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Dec 02
UA releases new SSL E Series plug-ins

Universal Audio ( has released the Solid State Logic-authenticated, SSL E Series Channel Strip and G Series Bus Compressor plug-ins for the UAD-2 platform.

Designed to complement to the E Series Channel Strip, the SSL G Series Bus Compressor emulates the center section console dynamics from UA's SSL 4000. This plug-in features the same control set and transparent compression characteristics of the hardware version, including its ability to “glue” together a mix.

Available for purchase via UA’s Online Store, the SSL E Series Channel Strip and SSL G Series Bus Compressor plug-ins sell for US$299 and $249, respectively.

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Dec 01
iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Dec. 1

Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store (

MedeFile International, which specializes in portable electronic medical records management, has announced its free Emergency Response Apple iPhone and iPad app.

ViewRanger GPS, the outdoor navigation app, has released a Global Open Maps edition for the iPhone and iPad. The app comes with access to a range of global Open Mapping layers from street, terrain to aerial photo and is now available for just US$0.99 for a limited time. It's usually $3.99.

Binary Dawn Interactive has introduced WordUs2 1.0 for iOS devices. The $0.99 app focuses on entertaining and educational gameplay. Wordsmiths test their acumen as they attempt to guess a mystery word given only the first letter. WordUs2 comes with a dictionary of thousands of words with four...

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Dec 01
Some 27-inch Cinema Displays have audio glitches

Owners of Apple's new 27-inch Cinema Display have had problems with the hardware's speakers, with sound that cuts out and issues with volume control, reports "AppleInsider" (

Some of the new Cinema Displays completely lose sound after a period of use, the article says Users said the only way to fix the problem is to unplug the display, and then plug it back in. Still, this doesn't prevent the issue from returning.

There are also issues with the response time of volume control on the keyboard, says "AppleInsider." Some Cinema Display usrs said they experienced delays of 6-7 seconds after pressing a key to change the volume.

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Dec 01
NetMarketShare: Mac OS X, Safari, iOS gain market share

Safari and iOS market share for Internet usage rose from October to November, while the Mac OS X percentage dipped slightly, according to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare (

According to the report, among operating systems, Mac OS X had 5.02% of the global market share in November, compared to 5.00% in October (that's global market share; in the US it's almost 10%). Windows remains dominant with 90.81% as of November. That's down from 91.09% in October. Apple's highest percentage previously was 5.27% in October 2009.

When it comes to browsers, Safari had 5.57% in November compared to 5.36% in October, while Internet Explorer had 58.41% Firefox had 22.81% and Chrome had 9.27%. That compares to, respectively, October percentages of 59.18%, 22.83% and 8.50%, for the browsers.

The iOS's market share also rose, according to...

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Dec 01
Verizon Wireless to launch 4G LTE Wireless Network Dec. 5

Verizon Wireless ( says it's turning on the world's first large-scale 4G LTE network on Sunday, Dec. 5. The company says its 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network will be the fastest and most advanced 4G network in America.  

Business users will be the first to take advantage of the 4G LTE network with speeds up to 10 times faster than the company's 3G network, according to Verizon President/CEO Dan Mead. With the launch, Verizon Wireless is also offering new value-priced 4G LTE Mobile Broadband data plans starting at US$50 monthly access for a 5GB monthly allowance, as well as two new 4G LTE USB modems: the LG VL600 which will be available at launch, and the Pantech UML290, available soon.  

The initial 4G LTE launch immediately reaches more than one-third of all Americans, right where they live, says Mead. He adds that Verizon plans to quickly expand 4G LTE, and by 2013 will reach...

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Dec 01
Realmac Software Launches RapidWeaver 5

Realmac Software has released RapidWeaver 5, an upgrade to the company's web site creation application. The upgrade includes a number of new features, user interface enhancements and a number of other smaller additions, says Daniel Counsell, founder and director of Realmac Software.

RapidWeaver 5 now allows users to manage all the resources in their projects (PDFs, images, ZIP files etc) instead of on a per-page basis. The new feature allows users to add, link and publish all the resources they need in their site.

The all-new sitemap features allow users to add an HTML sitemap to their project, as well as the auto-generation of an XML sitemap complete with search engine submission when it's updated. As RapidWeaver users tend to work with more than one project at any time, the new Projects window and FTP Bookmarks allow users to easily switch between projects and enter frequently-used publishing credentials when settings up projects to publish, says Counsell....

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Dec 01
Nielsen: iPhone, Blackberry have 27% each of US smartphone...

According to October data from The Nielsen Company (, 29.7% of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones that run full operating systems. The most popular smartphones are the Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry, which are caught in a statistical dead heat with 27% of smartphone market share in the U.S.

Twenty-two percent of smartphone owners have devices with the Android operating system. When mobile users who planned to upgrade to a smartphone in the next year were asked about their next phone, Apple’s iOS and Android were tied for “most desired” operating system.

Among users planning to get a new smartphone, current smartphone owners showed a preference for the iPhone (35%), while 28% of both smartphone and feature phone planned smartphone upgraders indicated they wanted a device with an Android operating system as their next mobile phone.

Feature phone owners planning...

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Dec 01
EDA survey documents usage, future plans of Xserve owners

A survey conducted by the he Enterprise Desktop Alliance ( -- an organization to help IT departments integrate Macs into the corporate environment -- showed that Apple Xserve owners are considering a wide range of options in response to Apple's announcement on Nov. 5 it was ending the shipment of the Xserve hardware platform on Jan. 31, 2011.

Sixty-five percent of respondents expect to stay with their current Xserves for at least the next two years. When the time comes to replace the Xserve, over one third will migrate to one of Apple's recommended alternative platforms, the Mac Pro and Mac mini, which can both run Apple's OS X Server software.

Nearly as many people were unsure what solution they would choose for many of the services they currently run on an Xserve. A plurality of Xserve owners believes that the transition...

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Dec 01
iPad coming to Thailand on Dec. 3

The iPad will be released in Thailand on Friday, Dec. 3, at a starting price of 15,900 baht, reports the "MyThailand" blog (

It will be sold at the iStudio and Apple Shop. "The official prices for iPad are several thousand baht cheaper than grey market at MBK and very favourable when compared to USA and UK," says "MyThailand."

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Dec 01
Netflix, FilmDistrict announce film licensing deal

Netflix ( and FilmDistrict -- a multi-faceted acquisition, distribution, production, and financing company -- have announced a multi-year agreement through which first-run, theatrically-released films distributed by FilmDistrict will be licensed to Netflix for streaming over the Internet in the "pay TV window" a few months after their release on DVD.

Under the deal, major motion pictures that traditionally would have been licensed to premium cable channels will flow instead from FilmDistrict to Netflix for streaming to its members, beginning in 2011, says Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix. Among the first films to be covered under the deal are "Drive," director Nicolas Winding Refn's adaptation of the James Sallis' crime tale starring the Academy Award-nominated duo Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, and the sci-fi action adventure film "Lockout," starring Guy Pearce and...

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Dec 01
StatCounter: BlackBerry overtakes Apple in mobile Internet usage

BlackBerry OS overtook Apple’s iOS for the first time in the US in November in terms of mobile internet usage according to web analytics company, StatCounter ( The company’s research arm, StatCounter Global Stats, finds that for the first time in the US BlackBerry OS at 34.3% overtook Apple’s iOS which recorded 33% in November.

Google’s Android is rapidly gaining and has almost tripled internet market share from 8.2% last November to 23.8% this year, according to the research group. Apple’s iOS has fallen from 51.9% to 33% over the same period, according to Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter. He added that, if current trends continue, BlackBerry and Android combined are on course to become twice the size of iOS as regards mobile Internet usage in the next year.

Commenting on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 he said that it was not yet registering significantly in...

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Dec 01
Free DISH Remote Access transforms the iPad into a TV

DISH Network has announced that the DISH Remote Access -- a free application that gives DISH Network customers the ability to watch their live and recorded TV on compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops -- is now available for the iPad.

To enjoy live and recorded TV viewing on the iPad, DISH Network customers must have a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled device such as the Sling Adapter -- a small placeshifting device that pairs with DISH Network's ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs.

"DISH Network is the only pay-TV provider to offer a true TV everywhere solution, and now we've extended that experience to the iPad," says DISH Network Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr. "Unlike mobile viewing from cable and telcos that limit access to select programs, our TV Everywhere services give consumers 24 x 7 access to all of their live and recorded content included with their DISH Network programming subscription."

In addition to TV viewing, the DISH Remote Access app also gives...

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Dec 01
Java Word to PDF doc conversion engine in beta testing

Qoppa Software ( has announced beta testing of their Word to PDF document conversion engine. The company has released a Java library version for integration into third party systems, and will integrate this conversion functionality into their existing applications, PDF Studio and PDF Automation Server.

Tthe engine is slated to support converting Word to images as well as directly printing Word documents in the upcoming version, says Gerald Holmann, president of Qoppa Software. Qoppa solutions include: Java class libraries to incorporate PDF manipulation capabilities; Java components to integrate PDF viewing and annotating into applications; Command Line tools to convert, print, or secure PDF documents; and two commercial stand-alone applications: PDF Automation Server to automate workflows and document handling, and PDF Studio Desktop Tool to edit and manipulate PDF documents.

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Dec 01
Dress-Up Pups Puts Dogs on the Catwalk

Anawiki Games and Retrostyle Games have teamed up for Dress-Up Pups (, an US$9.99 game for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher.

Here's how the game is described: "It offers several variations on the ever-popular Match-3 style of gameplay. Dress-Up Pups provides the player with a varied challenge, by mixing standard 'swap' Match-3 mechanics with alternative 'chains' and 'groups' modes. The player is also provided with two forms of power-ups and each chapter of the story ends with a jigsaw puzzle mini game.

"The game follows the story of Pattie, who's been working as office help at the Dress-Up Pups fashion agency for dogs. When her boss has to fly overseas on important business, she's left in charge of the agency, and has to come up with creative outfits for a variety of eccentric clients. The dogs, their owners, their exchanges...

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Dec 01
Raidon rolls out 2.5-inch, internal RAID module

Raidon ( has unveiled the MR-2020, a 2.5-inch, internal RAID module. It accepts two 2.5-inch hard drives and supports RAID 1.

Its small form factor matches with 5.25-inch CD-ROM device and saves half the space a 3.5-inch product needs, according to the folks at Raidon. A 2.5-inch hard drive also consumes one half less power than a 3.5-inch does, they add.

The MR2020 is also an embedded RAID controller to provide RAID function for preventing data failed. Accepting two hard drives and coming with RAID 1 (Mirroring), as either hard drive is failed, the system will keep running with the backup one and alert the user to replace the failed hard drive. The failed hard drive can be substituted without turning off the system.

The MR2020 comes with tray modules that can accept a 15mm height 2.5-inch hard drive. The hard drives can be replaced because of its hot swappable...

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Dec 01
H2O Audio announces Flex All Sport Buds

H2O Audio ( has launched a new line of "waterproof, sweatproof" headphones, the US$29.99 Flex All Sport Buds. They're waterproof up to three feet.

Users can choose from such colors as Envy Green, Power Pink, Onyx Black and Super Hero Blue. Three different sizes of earplugs provide a personalized fit.

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Dec 01
Mahjong In Poculis 3.5 adds mode for children

In Poculis ( has released Mahjong In Poculis 3.5, an update to their free solitaire game for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) and Windows. The new version sports a mode designed for children.

Here's how the game is described: "Perfect for mahjong lovers or those who simply enjoy challenging memorization, Mahjong In Poculis is a memory game where players have to select identical tiles to make them disappear. The game features 120 levels and six scenarios, including Christmas, Halloween, Asian and Easter. Each one has its own levels, graphics and music."

To get users started, a five-step, in-game tutorial can be displayed on demand. Players may also post their scores and photo on the game's web site.

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Dec 01
SubRosaSoft introduces MacForensicsLab Social Agent

SubRosaSoft has released MacForensicsLab Social Agent 1.0 (, an US$79.95 app designed to get evidence from chats, private messages, and blog activity on Facebook and other social networking web sites.

Social Agent can scan Macs running the Safari web browser for evidence of social network activity and can identify social networking web pages visited by the suspect.

The initial support includes social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Friendster, Meetup, and others. This information can be very valuable in cases of crimes against children, says SubRosaSoft CEO Marko Kostyrko.

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Dec 01
Swarovski Frame Case released for the iPhone 4

CAZE ( has announced the US$99.99 BlingFrame for the iPhone 4, which the company says is the world's first Swarovski frame case.

CAZE is combining Swarovski crystals and an slim frame in a case with four flashed colors. CAZE used ThinEdge -- purportedly the world's slimmest frame case for crystal embellishment -- so the BlingFrame has the thinnest possible wall-thickness and can fully protect the chrome edges and corners of an iPhone.

It offers access to all phone functions without having to remove the case. To ensure all-around protection, the BlingFrame comes with a free screen protection kit (front and back film).

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Dec 01
MenuEverywhere ready for large, multi-monitor Mac users

Binary Bakery Software ( has released MenuEverywhere 1.4.3, an update to their US$14.95 Mac OS X 10.6.x utility. Designed for large monitor or multi-monitor users, it makes the menubar's menu accessible from any window on any screen.

MenuEverywhere works with almost any Mac OS X application. With the app, you can access menus in the following ways: screen-top menu on (non-primary) secondary screens; window-attached menubar; window-attached menu button; and hotkey pop-up menu at mouse location

In MenuEverywhere, menu access methods are all optional; those not used may be switched off. The app has configurable button/menubar styles, multiple font sizes for menu labels and menu items, the ability to show the Apple menu in addition to application's menu, an exclude list facility to prevent usage on apps of your choosing, and more.

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Dec 01
Prepare for mind games in Winter Voices, Episode One

You can now plunge into the mind's eye of a tragic heroine in the first episode of Winter Voices, the narrative-driven, episodic, single player role-playing game from independent game developer Beyondthepillars. Players can download the first episode, "Those who have no name," now for the Mac and PC at the Winter Voices web site for US$4.99.

Gamers who embark on the wondrous, psychological adventure of Winter Voices must embrace a new form of role-playing, leading the heroine past her own personal demons come to life, says Guy Levi-Bochi, CEO of Beyondthepillars. Players will confront= terrors by choosing one of three female character classes and helping their heroine persevere her difficult journey.

Levi-Bochi says the game offers "a challenging and snowy ordeal, bringing her face-to-face with strangers and travelers as she leaves behind the familiar faces of her home village." To progress, players need to guide her beyond the fears plaguing her journey, including...

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Dec 01
DxO Optics updated to version 6.5.1

DxO Labs ( has released the latest version of its image enhancement software for photographers: DxO Optics Pro 6.5.1. The upgrade adds RAW support in both its Standard and Elite editions for the Nikon D7000 and Sony Alpha DSLR-A390.

DxO Optics Pro and upgrades for both Mac OS X (10.5 and higher) and Windows will be offered at a 30% holiday season discount through Dec. 25. They're available from both DxO Labs’ e-store and selected resellers at the holiday season discount of:

° DxO Optics Pro Standard edition: US$99, reduced from $169;

° DxO Optics Pro Elite edition: $199, reduced from $299.
All customers who purchased DxO Optics Pro since June 1, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 6.5. All other users benefit from the 30% discounts:

° DxO Optics Pro Standard (any version) to DxO Optics Pro 6 Standard: $49, reduced from $79;

° DxO Optics Pro...

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Dec 01
Epic Games releases November 2010 Unreal development kit beta

Epic Games ( has released the November 2010 UDK Beta, the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides access to the toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more.

Epic says it's committed to providing the UDK community with regular software releases at no charge, and the latest beta is available now at .

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Dec 01
iPad, iPhone in the Enterprise to be Addressed in MaaS360...

MaaS360, the provider of cloud-based Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions, has announced a free webinar titled “Enabling iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise” on Thursday, Dec. 2, at 2 pm (Eastern).

Donna Lima, Fiberlink’s customer engineer, will provide best practices for enabling employees to securely access corporate resources and collaboration applications from their iPhones and iPads. You can register for the free webinar at...

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Dec 01
Lightworks 2010 Public Beta available

EditShare has announced the first step in the roll out of Lightworks Open Source. The free Lightworks 2010 public beta download is available to all interested participants.

Now anyone can familiarize themselves with the Lightworks editing system and view the new features and enhancements on the professional editing solution. It was introduced in 1989 with real-time synchronization and a variety of editing features.

The next version will include improvements in capture/playback, editing, effects, tools, film, third party support, collaboration, I/O support and more. For more info on the Lightworks Open Source project and the public beta, go to .

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