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Jul 29
Extensis sponsors MOGO Media Dreamweaver, InDesign Seminar tours

Extensis, a division of Celartem, is sponsoring a font management lunch presentation in major cities across the country during the MOGO Media Dreamweaver and InDesign Seminar Tours held through the rest of 2010.
The lunch presentation is open to seminar attendees who will see the latest in Extensis’ font management technology. Dreamweaver seminar attendees will be able to preview WebINK, the new web font service from Extensis.  InDesign seminar attendees will see how effective font management can help achieve brand consistency for print or the web.
The MOGO Media Dreamweaver and InDesign seminars are one-day training conferences for creative professionals working with Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver. You can view the entire 2010 MOGO Media seminar schedule and register for an event at .

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Jul 28
Ramjet announces memory upgrades for new iMacs

Ramjet now carries DDR3-1333 RAM upgrades for the latest rev of the iMac line. The new iMacs have four memory slots, and a system maximum of 16GB.  

Ramjet offers a 4Gig kit (2x 2Gig modules), an 8GB Kit (2x 4GB modules), and a 16GB kit (4x 4GB modules). These modules are fully compatible with the latest Apple firmware, and are SPD configured for the new iMac. These kits are shipping now, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. For details go to .

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Jul 28
iPad owners: snobbish, rich, over-indulgent?

According to survey results by MyType, owners of Apple's high-profile iPad are likely to be snobbish, rich and prone to the temptations of anger, lust and overeating, reports "eWeek" (

From March through May of 2010, online research firm MyType surveyed more than 20,000 of its users on Facebook about Apple's iPad to determine the personality traits, values, demographics and interests that drive differences in opinion about the high-profile tablet computer. After weighting the responses to reflect the composition of the general Internet-using U.S. population between the ages of 13 and 49, it appears iPad owners possess the qualities of sophistication, intellect, snobbery and selfishness, notes "eWeek."

The survey also found people who plead guilty to sins of indulgence are more likely to own an iPad. Ethnic minorities in the United States are in general much more likely to know...

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Jul 28
Droids use more data than iPhones?

A study released today by Validas says the average data consumption for non-Blackberry Verizon smartphones was 421MB per month, compared to the 338MB per month consumed by AT&T iPhone users, reports "Fortune" (

The Validas 009-2010 Wireless Data Consumption study examines, analyzes and compares information drawn directly from actual consumer bills from 2009 and 2010. It provides year-over-year trends and detailed distribution charts segmented by device and by carrier, providing unique insight into the explosive growth in wireless data, which carriers are benefitting most from it, and which user and device groups are most driving it.

"While the study didn't specifically call out Verizon's line of high end Android phones, there is really nothing else in Verizon's line that would make such an impact besides the multimedia-heavy Droids," says "eWeek." "Who else would be using so...

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Jul 28
Apple sues over unauthorized accessories for idevices

Another day, another lawsuit. Apple is suing companies it said are selling unauthorized electronic accessories such as chargers, speakers and cables for the iPod, iPhone and iPad, reports "Bloomberg Businessweek" (

“Many are of inferior quality and reliability, raising significant concerns over compatibility with and damage to Apple’s products,” Apple said in the complaint, citing a user comment that a charger from one of the companies drained his iPod rather than replenishing the battery.

In the complaint, Apple said the unauthorized products are infringing as many as 10 patents and violating its trademarks. The complaint, filed July 22 in federal court in San Francisco, identifies six sellers based in California and one in Washington and said Apple could name as many as 20 additional companies, notes "Bloomberg."

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Jul 28
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for July 28

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

Smith Micro Software has released SendStuffNow for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The free app enables iPhone and iPad users to send large files, track the status of pending file deliveries and create new invitations to allow additional users to access files that have already been uploaded. Now, regardless of location, consumers and professionals can create, access and manage shared file links with the tap of a screen. SendStuffNow for the iPhone and iPad also makes it possible to upload and share photos and videos captured on these devices.

SeeItWithus has announced VideoPix for iPad 1.0. The US$2.99 app supports frame grabbing, screencapping, slow motion playback at configurable fps, frame by frame analysis of video clips from iPad's Photo Albums and...

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Jul 28
Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit now supports After Effects CS5

The Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit ( now features five l effects filters for creating create 3D objects using text and shapes in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Final Cut Express.

The Extruded Text filter allows you to create 3D text elements and use AE's native camera and lighting system to generate fly-throughs or animate the viewer around the generated 3D text models. Extruded EPS provides a way to import and extrude Adobe Illustrator layered vector logos and graphics in Adobe After Effects.

With Type-on Text, you'll be able to create animated text type-ons that fly in from behind or toward the camera or slide into view from the top, left, bottom, or right of the screen either letter-by-letter, word-by-word, or line-by-line. Extruded Spline generates and extrudes shapes from any AE-generated mask shape as well as imported vector art from Adobe Illustrator.

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Jul 28
Macsimum Poll: are you happy with the iMac, Mac Pro updates?

In this week's poll, we're asking if you're pleased with the upgrades to the iMac and Mac Pro line that Apple announced on Tuesday. The poll can be found at the right hand side of our home page, below the Macsimum Opinion column.

In our last poll, we asked if the "Antennagate" problems with the iPhone 4 would keep you from buying one. Seventy-eight percent of you said "no," 14% wasn't planning on buying one anyway and 8% said "yes."

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Jul 28
Professional 3D game engine for REAL Studio available

The Component Man Group, a division of Paradigma Software (, says Franklin 3D is available in a public beta with support for REAL Studio (formerly REALbasic), the cross-platform BASIC language development environment from
REAL Software.

Franklin 3D is a professional 3D game and simulation engine available for Mac OS X and Windows. It includes over 400 methods, including support for display control, model loading and callbacks. Franklin 3D includes the engine plus a collection of example projects.

Utilizing an open source core engine, Franklin 3D lets developers use the optimal 3D rendering engine depending on the platform: OpenGL on Mac OS X or Windows, and DirectX
on Windows. Features include:

° Multiple rendering support: the Franklin 3D engine can utilize OpenGL and DirectX 9 (and Direct X 8) rendering, with two back up, software only...

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Jul 28
The Pixel Farm unveils PFMatchit

The Pixel Farm ( has unveiled PFMatchit, a Mac OS X compatible, 2D/3D camera-tracking/matchmoving software package.

The new product is announced as part of wider realignment of the company's core VFX product range, including the renowned PFTrack. It's released in response to customer demand for a lower entry point to The Pixel Farm's technology, is the first product to harness the company's new 64-bit, node-based flowgraph architecture. This approach dramatically improves the core processes involved in camera tracking, one of the most critical aspects of successful VFX creation, according to the folks at The Pixel Farm.

The new architecture gives users a logical, visual overview of tracking workflows, and a procedural, non-linear environment in which to work. Digital artists have full control over every aspect of each individual operation within a workflow,...

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Jul 28
360Works releases ScriptMaster 4 FileMaker plug-in

360Works has released ScriptMaster 4 (, the latest version of its free FileMaker plug-in. It now includes 81 functions, enabling developers to y manipulate files and folders, encrypt and decrypt sensitive data, download web pages and submit online forms, push notifications to iPhone and other iOS devices, and incorporate XML Web Services, shell scripting and event/script triggering.

In addition to these new functions, ScriptMaster 4 delivers speed and stability improvements, the ability to load and share modules on the network, improved documentation and tutorials, and numerous bug fixes. Also new in ScriptMaster 4.0 is the optional US$95 Advanced Edition:

The Advanced Edition will allow anybody to generate their own branded plug-ins. Just check the modules you want and click the "Make Plugin" button, and you've got a plugin with all of your...

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Jul 28
MyService offers 750GB MacBook hard drive upgrade

MyService ( has announced a new 750GB hard drive upgrade for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. These new 9.5mm drives by Western Digital are the largest drives available for the Apple laptops.

MyService has these drives in stock. The upgrade service includes the new drive, round trip shipping, professional installation and data transfer. MyService sends a custom laptop shipping container to you. All shipping is insured and can be tracked online.

Your old hard drive is returned to you and can be used for backups. Since MyService is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, the 750GB upgrade will not void your Apple warranty.

Once your laptop is back at MyService, a certified technician installs the new drive and transfers the data over from your old drive. If your old hard drive is failing, a new operating system is installed. All drives feature a three-year manufacturer...

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Jul 28
Best Buy Mobile launches Side Shield for the iPhone 4

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but now customers who shop at Best Buy are eligible for a free Side Shield for the iPhone 4. The offer launches exclusively on July 28, and comes in the form of a clear, unobtrusive shield applied to the outer edges of the iPhone 4.

The Side Shield from invisibleShield was designed to address issues with antenna attenuation and has been tested and manufactured by ZAGG. This program will be available free of charge, including installation, to anyone who purchased or will purchase an iPhone 4 from Best Buy and will be extended to all existing Reward Zone customers. The solution will also be available to the general public for the retail price $9.99, including installation.

In addition, all consumers can take advantage of 20% off of any iPhone 4 case through Aug.7. Best Buy Mobile ( offers an assortment of cases for...

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Jul 28
Apple will honor mis-priced Mac mini orders in Taiwan

In response to urges from Taiwan's Consumer Foundation, Apple has agreed to honor orders placed on its web site store on July 23 for Mac mini servers with 8GB of memory that were accidentally mispriced.

The Mac minis were quoted at NT$19,900 (US$618), 57.66% lower than the correct price of NT$47,000. However, Apple Taiwan says each buyer is limited to one unit, according to "DigiTimes" (

In addition, since the pricing error was only listed under its educational discount section, Apple will also require purchasers confirm their eligibility before accepting the orders, the article adds.

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Jul 28
OWC announces memory upgrades for new iMacs

Other World Computing ( has announced OWC PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz Memory Upgrade Kits up to 16GB for the new mid-2010 iMac models introduced by Apple yesterday.

The upgrade kits are for the new iMac 21.5-inch 3.06GHz, 3.20GHz, and 3.6GHz i3; iMac 27-inch 3.20GHz i3, 3.6GHz i5 (Dual-Core), iMac 27-inch 2.8GHz i5, 2.93GHz i7 (Quad-Core) models and include:

° OWC 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit (2 x 2GB matched memory modules) -- US $117.99. These are added to the factory installed 4GB RAM for 8GB total RAM. This is an upgrade not offered as a factory option.

° OWC 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit (2 x 4GB matched memory modules) -- $279.99. This is added to the factory installed 4GB RAM for 12GB total RAM; this upgrade isn't offered as a factory option.

° OWC 16GB DDR3 Memory Kit (4 x 4GB matched memory modules) -- $549.99. OWC says this is 45% lower cost than the factory 16GB option....

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Jul 28
Native Instruments Announces Komplete 7 Elements

Native Instruments has announced Komplete 7 Elements (, a new software bundle that provides musicians and producers with an arsenal of professional instruments and effects. It includes over 2,000 production-ready sounds and 12GB of studio-grade sample material.

Together with the introduction of Komplete 7 Elements, the popular free Kontakt 4 Player and Kore 2 Player are now complemented with Player versions of Guitar RIG 4 and Reaktor 5. Komplete 7 Elements combines the vast synthesis, sampling and effects processing capabilities of these four Player versions with material that is derived from the full product versions contained in the professional Komplete bundle.

On the basis of Kontakt 4 Player, the Komplete 7 Elements collection -- due in September for US$119 -- offers a full assortment of acoustic sounds, including...

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Jul 28
New training DVDs offered for Adobe Creative Suite

At the SIGGRAPH Conference, online sales specialist, Journey Education Marketing, Inc. (Journey), announced several new Total Training DVDs for Adobe Creative Suite 5 and Microsoft Office 2010.

Through a partnership with Total Training, Journey is offering the DVDs to the education community up to 80% off suggested retail prices. Total Training specializes in online and DVD-based training. Journey is an online marketer of software to college and K-12 education through its education brands, JourneyEd and Academic Superstore, and is an authorized Adobe and Microsoft reseller. For pricing on the new training DVDs, go to .

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Jul 28
Kensington announces new laptop locking station

Kensington Computer Products Group ( has introduced a new locking station and tether kit for laptops. The US$79.99 Kensington Laptop Locking Station is built with an all-steel backbone that purportedly resists cutting, drilling or prying.

Users place their laptop on the base of the unit and close the side arm, with no key or cable required. To unlock, insert a key to release the laptop. The optional Tether Kit ($29.99) offers additional flexibility to users who do not want to permanently attach the laptop locking station to a desktop surface.

The Kensington Laptop Station allows your laptop to rotate, slide and tilt for optimal positioning and access to laptop ports. It can be installed on any desk and works with laptops from 13.3 to 17 inches.

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Jul 28
Griffin updates iTrip Auto, WindowSeat

Griffin Technology ( has announced the latest versions of their iTrip Auto and WindowSeat automobile solutions. Each has been updated for handsfree smartphone support, and universal compatibility for a wide array of devices.

The US$59.99 iTrip FM transmitter technology has been brought together with an handsfree microphone, so users can talk on their mobile phone without taking their attention off the road. It gets its power from the car's 12-volt accessory socket, and includes a USB port for charging a mobile device with its own charging cable.

The $39.99 WindowSeat mounts an iPod touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, or other mobile device at eye level on the car's windshield or dashboard, putting street maps, directions, and more safely in view and within reach. The adjustable mounting bracket holds the device securely, and a thumb release allows quick...

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Jul 28
Samsung introduces new digital camera, camcorder

Samsung ( unveiled the ST80, a 14.2 mega-pixel point-and-shoot camera that joins Samsung’s growing line of Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras. Samsung has also introduced a pocket-sized Full-HD camcorder. They're due in September for US$249.99 and $199.99, respectively.

It supports wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Samsung’s AllShare (DNLA) connectivity. The camera houses a 3x optical zoom as well as a 3.0-inch wide touch-screen on the back of the camera.

The ST80 comes equipped with Samsung’s new "Smart Crop" feature, an editing tool that takes place directly on the camera. With Smart Crop, users can crop images taken at any angle or slant, such as banners or signs, and then straighten them as if they were originally taken straight on. The ST80 also lets you capture mages with Samsung’s Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology. Smart Auto (Still & Movie...

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Jul 28
SanDisk launches smallest USB flash drive in North America

SanDisk ( has announced the availability of its smallest USB flash drive to U.S. and Canadian consumers. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade is about the size of a standard size paper clip and weighs approximately the same as a penny.

It's available in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade. A 4GB drive can store 1,000 songs, 1,200 high-resolution photos, or 8 hours of 768kb/s video. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive is available now in the United States and Canada at, with prices ranging from US$14.99 to $77.99. The drive carries a two-year limited warranty.

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Jul 28
Cumulus Sites features added in Cumulus product line update

Canto Software has announced the availability of an update to the Cumulus product line that includes feature additions to Cumulus Sites, the company’s browser-based Wweb publishing and file sharing tool, released in March.

New to Cumulus Sites is an option that sends email links that enable users to download requested files at later times so they can close browser windows without having to wait for large-file downloads to complete. File sharing via Sites has also been improved.

Collection links can now be viewed, edited and reused, so users can see which settings were used, and more quickly re-share files. Embargo dates can ensure shared files are not available until specified times, and new social media sharing options make it easy to post files to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and 12 other social networks.

Flash movies and MP3 files can now be streamed from within Sites, and PDF files can be previewed at full resolution without additional plug-ins or software....

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Jul 28
CleanApp now scans for duplicates, empty folders

Synium Software has released CleanApp 3.4 (, a new version of the uninstaller and system management tool for Mac OS X. It now scans for duplicate files and applications and for empty folders anywhere on your system.

CleanApp requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

CleanApp can be purchased for US$15. CleanApp 3.4 is a free update for existing users. Registration codes of these prior versions will automatically work with CleanApp 3. For new users the cost is US$15.

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Jul 28
REAL Studio update includes 81 improvements

REAL Software says their rapid application development tool, REAL Studio 2010 Release 3, includes 81 improvements and 25 new features. The new functionality includes:

° LLVM for RBScript: RBScripts now run up to 17 times faster than in previous releases. Using LLVM for RBScript is the first step towards the adoption of LLVM for building applications in REAL Studio.

° Cocoa (neta):  The option to build for Cocoa is now available, but is at the beta stage.  There are some new features for Cocoa builds, such as Pushbutton now has a ButtonStyle property that gives access to nine new styles of pushbuttons. 

° Documentation: The REAL Studio documentation is now locally stored and the user can choose between viewing the local version or the online documentation.

° Reporting improvements: To make reporting easier, reports can now take a RecordSet directly to report upon.

°Database Improvements: ODBC and REALSQLDatabase queries and updates no longer block...

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Jul 28
BBEdit for Mac OS X gets maintenance release

Bare Bones Software ( has released BBEdit 9.5.1, an update to its strength HTML and text editor. It's a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds several refinements.

The update is available free of charge to all registered BBEdit 9 customers. For new users it has a suggested retail price of US$125. Any registered owner of BBEdit prior to version 9.x can upgrade for US$30.

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