators" that provide handpicked albums and playlists based on a user's personal tastes. There's also a feature called "The Sentence," which offers playlists...

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Aperture Replacement 'Photos' to Offer Image Sea...

Last week, Apple announced that the company would be discontinuing their Aperture photo management software to focus development on the new Photos app that was introduced at WWDC. Details on Apple's new Photos app, however, remains scarce, leaving Aperture users with a lot of uncertainty. Ars Technica was able to get additional information from an Apple representative, who indicated that certain professional-grade features would be coming to the new Photos app: When asked about what Aperture-like features users can expect from the new Photos app, an Apple representative mentioned plans for professional-grade features such as image search, editing, effects, and most notably, third-party extensibility. Some of these editing features are already depicted in the screenshot that Apple released of...

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FTC Accuses T-Mobile of Knowingly Charging Customers for F...

The United States Federal Trade Commission today filed a complaint against T-Mobile, accusing the carrier of charging customers for unauthorized SMS subscriptions that delivered information like horoscopes and celebrity gossip at prices up to $9.99 per month. T-Mobile reportedly collected 35 to 40 percent of the amount charged to consumers, at times continuing to bill customers even after it was clear the charges were fraudulent. According to the FTC, T-Mobile made "hundreds of millions of dollars" using these tactics. The FTC suggests that the charges were unauthorized because of the high volume of T-Mobile customers seeking refunds. The company has allegedly received a high number of consumer complaints since 2012. T-Mobile is also said to have made it difficult to detect the charges, as a summary bill did not show a third-party charge or a...

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Apple Adds Several New CarPlay Partners, Including Fiat Ch...

Apple today expanded its list of automobile manufacturer partners that plan to support CarPlay in future models, adding a number of brands from the Fiat Chrysler group: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram. Also officially joining the list of CarPlay partners today is Mazda (via Wired). These additions follow a recent announcement by Audi, which plans to integrate Apple's CarPlay system into its vehicles beginning in 2015. These new partners join existing CarPlay partners Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, GM, and Honda, which are introducing CarPlay compatible vehicles before the end of the year, and a number of other brands promising future support. Besides new cars, Alpine and...

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Rumored iPhone 6 Parts Show Volume and Power Buttons on Se...

While we've seen plenty of mockups and more recently a few claimed legitimate exterior parts such as rear shells and front panels from the iPhone 6, little in the way of internal parts as surfaced so far. But three new photos surfacing today (via show what are claimed to be a pair of flex cable parts from the iPhone 6. The photos are of fairly poor quality and it is not specified whether the parts are from the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch model, but the parts do closely resemble legitimate parts from other devices and an Apple logo and Apple-style part number are present on one of them. iPhone 6 volume/mute flex...

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Apple Looks to Boost AppleCare+ Membership With New 60-Day...

Apple today revised its AppleCare+ support service, lengthening the time new iPhone and iPad owners have to purchase the protection plan from the previous 30-day window to an extended 60-days. The new 60-day AppleCare+ option is available both in store and online in all AppleCare+ regions, with the exception of Japan which still offers the original 30-day window, reports 9to5Mac. AppleCare+ is a premium warranty service for iPhone and iPad owners, providing warranty support and accidental damage coverage for two years from the date of device purchase. The plan costs $99 and includes two accidental damage replacements that cost $49 per incident for the iPad and $79 for the iPhone. Apple also is discontinuing the previous AppleCare option that extends warranty service for the...

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Apple Retakes Top Spot on Barron's 2014 list of Most...

Baron's is reporting today that while Berkshire Hathaway knocked Apple out of the Number One spot last year in Barron's annual ranking of the world's most respected companies, Apple has stormed back to take the top spot leaving the competition in the dust.

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Apple Rolls Out New 16 GB iPod Touch Internationally

Apple last week refreshed its iPod touch lineup with a new 16GB model that offers a camera and color options to replace the stripped-down model it introduced last year. After debuting in the US, the new iPod touch today became available internationally, landing in the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries worldwide. As revealed by iFixit, the new 16GB iPod touch is a lower capacity model of Apple's existing fifth generation iPod touch lineup that was introduced in 2012. The model features a 4-inch display, Apple's A5 processor, a 5-megapixel iSight camera and color choices that include yellow, blue, pink and more. The new 16GB version lowers the entry-...

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In Britain, Apple's iPhones take Top Spots for May wi...

Last month we reported that "Samsung's Galaxy S5 was Confirmed a Dud & May Hurt Financials," and shortly thereafter reported that a Samsung VP admitted that their quarter wasn't looking good. With all of the hoopla over the Galaxy S5 being a smash hit, stats presented today in a new Kantar study actually reports the very opposite. According to their...

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Apple Granted 48 Patents Today Covering 3D Structures for...

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 48 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover several inventions. The first covers 3D structures like flexible circuit boards for small devices. The others cover Apple's "Game Center," Siri on iPod and advanced iDevice metaphors. Apple was also granted ...

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Samsung and GlobalFoundries to Produce Apple's 14-nm...

Samsung and GlobalFoundries have landed orders from Apple to produce the 14-nanometer A9 processor starting next year, reports DigiTimes. The 14nm chips will be rolled out of GlobalFoundries' Fab 8 factory in Malta, New York, which Samsung will also use to produce Apple's A-series chips. According to Samsung and Globalfoundries' roadmap, the two foundries plan to push their initial 14nm LPE (low power early) process, which was verified in February, into risk production in the fourth quarter of 2014 and small volume production in early 2015, the sources indicated. The report also notes that longtime Apple partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will attempt to secure orders for Apple's A9 chip by introducing new semiconductor processes by early next year....

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Monday June 30

Apple Launches 2014 'Back to School' Promotion w...

As indicated yesterday, Apple today launched its annual Back to School promotion offering qualified educational purchasers an Apple Store gift card of up to $100 with the purchase of a new Mac or a $50 gift card with the purchase of a iPad or iPhone. This year marks the first time that Apple is giving out store gifts cards with purchases, as the company has usually offered iTunes Store/App Store/iBookstore gift cards in years past. Get a $100 Apple Store Gift Card when you buy a Mac for college. Or a $50 gift card when you buy an iPad or iPhone.* You’ll also save on a Mac or iPad with education pricing. Eligible...

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Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian Fans

Patently Apple wishes all of our Canadian Fans a Happy Canada Day. The photo noted above

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Apple Building its Own Speech Recognition Team to Power Si...

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal claimed that Nuance, which is responsible for the technology behind Apple's virtual assistant Siri, was in talks with Samsung Electronics about a possible acquisition. Now, a new report from Wired states that Apple is forming its own in-house speech recognition team to power the next-generation of Siri. “Apple is not hiring only in the managerial level, but hiring also people on the team-leading level and the researcher level,” says Abdel-rahman Mohamed, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Toronto, who was courted by Apple. “They’re building a very strong team for speech recognition research.” Throughout the past few years, Apple has hired a number of high-level speech researchers in Nuance, including former vice president of research...

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