Dennis' top 10 products of 2006
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Dennis' top 10 products of 2006

image Looking back at 2007, a lot of great products were reviewed. Here is my top 10 list of hardware and software items. Coming in at number one is the 24-inch iMac, which is, all factors (design, power, functionality, price, etc.) considered the best desktop Apple has ever made.

You can read my entire review [url=]here[/url]. But here's a summary: "Regardless, the super-sized version of Apple’s iMac is the best overall desktop the company has ever made. It’s elegant, powerful, a joy to use." And here are the other top nine products, IMHO:

° [url=]The 17-inch MacBook Pro[/url] -- with its Core 2 Duo processor and upgrade options, it's the ultimate desktop replacement.

° The [url=]Core 2 Duo MacBook[/url], the excellent consumer portable got even faster with the inclusion of Core 2 Duo chips from Intel (now if only it didn't have those integrated graphics).

° The [url=]2G iPod nano[/url] -- Apple took the best aspects of the iPod nano and the iPod mini and merged 'em into a wonderful, colorful MP3 player.

° The [url=]Franklin Wireless USB Modem[/url], the first wireless broadband USB modem that supports the Mac.

° The [url=]TV Mini HD[/url], a nifty little device that allows you to watch, pause record and rewind free-to-air Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) on your Mac.

° [url=]EyeTV 2[/url], the latest and greatest software from Elgato that lets you record and review TV.

° The [url=]Marware Sidewinder iPod case[/url], a practically perfect, “intelligent” hard case that allows a 5G (video) iPod to stand, lie down or cling to your belt/purse strap.

° The [url=]MacCase from RhinoSkin[/url], a versatile, innovative "shell" for the new MacBook line.

° [url=]Handbrake[/url], an excellent tool for "ripping" DVDs and other video files for viewing on your 5G iPod -- and it's free.

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