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Sep 16
eMedia Music to Expand For Dummies CD-ROM line

eMedia Music Corp. ( is partnering with For Dummies, a branded imprint of Wiley, to release six new titles in the eMedia For Dummies line of music instruction CD-ROMs.

Rock Guitar For Dummies CD-ROM, Bass Guitar For Dummies CD-ROM, Guitar For Dummies Level 2 CD-ROM, Piano For Dummies Level 2 CD-ROM, Guitar For Dummies Deluxe and Piano For Dummies Deluxe will be in stores just in time for the holiday season. All of these titles feature eMedia's interactive Instant Feedback technology, which listens through your computer's microphone as you play and highlights correctly played melodies.l 2.

Rock Guitar For Dummies, Bass For Dummies, Guitar For Dummies Level 2 and Piano For Dummies Level 2 will be released next month at retail stores in the US and online at an estimated retail price of US$29.95. Guitar For Dummies Deluxe and Piano For Dummies Deluxe will also be...

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Sep 15
Tango TRX is new Bluetooth audio solution for iDevices

XTremeMac ( has announced theTango TRX, a 2.1 wireless high-fidelity audio system for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The US$179.99 system allows users to wirelessly transmit high quality audio through the latest Bluetooth technology. 

It boasts a 2.1 digital audio system that includes two midrange drivers, two dome tweeters and a downward firing subwoofer. Tango TRX features LED status indicators for system feedback, a line-in jack for connecting other audio devices and a multifunction remote control.

The free XtremeMac Tango TRX app integrates with the unit for enhanced control and functionality. With the Tango app, users can control music directly from their iPod, iPhone, or iPad, turning any of these devices into a virtual remote which appears as a digital version of the included physical remote. The app also provides a five-band graphic equalizer that enables customers to...

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Sep 15
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Sept. 15

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Quickwish is a new, US$0.99 social wish list app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It allows the user to keep track of the things they want and send them to the people they know using Email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tasa Graphic Arts has announced two $0.99 iOS apps for geology students. The geotimescale Enhanced app is now available for iPhone and the iPod touch and the geotimescale Enhanced HD app is available for iPad. These apps illustrate significant events and periods of time in Earth's history. The Geologic Time Scale shows the names of the eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages along with their corresponding dates. Each app also includes illustrations and information for significant events.

Zentertain has released RingtoneMaker PRO 1.0...

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Sep 15
'YML' looks at the 10th anniversary of Mac OS X

The new "Your Mac Life" episode looks at the 10th anniversary of Mac OS X.

You can listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8 pm (Pacific). Live video is on Your Mac Life! You can watch the show live at -- or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at .

You can join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show -- on the live video site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

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Sep 15
'Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ' answers 100...

TidBITS Publishing has announced the newest ebook in the Take Control series, "Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ," by iTunes expert and audiophile Kirk McElhearn.

The 146-page "Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ" uses a Q&A approach to help readers appreciate and understand the process of adding media to iTunes, tagging it, adding album art, and organizing it into playlists.

"Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ" costs US$10, and includes coupons for $5 off Equinux's SongGenie tool for adding missing metadata and $3 off Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil wireless audio distribution software. You can find the ebook at . Questions answered in the ebook include:

° How do I use the new Album List View in iTunes 10?
° What can I do with Ping, the new musical social network in iTunes 10?
° How do I control the sound quality...

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Sep 15
Analysts: Verizon iPhone needed to combat the Android threat

Bernstein Research analysts Toni Sacconagh and Pierre Ferragu told clients in a research note that Apple needs a Verizon iPhone if it's serious about warding off the Android threat.

As noted by "Barron's ( the analysts say that the daily run-rate for Android phone sales has more than tripled in the last seven months, to 200,000 phones a day from 60,000. Sacconagh and Ferragu estimate that 53 million Android phones will ship this year. With that in mind, the Bernstein analysts think the Android installed base could exceed that of the iPhone in a little over five quarters.

One of the main reasons for the Android’s momentum is the fact that the iPhone...

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Sep 15
Vvidget Builder 10.6.7 improves polar, bar graphs

VVI ( ) has released Vvidget Builder version 10.6.7, an update of the point and click graphing solution for Mac OS X. The new version offers the following improvements:

° Polar and log-polar graphs now display and autoscale better and their inspectors give access to autoscale parameters. Polar and log-polar wizards resize and autoscale better as well.

° The bar and column chart wizard now displays full or half width stacked bars in addition to offset bars.

° Skins are a type of Vvidget Builder document that can be imported into the Graph and Vvidget iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications to customize their graph display. This version of Vvidget Builder coincides with the upcoming version of those applications to provide skin making for polar and log-polar graphs.

Contact VVI for pricing options.

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Sep 15
iBank rings up version 4.0

IGC Software ( has released released iBank 4.0, a new version of its financial management application for Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

Among dozens of new features and improvements in iBank 4 are: faster transaction entry and dynamic editing options in a two-line register; a set-up assistant for transferring data from Mac and PC versions of Quicken, MS Money, or other finance programs; a streamlined set-up process for downloading transactions from online bank accounts; a more accessible user interface for easy monitoring of account balances, net worth, or summaries of assets and liabilities; upgraded investment tracking capabilities; more powerful support for multiple currencies; and speed enhancements.

Features that have been entirely revamped for iBank 4 include:

° An all-new reporting engine that, for example, lets users examine income and expenses by...

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Sep 15
Flash Decompiler 4.2 offers Flash CS5 support

Eltima Software has released Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.2 ( for Mac OS X. It's an update of the SWF to FLA converter designed to help users decompile Flash movies and convert SWF elements into multiple formats.

Version 4.2 offers Adobe Flash CS5 support, P-code view of ActionScript 3.0 and a fixing mechanism for third-party SWF files that don't satisfy the Adobe SWF file format specification.

The software lets you extract all SWF objects from the file (images, sounds, videos, shapes, morphs, fonts, texts, sprites, etc) and save them in various formats. Eltima added the ability to choose resources to extract and process several files simultaneously. Also, Flash Decompiler Trillix lets you export ActionScripts, which can be searched through later.

The new interface of Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.0...

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Sep 15
Syncro Soft releases Oxygen XML Editor, Oxygen XML Author 12

Syncro Soft ( has released version 12 of its Oxygen XML Editor and XML Author, which contains a set of tools supporting all the XML related technologies.

The user interface has been redesigned, and the Project view provides a simplified toolbar, an intuitive contextual menu and synchronized selection with the currently edited document.
A new Open/Find resource dialog has been added along with improvements in Outline and Attributes View.

Oxygen XML Editor and XML Author 12 offers generic conditional text support for any XML documentation framework, including (but not limited to) DITA and DocBook. All you need to do is to define the profiling attributes and corresponding profiling values.

The new ePUB support allows you to change, extract, validate and process data stored in ePUB files. These capabilities allow developers to pack files into ePUB and also...

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Sep 15
The MacJury weighs in on 'Too Few Women in Tech'...

The MacJury ( recently convened to discuss a recent "TechCrunch" article, "Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men."

The article raised the blood pressure of some members of the MacJury Pool, and they wanted to discuss and debate the article and the challenges of women in technology. The panel of Pat Fauquet, Jean MacDonald, Dori Smith, Omaha Sternberg and host Chuck Joiner take on the topic, discussing both their personal experiences and those of women in general in a variety of tech-related activities, including conference speaking, business, gaming and more.

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Sep 15
Speck rolls out new accessories for the iPad, small computing...

Speck ( is introducing a new line of carry bags and totes to accommodate the iPad, netbooks and other small computing devices.

The A-Line 10 (pictured) is a tech tote that can hold your iPad, netbook, e-reader or other smaller device. The new tote takes its namesake from the apparel industry description for dresses and skirts offering the classic “A-Line” shape. The zippered, padded and microfleece-lined main compartment holds and protects an iPad, netbook or e-reader, while two interior zippered pockets offer organized storage for other smaller essentials and include headphone cord pass-through openings.

The $49.95 PortPack is an expandable shoulder bag stays slim when loads are light or unzips to expand to twice its capacity as needed. Low-profile zippered pockets offer extra storage space and organization for all the essentials, and a microfleece lined and...

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Sep 15
Group Logic enhances ArchiveConnect for the Mac

Group Logic ( has updated ArchiveConnect, its File System Archiving (FSA) solution for Mac desktops.

Version 1.1 extends its s integration with Symantec's EnterpriseVault and CommVault's Simpana to include new usability enhancements and support for network-based home directory environments with active enterprise FSA deployments. Together, these new features measurably boost productivity for Mac users of Symantec and CommVault FSA systems, according to Brian Ulmer, product manager for ArchiveConnect at Group Logic. "

"The Mac's inability to differentiate between online and offline files the same way Windows can present serious challenges. In an archiving environment like EnterpriseVault or Simpana, the Mac's file previewing features trigger unintended requests to restore archived files automatically.," he says. "For just about any archiving system, this can cause severe...

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Sep 15
MacTech Conference adds Macworld Panel, Apple Certification...

The MacTech Conference for IT Pros and Mac developers, November 3-5, 2010 in Los Angeles, has announced two new additions this week: Macworld VP & Editorial Director Jason Snell will moderate a panel on virtualization, and Apple Authorized Training Center v.2 Consulting is offering a study hour and exam session for all Apple Certifications.

The three-day, information-packed event has expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds covering a broad array of topics. Evenings are full of activities, including an exclusive visit the Griffith Observatory (one of Los Angeles' greatest landmarks). On the final evening, the MacTech Conference Party will include dinner, billiards, video games, and more. The first ever MacTech Bowl will take place to raise money for the "School Field Trip" program at the Griffith Observatory.

Macworld VP & Editorial Director Jason Snell will be moderating a panel entitled "Trends in Virtualization" at MacTech Conference 2010. The panel...

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Sep 15
Newspaper subscriptions coming soon for the iPad?

The "San Jose Mercury News" ( is reporting that Apple is expected to announce soon a new subscription plan for newspapers, "which hope tablets like the iPad will eventually provide a new source of profit as media companies struggle with declining print circulation and advertising revenue."

Not surprisingly, Apple wouldn't comment to the newspaper. However, Roger Fidler, head of digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia, Mo., told "The "News" that Apple probably will take a 30% cut of all subscriptions sold through the company's Apple App Store, and as much as 40% of the advertising revenue from publications' apps.

Apple has agreed to provide an opt-in function for subscribers to allow the company to share with publishers their information, which includes vital...

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Sep 15
iOS devices surpass Sony PSP as gaming platform (and close in on...

A new survey shows that the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have surpassed Sony PSP as a gaming platform in the United States and have almost caught up with Nintendo's DS, according to "GamePro" (

According to a survey from the International Gamers Survey 2010 from market research and consulting firm Newzoo, 77 million Americans play games on mobile phones and portable devices. Of those, 40.1 million use the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The platform of choice for 41.0 million ages 10 and up is the Nintendo DS and DSi.

"GamePro" says that 18 million Americans play using Sony’s PSP. The survey also reveals that two-thirds of PSP and iPad users play games at least three days a week, compared to 50%...

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Sep 15
Mix up a Martini QuickShot for Final Cut Pro

PowerProduction Software has released Martini QuickShot Creator (Martini), the first plug-in for post-production visualization. Designed to work within Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Martini ( lets editors direct additional shots and sequences.

With Martini’s dynamic power, editors no longer need to use black slugs with text explaining what “shot goes here, says PowerProduction Software Chief Technical Officer Paul Clatworthy. From single shots to multi-shot sequences, Martini helps directors and editors create a better final film, he adds.

Loaded with classic and unique shot styles, Martini's interface guides editors through the quick creation of composite shots. Editors can select a style, such as basic over-the-shoulder shots, two and three shots, and close-ups as well as fight scenes, chase scenes, and other pre-composed multiple shot sequences. Then,...

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Sep 15
Apple AirPrint wireless printing coming in November

Apple is releasing a beta version of its AirPrint wireless printing for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to members of Apple’s iOS developer program today, and says AirPrint will be included in the free iOS 4.2 software update in November.

AirPrint automatically finds printers on local networks and can print text, photos and graphics to them wirelessly over Wi-Fi without the need to install drivers or download software. HP’s existing and upcoming ePrint enabled printers will be the first to support printing direct from iOS devices.

AirPrint is designed to support a range of printers from entry level inkjet printers to office laser printers. Additionally, iOS 4.2 devices can print to printers shared through a Mac or a PC. iOS 4.2 compatible HP printers this fall include the HP Photosmart, Officejet, Officejet Pro and LaserJet Pro series ePrint enabled printers.

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Sep 15
dB Logic debuts new headphones, earphones

dB Logic ( has announced what it says the world’s first family of no-battery-required, ultra-low distortion sound pressure level limiting headphones and earphones for teens and adults.

The headphones and earphones with SPL2 technology are designed to help protect users from long-term hearing damage, according to the folks at dB Logic. In addition, the company is also launching “dB Logic for Kids,” the first family of headphones with SPL2 technology designed for children.

dB Logic’s proprietary sound pressure level (SPL) limiting technology, SPL2, limits volume levels and provides consumers with a low-distortion listening experience. Additionally, dB Logic headphones and earphones integrate a SPL2 monitoring circuit that regulates the volume where needed, while still keeping the musical content largely unchanged.

dB Logic headphones and earphones for adults will be...

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Sep 15
Nikon releases D7000 D-SLR

Nikon ( has introduced the D7000 digital SLR camera, which can take 16.2-megapixel photos and full HD (High Definition) movies. It sports a new 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with low-light ability that the folks at Nikon say have never before seen in a DX-format (APS-C) camera.

The new EXPEED 2 image-processing engine fuels the enhanced performance of the D7000 along with a new 39-point AF system and 2,016 pixel RGB 3D Matrix Metering System to deliver high image quality in a variety of shooting conditions. Additionally, the D7000 D-SLR provides full 1080p HD movie capability with full-time auto focus (AF).

The D7000 D-SLR camera will be available throughout the U.S. beginning mid-October at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$1,199.95 for the body only and $1499.95 for body and lens outfit that includes the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.

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Sep 15
Targus announces three new laptop cooling devices

Targus ( has announced three new cooling devices designed for the traveler, gamer and casual user, as well as new iPad accessories.

The US$59.99 HD3 Gaming Chill Mat (pictured) is designed specifically to cool up to 18-inch high-performance gaming laptops. Its cooling system features three quiet fans with sealed shafts. An adjustable fan speed dial features tactile control for adjusting the cooling level without taking your eyes off of the laptop screen, while airflow straighteners reduce air turbulence for more efficient cooling. The non-skid elastomer feet provide a stable grip

The $29.99 Travel Chill Mat is sized specifically for travel, fitting in a laptop case or backpack. It uses dual fans to disperse heat and provide ventilation. Its ergonomic work surface is designed to cushion your lap and provide a pain-free typing angle while rubber stops prevent slippage. The Travel...

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Sep 15
Altec Lansing unveils new speaker system/charger for iPhones,...

Altec Lansing ( has introduced the new Octiv Duo (M202) dual docking and charging speaker system and free Music Mix App to give multiple device households a way to play and charge their iPod and iPhones simultaneously.  

The combo lets you play your tunes while charging and sharing playlists from two devices at once. What's more, you can charge a third device through the built-in USB port and expand the musical player options with the aux-in.  

With a low profile compact wedge design, the Octiv Duo is designed for limited spaces such as corners in the kitchen or on the nightstand. The included remote allows playlist access and control from across the room.  

The free Music Mix app shuffles songs from both players and allows users to set the percentage of music played from each iPhone or iPod while docked. Also included is the free Altec Lansing Alarm Rock...

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Sep 15
AQ releases Orbit wireless iDock

AQ ( has released the AQ Orbit wireless iDock. The Orbit -- which costs approximately US$156 -- is a multitasking sound system. With an auxiliary input and removable USB transmitter the AQ Orbit Wireless iDock allows you to connect its speakers to any audio source including your computer or HiFi.

The AQ Orbit Wireless iDock and transmitter is compatible with audio sources such as the iPhone 4, 3G & 3GS, iPod, TVs, DVD players, MP3 players, the PSP, laptops and desktop computers. Its wireless charging function enables you to charge the speakers without connecting any cable or plug; just place the speaker on the dock and the charging will activate. A fully functional remote control enables you to, play, pause, skip, fast-forward, rewind, mute and control volume.

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Sep 15
Logitech unveils new wireless trackball

Logitech ( has unveiled the US$59.99 Wireless Trackball M570. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, its laser tracking sensor uses the ball, rather than a surface, to guide movement.

Logitech’s newest trackball also has a scroll wheel and back/forward buttons. Plus, it uses the tiny Logitech Unifying wireless receiver. It stays in your laptop, so there’s no need to unplug it when you move around, and the 2.4 GHz wireless means a connection from up to 30 feet away.

You can add a compatible keyboard, number pad or additional mouse to the same receiver so you don’t fill up all your USB ports. You can purportedly go for up to 18 months without replacing the included AA battery.

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Sep 15
ModulR releases iPad accessories

ModulR ( has announced the immediate availability of its iPad Case and Accessory System. The product line includes a protective, ergonomic iPad Case + Cover and interchangeable accessory attachments, including a wall mount and display stand.

Ergonomic nodes on the back of the modulR Case create a comfortable, secure grip for the iPad and also extend the iPad's uses, according to Josh Beatty, modulR co-founder and CEO. The nodes connect to an ever-expanding line of modulR accessories that allow you to mount, position and adapt the iPad to your needs, he adds.

modulR’s Case + Cover along with two accessories -- a low-profile Slim Mount for wall mounting and a Quick Stand (pictured) with two viewing angles for typing and table-top viewing -- are now available. They can be purchased separately or together as part of a limited offer, US$99 Starter Package.

Additional modulR...

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